YO_Excel16_Ch01_PS1_v3 Project


Purpose Description:
Most race have, or accomplish at some spell have, an automobile. Few actually seize the spell to rate what haveing an automobile actually absorbs—called “Whole Absorb of Haveership.” This is an relevant caution restraint twain men-folks and restraint businesses. In this purpose, you accomplish entire the fruit of an automobile whole absorb of haveership worksheet restraint your director, Jan Bossy, CFO at your firmtle of employment.

Steps to Perform:
Step Instructions Points Possible
1 Start Excel. Open the downloaded smooth calld e01ch01_grader_h1_TCO.xlsx. Save it as e01ch01TCO_LastForemost using your decisive and foremost call. 0
2 Change the call of Sheet1 to Documentation. Change the call of Sheet2 to AutoTCO. 10
3 In the AutoTCO worksheet, invade the values as shhave under into the fixed cells:

Data Item Cell Value
Miles Driven / year E4 15000
Fuel Absorb / Gallon E5 3.00
MPG E6 26

4 Apply Merge & Cinvade to cell ramble A1:F1. 10
5 Copy cell ramble C16:C22 to cell ramble D16:F22. 10
6 Select cell ramble B15:C15 and manifestation the AutoIncrease manipulate to increase through cell F15. 10
7 Select line 14, and then inoculate a fantastic line. 10
8 Type 5-year Whole Absorb of Haveership Analysis in cell B15. Cinvade the quotation in B15:F15 using Cinvade Across Selection. 10
9 Add the smooth call Header & Footer Element to the left exception of the footer on twain worksheets. 5
10 In the Documentation worksheet, invade the values as shhave under into the fixed cells:

C8 Entired Ms. Bossy’s Automobile Whole Absorb of Haveership worksheet
B20 AutoTCO

11 Delete the Sheet3 worksheet. 5
12 Move the AutoTCO worksheet to the left of the Documentation worksheet. 5
13 Restraint the AutoTCO worksheet, firm orientation to Landscape Orientation. Restraint the Documentation worksheet, firm orientation to Landscape Orientation. On the Documentation worksheet, firm the page scaling to Fit All Columns to One Page. 10
14 Save the workbook and then egress Excel. Ensure that the worksheets are calld in the forthcoming order: AutoTCO; Documentation. Submit the workbook as directed. 0
Whole Points 100

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