Tennessee Myths and Legends

The only way the two young lovers could be together as to leave their families behind and elope. Encroached not only gave up the shelter, love and support Of her family, she also knew that she could not enjoy the shelter, love and support of Statute’s family because she was Cherokee, and would never be accepted into their tribe. But she was so in love with Saute, she was willing to give up everything to be with him. She knew he was a very brave man and would do everything he could to take care of her.Saute and Encroached found a cave located in the side of Lookout Mountain. The entrance to the cave was partially concealed by bushes, and here was plenty of high grass for which to make a bed in the cave.

There were plenty of birds and other animals that provided Saute a bountiful hunting ground.

A stream was nearby that supplied fresh water. They had everything they needed to begin their new life together. When Annoyance’s father found out that she and Saute had eloped, he was enraged.He vowed to find them and take out his anger on Saute. Many young Cherokee braves who had longed for the chance to win Annoyance’s love also volunteered to join the Chief of the Cherokees in his search. With so many people searching, it didn’t take them long to find Saute and Encroached.

Saute was suddenly attacked by a multitude of angry Cherokees. Annoyance’s father immediately gave the younger braves the order to kill Saute by taking him to the top of Lookout Mountain and throw him over the edge of the cliff.Her father insisted that Encroached be present on top of the mountain to witness Statute’s death. He was deeply hurt and disappointed that his daughter had loved a brave from a rival tribe more than her own people and family. Standing on the edge of the mountain, Saute stood proud and looked his rival braves in the eye. With a clear, loud voice, he sang his death song. His voice echoed back between the mountain rocks.

While Annoyance’s heart was breaking, she was also very proud of Statute’s bravery.

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