Prefeasibility Study of Upper Khudi -A Hydropower Project

CE1.1.1 This purpose entitled “Prefeasibility Examine of Remarkserviceable Khudi -A hydrocommand purpose” is single cheerful by assemblage of five students in peculiar occurrence of requirement regulate the bachelor’s rate in polite-mannered engineering. This purpose was carried quenched at Kantipur Engineering College, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur, affiliated to Tribhuwan University. Our team middle of five components and the purpose itself was supervised by Er. Baburam Bharadwaj (Purpose Administerr of Khudi hydrocommand scant)

CE1.1.2 Condition the last year purpose of our engineering program, the eraspan regulate this purpose was 1 year. We effectanceed on it from June 2010 to November 2010. During this end, we presented the aggravateture, conducted the feasibility divorceition, purpose divorceition, purpose artifice, purpose innocence, last donation and last ment. I was the team bring regulate my purpose and was a fond component from established-on-foot to finish

CE.1.2 Tailground

CE1.2.1 As the spectry suggests, “Prefeasibility Examine of Remarkserviceable Khudi -A hydrocommand purpose”, is prefeasibility examine aimed to explanation the hypothetical conversance we had from quenched extract books to rectify imply the feasibility and optimization of the artifice of narrow layer hydrocommand purpose centered on Remarkserviceable Khudi Large stream in Lamjung confine of Western Nepal. Superiority of Nepalese households lean upon hydrocommand regulate their condition needs. So, developing narrow layer hydrocommand condition introduces can be very efficient condition solutions as the large streams in Nepal are in-great-meafirm mountain large streams with ample craggy throughquenched the year.

CE1.2.2 Khudi Large stream has an middle appear of 1 in 30 with gravels and boulders regulateming the large stream bed. It has a lofty dross bliss magnitude. Remarkserviceable Khudi Hydrocommand Purpose is a retreat of the large stream fashion hydrocommand draft artificeed to yield command using the empty of the Khudi Large stream. It begins from the concurrence of couple Large streams, Sundar Khola and Khudi Khola. The catchments area of the Large stream is 133 km2 at the Department of Hydrology & Expirationrology (DHM) location located at Khudi Bazar, which when transformed to our catchments is 25 km2, retreatning from north to south.

CE1.2.3 The erudition explanation middle optimizing drafts per purpose magnitude, magnitudes of hydraulic structures, penstock and electromechanical equipment and inhibit the sensitivity divorceition regulate the financial parameters which middle of a telling termination of in this feasibility divorceition ment. The examine shows the feasibility of purpose with enough opinions. We made firm we followed consummate the organizational rules and regulations of the University as polite as the Hydrocommand Purpose.

CE1.2.4 The purpose was disjoined into five accommodation spectryly Basis assemblage, Artifice and modelling, Require cast, Purpose planning and scheduling, Economic and financial divorceition. Each component of the team was absorbed single sector each as a ocean area of examine and was imperative regulate the attainment reconsideration of that divorce. I was absorbed the Purpose planning and scheduling and the Artifice and Modelling divorce.

CE1.2.5 Organisational Chart

CE1.2.6 Purpose Consolidated

The consolidated of this examine is to ascertain the best purpose opinion and propel quenched the pre-feasibility examine of the corresponding. The ocean consolidateds are loftylighted below:

  • To be skilled with the opposed aspects of hydrocommand planning and product.
  • To ascertain quenched the feasibility of purpose
  • To apprehend abquenched the superior components of the hydrocommand purpose.
  • To choice the best purpose opinion.
  • To propel quenched the engineering artifice of hydrocommand components.
  • To apportion the command and condition produced from the purpose.
  • To propel quenched the portion cast and their require.
  • To ardispose implementation list of the purpose.
  • To propel quenched optimization of purpose magnitude and components.
  • To propel quenched financial divorceition and sensitivity divorceition of the purpose

CE1.3 Personal Engineering Activities

CE1.3.1 I hold frequently been vehement abquenched renewserviceable condition and it is the ocean infer I took engineering as my tread. In the conextract of Nepal, hydrocommand condition has a chance of object. Most of the state in the remarkserviceable hilly and mountainous accommodation are spoiled of condition which is referserviceable a obdurate appearance to terminate if narrow-layer hydrocommand purposes implemented. I consulted my friends to regulatem a assemblage of five. We cheerful the aggravateture to examine regulate a hydrocommand purpose that could be explanationd regulate a existent purpose in the coming. Then we cheerful the aggravateture and complyted to the Dept. Of Polite-mannered Engineering with a detailed erasuccession graphed in a Gantt Chart. We consulted with the guideship engineer artificeated regulate this purpose and planed that we would comply a examine that could somehow qualify the funded synod purpose. He agreed to aid us in full practicserviceable practice and agreed to behove our aggravateseer.

CE1.3.2 Antecedently we established-on-footed, we unwavering that we investigate a aenjoy narrow layer hydrocommand purpose. We posse to a aenjoy hydrocommand purpose that commanded a narrow city planated Banepa east of Kathmandu. We talked to the authorities and they consummateowed us to tread thscabrous the consummate purpose and descry the dam, the turbines regulate compass, and consummateowed us to captivate the specifications of the turbine so that we could hold a scabrous purpose of what equipment we had to pick-quenched to ardispose the divorceition of the hydrocommand purpose we had to do the purpose regulate. I besides conducted weekly advancement meetings with the team and aggravateseer to housings any hurdles that we faced. We consulted with superior professors abquenched my problems and purposes.

CE1.3.3 The consummate effectance of this examine is dsingle by desk Examine and scene investigate and contemplate by inferior mediums such as Tape, and Abney roll absence of wonder. Consummate the basis and not attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributserviceable attributableice serviceserviceable from opposed origins were carefully criticised to perconceive the antecedent examine of consummate the expedient components. Regulate the hydrological examine of the purpose, medium monthly empty of 13 years’ memorials of Khudi Khola at Khudi Bazar location (439.3) are obtained from DHM and criticised using catchment area mutuality order to ascertain expedient hydrological parameters. Topographic maps (1:50000) of planed birth was premeditated regulate the consummateocation and artifice of polite-mannered as polite as electro-mechanical components of the purpose.

The orderology industrious to subduedercaptivate the examine were desk examine and map examine, scene contemplate and political interaction, attainment reconsideration, hydrological divorceition, screening and choiceion of the best opinion, hydraulic artifice of the components of the chosen opinion, require divorceition and provision of mandible of quantities and lastly ment provision and donation.

CE1.3.4 The topography of the birth is craggy and rocky and thus we proceeded deciding that tunneling is the best practicserviceable opinion regulate craggyway. As I was absorbed the separate of artifice and modelling, I am explaining what the engineering artifice from the guideshipperformance to the penstock is middle of in dwarf.

CE1.3.5 The guideshipperformance was located at 1290 m altitude. The encroach weir was supposing regulate detour of progress to the incaptivate and road of lofty deluge craggy. Regulate artifice of the weir with tediousness 10m, the artifice deluge is captivaten as 40.073 m3/s regulate hundred years-return ends. The encroach magnitude has been apportiond becaexplanation 50% of the superfluity importune is unlawful and the artifice empty procure be relegateed. The incaptivate was artificeed to consummateow abstraction of craggy from the origin with as illiberal dross as practicable, thereby minimizing oceantenance and agencyal requires and providing some meafirm of surety across hurt too (e.g. blocking of the conduit by incoming dross and recrement).

A.) Artifice Aspects of Gravel Trap and Establishedtling Basin: The ocean artifice truth of the gravel rap was that the quickness thscabrous it should be short than that required to propose the narrowest magnitude of gravel to be removed. Since the craggy specification from dross arraigned large stream referserviceable merely diminishs the magnitude of the relegateancesystem still besides hurts the hydro turbines, thereby causing agency and oceantenance problems. To struggle with arrangement of condition offspring from this, I wanted to artifice and fabricate a establishedtling basin antecedently craggy enters the introduce, which aids to word the initiation of dross into the introduce by adornments the divorceicle magnitude important than 0.2 mm.

B.) Guideshiprace Tunnel: The quenchedsuccession as polite as the book of the tunnel should be choiceed such that it should be qualifydly undetermined from full succession regulate regulate, oceantenance and relit. In presfirm tunnels unconditional subdueder lofty guideships, the stipulations of plaster of consolidated (PCC or RCC) and equal steel plaster including steel pipes may be embedded. To diminish fabricateion requires, proportionately lofty progress velocities should be bountiful in tunnels, loftyer singles than those of disclosed canals. In enumeration to this I besides apportiond Friction losses Darcy Weisbach regulatemula. The terminationing extent of the tunnel succeeding consummate divorceition was Inverted D quenchedsuccession 2m in crossing and 1500 m in tediousness.

C.) Surge tank: A surge tank is generally fabricateed coercionthwith preceding to penstock or presfirm stem so as to humid quenched the wave in craggy roll as early as practicserviceable and to ammunition craggy during arraign refusal until the innovating quickness has been ordinary. Last artifice right of a round surge with crossing 2 m and loftiness of 13.5 having upsurge and dhold surge of 6.256m and 4.704 m respectively.

D.) Penstock: Penstock is usually the pipesuccession in between surge tank and turbine opening. Penstock may be subdued presfirm or lofty-presfirm penstock. Usually it is lofty constraining. The materials explanationd are usually of steel, reinforced consolidated. The pipe crossing and the lumpishness are such that the urgency in steel computed from hoop urgency criteria is polite amid the consummateowserviceable word. The hoop urgency familiar is absorbed by the flimsy cylinder supposition. I artifice we explanationd sound subduederground stem made of tempered steel.

E.) Turbine: To oceantain the give equal in peak arraign stipulations, couple individuals of Pelton turbines with downright Stem are in housed in the Commandhouse. Couple individuals of generator are explanationd to produce electrical condition. Turbine was choiceed on the divorceition installed on serviceserviceable guideship and artifice empty. Couple individuals are supposing regulate continuity of give on oceantenance of single individual besides.

Also, a tailrace was established to relegate the craggy leaving the command introduce tail to the large stream. The tailrace should be artificeed to oceantain the craggy deportment at the altitude certain by the turbine creator and to caggravate the command introduce across delugeing by the expected artifice deluge roll in the large stream.

E.) Command offspring: A 66 KV transmission succession has been planed regulate the sure and economic transmission of the produced command, concurrently a tediousness of 30 Km regulate the relation of the give to the generally-knhold grid at Udaypur.

CE1.3.6 The subjects that I was enrolled in the subduedergraduate enjoy liquescent mechanics, hydraulics, craggy give, engineering hydrology, contemplate, engineering scheme absence of wonder. aided me a chance to consummate and ardispose my purpose. I healed to utilise consummate my conversance in farthest practice to existentise a hydrocommand purpose. While doing this purpose, I referserviceable merely practiced the applied divorce of polite-mannered and hydrocommand engineering still besides scholarly a chance of explanationful skills enjoy message skills, era skill, purpose donation and team effectance. During this purpose intermission, condition a assemblage bringer I had to reresolve referserviceable merely my hold still I hold to aid my assemblage components in technical and other balance divorce as polite.

CE1.3.7 Me concurrently with my team components effectanceed concomitantly very obdurate and could consummate the purpose in the defined era. We could examine the pre-feasibility of Remarkserviceable Khudi and ardispose the last ment in the artificeated era. Succeeding the amount of this purpose, I felt a proud ascend in my assurance roll as an engineer and I felt I could largely housings the obstacles by examineing abquenched it, applying the solutions in existent condition problems. We explanationd opposed software enjoy MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint to instrument the ment, ardispose donations and criticise serviceserviceable basis. I impress enjoy my menting skills, drafting skills and scheme skills besides utilised professionally aggravate the mode of this purpose.

CE1.4 Summary

Undertaking this purpose aided me to explanation my hypothetical conversance on explanationful and existent condition effectance scenarios regarding artifice and fabricateion of a hydro command introduce. We were very lucky that the purpose expiration consummate the primal consolidateds. The purpose has a customary B/C bearing of 2.1 and mitigated of 2.13 and IRR of 23.4%. The entirety require of the purpose is NRs 605,089,628.69 and require per kilowatt is amid the dispose of rife Require per KW regulate the purposes of-late built in Nepal. Hence, the purpose was financially, technically, politically and environmentally viable, and can be regulatewarded regulate advance examine. In a nutshell, I was efficiently and successfully serviceserviceable to attempt, administer and consummate the purpose ensuring that it expiration consummate its consolidateds amid a artificeated era shape.

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