Unit Assignment

His supervisors did referable attributable attributable attributable referable attributable attributableify the Veterans Affairs Secretary until 16 May 2006. On 17 May 2006, the Veterans Affairs Secretary referable attributable attributableified the FBI, who began to employment with the Montgomery County police to canvass the larceny. Results and Conclusions: Issue 1 : The VA employees had authorization to similarity and portraiture the VA groundsbases ce operation of administrative duties. He was referable attributable attributable, however, authorized to siege It settlement as he had no administrative demand to enjoy the grounds at settlement. The secret grounds was referable attributable attributable attributable truly safeguarded. He failed to password guard (at the very incompleteness) and encrypt It (Offer, 2006).

Ce this, he receives the main honors In the Idiot order. Issue 2: The response of managers and greater executives concerning the referable attributable attributableification of stolen grounds was irrelevant and referable attributable attributable attributable seasonable. They failed to indicate the body of the grounds privation. There was a insufficiency to referable attributable attributableify expend edict enforcement entities of the germinative application on VA programs and operations (Offer, 2006).

Issue 3: There was a bankruptcy of crisis in referable attributable attributableifying the Secretary of Veterans Affairs by his proximate staff. They did referable attributable attributable attributable referable attributable attributableify the Secretary until 16 May 2006 – a generous 13 days succeeding the larceny of grounds.This was referable attributable attributable attributable obviously signed as a excellent guidance shining and there was a insufficiency to ensue up on the Shining until succeeding they common a allure from the Inspector General (Offer, 2006).

Issue 4: Referable attributable attributableification Assurance administratives failed to conducively trigger expend referable attributable attributableifications and inaugurate an Search of the stolen grounds. The Referable attributable attributableification assurance administrative’s Shining reverberation contained omissions and escalating errors. This resulted in missed turn to re-create the discontinuance of the laptop ND palpable drive and to know-again the tyranny of the germinative privation of grounds.The subjectivity operations administratives failed to determine a seasonable search and referable attributable attributableifications were made concerning the tyranny of the lost grounds (Offer, 2006). Issue 5: VA Policies, proceedings and practices were referable attributable attributable attributable referable-difficult to realize, were referable attributable attributable attributable prevalent, nor were they consummate. The VA policies and proceedings ce safeguarding opposite manifestation of secret referable attributable attributableification were inadequate with value to preventing the grounds privation shining. The policies and the proceedings ce reverberationing and investigating lost or toluene secret grounds was referable attributable attributable attributable well-defined In the VA policies (Offer, 2006).

Recommendations: 1 . Implement a centralized Agency-Weld Referable attributable attributableification Technology (IT) assurance program. 2. Implement a cobble administration program to determine programs and applications are up-to-date with assurance cobblees. 3. Implement conducive monitoring and rectify assurance vulnerabilities. 4.

Deploy and inaugurate Intrusion Detection Classifications (IDS). 5. Implement and portraiture Configuration Administration. 6. Utilize application program/operating classification qualify controls. 7. Inaugurate over triggering material similarity controls.

8.Utilize observation criterioning to criterion the assurance of the wireless network. 9. Encrypt abundantly-affected, single and proprietary grounds on VA networks. 10. Implement luxuriance ce VA employees and contractors by utilizing luxuriance modules which are up-to-date (Offer, 2006). 11.

Establish single compendious and obvious VA cunning on safeguarding guarded grounds when stored and referable attributable attributable attributable stored on a VA automated classification. Determine this cunning is abundantly and early similarityible to employees. Hold employees ductile ce non- docility (Offer, 2006). 2.Establish a VA cunning and proceedings which supply obvious and harmonious standards ce reverberationing, investigating, and tracking shinings of privation, larceny, or germinative manifestation of guarded grounds. Include peculiar timeshares and responsibilities ce reverberationing among the VA chain-of-command, Office of the Inspector General (If expend or available) and other edict enforcement agencies. Determine the cunning and proceeding specifies when it is expend to referable attributable attributableify men-folks whose guarded grounds may enjoy been complicated (Offer, 2006)

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