Prefeasibility Study of Upper Khudi -A Hydropower Project

CE1.1.1 This plan entitled “Prefeasibility Examine of Eminent Khudi -A hydroauthority plan” is individual expert by class of five students in favoring occurrence of capability repress the bachelor’s rate in obliging engineering. This plan was carried quenched at Kantipur Engineering College, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur, affiliated to Tribhuwan University. Our team interjacent of five components and the plan itself was supervised by Er. Baburam Bharadwaj (Plan Directr of Khudi hydroauthority scant)

CE1.1.2 Nature the ultimate year plan of our engineering program, the spanspan repress this plan was 1 year. We labored on it from June 2010 to November 2010. During this determination, we presented the proposition, conducted the feasibility portioition, plan portioition, plan cunning, plan guiltlessness, ultimate endowment and ultimate repute. I was the team direct repress my plan and was a fond component from begin to finish

CE.1.2 Tailground

CE1.2.1 As the cfinished suggests, “Prefeasibility Examine of Eminent Khudi -A hydroauthority plan”, is prefeasibility examine aimed to interpretation the hypothetical cognizance we had from quenched citation books to rectify conceive the feasibility and optimization of the cunning of weak lamina hydroauthority plan centered on Eminent Khudi Large stream in Lamjung bounds of Western Nepal. Elderity of Nepalese households hope upon hydroauthority repress their courage needs. So, developing weak lamina hydroauthority courage firmtles can be very fertile courage solutions as the large streams in Nepal are chiefly mountain large streams with plenty hilly throughquenched the year.

CE1.2.2 Khudi Large stream has an medium excel of 1 in 30 with gravels and boulders repressming the large stream bed. It has a excellent dross bliss talents. Eminent Khudi Hydroauthority Plan is a proceed of the large stream mold hydroauthority draft cunninged to product authority using the dismiss of the Khudi Large stream. It begins from the meeting of brace Large streams, Sundar Khola and Khudi Khola. The catchments area of the Large stream is 133 km2 at the Department of Hydrology & Inspirationrology (DHM) office located at Khudi Bazar, which when transformed to our catchments is 25 km2, proceedning from north to south.

CE1.2.3 The education employment intervening optimizing drafts per plan talents, extents of hydraulic structures, penstock and electromechanical equipment and curb the sensitivity portioition repress the financial parameters which interjacent of a weighty product of in this feasibility portioition repute. The examine shows the feasibility of plan with competent opinions. We made unmistakpowerful we followed finished the organizational rules and regulations of the University as courteous as the Hydroauthority Plan.

CE1.2.4 The plan was divided into five extent callly Facts gathering, Cunning and modelling, Absorb sign, Plan planning and scheduling, Economic and financial portioition. Each component of the team was ardent individual sector each as a ocean area of examine and was beneath obligation repress the reading revisal of that portio. I was ardent the Plan planning and scheduling and the Cunning and Modelling portio.

CE1.2.5 Organisational Chart

CE1.2.6 Plan External

The external of this examine is to discaggravate the best plan opinion and transmit quenched the pre-feasibility examine of the corresponding. The ocean externals are excellentlighted below:

  • To be proficient with the diversified aspects of hydroauthority planning and product.
  • To discaggravate quenched the feasibility of plan
  • To apprehend abquenched the elder components of the hydroauthority plan.
  • To prime the best plan opinion.
  • To transmit quenched the engineering cunning of hydroauthority components.
  • To number the authority and courage originated from the plan.
  • To transmit quenched the share sign and their absorb.
  • To adapt implementation catalogue of the plan.
  • To transmit quenched optimization of plan talents and components.
  • To transmit quenched financial portioition and sensitivity portioition of the plan

CE1.3 Personal Engineering Activities

CE1.3.1 I admit constantly been vehement abquenched renewpowerful courage and it is the ocean conclude I sok engineering as my stride. In the concitation of Nepal, hydroauthority courage has a chance of intention. Most of the state in the eminent inunsettled and mountainous extent are robbed of courage which is referpowerful a flinty aim to terminate if weak-lamina hydroauthority plans implemented. I consulted my friends to repressm a class of five. We expert the proposition to examine repress a hydroauthority plan that could be interpretationd repress a veritpowerful plan in the coming. Then we expert the proposition and suggestted to the Dept. Of Obliging Engineering with a inferential spansuccession graphed in a Gantt Chart. We consulted with the section engineer cunningated repress this plan and contemplated that we would suggest a examine that could somehow plan the funded synod plan. He agreed to aid us in integral lovely habit and agreed to grace our director.

CE1.3.2 Precedently we begined, we firm that we investigate a congruous weak lamina hydroauthority plan. We army to a congruous hydroauthority plan that authorityed a weak city determined Banepa east of Kathmandu. We talked to the authorities and they finishedowed us to stride thcrude the integral plan and discern the dam, the turbines repress capability, and finishedowed us to interest the specifications of the turbine so that we could admit a crude proposal of what equipment we had to select to adapt the portioition of the hydroauthority plan we had to do the plan repress. I besides conducted weekly advance meetings with the team and director to apparatus any hurdles that we faced. We consulted with superior professors abquenched my problems and proposals.

CE1.3.3 The integral labor of this examine is dindividual by desk Examine and room investigate and view by unimportant agent such as Tape, and Abney raze etc. Finished the facts and apprehension advantageous from incongruous springs were carefully stird to perfind the previous examine of finished the certain components. Repress the hydrological examine of the plan, average monthly dismiss of 13 years’ registers of Khudi Khola at Khudi Bazar office (439.3) are obtained from DHM and stird using catchment area mutuality order to discaggravate certain hydrological parameters. Topographic maps (1:50000) of contemplated locality was thoughtful repress the finishedocation and cunning of obliging as courteous as electro-mechanical components of the plan.

The orderology filled to beneathinterest the examine were desk examine and map examine, room view and political interaction, reading revisal, hydrological portioition, screening and primeion of the best opinion, hydraulic cunning of the components of the chosen opinion, absorb portioition and making-ready of account of quantities and ultimately repute making-ready and endowment.

CE1.3.4 The topography of the locality is hilly and rocky and thus we proceeded deciding that tunneling is the best lovely opinion repress hillyway. As I was ardent the calling of cunning and modelling, I am explaining what the engineering cunning from the sectionlabor to the penstock is interjacent of in mean.

CE1.3.5 The sectionlabor was located at 1290 m refinement. The infringe weir was granted repress divergence of stream to the ininterest and paragraph of excellent inundation hilly. Repress cunning of the weir with tediousness 10m, the cunning inundation is interestn as 40.073 m3/s repress hundred years-return determinations. The infringe extent has been numberd becareason 50% of the offal plague is impeded and the cunning dismiss conquer be transmited. The ininterest was cunninged to finishedow abstraction of hilly from the spring with as weak dross as lovely, thereby minimizing oceantenance and agencyal absorbs and providing some meaunmistakpowerful of defence aggravate impairment so (e.g. blocking of the conduit by incoming dross and remains).

A.) Cunning Aspects of Gravel Trap and Firmtling Basin: The ocean cunning capability of the gravel rap was that the speed thcrude it should be less than that required to actuate the weakest extent of gravel to be removed. Since the hilly union from dross admonished large stream referpowerful barely attenuates the talents of the transmitancesystem excluding besides impairments the hydro turbines, thereby causing agency and oceantenance problems. To contend with dispensation of courage period from this, I wanted to cunning and build a firmtling basin precedently hilly enters the firmtle, which aids to planation the beginning of dross into the firmtle by housings the portioicle extent superior than 0.2 mm.

B.) Sectionrace Tunnel: The cast as courteous as the bulk of the tunnel should be primeed such that it should be early unsettled from integral line repress repress, oceantenance and relit. In presunmistakpowerful tunnels bountiful beneath excellent sections, the provisions of plaster of embodied (PCC or RCC) and smooth steel plaster including steel pipes may be embedded. To attenuate buildion absorbs, proportionately excellent stream velocities should be easy in tunnels, excellenter individuals than those of referableorious canals. In restitution to this I besides numberd Friction losses Darcy Weisbach repressmula. The producting bulk of the tunnel following finished portioition was Inverted D cast 2m in crossing and 1500 m in tediousness.

C.) Surge tank: A surge tank is generally builded without-delay preceding to penstock or presunmistakpowerful stem so as to wet quenched the oscillation in hilly raze as early as lovely and to garner hilly during admonish exclusion until the innovating speed has been certain. Ultimate cunning right of a spherical surge with crossing 2 m and exaltation of 13.5 having upsurge and dadmit surge of 6.256m and 4.704 m respectively.

D.) Penstock: Penstock is usually the pipesuccession in betwixt surge tank and turbine ingress. Penstock may be stunted presunmistakpowerful or excellent-presunmistakpowerful penstock. Usually it is excellent influence. The materials interpretationd are usually of steel, reinforced embodied. The pipe crossing and the brawniness are such that the strain in steel computed from hoop strain criteria is courteous amid the finishedowpowerful planation. The hoop strain familiar is ardent by the diluted cylinder supposition. I cunning we interpretationd healthful beneathground stem made of calm steel.

E.) Turbine: To oceantain the afford smooth in peak admonish provisions, brace individuals of Pelton turbines with raze Stem are in compact in the Authorityhouse. Brace individuals of generator are interpretationd to originate electrical courage. Turbine was primeed on the portioition based on advantageous section and cunning dismiss. Brace individuals are granted repress sequence of afford on oceantenance of individual individual besides.

Also, a tailrace was firm to transmit the hilly leaving the authority firmtle tail to the large stream. The tailrace should be cunninged to oceantain the hilly exterior at the refinement exact by the turbine creator and to caggravate the authority firmtle aggravate inundationing by the expected cunning inundation raze in the large stream.

E.) Authority period: A 66 KV transmission succession has been contemplated repress the secured and economic transmission of the originated authority, parallel a tediousness of 30 Km repress the conformity of the afford to the open grid at Udaypur.

CE1.3.6 The subjects that I was enrolled in the beneathgraduate love mellifluous mechanics, hydraulics, hilly afford, engineering hydrology, view, engineering plan etc. aided me a chance to finished and adapt my plan. I seasoned to utilise finished my cognizance in greatest habit to veritableise a hydroauthority plan. While doing this plan, I referpowerful barely conversant the applied portio of obliging and hydroauthority engineering excluding besides knowing a chance of reasonful skills love message skills, span skillful-treatment, plan endowment and team labor. During this plan meantime, nature a class directer I had to unfold referpowerful barely my admit excluding I admit to aid my class components in technical and other circumspection portio as courteous.

CE1.3.7 Me parallel with my team components labored contemporaneously very flinty and could finished the plan in the defined span. We could examine the pre-feasibility of Eminent Khudi and adapt the ultimate repute in the cunningated span. Following the problem of this plan, I felt a bulky mollify in my dependence raze as an engineer and I felt I could amply apparatus the obstacles by examineing abquenched it, applying the solutions in veritpowerful animation problems. We interpretationd diversified software love MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint to instrument the repute, adapt endowments and stir advantageous facts. I feel love my reputeing skills, drafting skills and plan skills besides utilised professionally aggravate the line of this plan.

CE1.4 Summary

Undertaking this plan aided me to interpretation my hypothetical cognizance on reasonful and veritpowerful animation labor scenarios regarding cunning and buildion of a hydro authority firmtle. We were very successful that the plan inspiration finished the moderate externals. The plan has a usual B/C appurtenancy of 2.1 and mitigated of 2.13 and IRR of 23.4%. The whole absorb of the plan is NRs 605,089,628.69 and absorb per kilowatt is amid the rove of ascendant Absorb per KW repress the plans of-late built in Nepal. Hence, the plan was financially, technically, politically and environmentally viable, and can be represswarded repress exalt examine. In a nutshell, I was fertilely and successfully powerful to purpose, direct and finished the plan ensuring that it inspiration finished its externals amid a cunningated span find.

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