As a romantic poet, he brought into play all means of romantic expression and achieved perfect unity between content and form in his poetry. Lie Basis poetry has an intense subjective and self-expressive tendency, and his emotions were always expressed with momentum of an avalanche. Extreme exaggeration, apt comparison and profound imagination effected a high realism. When reading the lines, “Slashing water with the blade of my sword, it flows on all the more raise my goblet, drown my dollar deep, yet it waxed doubly sore,” readers cannot help being moved by the despair a midst the renouncement.This expressive technique is especially seen in poems Traveling to Titanium Mountain in a Dream: A Parting Song and Difficult is the way to Shush. Lie ABA often made extensive use of technique involving imagery, exaggeration, analogy and personification in his poems,concocting a vision of fantasy and mystique, in language that is brisk, lively and refined.

Lie ABA also wrote a number of poems from various viewpoints, including the personae of women. For example, he wrote several poems in the Uzi Ye, or “Lady Midnight” style, as well as Han folk-ballad style poems.Horace Horse’s lyric poetry comprises his seventeen Epode, and 1 03 Odes in four books. The former, which include some of his early work, are on a variety of political and satirical themes, with a few love poems. Most are written in an iambic meter, a longer line being followed by a shorter one, which is known as the “epode”, or after song. The first three books of odes were written between 33 and 23 BC, and reflect the events of the time. The fourth book was published in 15 BC.

Horse’s odes are regarded as his finest works and are written in a variety of Greek meters whose rules he followed strictly. His other works include Carmen Secular, a poem to various gods, commissioned by Augustus to celebrate the Secular Games in 17 BC; three books of Epistles, Of which the third is generally known as the literary essay Ears Poetic; and two books of Satires – the Latin word from which “satire” comes had the meaning of a medley of reflections on social conditions and events.Horace appears to have been a bit of a hypochondriac, while enjoying to the full his life, his work, and the position his work gave him in society. He died only a ewe months after his patron Nascent. Shops the tenth Muse In literary history and critical theory Shop’s greatest importance is to be found in her contribution to the idea of the lyric genre. Her work, which claims to be direct, impassioned, and simple and which is addressed to a circle of close friends and lovers rather than being impersonal or directed at connoisseurs, has significantly influenced the evolution of poetry.Her celebration of love has reechoed through the centuries not only in the work of translators and direct imitators, but also in all those other voices that have eared declare their love to be radically important, more compelling and serious than abstract notions of truth or justice or piety.

At the same time Shops reminds modern readers of poetry’s roots in magic and religion while occupying a firm place in Greek literary history as a metrical inventor and an expert practitioner of her art.Finally, she is widely recognized as one of the great poets of world literature, an author whose works have caused her readers to repeat in many different forms Strata’s amazed epithet when he wrote that she could only be called “a marvel. ” Shops was called lyrics because, as was the custom of the time, she wrote her poems to be performed with the accompaniment of a lyre. Shops composed her own music and refined the prevailing lyric meter to a point that it is now known as Sapphic meter.She innovated lyric poetry both in technique and style, becoming part Of a new wave Of Greek lyricist who moved from writing poetry from the point of view of gods and muses to the personal vantage point of the individual. She was one of the first poets to write from the first person, describing love and loss as it affected her personally. Her style was sensual and melodic; primarily songs of love, yearning, and reflection.

Most commonly the target of her affections was female, often one of the many women sent to her for education in the arts. She nurtured these women, wrote poems of love and adoration to them, and when they eventually left the island to be married, she composed their wedding songs. That Shop’s poetry was not condemned in her time for its homoerotic content (though it was disparaged by scholars in later centuries) suggests that perhaps love between women was not persecuted then as it has been in more recent mimes.Especially in the last century, Shops has become so synonymous with woman-love that two Of the most popular words to describe female homosexuality–lesbian and Sapphic have derived from her. Yuri Poetry consists of a poem, such as a sonnet or an ode, that expresses the thoughts and feelings of the poet. The term lyric is now commonly referred to as the words to a song. Lyric poetry does not tell a story which portrays characters and actions.

The lyric poet addresses the reader directly, portraying his or her own feeling, state of mind, and perceptions.

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