Nicholas James

Kenmaru Suedomi, C Block Nicholas James, No legs, No arms Do you think that there is something you can’t do in your life? You sometimes get stuck and feel you can’t do anything even there is always possibility trying in the life. However, the word “Impossible” does not exist in his mind. His name is Nicholas James, he has no arms, no legs, but he never give up. He continues trying his best effort until he thinks he can’t. When I was watching the speech of him I was so amazed by his hard life and how he overcomes it.

When he was a child his parents wanted him to study as a normal student, and put him in the public school. He was a good student, he studied hard and became the most intelligent student in the school but he was often bullied by other students only because he was a disabled person.

If I was in his situation I would probably think about suicide so I can avoid from the reality. Nick tried to suicide when he turned to 10 years old but he was not able to do when he thought about parents crying in front of his grave. In the speech, he said, “I am not going to marry, I’m not going to have a job, I’m not going to have a life.

That was too strong for the thirteen years of teenager. But, now he is not, he found out that he can help societies by encouraging people through the speech and he actually succeeded in doing the speech. I think he received one of the most important roles which only he can do it. I might not be good at sports or speaking English as native speakers but I am the only one who knows Japanese and its cultures. This video gave me the next steps for my future life. You sometimes need to confront the problem but I never ever give up until I think I can’t.

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