Tittle; The wall will neither be big nor beautiful

Tittle; The wall will neither be big nor beautiful.
Find web link; https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/01/27,
The argument on whether the wall will neither be big nor beautiful contains and at the same time avoids biases depending on the view of the two countries involved. It is biased to state that the wall is big to the USA because already the president has signed the executive action ordering the construction of the wall meaning it’s not big to them since they have the power and ability for the process.
It is also biased to state that the wall is beautiful to Mexico because according to Mexican president the Mexican government is not ready to be engaged in the venture citing that there was no agreement between the two governments on the whole activity and they are not ready for the inclusion in the construction. This argument assumes that the wall will be big and beautiful to both countries involved which is not the case as per the reaction shown by both governments.
The resources of the overall argument is credible because it gives the reasons why one state is pro-construction of the wall i.e. The USA giving its reasons and also the steps taken towards the whole project while Mexico which is the opposing country is against the construction of the wall and some of the actions they have taken to go against the project. The credibility supports the article claims because it stipulates the reasons for the USA intentions to construct the wall and why Mexico is against the construction.

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