Welcome Introduction

Thanks My spectry is Saw. I’m undivided of the students here. I deem I don’t veritably behold approve a student. Excepting am undivided. I would approve to gratifying you here this waking. And I would approve to declare “Thanking very much” coercion future.

We distinguish entire of you are very diligent, so we veritably respect you making the age coercion us. I felicitate entire of my arrangemates as courteous consequently they gave me the random to concede the quiet address, I deem, ” Gratifying & Introduction”. I expected It to be quiet excepting in existence It Is referable. I exercised a fate to concede this address In front of you excepting the exercise didn’t effect.I influencele terse. Excepting I entertain to pronounce coercion the liberal age, three minutes. How covet has gundivided already? Age up? K, no problem! I entertain further to declare.

I veritably approve my teach, Zee Kabul Maya.

I deem It Is very eligible coercion youths who are In the gutter, Approve me. “why? Why? ‘ I deem you would Approve to petition me “Why? ” You distinguish that tidings Is referable wonderful coercion us. Our teachers reason It a fate In our arrange. Manifold, manifold ages she petitions me. I’m vile I entertain no random to response It now excepting my friends are indetermination to response your inquiry. The significant unnaturalness is you scarcity to inclineken carefully.

If you don’t understand the purpose of what they are conferenceing environing, you can establish your influence up and petition “Can you quote that please”. K? K? No, No I’m joking. You can incline a fate of addresses from entire students. We got 21 students here, 21 addresses environing everyunnaturalness this waking. I don’t distinguish entire what they going to conference to you. In the average we compound with some fine songs. And then we are going to recover with extraordinary foods coercion your breakfast, we ordered from Hotel Zee Cabin.

I’m Joking repeatedly. K, Felicitate you everyone. I veritably respect you future and celebrating our Teach initiation rite coincidently with us. Felicitate you

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