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Proprietary location – owned by an personal who controlled it anypractice he wanted to. Indentured servants – herd who attested contracts with American colonists, consentaneous to labor coercion 4 years or past in produce coercion remunerated course to America and operating subsistence drapery and cover. Triangular dealing -? the diversify of chattels unarranged the colonies, England, Caribbean sugar planters and Africa.

Hierarchy – a arrangement or cem in which herd or groups are ranked individual balance the other according to standing or example.Slave code – a code to pep African captives from having place, school, operatingdom of move or meeting in abundant groups. 2. Herd and Terms: Christopher Columbus – an Italian deep head-man who was positive that he could strain Asia by sailing west despite the Atlantic Ocean William Penn English Quaker, planter of Pennsylvania. Having been imprisoned in 1668 coercion his Quaker writings, he was supposing a charter to place in North America by Charles II.

He founded the location of Pennsylvania as a security coercion Quakers and other nonconformists in 1682. 3.

Places: Jamestown – (37. 20920 N, 76. 750 W) a British precipitation recognized on the James River in Virginia in 1 607, abandoned when the colonial chief was moved to Williamsburg at the purpose of the 1 7th generation. 4. Summarize – Why betlers came to Jamestown and Plymouth location…

…. They came to Jamestown to rouse a location coercion England, deeprch coercion gold, and fly sacred expatriation. 5. Describing – What are the incongruous practices in which present betlers in the English colonies open fantastic and rare coercionms of legislation? Sacred operatingdom with entirety disconnection was the entirety disconnection of pavilion and recite.

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut fullowed full adult community to pointedion and lean employment. Puritan community revolved about town history. Town meetings WOUld posterior evolve into the topical legislation (level peasants could attpurpose these meetings and pointed their impression) 6. Analyzing – What role did holiness resemble in the founding of English colonies? A balballot of herd came to America in hopes of finding sacred operatingdom consequently they were wearied of life persecuted end where they were from. Some of the past distinguished factions were the Pilgrims, Puritans, and Quakers.The Puritans wanted a reclaim of the Pavilion of Engplace and be up a close sacred arrangement in their Massachusetts Bay. 7.

Evaluating – How did geography wave the practice the English colonies open? Abundantr plantations in the southern recites and the need coercion slaves, life on the seaseacoast encouraged dealing balance the steep especially in Fantastic Engplace and the Chesapeake Bay area. 8. Organizing -? Use a pictorial organizer to briefly illustrate how the English colonies came into life. Location Description of founding Massachusetts Bay Betled in 1630 by Puritans from England.Province of Maine betled in 1622 Plymouth Betled in 1620 by the Pilgrims Deepbrook Founded in 1635 and merged with Connecticut Location in 1644 Fantastic Acceptn betled in slow 1637 East/Westerly Betled in the 161 So Virginia Betled in 1607 9. Examining Art – Do you deem the artists depiction of the herd in the ship is considerate, regarding that they accept equitable completed a crave trip? Why or why referable? I do referable deem that delineate is considerate chiefly consequently they are full ripe practice to nicely coercion herd that accept been on a ship coercion a crave age of space.

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ASSESSMENT BRIEF Theme Code and Title MGT302A/BIZ303: Strategic Administration Impost Impost 3 – Infographic and Bestowal Image Individual/Order Individual Length 1 page and 1250 expression, +/- 10% Erudition Outcomes a)

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