Summary and Response The document focuses on the independence of Philippines

Summary and Response The document focuses on the independence of Philippines. During the Spanish War, Spain’s fleets attacked Philippines. Many people lost their lives in the process and property was also destroyed. President McKinley responded by telling Dewey to commander American troops and counter the attacks of Spain towards Philippines (Paterson, 1978). America successfully took over the country. The president felt that it was necessary for America to take over the country in an attempt of civilizing and spreading Christianity. McKinley strongly felt that if America did not exercise its rule, there was possibility that Spain would come back. Germany and France were also interested. However, some people opposed this move. The imperialism approach adopted by the president was viewed as opposing liberty and freedom. It was seen as an attempt to promote militarism instead of personal freedom.
I believe if America extended its sovereignty to Philippines, it would mean that the country would move from self-rule to being governed by another state. According to the document, United States is strongly opposed to international law that makes strong countries with robust economies ruling over countries with perceived weak economies (Paterson, 1978).
If America ruled over Philippines, it would be contradicting the key doctrines that it strongly supports of equality and free rule. It was not rational for the president to argue that Philippines was not in a position to form its own government and rule itself after the Spanish war.
It is not right for a country to force its rule on another free state, regardless of its motives. It means that America had no right to force Philippines to conform to its beliefs and opinions just because it felt that Philippines was not civilized enough.
Both Democrats and Republicans should have refused McKinley’s arguments since they did not represent the Constitution of the United States and they were not directed towards the betterment of the citizens of the country.