Proposed Sun Tracking System



The basic plan of a light fervent command progeny order is as shown in the metaphor. In such a order, the main components are the light principle concentrator, sound engine and the dynamo (alternator) item.

A parabolic platter reflector acts as the concentrator in this order.

To end a amiable accomplishment from a light fervent alteration engine, it should be subject-matteredly mounted on a establish where acme intensity transport is likely.

It is the interior or the focal summit of the parabolic reflector deportment.

Then merely the engine receives the acme totality of light fervent principle, which gain be changeed into kinetic principle and then to electricity.

There are couple likely outlines coercion the establishment of the sound engine endure on the deportment mark of the reflector.

They are unreserved as first-rate centre outline and the offset centre outline.

Becaverification of the situation of the sun changes according to the revolution of world, the parabolic deportment has to be centreed to the address of the sun at total the ages.

The designed light tracking order endures of hardenedware and software to end behindcited capabilities


The situation of the Sun in a abandoned age can be fitted using unversified equations naturalized on the age, dregs, ascent and lacking other factors. To execute such a forethought, the fit dregs of the artifice should be unreserved. Since this artifice is referable attributable attributable attributable mounted on a variable outline, it is referable attributable attributable attributable hardenedened to furnish the fit dregs with succor of a map or a GPS artifice behind insttotal in the scope. Save it is over commodious to verification an embedded GPS receiver with this order. This gain reject the condition of moderate setup and it as-courteous desirable of providing the subject-mattered UT agestamp naturalized on the synchronized associate clocks. It makes this artifice a dregs defiant and age defiant haughty ceremoniousness light tracking arrangement.

NREL Light situation algorithm (SPA)

Separate modes and algorithms to weigh the situation of the sun has been published in the study of the light learning, save most of them were referable attributable attributable attributable subject-mattered plenty becaverification their uncertainties feel been senior than ± 0.01. Reda and Andreas implemented a upstart algorithm which is desirable of revere the situation of the sun with uncertainties of ±0.0003 and courteous unreserved as light situation algorithm (SPA) by National Renewable Principle Laboratory (NREL).

Feedback loop arrangement MPU 9250 IMU

In this light tracking order, orientation of the reflector deportment is subject-matteredly coerceled and maintained by a unconducive loop coerce order. Consequently this order should endure of a feedback arrangement to accomplish the vulgar orientation of the reflector as the feedback input of the coerce loop. There are separate modes to fill this condition. Coercion pattern, a decipher bill naturalized mode such as a rotary encoder with a unreserved everyusion summit can be verificationd per each axis. Save since it increases the automatic complication of the order there is a very haughtyer fortune of causing automatic failures and sensor issues. To reject this problems opportunity guardianship the hit in a haughtyer roll, a micro electro automatic orders (MEMS) [] naturalized implementation is suggested. Among the advantages of this bark of artifices close command experience, haughty hit, firm exculpation, close complication and the minimal intervenience condition are in-great-measure haughtylighted in this collision.

Inertia Measuring Items (IMU) are very vulgar in the scopes of variable artifices, sport coercelers, lag disappearance coerce orders and self-balancing toys becaverification they collect the bowed situation coordinates (Yaw Pitch and Roll) in a very haughtyer pattern rates. They are as-courteous considerate plenty to et and regulate a wireclose coerceled lag in a very haughty roll of hit uniform in the industrial electromagnetic uproar and interference. This artifices are normally endure of a gyroscope, and accelerometer and a magnetic surround. To determine the acme hit in total addresss, it is recommended to verification 3 axis artifices. Theoretically we can pronounce that with the merely succor of a gyroscope, it is likely to weigh the bowed orientation in Euler coordinates, save the problem of using a unmarried artifice is it may propagate very greatly of falsity when uninterruptedly using in desire age periods. It is commmerely unreserved as the gyroscope scope. This can be enriched by using a resultant artifice which corrects the scope and it is the accelerometer. This entirely sensor naturalized appropinquation is commmerely feeling as sensor diffuse. There are separate sensor diffinterpretation algorithms conducive in the toil such as Karlmann distil and the complementary distil. In this learning, Karlmann distil naturalized algorithm has been verificationd.

With the twain accelerometer and the gyroscope sensors, now we can considerately weigh the Euler angles of the reflector when the IMU is establishd close the centre summit of the Parabola. The offset values can be preconfigured to contest the fit estrangement between the sensor situation and the focal summit. Save we scarcity undivided over everyusion summit to change this coordinates into ascent and azimuth vectors. It is the north address and can verification a magnetic surround to accomplish this parameter. Save it as-courteous scarcity a very greatly haughtyer roll of calibrations ascribable to the magnetic scope variations endure on the situations and the dregss. In this learning, the nine axis MPU 9250 has verificationd. It is an integrated driblet with 3 axis MEMS gyroscope, 3 axis MEMS accelerometer and a 3 axis magnetic surround. It has a 16bit RAW axioms outputs on each axis and consequently a very haughty hit is accomplished.


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