The Importance of Rebellions in Early America

America Many people think rebellions are a bad thing. Those people probably do not know that there were three rebellions that would change America for the better.

The three rebellions happened in three key states/colonies. Shays’ Rebellion was in Massachusetts, the Whiskey Rebellion was in Pennsylvania and Bacon’ Rebellion was in the colony of Virginia. The most important rebellion was Shays’ Rebellion because it gave this country the need for a stronger central government.The least important rebellion in this country as Bacon’s Rebellion because it really did not do much at the time. Bacon’s Rebellion was a thousand Virginians who rose up against the rule of Virginia Governor William Berkeley. Berkeley had recently refused to retaliate for Indian attacks on western Virginia settlements. This prompted some to take matters into their own hands, attacking Native Americans, chasing Berkeley from Jamestown.

They also torched the capital. Bacon’s and Shays’ Rebellion have a lot in common in the fact that both of the rebellions were started by farmers who were fed up with the government.

Another reason why Bacon’s Rebellion is not that important because at the time there was no United States and it did not affect any other colonies. The second most important rebellion in this country was The Whiskey Rebellion. The Whiskey Rebellion was important because it was the first time the government had to show its power. The Whiskey Rebellion was a tax protest in the United States beginning in 1791 , during the presidency of George Washington. Farmers who sold their grain in the form of whiskey had to pay a new tax which they strongly resented.

The tax was a part of treasury secretary AlexanderHamiltonians program to pay off the national debt On the western frontier, protesters used violence and intimidation to prevent federal officials from collecting the tax. Resistance came to a climax in July, 1 794, when a U. S. Marshal arrived in western Pennsylvania to punish people who had not paid the tax. That was the last straw and more than 500 armed men attacked the home of tax inspector General John Manville. After that Washington sent in 1 5,000 soldiers. The government sent more troops to stop the rebellion than Washington had at Yorktown.

After all the fighting there were only 3 or 4 rebels actually hanged.This rebellion was important because had the government been overthrown the country would have gone back to anarchy. The most important rebellion was Shays’ Rebellion. Shays’ Rebellion it was right after the war had ended and the country was still trying to form a strong central government. Shays’ Rebellion happened because Daniel Shays, a farmer who had fought along side Lafayette in the war was not getting the salary from the war. He had to sell the sword Lafayette gave him for food money and the bank was trying to take his house. So he organized a rebellion.

Luckily for this country the rebellion was squashed and no shots were fired.This rebellion was significant because it showed that there needed to be a stronger central government. Therefore Shays’ Rebellion is the most important rebellion because it changed America for the better because it created the need for a stronger government. It is interesting that all three rebellions were started by farmers fed up with the government. Each rebellion did something important for this country and they all changed the country in a different way. Shays’ Rebellion was the turning point in this country because had his rebellion succeeded this country might have gone back to anarchy.

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