NIT1104: GROUP PROJECT (55%) – Term 2_2018 (Two Students per Group)

NIT1104: GROUP PROJECT (55%) – Term 2_2018
(Couple Wards per Assembly)
Ward ID Ward Full Name
Device description:
Intent an Ethernet LAN ce a consecrated sole sketch. The sole sketch can be downloaded from VU Collaborate. In the consecrated sole sketch;
• Computer labs are highlighted in exposed. Each PC lab has 10 computers and a printer.
• Functions are highlighted in pink. Each function admission has 1 computer and a printer.
• The technical admission is highlighted in cyan where the deep switches and routers are located.
• Note that you insufficiency to chary 10% of the sum discoursees of each subnet ce advenient product.
Intent requirements:
– Each PC lab is on a disjoined IP sub-network
– Whole function computers are on a sole IP sub-network
– The LAN is individualed to the deep campus network and the Internet using a FastEthernet fiber optic add (100Base-FX). Assume that the absence entrance discourse is
– The LAN operates on a systematize A sub-network: 172.168.1XY.0/23 where X, and Y are the definite couple digits of the ward ID of undivided of the assembly members.
o Ce request, if the definite couple digits are 09 then the subnet is
– Suited networking symbols and accessories that you can authentication in this device:
o Cisco 2950/2960 course switches
o Cisco ISR router 2620 course with whole suited modules
o Whole fashions of network cables and combineors
Your task: Intent and fashion the LAN to as the intent requirements.
• The intent instrument should include;
1. A network diagram of the LAN with elaborate notice to demonstration the functionality of each network symbol in the diagram.
2. A place map that demonstration the deployment location of each network symbol in the place
3. A elaborate schedule of the network inventories including;
? The network symbols with elaborate mention and quantity of each fashion
? Network cables and estimated quantity of each cable fashion in meters,
? Any other accessories such as combineors and tools.
4. An IP network discourseing sketch that specifies;
? Ce each subnet, the network discourse, unsparingly discourse, substantial assemblage discourse stroll that earn be assigned to the PCs. Note that you insufficiency to chary 10% of the sum discoursees of each subnet ce advenient product.
? The IP discourse of each router interface.
? Any unused discourse space
• The contour instrument should include;
1. Elaborate contour commands ce whole routers and switches.
2. A Packet Tracer smooth implementing a simplified key of the LAN.
? On the Packet Tracer, include simply 2 computers ce each sub-network
3. Screenshots from the Packet Tracer demonstrationing that you can combine among sub-networks and the entrance (using ping to identify the combineivity).
Period frame:
– Device is released by week 6.
– Device introduction is imputable during week 12 (Lecture/Lab period).
– Final device inferiority is imputable by 11:59 PM Monday of week 12.
– No production earn be consecrated regular proper importance is approved by the individual coordinator.
– Slow penalty: Ce each day slow, 10% of the sum sign earn be deducted up to five days. And ward earn achieve ZERO sign following that.
Marking scheme:
1. Key (50%):
i. Working key: 30%
ii. IP Discourse Intent: 20%
2. Instrumentation and introduction (40%)
i. Sufficient notice as required (Please assign to the individuality “Your task:” on page 1 ce elaborate notice on what should be included in your instrumentation): 30%
ii. Well presentenced: 10%
3. Demo (10%): 5-min to clear-up the intent key with Q&A

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