US Constitution Process

Also, there was scare that the legislative and executive could combine so strongly and could remain in power for infinite time; therefore it could result in their former government, Britain.

Document 3: 1 . Washington was agreeing with the error that needed to be changed. Washington complained that the 13 colonies for some reason couldn’t agree together. 2. Washington suggested that the people forming these laws probably had a misjudgment on what the people wanted. Also, they thought they knew what the people would agree/disagree with.He believed the 13 colonies needed a stronger less democratic, national government.

Document 4: Patrick Henry opposed the Constitution because he believed it endangered our rights and privileges. Henry believed that our sovereignty would be relinquished. Also, he believed the rights of conscience, trial by Jury, and liberty of the press were caused to be Insecure. Document 5: Amos Singletree opposed Massachusetts ratifying the Constitution because the Illiterates or less educated, him Included, feared the Constitution would be used by “monies men” or lawyers, bankers, merchants, etc… Obtain the money and power in their hands because of their high class education.

Document 6: The addition that was suggested to the U. S. Constitution to win the approval of many opponents were the certain amendments and alterations In said Constitution that would remove the fears and quiet the apprehensions of the many good people of commonwealth. Also Included, was that one person could be tried for any crime, until he be first Indicted by a grand Jury. The U. S. Constitution Is one of the most Important documents that over 200 years after It was written and , Is still something Instilled In the U.

S government. The Constitution Is now looked at for guidance and reverences, but In the past, It was looked at with approval or opposition. There were bitter debates between two opposing sides as to why the Constitution was positive or negative. Some people believed they were moving towards their former central government, Britain. Others could say It was a new national government formed for our people and different from Britain. There were two sides to the debtors. There were the Federalists who Included George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.

The opposing side were the Ann- who opposed the ratification of the Constitution. While the Ants- Federalists were unrecognized they had dedicated supporters US Constitution Process By aqua 311 the press were caused to be insecure. Because the illiterates or less educated, him included, feared the Constitution would approval of many opponents were the certain amendments and alterations in said good people of commonwealth. Also included, was that one person could be tried for NY crime, until he be first indicted by a grand Jury.

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