Psychological Effects Of Violent Media On Children Psychology Essay

Tompicins (2003), conducted a research to find out that how video games effect the mind of children and result in the aggressive behavioral problem. This paper also shows that how children become less sensitive to pain and become fearful. Academy of Pediatrics conducted a research on children to find out that how video games and other media psychologically affect the children mind and find out that significant behavior to the violence can increase the risk of aggressive behavior in children and also become more violent in some of their acts. But the makers of the video games say that children should be exposed to these types of games to make them fearless. The conclusion of this paper was that parents should pay attention to their children because aggressive behaviors of children are not only resulted because of the exposure of violent games.

Effect of video games on children’s aggressive behavior and Pro-social behavior:

Ihori (2001), conducted a research to find out the effect of video games on children’s behavior. He also measured the aggressive and pro-social behavior of children on the exposure of certain scenes and games. He conducted two surveys to measure the exposure of scene as well as the usage of video games. He conducted a survey on which fifth grade students of public school were taken under consideration with the sample size of nine hundred students. Second survey had nine hundred and three students out of which only seven hundred and eight students responded. The conclusion of this research was that the behaviors of children were highly affected by the video games but the exposures of scenes have particularly less impact on them. Children become less tolerant and very aggressive and destructive in nature which ultimately affects their personality in whole. The only problem which was in this study was that they done their research on a particular age group which show response of only that age group and not of every one.

The influence of media violence on youth:

Craig (2003) conducted a research to find out how the violent television and films, video games and music increases the aggressive and violent behavior of youth in both immediate and long term. They randomly assigned three ninety children of age 8-9 years and divided them in two groups. One group watched a violent movies and the other group watched non-violent movie before playing floor hockey. It has been observed that the children who watched violent movies attack the other players and pull their hair whereas the children who were exposed to non-violent movies played normally and did not attack the other players. Although the children who were exposed to violent movies were more aggressive in their behavior but they score better than other boys. Also the immediate effect of media violence is more like physical and verbal aggressive behavior, aggressive thoughts and emotions whereas long term effect results into criminal behavior and aggressive sexual behavior.

Impact of media on children and adolescents: A 10 years review of the research

Villani (2001) conducted a research to find out the impact of the media on children and adolescents. In this paper he reviewed that how different categories of media such as music, internet, television, advertising and computer affect the children. Different surveys and experiments were conducted in order to find out the impact of media. They conducted a survey in which there sample size was three hundred children of age 8-12. From the survey they find out that the media have many adverse effects on children behavior such as they become more aggressive interaction with the classmates and parents. The fear in some children increases and also the sex violence increases. And because of the media the smoking and alcohol usages has also increased obesity. The research is based on the analysis of the data from national representative in which they have surveyed seven hundred kids as ages ten to fifteen and also from study based on CDC’s in which they sampled more than twelve thousand high school students nationwide. The result of the paper is that children who spend more than five hours of their day on media has the obesity problem more as compare to their children who spend less time on the media (television, videogames etc) as the media reduces the physical activities of children. The paper also reviews that not only media but also the increase in the use of soda’s and fast food has also increased obesity.

Does rap or rock music provoke violent behavior?

Tropeano (2006), conducted a research to find out that whether violent music have an adverse effect on children and also that whether violent music provoke individual to answer the question n the violent response. she conducted a survey in which she selected thirty three participant out of which eleven wee exposed to violent music, another eleven were exposed to non violent music and rest eleven were no exposed to any kind of music. The result which was extracted from this study was that those individuals who were exposed to the violent music video get aggressive and violent. Their mood changes as the music video go in a flow. Also their behavior get impacted greatly by this as they talk and give answer in an aggressive manner. Whereas the individuals who were exposed to the non violent music were very calm in their behavior also they answer the question in a quite and calm manner. This is because of the major difference between the two different types of the music videos. This also show that violence in the video greatly effect the mind of people especially children’s. Media alone is not responsible for making children violent and aggressive, parent should also have to parent should also pay attention towards children in their growing age and should not expose then with lot of violent videos and music.

The effects of food advertisement on children’s food purchasing request

Arnas (2006) conducted the research to find out the effect of advertisement on the eating habits as well as the food consumption of children because of and during the advertisements. Also he wants to find out the desire of the purchase of the food after watching the advertisements. To find out this, he conducted a research and divides it in two parts. The first research was conducted to find out and to do the detail study on the content of the advertisement which usually have the children products. The second study have the questionnaires which have questions regarding to the children consumption of food while they were watching television and the desire to purchase the product of children’s while shopping with their mothers in big super stores. These questionnaires were distributed among three hundred and forty seven mothers who have children around age of three to eight. The result which was extracted from this research was that in on day 121 mins were devoted to children’s program out of which 35 mins are of advertisement of food products mainly junk food. It has been also observed that 89.6% children’s don’t eat any thing nor drink anything which watching television. The advertisement which children’ swatch during their programs are mostly of chocolates, chips, burgers which are full in sugar and fats results in lot of dieses in children’s. Advertisement attracts children and makes them desire to buy these un- healthy food products which ultimately have bad impact and effect on children’s health.

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