Research Paper Writing Guide

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How to Write an APA Research Paper

We will break down the process of drafting by -step easy for you help to understand how to write quickly a paper search , what that is its duration .

Step 1. Choose a subject

Sometimes , the students are assigned with their subjects of research , but if you have the chance to have a such option, choose your subject with wisdom . All First , think to choose a topic difficult that you are interested . Then , you will you get bored not during the search , because you ‘re sure to discover some thing new and you enjoy the process of writing . Do not choose topics that are too technical or general .

If your topic is too broad , your document search has little chance of success because it will look like a glimpse general . You must limit your subject to a certain aspect, concept or idea and make it specific and manageable . For example , if your topic is ” warming of the planet ,” you need the cut to ” cause the warming of the planet “, “Impact of warming the planet on health human ” or some such thing.

Step 2. Write a statement of work

Prepare a thesis work before organizing really your search because it will guide your investigation and you help to stay focused on your subject . Your thesis should be concise and reflect the type of paper that you write . All research documents can be divided into 3 categories :

argumentative or persuasive if you argue the conclusion;
exposed when you explain the information ;
analytic when you present your analysis of certain information .
You must spend enough of your time precious to the creation of a statement of thesis strong and solid , so that your project has a goal clear . Your thesis must be debatable and restricted because your claims must be supported by evidence . If your claim is off, you ‘ll need more evidence to convince your readers that you ‘re right. Here is an example of a questionable thesis :

The changing climate is the challenge most pressing which the world is facing today .

Step 3. Do the research on your topic

You should find enough sources of credible secondary and primary on the topic of your article, read it carefully and find the evidence relevant to the support of your thesis . At this point , you must evaluate your sources, take notes, and start documenting your sources according to a quote style specified by your instructor (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.).

Make sure to use the latest edition of a specific style guide . You will use your Notes on the references later in the writing of your research paper and the construction of your bibliography . It is essential to mention all the sources that you have used to quote, paraphrase and summarize in order to avoid the plagiarism .

Step 4. Make a good outline

Your searches you have given the tons of good ideas . Now , you have the organization for your presentation impressive . Do not skip steps this step vital because without it , your project fail concentration and you will need more time to review your draft by trying to give a meaning to your thoughts confused. That’s why you have need of an overview . You must finalize your thesis and create a work plan that you intend to cover and that will serve as a roadmap and allow you to stay focused .

Consider the points keys that you will develop to support your statement of thesis . You can the use as sub- titles for the body of your document. Browse your rating and organize the information under each sub title . Make sure to include only the information relevant to enter into your sub- headings and which support directly your thesis .

You should resist the temptation to include any information that does not fit into your overview , as interesting as it is .

During the drafting of a plan, you must keep in mind a document structure search typically includes generally :

a title page ;
an abstract ;
an introduction;
a methodology section ;
findings / results ;
conclusion .
But if your research paper is not long, its format may include an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. In all the cases , you must follow the guidelines specific provided by your instructor .

Step 5. Create the first draft

It’s the middle of the process . You have a management clear and it is time to create the first draft with a title , citations in the text and a page reference .

The title is very important if you want to make a good impression on your readers , because that’s the first thing they see . It is their point of view on this what they should expect exactly in your document. You must identify the words- keys with the topic of your paper, the methods that you have used and the results obtained . Create now a sentence that includes all the words- keys that you have listed and delete the words unnecessary . After that , you have to connect the others . Finally , you must delete the information not essential and organize the words remaining in the order logic . You can also include the subtitle . Make sure that your title is concise .

Then , you need to write an introduction, paragraphs body and a conclusion. What are the parts main of your paper, then let’s you give some details on the way to do it correctly .

How to write an introduction for a research article

Start to write an intro. The introductory paragraph should start with a attention sensor that can be :

★ a provocative question ;

★ statistics ;

★ an anecdote;

★ unusual facts , etc.

You write an item academic but it does mean not that you have to be boring . Then , you must provide the information base, explain your objectives and indicate how you plan to approach your subject of research . You must complete your introduction by your declaration of thesis or your question research . This section of your paper are not long, you ‘re so sure of finishing quickly .

How to write the paragraphs in the body

Your plane you help to complete this portion of your document. But you do should not think that you need the follow strictly . It can evolve and you are free to review it and make changes. The key is to stay on your track and you focus on your thesis . You must indicate your points and support your main idea .

Start each paragraph of the body by a sentence topic and provide arguments and elements of evidence relevant to the support . You need to write much of paragraphs that you have the points key .

How to write a conclusion for a research article

The majority of the work of research end by resuming their thesis . You can also do it, but you do should not repeat word for word. Paraphrase -the or summarize the points key of your document. You can also stress the importance of your discoveries . A good idea is to make the recommendations based on the results of your survey or to suggest directions for research later .

Your draft is ready. You you wondering what to do then ? Continue your reading to find some advice on the way to revise your document search .

How to make your perfect research paper

Nobody does can write perfectly his first project . So , if you want to make a good impression on your teacher and earn an excellent rating, you must revise your draft for you ensure that your project is concrete . Prepare to have to revise your project several times , because it in is really the trouble .

Step 6. Review , Edit and Correct

You need to make large- scale changes and check the logic , flow , transitions, make changes to the structure and order of your paragraphs . You must you ensure that all your ideas are well developed and that all the claims are substantiated by evidence credible . You will perhaps add the in- heads section.

The next step is editing . You need to check and eliminate words and phrases filling , improving the choice of words and correct the errors of punctuation and grammar , the case may be . You should look for :

incomplete sentences ;
of modifiers pendant;
words easily confused ( as in and two );
spelling errors ;
the apostrophes for possessives and plurals ;
rules of quotation obeyed ;
use by commas;
eliminate the contractions.
You will have to re-read your paper several times . A good strategy is to read your paper in reverse . In this way , you you feel a little disoriented and can catch more errors . You should start reading the last sentence, then check the penultimate and continue until this as you arrive in the first sentence.

You should ask your friends or the members of your family to review your document search and to express their opinion on this subject . They must assess your argument, your transitions and your balance and find the inconsistencies possible with the use of the grammar and the mechanics . Ask for your friends to give their opinion and to make the changes suggested if you think they have the sense. Finally , you can print your paper and read to eliminate small mistakes or errors of typing and you ensure that your great paper of research is flawless.


You can use our easy guide to write quickly the research paper , get to better balanced and take advantage of your life university . You can also contact our specialists to write a research paper for you . As a result , you spend less time but get more pleasure to study at university .