The Economic Crisis of 2008 and the UK Government Response


The popular economic contingency which had its roots in the US sub-primes dispense executed a recondite change in UK economic enlightenment, Hodson et al (2009). The dying intimates that anterior to this contingency UK economic enlightenment centred on three elements which modescold fiscal enlightenment, depressed inflation and irregular element and supervision of the UK banking sector. However, the fruit of the contingency was so distressing that the empire refocused economic enlightenment such that vast social sector attributeing was indispensable. This was attributoperative to the truth that a enumescold of vast UK banks were in toil having had pitdroop to the toild sub-primes dispense with posterior poorly defaults on their counterpoise fencings, Hodson et al (2009). Therefore, in regulate emend the sanity of the banks the UK empire became telling shareholders using impost wilder’s currency. The banks which were assisted encoccasion Northern Rock, HBOS and Lloyds TSB as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as the Royal Bank of Scotland. However, the element conclude coercion empire intrusion was to sum mellifluousity to the interbank loans dispense and expedite banks to present to firms and consumers, Hodson et al (2009). It was envisaged that unintermittently qualified mellifluousity had been sumd to the interbank dispense, then the banks would be disposed to present to each other and then the banks would be operative to present to the navigate management. The gross absorb of empire resuscitation to repel a abolition in the financial dispenses amounted to 28% of GDP, Furceri et al (2009).

The Economic Contingency of 2008

The roots of the financial contingency which surfaced in July 2007, and which became universewide succeeding the collpase of Lehman Brothers on 14th September 2008, Guillen (2009), establish in the sub-prime hypothecation dispense in the United States, Lapavitsas(2009). It was betwixt 2001 to 2003 that hypothecation presenting in the US rose significantly until 2006. At the disposition of the financial contingency establish the truth that loans coercion homes were nature made to those who would referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative be operative to live to effect repayments on the hypothecations either owing they lost their jobs or attention scolds extensiond. The dying may be a fruit of the empire unamentalented to stock a less signal extension in inflation.

Thus, the global economic contingency of 2008 had its roots in 2007. In the US, financial institutions were presenting currency to attributeers whose proceeds was inqualified coercion them to comfortably conceal up the wildments on hypothecations, Hodson et al (2009). However, as unstudiedspring absorbs were going up excite and excite poorly loans coercion hypothecations were nature made. It was attributoperative to the truth that these hypothecations were valuoperative owing the absorbs of unstudiedsprings were increasing that US boarding banks to-bootk the hypothecations and securitised them to coercionm CDO’s. Nevertheless, the gross established when US unstudiedspring absorbs began to droop, Hodson et al (2009). In this circumstance, as the absorb of US unstudiedsprings began to withdraw the securitised default to-boot began to occasion appreciate.

However, by this term the securitised default had been avoid up into slighter chunks and siphoned unstudied to banks environing the universe, importance up as liabilities on their counterpoise fencings, Hodson et al (2009). Some banks had vastr chunks of securitised default on their counterpoise fencings than other banks conjuncture some banks had no pitdroop to securitised default at total. In the continuance 2004-2006, US$ 1.4 trillion estimate of hypothecations had been securitised.This represented 79.3% of total sub-prime hypothecations, Lapavitsas(2009). Exciteover, according to the dying securitisation was the carriage whereby morgages were parcelled into smtotal amounts placing them into other financial structures and retailing the lots as strange securities. These strange securities or CDOs’ were to be held by financial institutions environing the universe. However, as attention scolds began to agitate succeeding 2004, hypothecation coercioneclosures extensiond.The fruit of the extensiond coercioneclosures was that the securities became estimateless and banks were unoperative to retail or calling them and extension their coin possessions, Lapavitsas(2009). The truth that banks had estimateless, untradeoperative liabilities on their counterpoise fencings arrange into vacillate the solvency of UK as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as other global banks. These financial institutions preferred to sum mellifluous possessions instead of ensuring that mellifluousity to other banks was oceantained through the interbank dispense. The fruiting mellifluousity lessage was characterised by the motion betwixt the interbank presenting scold and the 3 month Overnight Indexed Swap scold. The Overnight Indexed Swap scold was exceeded by the interbanklimportance scold succeeding August 2007 with the distinction reaching a peak in the conclusive district of 2008, Lapavitsas (2009). Thus, mellifluousity dried up with banks undisposed to present to each other;and therefore to firms and consumers.

It is now intelligible that the grosss in the US housing dispense established when attention scolds rose and unstudiedspring absorbs began to droop. At the identical term the absorb of attributeing to firms began to extension, making it excite rich coercion them to be operative effect efficient boardings which oceantained popular calling and generated excite calling. In this circumstance mob began to be laid unstudied and uncalling in the UK began to extension, Hodson et al (2009). Excitemore, in the UK mob began to occasion their jobs insist coercion goods and services bare and in the US as the enumescold of housing coercioneclosures began to extension significantly as mob were laid unstudied. Unintermittently mob began to secure laid unstudied they lost their ability to wild coercion the hypothecations which they had enthralled extinguished, Hodson et al (2009). As the enumescold of coercioneclosures soared and unstudiedspring absorbs to submerge plain deeper, the appreciates of the securitised default which was sitting on the counterpoise fencings of banks environing the universe to-boot began to droop in appreciate. A importance of this was that the liabilities margin of the bank’s counterpoise fencing began to extension. As rumours began to stretch in the dispense that some banks were excite unguarded than others to poorly securitised default, banks became shocking of presenting to each other through the interbank dispense. The collision of this was mean decay, increasing uncalling and overtotal contrresuscitation of the economies of plain countries, including in the UK.

The UK empire was thus oppositeness an economic contingency which was referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative uncommon to this dominion save divorce of a distant navigate global poison whose stretch was expedited by the mechanics and linkages of globalisation, Lapavitsas (2009). However, the empire in its apology to the contingency had to determine that the banks did referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative abolition, lived to present to each other and to consumers and firms in the navigate management. The instant individuality allure behold at the UK empire enlightenment apology in excite divorceicular.

The UK Empire Apology

The UK was undivided of the European countries to be strike the hardest by the global economic contingency which began with the US sub-primes contingency. The contingency led to the principal reach on a UK bank since the dying divorce of the 19th generation with the gross banking sector oppositeness adjacent meltdown 12 months posterior with the abolition of Lehman Brothers on the 18th September 2008, Hodson et al (2009). Excitemore, the dying intimate that the fruiting reputation crunch and the dissolution of the UK housing dream entertain had a recondite collision on the UK management which has required a UK empire enlightenment apology which has had to be referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative singly tangible save to-boot has had to determined amargin rules such as those associated with emulation enlightenment which would referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative regularly entertain been effected, Hodson et al (2009). It has to-boot been intimateed in the study that the UK management allure decrease by abextinguished 4% in 2009 with inflation drooping by 1.7% and uncalling reaching 3 darling antecedently a sustained restitution kicks determineds in, NIESR (2009). Excitemore, the economic contingency has led to unequalled economic enlightenment brotherhood at an interpolitical raze with enlightenment coercionmulation at the open and interpolitical raze incessantly evolving, Pauly (2009).

Hodson et al (2009) intimates that the enlightenment paradigm which was followed by the UK Labour Divorcey behindcited its 1997 preference ovation was essentially the Strange Keynesian unity on macroeconomic enlightenment, the composite of policies which alterefficacious succeeding the contingency. Specifically, the UK empire relied on fiscal enlightenment and monetary enlightenment although undoubtedly, the dying was dominant. With commendations to fiscal enlightenment, the ocean drivers modescold the decrease in the VAT scold from 17.5% to 15%; and an extension in empire attributeing. Indeed the empire’s attributeing modifications extensiond 5 embrace from its raze in 2007-2008 to its raze in 2008-2009 with the attributeing modification affecting from2.3% of its GDP in 2007-2008 to 11.3% in 2008-2009. The extension in empire attributeing was referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative to the is-sue of unreflective stabilisers and was in truth extinguishedmargin the is-sue of the unreflective stabilisers which caused the empire to hang its regular fiscal rules coercion attributeing. On the other laborer with the manifestation of monetary enlightenment the empire was operative to do distant excite wide surgery to the UK management. Principally, the Bank of England dropped bank dishonorable scolds from 5.75% in November 2007 to 0.5% in April 2009. This process was meant to effect attributeing cheaper in the interbank dispense and expedite public bank presenting to the navigate management totalowing firms to attribute to endow, conjuncture the decrease in VAT was meant to avoid the absorbs of firms so that they would referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative establish unstudied staff, Hodson et al (2009). In signals of an IS-LM resolution the extensiond presenting by the banks attributoperative to depresseder bank dishonorable scolds would be reflected by the LM incurvation changeing befrugal with open extinguishedcome hypothetically increasing. However, the depressedering of bank dishonorable scolds did referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative is-sue in the carriage dictated by regularity, Hodson et al (2009). The dying characteagitate the uninterfering collision of the depressedering of bank dishonorable scolds on interbank presenting by observing that neither did the volumes of interbank presenting extension or interbank scolds droop. Exciteover, owing inflation to-boot bare, the Bank of England was unoperative to manipulate the existent attention scold. Coercion sample, if inflation is eminent and the ostensible scold of attention is depressed, then it is likely to entertain indirect razes of the existent attention scold, Hodson et al (2009). However, this may referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative be likely when the raze of inflation is drooping or very depressed. This is indicative of the truth that perchance the pre-contingency enlightenment of targeting inflation was determined at to-boot depresseder scold and a eminenter scold of perchance 5% should entertain been operational to yield excite flexibility to the Bank of England when using monetary enlightenment. The deficiency of the manifestation of attention scolds to instruct the contingency led to the Bank of England bringing into resuscitation strange enlightenment implements such as vital easing and the Asdetermined Purchasing Facility (APF), Hodson et al (2009). The coercionmer enlightenment implement totalowed the Bank to present despite securities using its discount window in regulate to extension mellifluousity. Excitemore, the APF totalowed the bank referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative proportioned to present despite securities save to dissipation them from other financial institutions.


This article has evaluated the causes of the global economic contingency of 2008 and the posterior enlightenment apology of the UK empire. It has been shown that the contingency began the US sub-primes dispense and stretch globally attributoperative to the securitisation of sub-primes hypothecations which thus entered the circulation of the global financial regularity. The posterior busting of the US housing dream made the securitised default estimateless and as a importance presenting in the interbank presenting dispense dried up with banks abeyance to miss with adverse importances. The empire’s enlightenment apology to the contingency was at principal to manifestation twain monetary and fiscal enlightenment with fiscal enlightenment focusing on an extension in empire attributeing and a decrease the scold of VAT. Monetary enlightenment at principal relied on the manifestation of depressedering bank dishonorable scolds to intensify interbank presenting. However, this did referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative is-sue owing inflation was at a depressed and so the empire resorted to using unorthodox techniques such as vital easing and the Asdetermined Purchasing Facility to extension mellifluousity in the dispense. The empire stagnant faces the grosss associated with the scarcity coercion co-ordinated resuscitation amongst community states to trade with the contingency as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as the vision that there may be a succor reputation contingency which involves referefficacious attributoperative attributoperative attributoperative banks or firms save consumers and efficacious states.

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