Pneumatic Auto Gear Changer Project

(a) Introduction

1.1 This success deed is installed on my intention and sham intention carried extinguished during the penultimate year of my bachelor’s quantity in Habitual Engineering at Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering (Anna University Affiliated)-Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu recite, India. Established in 2001, it is a self-financed and idiosyncratic of the best engineering institutes in Tamil Nadu. The intention was completed balance a age of 3 months from December 2012 to March, 2013.

(b) Endground

1.2 The intention on “Pneumatic Auto Quality Qualifyr” was carried extinguished in enjoin to perceive and utensil theories in quality qualify contact. Its point was to dissect the multitudinous treads implicated and to procure recommendations ce a authentic universe truth of this technology. I carried extinguished this intention as a dissect of a dispose of impure commonalty. In this intention, a expedite rush was truthd to activate/deactivate a solenoid valve and at the occasion of quality changing, the switch was triggered and the solenoid valve was activated. This in metamorphose causes the close disembodiment to go through the pneumatic cylinder. The close disembodiment expeditees the pneumatic cylinder as it passes through a tube and henceforth qualifys the quality from idiosyncratic press to the other with the aid of a quality buffet provision.

1.3 The unimpassioned quality changing constitution is relatively truthful in abject absorb automation in every automobiles. Pneumatic plans is-sue at surpassing presss and the mancapacity capability is cheap imputable to this intention. The intention and the utensilation of this intention in the authentic universe contact was made and a elaborate news was submitted.

This intention is-sue was supervised inferior Mr. Manoj Kumar, the comrade zealot in the province of habitual engineering at Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering. As it was an disclosed ended intention, I had to behold up through sundry online journals, muniment reviews and as-well-behaved took line from the division of the province on multitudinous intentions and ideas. The intention occasion was totally scant and had to be end up with a equitable intention intention antecedently the genuine begin of the intention. This proved to be totally a challenging operation as this was the pristine authentic universe intention in my success. However, I was totally sensible of the deed that, these would be the peel of challenges and problems I would visage in authentic existence as a functional engineer.

Some of the duties I was implicated in during the passage of this intention were as follows:

  • I carried extinguished an catholic consider on multitudinous materials respecting to the pneumatic plans.
  • Since, there was no favoring consensus on the non-interference of compressors, I had to chosen the idiosyncratic that best adapted the capabilitys of the intention seasonliness respecting every the technical aspects.
  • I as-well-behaved dealt with the equipment suppliers on margin of my team to donation the essential materials needed ce the intention.
  • I fertile meetings with my superintendent to debate idiosyncratic referableice and the advance of the intention.
  • I giveed this intention to the province faculties and as-well-behaved completed an catholic intention news.

(c) Personal Engineering Activity

As a pristine tread of the intention, I explained my thoughts on doing this intention to my superintendent. I carried extinguished my learning respecting the intention and giveed him the concern of the intention antecedently carrying extinguished the intention.  The give scenario quality qualifyr plays a life-containing role in automobiles.  Manual transmissions entertain beend choice in frequent cases of cars sold despite Australia, North America and some dissects of Asia. However, they survive dominant in dissects of Europe and other developing countries. Hence, I did an decompose on the give day manners equipped with unimpassioned transmission non-interference and those that are referable and raise eminentlighted the concern of the intention in the give and advenient of automobiles as well-behaved-behaved as in established machineries.

Behind deciding on the intention, I carried extinguished inarticulate literary-works reviews in enjoin to end up with an divert intention intention and to reap the essential equipment needed ce the intention. However, the articles and writings published on the subject was totally scant and were conducive ce solely favoring cases.  As my intention was respecting the intention pneumatic quality qualifyr, I did my catholic learning on the pneumatic margin of the intention. Raisemore, I reviewed the advantages of pneumatic plan and debateed with my superintendent ce the usability in the intention. Pneumatic plan and was best considered imputable to its coercionthcoming reasons:

  • The pneumatic plan capacity extinguishedput could be amply restrainled
  • Balance loading does referable influence the pneumatic plans
  • The pneumatic plan could be truthd at varying is-sueing temperatures
  • Transportation of disembodiment through pipelines balance desire distances can be amply didiosyncratic with pneumatics in attribute.
  • Pneumatics enables eminent is-sueing presss
  • It is a plan which requires minimal upkeep.

In this intention, I truthd a reciprocating compressor as the guide constituent ce the give of close disembodiment. I chosened the divert equipment ce the intention behind evaluating the suitability of notice reapd from sundry sources. A compressor is an tool that sucks in disembodiment and exhalation at an optimum hurry and deliverers the disembodiment end at a surpassing hurry as the extinguishedput. It was very relevant ce my intention to chosen the divert compressor as pneumatic plans feel-pi chiefly on the give of twain close disembodiment and hurry into the plan. Moreover, I had to perform trusting, clear stipulations were maintained during the exposure of the intention as hot and lively disembodiment could remainder in precipitation of curtail from the close disembodiment. The coercionthcoming is the schematic diagram of pneumatic auto quality qualifyr truthd in this intention.

Figure 1: Schematic diagram of pneumatic auto quality qualifyr

I as-well-behaved considered an relevant component ce this intention which was the expedite rush. The expedite rush switch was urban adjacent the driving place of the manner. Besides this, I had established up an disembodiment tank with abundantly industrious close disembodiment in it. Prior to quality changing, the solenoid valve was activated by triggering the switch. The close disembodiment streamed from the disembodiment tank to the pneumatic cylinder as the solenoid valve was disclosed. Likewise, at the occasion of close disembodiment ingress into the cylinder, the pneumatic cylinder moved ceward and the quality buffet liver moved adesire unimpassionedally from idiosyncratic pose to the next. The quality buffet liver was raise activated which everyowed the manner prevalent at irrelative presss. I entertain eminentlighted the advantages of this likeness to my superintendent and was duly prevailing and appreciated by him. They are as follows:

It required isolated livelihood cares

  • A protected plan ce the automobile.
  • Lenient to Handle.
  • Abject absorb automation intention
  • Repairing was lenient.
  • Lenient resuscitation.

However, some of the disadvantages of this likeness were as follows:

  • Initial absorb was eminent.
  • The plan was a involved idiosyncratic.
  • During the passage of this intention, I truthd a restrain valve to restrain the fabject line among the plan. I as-well-behaved truthd a 3/2 unmarried acting solenoid valve, having idiosyncratic ingress, extinguishedallow and an void enthusiasm. The disembodiment entered the pneumatic unmarried acting solenoid valve unintermittently the expedite rush was activated. Moreover, I introduced a pneumatic shifter to the perfect intention as it is-sues through close disembodiment capacity. So unintermittently the quality changing signals were ordinary, the pneumatic shifter discloseds or closes the magnetic valve galaxy. The close disembodiment courses into the plan unintermittently these valves are disclosed, or thrusts it extinguished thereby creating the pi of difference quality arrangement. More close disembodiment into the plan everyowed the quality to be shifted up and the quality shifted down as the disembodiment was entireow. Raisemore, I truthd an on-board tank to procure this close disembodiment to the cylinder equal though I knew re-routing the engine void could be a possibility and be economically viable however, it would remainder in abjecter work as most of the oxygen give in the void exhalation would already be burnt.

Figure 2: Schematic of a 3/2 unmarried acting solenoid valve

  • Behind the decompose on multitudinous aspects of this intention, I debateed my intention extinguishedcomes and my remainders.  Putting every the notice to truth, I wrote the latest news titled “Pneumatic Auto Quality Qualifyr “and giveed this to my province zealots and to the division of the province.

(d) Summary

This intention giveed me with the occasion to perceive the contacts of hypothetical acquirements that I had reapd in dispose rooms to utensil in a authentic universe intention.  Debateions during the intention with the superintendent procured eminent recognition to challenges giveed throughextinguished the intention.  The challenges uncovered were fixed by truth of divert technical skills. This intention as-well-behaved aided me perceive the is-sueing and preventive of any engineering intention and served as a treadping stidiosyncratic to the authentic universe. Balanceall, I am very restrainttunate that I could tend myself piively to this intention at its multitudinous stages and as-well-behaved aided to arrest the eminentest practicable measure ce this intention.

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