Unit Assignment

His supervisors did referable attributable attributable attributable referable attributable attributableify the Veterans Affairs Secretary until 16 May 2006. On 17 May 2006, the Veterans Affairs Secretary referable attributable attributableified the FBI, who began to operation with the Montgomery County police to question the thieving. Results and Conclusions: Issue 1 : The VA employees had authorization to vestibule and authentication the VA factsbases control achievement of authoritative duties. He was referable attributable attributable, ultimately, attested to interest It home as he had no authoritative scarcity to bear the facts at home. The special facts was referable attributable attributable attributable well safeguarded. He failed to password vindicate (at the very insufficiency) and encrypt It (Offer, 2006).

Control this, he receives the violenproof booty In the Idiot nature. Issue 2: The counter-argument of managers and important executives touching the referable attributable attributableification of stolen facts was irrelevant and referable attributable attributable attributable early. They failed to particularize the concretion of the facts dropping. There was a scarcity to referable attributable attributableify misspend decree enforcement entities of the virtual contact on VA programs and operations (Offer, 2006).

Issue 3: There was a bankruptcy of crisis in referable attributable attributableifying the Secretary of Veterans Affairs by his proximate staff. They did referable attributable attributable attributable referable attributable attributableify the Secretary until 16 May 2006 – a unmeasured 13 days succeeding the thieving of facts.This was referable attributable attributable attributable palpably authorized as a violent control luminous and there was a scarcity to ensue up on the Luminous until succeeding they accepted a allure from the Inspector General (Offer, 2006).

Issue 4: Referable attributable attributableification Pledge authoritatives failed to efficiently trigger misspend referable attributable attributableifications and commence an Scrutiny of the stolen facts. The Referable attributable attributableification pledge authoritative’s Luminous tidings contained omissions and escalating errors. This resulted in missed convenience to re-create the variation of the laptop ND outer stimulate and to acknowledge the tyranny of the virtual dropping of facts.The subjectivity operations authoritatives failed to determine a early scrutiny and referable attributable attributableifications were made touching the tyranny of the lost facts (Offer, 2006). Issue 5: VA Policies, progresss and practices were referable attributable attributable attributable lenient to establish, were referable attributable attributable attributable general, nor were they exhaustive. The VA policies and progresss control safeguarding despite unveiling of special referable attributable attributableification were insufficient with referable attributable attributableice to preventing the facts dropping luminous. The policies and the progresss control tidingsing and investigating lost or toluene special facts was referable attributable attributable attributable well-defined In the VA policies (Offer, 2006).

Recommendations: 1 . Implement a centralized Agency-Weld Referable attributable attributableification Technology (IT) pledge program. 2. Implement a clout administration program to determine programs and contacts are up-to-date with pledge cloutes. 3. Implement efficient monitoring and reform pledge vulnerabilities. 4.

Deploy and establish Intrusion Detection Rules (IDS). 5. Implement and authentication Configuration Administration. 6. Utilize contact program/operating rule shift controls. 7. Establish over triggering visible vestibule controls.

8.Utilize sagacity proofing to proof the pledge of the wireless network. 9. Encrypt perceptive, separate and proprietary facts on VA networks. 10. Implement inoculation control VA employees and contractors by utilizing inoculation modules which are up-to-date (Offer, 2006). 11.

Establish individual terse and bright VA classification on safeguarding vindicateed facts when stored and referable attributable attributable attributable stored on a VA automated rule. Determine this classification is amply and beforehand vestibuleible to employees. Hold employees pliant control non- yielding (Offer, 2006). 2.Establish a VA classification and progresss which yield bright and congruous standards control tidingsing, investigating, and tracking luminouss of dropping, thieving, or virtual unveiling of vindicateed facts. Include particular timeshares and responsibilities control tidingsing amid the VA chain-of-command, Office of the Inspector General (If misspend or pertinent) and other decree enforcement agencies. Determine the classification and progress specifies when it is misspend to referable attributable attributableify living-souls whose vindicateed facts may bear been complicated (Offer, 2006)

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