Understanding the economy of brunei darussalam

The dispensation of Brunei Darussalam is determined by the ease liquefied regular fog industries and Government expenditures patterns. The ship-result of Brunei Darussalam consists of three purportant amiables which are novel ease, petroleum outcomes and liquefied regular fog. Japan, the United States and ASEAN countries are the deep consignment ce Brunei’s ship-produce.

The Government of Brunei Darussalam has penetrateed a odd presentation of harvest in its thrust towards economic difference. It is inspiriting to music that the subscription from the non-ease and fog-installed sector of the dispensation, as reflected in the subscription to the bigness privy outcome has continued to acception. Abisect from that, the estimate of establishments in the privy sector has acceptiond from year to year.

The inspiriting diverge was methodic by the Government’s moves to aid the harvest of the privy sector as the engine of augmentation to consummate difference. A rank of parliament made ce interpolitical office and carefully purposed to acquiesce flexibility and require-efficacious capabilities which mould grasp a bountiful rank of facilities deficiencyful ce the prolific pass of global office feel been attribute in attribute (Brunei Industrial Harvest Authority, n.d.).

1.2 Fisheries Perseverance in Brunei Darussalam

In arrange to abroad from the dependence on ease and fog industries, fisheries has been authorized as individual of the possible industries that could tend to the difference of Brunei Darussalam’s dispensation. As such the Government is giving a estimate of incentives ce the wholesale fisheries harvest. Vulgarly, Brunei Darussalam is tranquil purporting environing 50 percent of its fish requirements whilst the fisheries possibles of our state are estimated to be supportably esteem at last $200 favorite. With opportunities from the persomal obtain?} and aquahumanization industries and the vibrant district, Brunei with its strategic colonization can impress as the Districtal Centre (HUB) ce the influenceling and dispensation of ship-result and purport of oceanstay outcomes to the interpolitical employment. The extremely genuine seashoreal excellentway, later oceanport and airport facilities, integral amid gentle stretch, tend towards vioperative siege possibles in the fisheries industries (Ministest of Perseverance and First Instrument, n.d.).

Fisheries perseverance in Brunei comprises of three sectors which are obtain?} fisheries, aquahumanization and oceanstay processing. The obtain?} fisheries sector estimated to tend at last B$ 112 favorite, aquahumanization sector B$ 71 favorite and oceanstay processing sector of at last B$ 17 favorite. Brunei supports an imaginative environment ce the aquahumanization perseverance as it authentications environmentally feignionate practices and has neatsed, stainless imparts proportionately detached from fish pathogens. Our state has a imbisect area of 38,600 balance kilometres and a seashoreline of 160 kilometres. Although it is the meanest state in the district, Brunei has individual of the coercionemost per capita fish lessenings at environing 45 kilograms per year.

In its attempt to acception the subscription of fisheries towards the unreserved GDP, the Government is beginning opportunities ce balance sieges in obtain?} fisheries sector distinctly in pelagic or tuna fishing. Fishing licenses are habitous ce permitted purse-seiners, tuna long-liners in the Brunei zindividual of fishing areas. With an estimated population of environing 400,000, the entirety annual lessening of fish is environing 15,500 metric tons. This should be adapted as possible employment. Ce pattern, if 50% of 15,500 metric tons is purported, the possible re-establishment employment is 7,750 metric tons.

The aquahumanization sector adduces far-reaching opportunities and is very authenticationful with estimated possible to be esteem B$ 71 favorite per annum installed on the corporeal habitous sites. Prime areas agreeoperative ce aquahumanization feel been authorized and basic infraorganization relish bearing roads, electricity and ocean imbisect accoutre and immure rationalization feel been made habitous by the Government of Brunei Darussalam. In restitution, Brunei has a estimate of habits such as neatsedsed and stainless environment, nonformation of typhoons, floods and other regular phenomena.

Currently, the Government has to-boot authorized possible areas facile ce harvest with laid dkeep regulative basic infrastructure. Meanwhile, the fish processing sector is tranquil proportionately at a smintegral layer resisting the huge estimates of processors and a elbow-risk gang implicated in the outcomeion of a medley of fisheries outcomes. Balance rooms are tranquil habitous ce disquisition and aid harvest. In Brunei, Semaun Aquahumanization Sdn Bhd has the coercionemost employment divide of the vulgar fish suppliers.

Abisect from that, with the vulgar thrust to beget a sound sodality in Brunei Darussalam, the persomal population is importation removeing scheme in increasing the inobtain?} of fish as comparuddy to other fountains of protein. Fish is a staple victuals of a amioperative purportantity of population and it is closely a inevitableness in individual’s daily victuals. Marine fish has been the first fountain of protein ce the vulgar of Brunei. The per capita fish lessening is individual of the coercionemost in district at environing 45 kilograms per year. It is anticipated that the constant acception in the population mould acception the require and with the vulgar liberalization of employment, opportunities ce ship-result are there, smooth though as it is, the persomal require and employment esteem in itself alfacile mould the fisheries perseverance tempting (Fisheries Department, n.d.).


It is purportant to analyse twain the unreserved and global environment of fisheries perseverance in contributing towards Brunei Darussalam’s as a fix of convenience. It can be authenticationd ce analyzing disqualification in opposed unreserved employments.

2.1 Competitive Resolution

In arrange to consummate industrial global competitiveness, it depends on the coercionce of a resolute or a state to adduce outcomes and authentications that coalesce the description standards of the persomal and universe employments at esteems that are competitive and support diffauthentication result on the instrument occupied or consumed in producing them (Daft and Marcic, 2004, pg. 55). Industrial global competitive resolution initiates by nucleusing on the global aggravateintegral perseverance in which a state rivals. It is representative to analyse competitive ceces in the perseverance environment to substantiate opportunities and denunciations.

According to Michael E Porter’s polite-disclosed framework, there are five ceces that outline disqualification which are the miss of record by possible adversarys, the coercionce of disqualification natant methodic companies amid an perseverance, the chaffering influence of suborners, the chaffering influence of suppliers and the nearness of substitutes to an perseverance’s outcomes. Therefore, it is purportant to cemulate expend strategic responses as perseverance provisions veer aggravate era.

Barriers to Record

Brunei’s fisheries perseverance as a possible adversary has the capforce to penetreprove global employment. The barriers to record is excellent as it is sumptuous. It requires excellent consummate requirements and operational requires. Purportant barriers to record grasp economies of layer, mark fealty, independent require habits, customer switching requires and government mastery (Hill and Jones, 2009, pg. 46). An purportant manoeuvre is answer ways to minimise those barriers. In arrange to consummate economies of layer, it grasps require ruddyuctions moulded through mass-producing a standardized outattribute and discounts on bigness dissipations of novel representative inputs. If the Government runs to penetreprove on a big layer such as in oceanstay processing sector, it has to establish the consummate requiruddy to plant big-layer outcomeion facilities and permit the excellent misss associated with such an siege.

The Government can beget mark fealty through consecutive advertising, ambiguous shelter of outcomes, outcome novelty consummated through discovery and harvest programs, an argument on excellent outcome description and amioperative after-sales authentication. Persomal and aggravateseas employments judge Brunei Darussalam’s stay outcomes equivalent with excellent description and entity trustworthy ‘halal’. The employment ce halal outcomes amid and beyond the district is appalling. There are divers polite-disclosed countries with excellent employment divide in global fisheries perseverance environing the universe. Thus, indicating excellent barriers to record. (TradeInvest Africa, n.d.)

Nature of Disqualification

The coercionce of the disqualification in the global fisheries perseverance can be judgeed excellent attributoperative to some ingredients which are perseverance competitive organization, require provisions, require provisions as polite as the culmirealm of departure barriers. This is nucleused on some purportant bearings deeply on the esteem hostilities. It is unmanageoperative to opposediate outcomes in this perseverance and as a outcome the best manoeuvre is to test to minimise its requires.

Perseverance organizations deviate and opposed organizations feel opposed implications ce the coercionce of disqualification. Require ce fishes is usually excellent and augmentationing require tends to tempereprove disqualification. Departure barriers grasp the deficiency to deeptain an dear store of effects at or aloft some narrowness raze in arrange to possess-a-share efficaciously in the perseverance. Hill and Jones (2009, pg. 273) claimed that competing in the global employmentattribute typically bearing brace types of competitive pressures which are pressures ce require ruddyuctions and pressures to be persomally echoing.

Bargaining Influence of Suborners

In any perseverance including fisheries, the chaffering influence of suborners is usually excellent distinctly when suborners environing the universe are requireing ce improve outcome description and authentication. Therefore, influenceful suborners should be schemeed as a denunciation. Ce entreaty, the suborners can authentication their purchasing influence as leverage to chaffer ce esteem ruddyuctions when they dissipation in big quantities.

Bargaining Influence of Suppliers

This is the coercionce of suppliers to establish inattribute esteems or establish the requires of the perseverance in other ways. Inputs grasp representatives, authentications, labour and so on. It is purportant to music that veers in individual or balance ceces in the macroenvironment can feign the competitiveness of the perseverance and to-boot the temptingness of the perseverance.

Denunciation of Substitutes

The being of cork substitutes is a influential competitive denunciation as this limits perseverance habitability. They can be twain trodden and introdden substitutes. Trodden substitutes are other types of fish habitous in the global employment. The consumers mould be balance relishly to suborn abject esteem novel fishes or oceanstay outcomes. Introdden substitutes are other types of stay such as chicken, beef and vegetables.

2.2 SWOT Resolution

SWOT resolution is an regulative technique to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of the office as polite as looking at opportunities and denunciations. By substantiateing the weaknesses and uncaggravate the denunciations can be amply managed and prevented antecedent to abandon misss in the coming.


The Government delineate an purportant role as they acceleration SMEs in starting up office in stipulations of harvest of basic infrastructures such as colonization of fish farm. In aquahumanization sector, consumers can relish novel and amioperative description fish. Ce pattern, the retailers can incorporeprove any fish they withdrawal at the fish farm and the esteem mould be installed on ponderosity. Abisect from that, it is easier to commission ceeign exertioners to exertion in any Brunei’s gang since the Government yield priorities.


In fisheries perseverance, Brunei may withdrawal of specific proof and cognizance in permitted the office. They to-boot withdrawal in employmenting impressivities which is individual of the most purportant bearings in officees. Technology and shortage of skilled exertionforce are to-boot other issues.


Fish and other cem of oceanstay is a staple victuals of a amioperative purportantity of the population and it is closely inevitableness in individual’s daily victuals. The augmentation in lessening of fishes represents an convenience ce resolutes to unreserved their sales quantity by targeting at the bribe bisect.


There are divers types of complaints that can contaminate fishes. The patterns of fish complaints are protozoan, bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral. As the fish that lives in unreserved ocean can amply be feigned by the complaint. If this occurs, the resolute or state mould bearing purportant missinges and feel to quarantine it. Most significantly, ruddy inundation graces the deep affair becaauthentication this can hazard the fish rearing. This can be looked at when Brunei bearingd ruddy inundation, the require razes ce fish distil sharply as fears ce contaminateed fish. Although, teaching and troddenions had been yieldn referoperative attributoperative attributablewithstanding tranquil the consumers were doubts to suborn it.

Brunei has a poetical clime, with uniconstruct temperatures ranging from 23ËšC to 32ËšC (73 – 89ËšF). Humidity is excellent environing 80% integral year plump and annual rainfintegral varies from environing 275 cm (110 in) parallel the seashore to balance than 500 cm (200 in) in the inside. Rainfintegral is heaviest during the northeast monsoon oceanson, distinctly during November and December. Heavy rainfalls can feign the pH esteem of oceanwater. If besides observeoperative rain, the oceanimbisect can veer the imbisect into acidic (aloft pH7). Thus, divers fishes mould perish and remove to the missing outcomeion of fish to the resolute.

Meanwhile, although Brunei is trustworthy from stainless environment, referoperative attributoperative attributablewithstanding manmade dirt is sure such as ease divide. This has grace the denunciation to the fish farm and fishing areas.


Individual of the objectives of this upstarts is to attain at sure recommendations and impulses that energy tend to corrective or facilitator impressions in which in alter could excite the harvest of SMEs such as fisheries perseverance in Brunei Darussalam to be disclosed and rival globally.

3.1 Global Manoeuvre

It is a strategic direct to globalization which involves the remove of advice, rationalization, technology, exertionforce and divers balance. It is efficacious when differences betwixt countries are smintegral and disqualification is global. It has habits in stipulations of economies of layer, abjecter require, coordistate of impressivities and faster outcomeion harvest. Aidmore, Brunei practices unreserved multilateral trading arrangements such as Asean Detached Employment Area (AFTA) and Open Agreement on Employment and Tariffs (GATT). These unreserved employment policies are accordant with Brunei’s attempts in pursuing sensible looking economic policies which mould support the state in unreserveding its industrial and first instrument-installed industries. The Government of Brunei Darussalam can appliance global standardization manoeuvre which nucleuses on increasing habit margins through require-efficiencies arising from economies of layer and economies of colonization. Thus, office pattern is installed on pursuing a abject-require manoeuvre on a big global layer (Hill and Jones, 2009, pg. 279).

3.2 Employmenting Manoeuvre

The office mould referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative aid itself, advertising and preferments are the lifeline of a office. The Government should acquiesce entrepreneurs or companies to be answerted in employmenting impressivities. The employmenting functions can be separated into sales making-ready, municipal esteem system, advertising, outcome scheme as polite as hawking methods. The entrepreneurs who hawk their outcomes themselves proof unmanageableies in integral areas of employmenting. Fisheries perseverance may bearing unmanageableies in employmenting outcomes attributoperative to thin description, withdrawal of cognizance of employments and employmenting skills. In restitution, this perseverance frequently withdrawals the cognizance to test the niche employments. The possessor entrepreneur frequently has no peculiar skills in these matters and does referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative distinguish where to mould veritoperative advice environing employment harvests, advertising opportunities and improve employmenting channels. They to-boot withdrawal the instrument to promulge and aid their outcomes.

3.3 Employment Harvest

Outcome description is the first judgeation in employmenting. Various measures may be charmed to support fisheries perseverance in clearing their employments, twain persomally and interpolitically. The aftercited steps may be charmed to: beget institutions to repair outcome description, acquiesce them to obtain?} up franchises and support others to clear franchises, support restitutional incentives to them to possess-a-share in employment fairs twain at residence and abroad, yield peculiar judgeation in Government procurement, mould relevant attempt by Government ce clearing employmenting and conduct skills and begin peculiar employmenting toperative to manipulate the employmenting of Brunei outcomes.

3.4 Employment Bearing

Employment bearing at the unreserved and interpolitical raze should be boosted by enabling fisheries industries to obtain?} habit of the opportunities ce employment disquisition through the choice of electronic traffic. The Government should support improve advice on employments, mould habitous electronic databases on office matching and facilitation authentications and support them to bearing the ship-result employment through elbow employment and siege preferment missions. The Government may judge impressive some tariff on those outcomes that are competing with Brunei outcomes until such era they are operative to rival with ceeign outcomes. Since an feeling of the Brunei dollar mould acception the esteem of Brunei outcome, the Government should test to incorporeprove agreeoperative measures so that reasonoperative stforce in the exveer reprove may be consummated and deeptained.

3.5 Competitive Habit

The clew to distinguishing competitive habit is appreciating how the opposed strategies can beget impressivities that answer concomitantly to mould a state choice or opposed from its rivals and operative to accordantly outperconstruct them. Brunei should has a amioperative industrial office pattern in arrange to mould a competitive habit and consummate eminent habitforce and habit augmentation. The most valuoperative bearing is manifest rivalncies. Brunei’s fisheries perseverance office pattern should encompasses the entiretyity of how it mould chosen its customers, mark-out and opposediate its outcome adduceings, beget esteem ce its customers, procure and binder customers, result amiables or authentications, abjecter requires, liberate those amiables and authentications to the employment, organise impressivities amid the perseverance, manipulate its instrument, consummate and support a excellent raze of habitforce as polite as augmentation the office aggravate era (Hill and Jones, 2009, pg. 6).

Individual countries including Brunei feel their keep unreserved competitive habit which indicates their global economic esteem. According to Michael Porter, there are immodest attributes of a unreserved or state-specific environment that feel an purportant impimpress on the global competitiveness which are ingredient endowments, persomal require provisions, competitiveness of cognate and sustaining industries and coercionce of disqualification. This frameexertion can acceleration to assess how unmanageoperative it energy be to penetreprove global employments. Ingredient endowments are the require and description of ingredients of outcomeion. Brunei’s fisheries perseverance judges has amioperative tangible infraorganization such as ports, Muara Ship-result Zone, Meragang Hatchery, Aquahumanization Harvest Centre and divers balance. This may the competitive habit that Brunei relishs. On the other influence, Brunei moulds competitive habit if operative to coalesce or finish the excellent standards of outcomes description by privy suborners antecedently looking to violate into the global employment relish European State. Hill and Jones (2009, pg. 102) claimed that to deeptain competitive habit requires nucleusing on pliancy, description, novelty and echoingness to customers as polite as clearing manifest rivalncies.

3.6 Global Disquisition

In arrange to consummate industrial global competitiveness ce Brunei Darussalam’s long-term supportforce and harvest, unreserveding globally can enoperative to acception habitforce and habit augmentation. Some ingredients to judge are unreserveding the employment, realizing require economies from global quantity and realizing colonization economies. The strategic issues are to run which ceeign employments to penetrate, when to penetrate, on what layer and what husk of media should authentication to unreserved globally. Abisect from that, establishing a elbow risk with a ceeign gang is another resource ce penetrateing a odd employment.

Balance rooms can be dindividual ce Brunei to penetreprove the European State (UN) employment in arrange to aid persomal fisheries outcomes (Brunei Economic Harvest Table, n.d.). Individual purportant bisect is to coalesce interpolitical standards ce ship-produce. The Hazard Resolution Critical Control Points grafting should be organised consecutively by Fisheries Department (The Brunei Eras, 2008).

3.7 Improving Fisheries Conduct

This should nucleus on integral operational requires and processes including infrastructures, facilities, technology, exertionforce, novel representatives and so on. Natant the completement ingredients of perseverance, amioperative conduct skills in twain open and office conduct are a very purportant ingredient ce the completement of perseverance. Indiffauthentication conduct and technical inforce is a very purportant engagement to perseverance harvest. There is an acception in the raze of competitiveness of privy and global employments which yields mollify to a relevant deficiency ce fitted and polite-equipped managers and office removeers. Integral purportant ingredients of outcomeion should be improved such as choice of odd and agreeoperative technology. Fisheries conduct could be aid improved by melting towards apex supportoperative yields, ensuring economic conduct of fisheries and matching fishing attempt to habitous instrument (Europa, 2007).


Fisheries perseverance has majestic possible that tend to the difference of Brunei Darussalam’s dispensation. This perseverance can stretch the global employments on a big layer and rival with ceeign outcomes. It is purportant to analyse twain the unreserved and global environment in arrange to consummate industrial global competitiveness and global competitive habits. In my estimation, the best impulse is nucleused balance on office conduct distinctly employmenting manoeuvre. It is deficiencyful to repair perseverance dynamism by facilitating bearing to finance, employments, technology, rational instrument and advice. It is referoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative the sole function of the Government. Privy penetrateprises themselves must be preparuddy to delineate a hugeger role.

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