Examine the 4 most important pieces of evidence. What is the most important element they have in common? Write this generalization for each column. A. Political- I believe that the political aspects of the American Revolution were the most important because they ignited feelings of patriotism between the colonies.

The political ideas that were accepted by colonists began the revolution all together and set up the base for the new ideas that would form into a new nation. B. Diplomatic- Diplomatic matters were important in the colonies, but hey were not as influential as the military and political aspects.It was important to have good diplomats and foreign relations during the time of the war. For example, the aid of the French was vital in the victory of the colonies. C. Military- Military is the second most important thing in the American Revolution because it is through the soldiers, leaders, and tactics that the war was ultimately won.

4) Now rank each order of importance is Political, Military, and Diplomatic. Political is the most important because it was through the adoption of political ideals that American colonists found reason to rebel against England and create a new nation in the first place.It was through the Declaration of independence that colonists announced their desire for departure from England. The ideas that formed the Declaration of Independence were derived from the philosophies of John , the Articles of confederation, and Thomas common sense. 5) Finally, write a thesis statement to answer the question. Make sure that your group’s statement a. Answers the prompt fully (addresses all the categories asked for in the prompt) b.

Takes a position (what category was the most important) .Gives organizational categories (consider using the generalizations you made about each category) Thesis statement: When comparing the political, diplomatic, and military aspects of the American Revolution, It becomes evident that the political aspect is the most important because it causes the initial wave of patriotism which began the revolution. 6) Have your scribe record your answers, save and follow your teacher’s instructions to submit. 7) Ms. Hover’s classes: upload to on the assignment called Working with Evidence and put your group member’s first names in the box called “save as”.

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