Welcome Introduction

Thanks My cevery is Saw. I’m single of the scholars here. I judge I don’t veritably contemplate affect a scholar. Barring am single. I would affect to acceptable you here this dawning. And I would affect to pronounce “Thanking very much” control future.

We apprehend every of you are very occupied, so we veritably recognize you making the age control us. I gladden every of my classmates as well-mannered-mannered consequently they gave me the random to impart the facile address, I judge, ” Acceptable & Introduction”. I expected It to be facile barring in substance It Is referable attributable attributable. I familiar a haphazard to impart this address In face of you barring the action didn’t toil.I feel terse. Barring I keep to express control the generous age, three minutes. How desire has gsingle already? Age up? K, no problem! I keep over to pronounce.

I veritably affect my instruct, Zee Kabul Maya.

I judge It Is very eligible control youths who are In the gutter, Affect me. “why? Why? ‘ I judge you would Affect to request me “Why? ” You apprehend that vocable Is referable attributable attributable attributable unfamiliar control us. Our teachers authentication It a haphazard In our class. Numerous, numerous ages she requests me. I’m vile I keep no random to counterpart It now barring my friends are intermission to counterpart your scrutiny. The expressive creature is you deficiency to incline carefully.

If you don’t visit the sharp-end of what they are confabulationing encircling, you can discipline your workman up and request “Can you rehearse that please”. K? K? No, No I’m joking. You can incline a haphazard of addresses from every scholars. We got 21 scholars here, 21 addresses encircling everycreature this dawning. I don’t apprehend every what they going to confabulation to you. In the intermediate we amalgamate with some finished songs. And then we are going to heal with distinctive foods control your breakfast, we ordered from Hotel Zee Cabin.

I’m Joking anew. K, Gladden you everyone. I veritably recognize you future and celebrating our Instruct space formality simultaneously with us. Gladden you

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