Tour Guiding Skills

The qualities of good voice volume include not only the ability to be loud but also to control volume and to produce volume without straining the vocal cords. Learning to project is based the on the most basic elements of peaking namely, relaxing, proper breathing, and using the muscles of the abdomen and the diaphragm.

The ideal solution to projecting to a larger audience is the use of a microphone. Taking Care of the Voice livelihood (singers, speakers, and guides) Common irritants to the voice: (Dry.Lillian Glass, a popular voice coach) – smoking – excessive use of alcohol and other drugs, – sleeping with the mouth open, – Talking loudly or too much – shouting or screaming Tips to care for the voice: – breathe properly – Get plenty of rest – Drink plenty of water – Avoid dairy products – Gargle frequently with warm water Avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks – schedule engagements in such a way that they can rest their voices regularly (not applicable to tour guides because they earn money only during the tourist season and only when they are talking + guides schedule is usually booked 6 months in advance and finding replacements on a short notice is extremely difficult.

Characteristics of Vocal Style/ Vocal Variety Successful speakers have the ability to change qualities of the voice and speaking style. Enthusiasm is the most basic source of vocal variety.An individual who is not extremely interested in his subject will often revert to a dull, monotonous speech. To develop voice variety, a speaker should listen to recordings of his voice and be aware of pitch, volume, intonation and other vocal aspects.

Intonation Melody of the speech Personal quality that often reveals a speaker’s geographic background, personality, and enthusiasm Ideal intonation is natural, not singsong or conventional ( Majority of the tour guides have a conventional intonation which is the result of the rote memorization or repetition. Many tourists find it distracting and annoying) Articulation The process of producing clear and distinct soundsTalking very loud causes a very irritating sound Lavaliere microphones are becoming a trend nowadays to most tour guides. These are microphones hook around the speaker’s neck, or are attached to a blouse or shirt, allowing the guide some mobility Listening Includes careful attention to the questions, attention span, posture, eye movements and gestures of the group Guides who attentively listen to travelers and learn to change their approaches in response to them are not only more successful guides but are inclined to learn more in the process Ending Many guides find it difficult when or how to end since they are more inclined toward ending “Thank you for coming to you well. ” . I enjoyed traveling with you and I wish

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