The Beauty of Everyday Life

This essay should be based on terms and ideas from subject that is called “Sociology of everyday life”.

“Thinking sociologically” by Zygmunt Bauman and Tim May is a good source for key ideas.

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The Beauty of Everyday Life
It is clear that there is exists beauty in everyday life. To get the best in life, people should be able to connect with themselves. In life, people can make the good of it is by carrying their lives as stories and movies. It gives one a sense of smiling, excitement, smiling, or even dreaming of becoming better in life. Most importantly, the interactions amongst people make life look more attractive and beautiful. For example, friends and relatives can make life to be more colorful due to their ability to bring about the better sides of you. In most occasions, when someone alone, they may feel alone and dejected (Mullen, 2013, p.109). However, interaction and living with other people make life more comfortable and enjoyable. For instance, friends can organize a hiking to the forest to see and enjoy nature. Therefore, the interactive aspect of life makes it more enjoyable and fun for people living in their everyday lives.
Apart from the interactions and support from close friends, the scenery and beauty of the environment make life also beauty. Everyday people get to appreciate the nature of the environment including the lovely mountains, lakes and oceans. The worldly creations are always fascinating to watch. For example, attending a national park and getting to see the wild animals it makes life look more beautiful and admirable. Who would not love to go and see the nature and watch the wild animals? No one, as life is always beautiful and lovely in watching the environment and it is surrounding (Newman, 2016, p.176). People should not get bored or depressed while still can get to enjoy life and appreciate the beauty of the environment. As a result, the environment around us makes life look more beautiful and admirable.
However, seeing the joy and beauty of life are conditioned to seeing the positive imagery in everything in life. It is true that there are exists bad and negative things in our lives every day. Some of the horrible memories include war, violence, and terror incidences. It is critical to avoid bad impressions in our minds. Creating good memories in our minds helps in understanding and appreciating the beauty of life.
The sociologists analyze the beauty of the everyday life from different dimensions including the scientific transformations, media impacts and the positive human perceptions on life. They encourage that people should have positive imagery and view about their life. According to the sociologists, abstract reasoning is usually important in understanding the social aspects of life. For years, the sociological theories were unable to come up with effective models to describe the nature of the everyday life of the people. However, they were able to develop scientific inquiries, which helped in developing an existence of the society and its interaction with government, science, and the transformation of the society.
The impacts of social structure and relations are critical in promoting the lives of the people. Irwin (2013, P.239) explains that the popular culture and media has been instrumental in influencing the everyday life o the people. A systematic research by Mullen (2013, p.119) explains that media such as television, cinema, mobile phones and the internet has made life more beautiful. The media has made life easier and fund due to the creation of informal ways of thinking and doing things. For example, today, students can be able to learn informally via the internet away from the traditional models of learning within the society.
The Internet has also become everything in life with the ability to transmit information and messages from the different parts of the world. It has made communication easier and interactive. With the advent of Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger, people can communicate with friends easily. Because of this, the every day is seen to be more beautiful as people can interact accordingly through social media and technological communication models. The sociologists explain that the scientific revolution has been useful in making life more useful.
In a sociological insight and view, the beauty of the everyday life is seen from the social events, which exists in the different scales. The different levels of social background are critical in advancing and understanding the perennial levels of the human life. Most importantly, the social and cultural norms given by God have given us a beautiful realistic picture of human life. When people get to embrace their freedom in life, they usually enjoy life fully (Mullen, 2013, p.76). Creative opportunities in life are critical promoting the human existence and improving our perception in life. Regarding life perspectives, people should always be happy due to the social structures of life, which makes life more beautiful each day.
The everyday life is not conformed to the conventional way of understanding life and people with a class sense. For example, the sociologists explain life cannot be seen to be beautiful to the rich and famous people in life. In most occasions, the celebrities have colorful events, which are admirable in life. Every day can also be explained as the manifestation of the social existence of the people including the relationships, which are created by various people. It occurs in a social context, which shapes our motivations and behaviors in life. It seeks to promote understanding of our social relations and aspects (Irwin, 2013, p.213). There is beauty in our everyday life, but it depends on with our perception, which creates the feelings of satisfaction and acceptance. When people accept their life situations, they can see beauty in every aspect of their lives.

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