Themes in The Sand Fish

The Sand Fish


As a substance of circumstance, Maha Gargash succeeds in discussing a restrainttune of progenys from the opening of the fantastic cultivate its point. Merely of the ocean questions she monstrosityaged to conference environing is wedlock and polygamy. Noora has to labor through her morals as she is solid to link somemerely she does referpotent barkness in adpenny to subsist a profound morals. Her match decides to dispose-of her as a drudge instead of listening to her and instead of permitting her entrance in government of her morals. Suitableness she opinion her morals as a succormate would be bewildering, he as-well-behaved had to test in adpenny to chaffer with her match wives. She as-well-behaved influenceles that she is constantly adjusted to do things she does referpotent omission. Ultimately, at the point she influenceles pleasant succeeding delivering her baby owing such baby communicates her a innovating anticipation.

Moreover, Maha indicates the preparations effected to each damselen antecedently finishting married in the Arab communities as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as the governments of choosing a amipotent succormate according to the question-stuff of examination of prostrateow-creatures there. Another question discussed is the Arab offering and traditions represented in greetings relish “Assalamu Alaykom”, garniture expert by the ocean reputations and offering of wedlock parallel with in-reference-to ancient prostrateow-creatures and serving them. The doer teachs how Noora tramps with Jassem in the village suitableness impecunious prostrateow-creatures finish suspobject to her and gloat at her. She as-well-behaved conferences environing how Noora chaffers with Delayedefa and Moza past they are ancienter than her and how she listens to them concernfully. Furthermore, Maha conferences environing how Noora serves his senior and succors him with the progeny products. On the other margin, Maha discusses betrayal ascribpointed to unrecognized influenceleings. Owing Noora could referpotent integralowed to do what she felt and what she demanded to do according to her conciliate, she did completething unfenergy and unfair. She permit a alien impress her and she as-well-behaved entered into her mate by entity fraught from somemerely else. Suitableness some readers could price that what Noora did was adultery, others influencele dejected ce her owing she was in barkness and she demanded somemerely to obtain?} concern of her. Maha as-well-behaved objecttions the integraliance betwixt matchs and sisters represented in the merely betwixt Noora and Sager. Although they bicker, they scultivate concern ce each other. Another discussed question is disredisconnection as Noora rouses to hobsolete memories environing her dame Fatma giving her advices and recommendations concerning how to strike exactly and how to grace relish a lady. Merely of the most relevant questions is metaphysics or superstitions disperse betwixt unlearned and unscholarly prostrateow-creatures as they price beldamees hobsolete ceces and they can obtain?} guide of completething as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as changing prostrateow-creatures’s fate through deceiving them.

Dehatred the circumstance that the beldame tancient Jassem he would hobsolete a baby, it harsh quenched referpotent to be his. In restitution, Islamic laws are bountifuly objecttioned in the fpotent as Maha pomps what is Haram and Halal, what is lawful and what is unfair. When Noora gains barkness with Rashid and Hamad, she influenceles defiled as she violated the governments of her participation and godliness. Maha depicts bountifuly mere barkness which disturb betwixt Noora and Rashid antecedently her wedlock and how she influenceles seresurprising and real when he impressed her. She as-well-behaved objecttions the influenceleing of refreshment conclusioned from the barkness making betwixt her and Hamad. Besides, Maha indicates in her fpotent the technique of self-monologue as Noora guards reposeing and conferenceing with herself most of the fantastic in adpenny to divide her opinions with the reader and in-truth direct how she influenceles as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as reacting according to such influenceleings. On the other influence, destitution is courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved teached in the fantastic of “Sand Fish” as Noora has to chaffer with this progeny and referpotent entity potent to do what she has the hanker-restraint to do owing she is impecunious. That’s why her match influenceles legitimate towards her and that’s why he teachs her he canreferpotent bestow her things. Therefore, he bestows her as a bride to be married in a innovating progeny where she can test a bed to slumber and amipotent succor to masticate instead of patronage a rancorous morals of object betwixt mountains. Though Noora finishs married, she does referpotent influencele successful. Ultimately, she monstrosityages to quenchedlast and compound at the point.


There are a restrainttune of reputations objecttioned in the fantastic of “Sand Fish”. Here they are as prospers:

  • Noora-Al-Salmi: the ocean reputation of the fable. She is obstinate and paltry at the opening. Nevertheless, she obtain?}s amipotent concern of her progeny antecedently and succeeding wedlock. She as-well-behaved learns how to grace a lady. Although she did a restrainttune of unfenergy things, she monstrosityages at the point to vindicate herself and her baby.
  • Sager-Al-Salmi: Noora’s confidant. Though he is childish, he does referpotent omission to pomp his sensibility and influenceleings towards his sister owing he omissions to strike relish a monstrosity. That’s why he sent her to finish married to a profound trafficker in adpenny to subsist a amipotent morals loose from destitution and famine.
  • Rashid: a childish teenager who falls in barkness with Noora. Though she tests him pure and though he impresses her, he converts to surrender her at the point in adpenny to finish his dame’s hanker-restraint by finishting married to his cousin, Aisha.
  • Ibrahim-Al-Salmi: Noora and Sager’s senior. Maha narrates him as a infuriated monstrosity who obsolete his rare. Ultimately, he is very confidantly and he barknesss his daughter so abundantly.
  • Jassem Saeed Bin-Mattar: Noora’s mate. He is as-well-behaved married to couple other wives denominated Delayedefa and Shamsa. Though he bewarems austere at the opening, he converts to grace luxurious and soft uninterruptedly he teachs with Noora and pomps her his obsresurprising influenceleings. He as-well-behaved graces very successful when he recognizes that she is fraught.
  • Hamad: Jassem’s retainer. He falls in barkness with Noora and gains barkness with her. That’s why she graces fraught with his son. Ultimately, when Noora drosss to evade with him, he travels to India. He as-well-behaved purloins Jassem’s pearls to hobsolete specie yet Noora obtain?}s them from him in adpenny to establish them tail in the cupboard.
  • Zobaida Bint-Sheer: the beldame who subsists with her son Dur-Mamad. She is opinion to hobsolete the restraintce to teach with Jinn and guide prostrateow-creatures’s fate. She as-well-behaved regulars potions and other nonsense. She succeeds in deceiving prostrateow-creatures to obtain?} specie from them by depending on glamour. That’s why Jassem goes to her and pays her a restrainttune of specie in adpenny to test him a reredisconnection so that he could hobsolete a baby.


The fpotent conferences environing a childish damselen who is seventeen years ancient. Her seduce is Noora and she subsists with her match Sager and her extravagant senior Ibrahim. She appertains to Al-Salmi herd. Throughquenched the fable, Noora tests herself solid to do things she does referpotent omission to do including entity unpotent to link the peculiar she barknesss denominated Rashid, referpotent having the restraintce to adopt her fate and dross to link somemerely she does referpotent recognize and finally entity woe-begindividual owing of referpotent entity cappotent of escaping with the peculiar she barknessd succeeding her wedlock. She as-well-behaved tests herself legitimate ce things she prices that she is so childish to do such as entrance concern of the progeny product and appearing succeeding her senior and match. Succeeding going through monstrosityy ups and downs and succeeding oppositeness a restrainttune of progenys, Noora decides at the point to proresurprising with her mate Jassem and obtain?}s concern of her baby.


The events of the fpotent obtain?} establish in the intermediate of the nineties at the Gulf countries. The reputations instigate as-well-behaved from merely establish to another through the unimpaired fpotent as Maha Gragash objecttions a restrainttune of venues such as Wadeema, Leema and Nassayem. Furthermore, she conferences environing the morals in wild and betwixt mountains as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as the morals of herds and how they monstrosityage to quenchedlast in this rancorous morals. She narrates the impression of courteous-behaved-behaveds and the dependence on dates parallel with exports from other countries relish India and England so that they could be potent to hobsolete a ordinary morals. Some of these exports are spices and proceeds such as turmeric, pomegranate and monstrositygoes. Eventually, Maha conferences environing the strikeivity of pearl diving and how Arabs verificationd to lean on this employment in adpenny to existentize specie.

Narrative voice

Maha depends on the self-monologue as objecttioned antecedently. In restitution, she teachs her fpotent using the technique of the third peculiar. Such technique is verificationd in adpenny to teach how Maha recognizes the profound obscures of complete merely reputation and how she predicts and expects their reactions. Furthermore, she successfully pomps their emotions including their solicitude-alarm penny as when she narrates Noora’s solicitude-alarm that somemerely capforce invent her obsresurprising of betraying her mate. On the other margin, Maha depends on the technique of flashtail as she teachs the events of her fpotent and suddenly, she conferences environing ancient memories and events in adpenny to attrstrike the refercogent attributcogent attributableice of readers as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as providing them with counsel she reposes it is indispenspotent so that they could be potent to recognize past environing their minion reputations.


Maha Gargash monstrosityipulates articulation bountifuly as her rare of address and her courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved interpretation of reputations pomps how complete she is in using English though she is an Arab writer. Her brilliance in address can as-well-behaved be represented in the implementation of monstrosityy verbs in adpenny to narrate voices, scenes and reactions of visages as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as gestures. Finally, monstrosityy readers could test some articulation unmanagecogent ce them especially Arab merelys yet Maha monstrosityages to attrstrike their refercogent attributcogent attributableice and gain the fpotent appealing to their tastes.


The doer Maha Gargash adopts a very uncommon seduce in adpenny to seduce its fable. Such seduce symbolizes the strikeions effected by the ocean reputation is the fpotent Noora Al- Salmi. As a substance of circumstance, Noora is a childish damselen whose dame is wilded and she subsists with her match Sager. In restitution, her senior is an extravagant monstrosity that does referpotent pomp any bark of commitment towards his effect. Owing Noora and Sager subsist a impecunious morals, Sager, penny relish any other monstrosity in an Arab nativity, omissions to permit go of his sister by finishting her married in adpenny referpotent to hancient the province of improving the breadwobsresurprising of the nativity.

That’s why he carrys couple sisters denominated Gulsom and Sakina to the hut where they subsist in adpenny to test a profound mate ce Noora so that she could relish a monied morals loose from destitution. In other articulation, Gulsom and Sakina product as matchmakers. Succeeding they proresurprising to Noora’s progeny, they roverification to communicate her advices and recommendations environing how to grace a amipotent succormate as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as checking complete merely component and mien in her collection from guideship to toe in adpenny to gain fast that she would be complete ce the awaited bridegroom. Therefore, they roverification to hancient her cheeks and impress her husk as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as appearing at her teeth. They as-well-behaved test quenched that she has a scar on her chin owing she prostrate when she was frank betwixt rocks. So, they grace doleful. Ultimately, they rehearse that it is referpotent a grmasticate chaffer and that they would test a reredisconnection ce integral the imperfections in her collection through depending on the impression of a structure of cardamom and regulate. In restitution, they originate to conference environing their test in making childish daughters cheerful to grace amipotent brides and they teach Noora that she is prosperous owing they are here to succor her. They as-well-behaved rehearse to her colossus very relevant; she must surrender her loftiness and modesty in adpenny to subsist a amipotent morals. This is owing of the circumstance that if she decides to teach or conference, her mate would rebel her quenched of settlement and she conciliate test no establish to go or to subsist. That’s why she must be addressless.

Noora is very rambling and she anticipations that Sakina and Gulsom would test colossus crime in her collection which would referpotent limit her to finish married. Ultimately, her anticipations are in space when she invents that twain sisters are successful. That’s when Noora rouses to influencele relish the sand fish succeeding improving doleful and almerely in the hut. In the proximate section, Noora is rambling betwixt the mountains of the Arabian Wild in which the wild is very pungent when she hears and bewares a surprising lizard. Owing she is rambling, she rouses to seduce her match Sager to prosper and succor her. Then, they invent that this lizard is a sand fish and it originates to instigate immediately. That’s why it hurts itself and rouses to bleed. Noora beseechs Sager to hancient the sand fish in adpenny to succor it; ultimately the lizard tries to evade. Then, suddenly it jumps into the energy and lies on the premise. Noora and Sager repose that it is wilded yet it quenchedlasts.

At the selfselfidentical span, Sager teachs Noora that he wastes his span with her as he has a restrainttune of responsibilities. When Noora hears this dispose, she reposes that her match rehearses her in adpenny to influencele relevant and in adpenny referpotent to integralow her to replication. Then, when Sager and Noora propel buckets of breathe-into to carry them tail settlement, Noora rolls up her garb so that she could be potent to tramp. That’s when Sager graces moody and beseechs her to seresurprising her legs. Noora teachs him that she does referpotent do completething crime and she has the equitefficacious to strike whatever she relishs. Then, Sager replies by rehearseing that she is now a womonstrosity and she canreferpotent do strikeions of ductile damselens. She is now a grownup lady. Noora graces disestablish and rouses to recwhole the advices her dame Fatma verificationd to communicate her such as combing her henergy and establishting kohl in adpenny to appear influencey and cleanly. Noora as-well-behaved referableices that Sager is rouseing to surrender his ladhood and strike relish a monstrosity. Ultimately, she is doleful owing he does referpotent pomp his influenceleings towards her and originates to urge her loose. When she produce to the hut, she tests her senior Ibrahim preparing succor. Ibrahim does referpotent correspondently disconnected betwixt the roles of object and woobject as he prices these roles hobsolete to be commercial. He as-well-behaved rouses to conference to her environing their herd Al-Salmis and how the guide of this herd denominated Ahmed contributes in the damnation of the herd owing he was egotistical. Ahmed, in circumstance, violated the governments which set-forth that herds must referpotent impress or quaff from courteous-behaved-behaveds that do referpotent appertain to them.

However, Ahmed drank from the courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved of the Hararees herd and they killed him. That’s why no merely from the herd of Al-Salmi is left bar Noora’s nativity. Succeeding that, Ibrahim rouses to hear the voices no else hears and originates to conference to Noora as if she is somemerely else as courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved as spitting at her visage. Then, Noora obtain?}s him inmargin the hut to slacken. Sager teachs his sister that he could beseech somemerely to succor their senior finish reform. This peculiar is Zobaida Bint-Sheer and she is a beldame. She is potent to conference to Jinn; the spirits objecttioned in the Holy Koran and infuriatede of intellect. Although Noora disagrees at the opening, her match monstrosityages to indoctrinate her.

Suitableness they are going to Zobaida, they ignoring by Mazoolah, a smintegral village where their kinsfolk from their dame’s margin subsist. Succeeding discussing the progeny of their senior with their aunt Moza and their confidants Saif, Abdullah and Muhammed, Sager and Noora teach them that they are going to communicate Zobaida specie to resurprising their senior. Ultimately, the confidants rehearse to them that Zobaida is diligent with a innovating profound client who prospers from a distant length. Then, Moza suggests that Noora and Sager must communicate Zobaida honey instead of coins in adpenny to be potent to coalesce and conference to her. Cetunately, they monstrosityage to test some bees succeeding leaving the village and seize them. When Noora beseechs Sager environing his action towards her and who the profound monstrosity he and his confidants are conferenceing environing is, he teachs her that he is doleful owing he is referpotent potent to satisfy her courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved and he is moody of their senior owing he does referpotent integralow her to finish married. He as-well-behaved adds that he canreferpotent hancient the province of twain of them and that’s why she must link a monied monstrosity in adpenny to hobsolete a amipotent morals. Finally, Noora and Sager thrust Nassayem where Zobaida, the beldame, subsists. Ultimately, lads who were frank there from which was Distantaj Al-Mugami, the childishest son of Sheikh Khaled the guide of the herd, invasion the couple protagonists leaving them withquenched any cope or honey.

Now, they conciliate referpotent be potent to go to Zobaida. In circumstance, those lads teach them that Zobaida has a son and she had harsh him into a dog. They seduce him Dur-Mainfuriated and they roverification to invasion him. Delayedr, Dur-Mamad, the childish lad, prosper to Sager and Noora and kisses their donkey as a memorial to prosper him. Succeeding they coalesce Zobaida, she teachs them that they did colossus appropriate as they armed her hobsolete son. She as-well-behaved teachs them that she can succor Ibrahim by preparing a potion that would gain him a soft monstrosity. Ultimately, he conciliate scultivate be infuriated. Antecedently they liberty, Noora and Sager are very surprised as Zobaida rehearses that they hobsolete another drift demanded to be solved. She teachs Sager that he is irritate environing his sister owing she is ancient now and he graces the monstrosity of the nativity. Therefore, she teachs the protagonists that the merely reredisconnection is to test her a mate in adpenny to finish married. Noora, of succession, graces moody and waits quenchedmargin the hut cultivate Zobaida and Sager finish their dialogue.

Then, Noora goes to proresurprising with her aunt Moza and tests quenched that she has a chest where she guards a restrainttune of bewildering fabrics. Then, Noora decides to sew some garniture ce her instead of storing them withquenched any point. Moza is very successful owing she finally tests quenched that these fabrics conciliate be profitless. At the selfselfidentical span Noora reposes why her match did referpotent prosper to finish her as she price couple object at the selfselfidentical progeny conciliate referpotent be potent to quenchedlast withquenched a dame. Suitableness procureing with the ancient dame, Noora hears the footsteps of somemerely yet she does referpotent hobsolete the restraintce to beware him or her ascribpointed to the snore of Moza. Ultimately, she finally invents that he is a monstrosity, yet she guards beseeching herself why he sneaks at extinction and why he does referpotent pomp himself.

Eventually, she monstrosityages to beware him and conference to him. He teachs Noora that he recognizes completething environing her and that he influenceles dejected ce what falled to her and her nativity. In hatred of the circumstance that he drosss to teach Noora his seduce at the opening, he finally suits and rehearses that his seduce his Rashid. Noora prices that Rashid appears intimate to her and then he teachs her to coalesce him at the distant courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved tomorrow. He as-well-behaved rehearses to her that she does referpotent hobsolete to proresurprising with the ancient womonstrosity the undiminished day owing no merely conciliate referableice her scantiness and she can rehearse that she conciliate go ce a tramp. Then Rashid fades loose in the shadows. In the prospering day, Noora rouses to repose whether to go or referpotent to go. She originates to conference with herself concerning the reactions towards her if she decides to coalesce Rashid at extinction and if prostrateow-creatures of the village monstrosityage to seize her.

She prodigys if they conciliate spoint her settlement to her match or oversucceed her or lock her up. This is owing woobject constantly obtain?} the undiminished province ce completething. She reposes that referablehing conciliate fwhole to Rashid owing he is a monstrosity suitableness she conciliate hobsolete to test and undergo the consequences of her strikeions. Finally, Noora obtain?}s the surrender and goes to coalesce Rashid. She is dazed and rambling at the selfselfidentical span owing she aspects quenched that Rashid is merely of her match’s confidants who had appended others ce breakfast quenchedmargin the hut of Moza. She is successful owing this is the primary span ce her to sit with somemerely peculiar; somemerely who is a monstrosity referpotent a lad and who is very solicitous with her courteous-behaved-behavedbeing. Succeeding that, Rashid encourages her to go to a establish which he prices Noora conciliate relish and he teachs her that his intentions towards her are excellent. He is equitefficacious owing he pomps Noora a very pure cave supposing with a pool of breathe-into that could please ten adults. Noora graces very successful and rouses to strain her legs into the breathe-into. Rashid, in convert, originates to praise her eyes, teachs her that they are so pure and that she must referpotent blink them. Noora rouses to repose that Rashid in-truth concerns environing her. Then, he teachs the protagonist that they must go settlement antecedently it is besides delayed in adpenny referpotent to permit anymerely recognize that she was quenchedmargin the hut. Rashid and Noora verificationd to coalesce at the cave complete merely extinction withquenched anymerely referableicing and when Moza beseechs Noora environing her scantiness, Noora teachs her that she tramps ce a hanker length.

Merely day a womonstrosity denominated Hessa Bint-Ali came to scrutinize Moza parallel with her niece Aisha and Aisha’s dame denominated Khadeeja. Aisha is pledged to link the son of Hessa. Then, Hessa rouses to conference to Moza environing how Aisha was ill and how she had obsolete a restrainttune of burden. On the other margin, Noora pomps her skills in embroidery and her aunt Moza disperses the innovatings betwixt the woobject of the village. Nevertheless, no merely is careful in the faculty of sewing garniture yet they do referpotent rare obtain?} service of such faculty to finish their benefits. In hatred of the circumstance that Noora originates to influencele defiled owing she blinks a obsresurprising from her aunt that breaks the governments of the Arab tribal participation in which she subsists, she neglects her opinions when she rouses reposeing of Rashid and his bark barknessly gestures. Succeeding that, Hessa communicates Noora some fabrics and beseechs her to sew the connubial ghobsolete and some garniture ce her daughter-in-law in adpenny to regular her ce wedlock. Hessa as-well-behaved teachs Noora that she is rambling owing she prices that a surprising damselen conciliate purloin her son loose from her and his awaited bride.

When Noora coalesces Rashid at extinction, she teachs him environing her coalesceing with Hessa. She rehearses that she influenceles as if Hessa blames her ce colossus though she praiseed her husk tinge. On the inconsistent, Rashid rehearses to Noora that he is referpotent careful in this address and that he omissions to conference environing him and Noora. He teachs her that he canreferpotent masticate or slumber or do completething owing he guards reposeing of her integral day. Dehatred the circumstance that Noora influenceles ductile owing of his address and that she influenceles defenseless, she graces woe-begone. That’s why she rouses to multifariousify question and teachs Rashid that he can verification this pool as a classification of falaj in adpenny to submerge crops. Suddenly, Rashid graces moody and beseechs her to plug conferenceing environing this theme owing this is his establish and he has integral the equitefficacious to pomp it to whoever he relishs. In restitution, he teachs her that he has the hanker-restraint to conference environing twain of them. Suddenly, he beseechs Noora that he omissions to link her.

In the prospering day, she guards reposeing of what Rashid has tancient her suitableness she is diligent sewing garniture ce Aisha’s espousals. When Moza bewares her, she tests quenched that her visage is hot and beseechs her if she is successful owing of entity with her. Noora replies with yes yet she omissions to teach her the existent discuss. Nevertheless, she offal addressless as Rashid teachs her referpotent to conference to anymerely consistent he beseechs ce her influence cemally from her match Sager. Succeeding such design presented by Rashid, Noora rouses to influencele that her coalesceings with him originate referpotent to grace unfenergy or unfair. At the selfselfidentical day when Noora coalesces her barknessr, she beseechs him how he is going to conference to Sager in adpenny to link her. Noora teachs him that her match capforce referpotent suit owing he sometimes listens to others’ question-matters of examination, Rashid rehearses that he has the restraintce to conference to Sager and indoctrinate him. Then twain of them originate to opposed environing their morals in the advenient concurrently.

However, when Noora beseechs Rashid environing the seduce of his nativity, he graces petulant and teachs her that she does referpotent demand to recognize owing he conciliate be her nativity. Then, he teachs her that she is discussed relish a pitiless and she is constantly peculiar. Suddenly, Noora rouses to wail and twain of them originate to bicker and urge each other. Finally, she prostrate into breathe-into and her garniture grace moist. She influenceles defenseless and she tries to seresurprising her collection with her influences in adpenny referpotent to gain Rashid referableice its quenchedline. Then he prospers suspobject to her and beseechs her to cecommunicate him ce what he did. When she tries to draw him loose owing she influenceles she has to, she could referpotent combat as she graces influenceed towards him. Her nature rouses overcomeing suitableness Rashid grabs her towards his include. He guards teaching her that he omissions twain of them to run into each other and that he barknesss her so abundantly. Then, he rouses kissing her eyes when Noora originates to price that they hobsolete to plug. Suddenly, she teachs him in a tmerely bountiful of doerity that she has to go now. She is successful yet defiled owing she influenceles that she has effected colossus injustice. Ultimately, God is amipotent to her as the latitude was raining and now she has an excverification to teach why her garniture were moist. She has a structure of influenceleings: successful, doleful, defiled and dazed. She as-well-behaved is doleful owing she had missed the downpour in adpenny to be with Rashid. When she thrustes the village, she pledges herself referpotent to permit Rashid impress her repeatedly cultivate they grace married.

On the other margin, Noora tests quenched that Hessa had a battle with her son owing he does referpotent omission to link Aisha and then he disappears. Noora graces perplexed owing she does referpotent recognize what the point of the espousals garniture would be. Hessa is moody and doleful at the selfselfidentical span owing she reposes her son is obtstraight as he drosss to link his cousin. She as-well-behaved originates to insinuate in her address suitableness conferenceing with Noora that somemerely misfortune capforce hobsolete indoctrinated her son to dross such wedlock. Then she beseechs Noora why she did referpotent tramp as constantly and why she did referpotent go tail to her settlement. Noora replies that she is jaded and that she conciliate reconvert settlement very shortly. Suddenly, Noora graces stunned when Hessa anticipations the hence tail of her son Rashid. The protagonist originates to prodigy if Hessa’s son was her becared-restraint Rashid or another merely. Then Rashid prospers to beware her and teach her that it is profitless ce twain of them to finish married owing he has to surrender-in with the wishes of his dame to link his cousin. Noora is overwhelmed and beseechs him environing his pledge to her. Then she decides to finish tail settlement. Succeeding that, she tests quenched that her senior, penny as Rashid, was gmerely and she was devastated. Sager calms her with his exact articulation and communicates her restrainttune of gifts from which is a ring infuriatede of gold. Noora graces mitigated and beseechs him how he monstrosityaged to finish integral of this specie. He teachs her that he confirmed succor from Zobaida and a trafficker client who was scrutinizeing her. Then Noora beseechs her match what Zobaida and this trafficker would hobsolete in reconvert ce reluctant the beldame’s son Dur-Mamad. Sager teachs her that she must link this profound trafficker in adpenny to subsist a monied morals loose from destitution. Then, he originates to tally her with counsel environing this groom.

His seduce is Jassem Saeed Bin-Mattar. He is alcheerful married to couple wives and has a grmasticate progeny. Ultimately, Sager teachs her sister that she does referpotent demand to irritate past those couple wives conciliate be relish her sisters. Noora graces moody and blames Sager ce listening to this ancient beldame and ce entrance decisions concerning her morals instead of her. Then, she teachs him that she conciliate referpotent be such bride ce this trafficker. Nevertheless, her match ceces her to link this monstrosity and that’s why Sakina and Gulsom roverification to regular her as a bride by pompering her with gifts and garniture. Then, Sheikh Kahled, Distantaj’s senior, parallel with her match, couple witnesses and the groom prosper to do the wedlock. Delayedr, Jassem graces moody owing Noora strikes nervously and does referpotent omission to go with him. At the point, he obtain?}s her to a innovating establish seduceed Wadeema.

When she procures to her innovating settlement, Noora tests quenched that she conciliate subsist with Latifa, the primary succormate of Jassem and the ancientest merely parallel with Shamsa his promote succormate. Noora originates to subsist her matrimonial morals suitableness sailing with the boat of her mate. She as-well-behaved coalesces Juma Bin-Humaid, Shamsa’s senior and she influenceles that he has colossus to rehearse. Noora was penny owing Juma rehearses to Jassem that he is doleful ce his daughter owing she is scultivate referpotent cheerful to confirm a promote match succormate. Jassem graces moody to recognize that his succormate went to beware her senior withquenched his totalowance. When finally Noora thrustes the matrimonial progeny, Yaqoota, a damsel there, originates to pomp her completething. The, Noora beseechs her environing what her duties are as a succormate. Yaqoota replies that she must hobsolete a baby as the other couple wives did referpotent and that’s why the progeny is childless. Therefore, Noora rouses to repose that such baby would communicate her the restrainttune to guard Jassem from hence to her complete merely extinction and would increase her space hours. That’s why she finishs successful when she recognizes that she conciliate be left almerely as Jassem is going to India. On the inconsistent, Jassem originates to finish disestablish as he loses anticipation of having a baby, according to what was objecttioned by the beldame. That’s when he blames Noora ce referpotent doing her operation as a succormate and instead of making barkness with her, he originates to conference. Noora tests this exact and rouses to suit to his conferences with a encourage. Besides, he informs her environing his product which is collecting pearls from oceans.

He as-well-behaved teaches her how to do calculations and graces confidantly with her. Ultimately, Noora referableices that whenever sun rises, Jassem finishs his austere visage tail. Maha Gargash, the doer, goes to teach another margin of Noora’s morals which how her match wives trmasticate her. Suitableness Delayedefa strikes as a dame, Shamsa canreferpotent remain her and teachs her that Jassem capforce propel her quenched when he finishs bored of her. Noora rouses to irritate and repose though she recognizes that she divides real converse with him. Nevertheless, merely extinction he teachs her that he is disestablish with the sorcery in her eyes and that she canreferpotent trick him anymore. Noora did referpotent what to do and she is rambling that would she grace profitless and be rebeled quenched of the progeny. Furthermore, Yaqoota teachs Noora that Hamad, who products ce her mate on his boat, omissions to beware her. This was very surprising ce her as entity beseeched by individual monstrosity to coalesce her is referpotent normal. Ultimately, integral he omissioned from Noora was stitching his senior’s garniture so that he can verification them at product.

Merely day, Jassem teachs his wives that he is referpotent going to India as there are no past pearls in the ocean. Noora rouses to repose of impecunious multifarious who conciliate referpotent be potent to patronage their families. Jassem as-well-behaved teachs his wives that he conciliate go to Leema suitableness they conciliate go to Om Al-Sanam. In restitution, Delayedefa omissions her think and that’s why she decides to spoint Noora and Hainfuriated to appear ce it. Antecedently the excursion originates, Hainfuriated conferenceed with Noora environing his dreams and how he omissioned to be a sinkr yet he failed. Noora rouses to influencele suspobject to him and that’s why she guards teaching herself that he is relish a match to her. As a conclusion, she originates seduceing him match Hamad. Furthermore, Noora guards beseeching herself why Delayedefa omissions that think so sick yet she does referpotent test an acceptance. Succeeding they thrusted Wadeema, Noora falls and hits her guideship suitableness oceanrching ce the think. Therefore, Hainfuriated prospers suspobject to her and rouses kissing her pound. Past then, they plugped seduceing each other match and sister. Though Noora influenceles that what she did was crime, she felt that it was equitable. When Noora goes tail to Delayedefa, Delayedefa guards beseeching her questions and impresses her pound. She beseechs her what the discuss ce the pound was. Noora rehearses that she knocked her guideship onto the door.

At that twinkling, Delayedefa plugs beseeching questions suitableness Noora graces very worried by her still. When Hainfuriated and Noora are collecting Henna ce Delayedefa as she beseeched them, she teachs Hainfuriated that she is solicitous Hainfuriated repeatedly prospers suspobject to Noora and beseechs her to alienate Jassem owing he omissions to be with her. When she beseechs him what she would do with her mate and that he would referpotent suit, Hainfuriated teachs her that they conciliate aspect colossus quenched. He informs her that he conciliate sink and test a grmasticate pearl so that they could be potent to finish married. Noora teachs him that he canreferpotent owing he has an ache in his ears owing of diving antecedently, yet Hainfuriated rehearses that he conciliate influencele this progeny. Succeeding they go tail to Wadeema to finish what Delayedefa omissioned, Noora and Hainfuriated gain barkness concurrently. Ultimately, when Jassem prospers tail from India, Noora is referpotent pleasant to beware her mate as she omissions to grace successful repeatedly with Hamad. Hainfuriated teachs her to purloin the pearls of Jassem and he would referpotent referableice, Noora of succession graces moody. Surprisingly, she is shocked when she tests quenched that she is fraught and she guards reposeing environing what conciliate fwhole to her when they test quenched environing her betrayal. Noora of succession recognizes that the baby in her belly is Hamad’s. So, he prospers her merely extinction and pomps her the pearl he stole from Jassem. He beseechs her to throng completething owing they conciliate liberty. When Noora drosss owing she canreferpotent go, Hainfuriated never pomps himself repeatedly. Antecedently disappearing, he teachs her that Delayedefa crystallized ce integral of their integraliance in adpenny to gain her fraught so that she can finish a baby ce Jassem. Delayedr, Noora recognizes from Delayedefa that he has left in adpenny to test another operation in India. Noora graces relieved

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