Methods to Assess Groundwater Potential by Spring Locations


Regarding the continually increasing posterity of introduce rarity in opposed countries, the prevalent con-aggravate artifices to engage living vector muniment (SVM), chance grove (RF), and genetic algorithm optimized chance grove (RFGA) jurisprudences to assess groundintroduce immanent by germinate precipitations. To this object, 14 effectual shiftings including DEM-derived, large stream-based, failure-based, artificet right, and lithology deedors were supposing. Of 842 germinate precipitations build, 70% (589) were instrumented coercion pattern grafting, and the repose of them were rightd to evaluate the patterns. The mentioned patterns were speed and groundintroduce immanent maps (GPMs) were effectd. At latest, receiver permitted idiosyncrasys (ROC) incurvation was plotted to evaluate the sway of the jurisprudences. The upshots of the prevalent con-aggravate denoted that RFGA, and RF jurisprudences had ameliorebuke competency than opposed meats of SVM pattern. Area inferior incurvation (AUC) of ROC estimate coercion RF and RFGA was estimated as 84.6, and 85.6%, honorively. AUC of ROC was computed as SVM- straight (78.6%), SVM-polynomial (76.8%), SVM-sigmoid (77.1%), and SVM- radial inveterebuke sway (77%). Furthermore, the upshots represented violenter significance of ascent, TWI, and mount turn in groundintroduce immanent. The jurisprudenceology effectd in the prevalent con-aggravate could be infectious to other places with introduce rarity posteritys coercion groundintroduce immanent tribute and government.

Key words: Geographic instruction regularity, Ardebil, Iran, Living vector muniment, Chance grove, Genetic algorithm


Introduce rarity is regarded as single of the most tangible soicio-environmental challenges in opposed countries. The ask-control on groundintroduce is increasing, and the aggravateexploitation of this precious arrangement is controleboding controlthcoming generations (Todd and Mays 2005; Rekha and Thomas 2007); Thus, its government is believed to be indispensable. A ameliorebuke introduce arrangements government artifice would be unexposed when there is ample conversance environing the arrangements (i.e. violent immanent and tender zones).

In late years, examinationers feel made right of a medley of patterns to map groundintroduce immanent such as abundance relevancy (FR), heaviness of deposition (WofE), logistic retirement (LR), index of entropy, obviousial reliance sway (Oh et al. 2011; Ozdemir 2011a, b; Pourtaghi and Pourghasemi 2014; Davoodi Moghaddam et al. 2015; Naghibi and Pourghasemi 2015; Naghibi et al. 2015). So, some examinationers rightd muniment lore jurisprudences including boosted retirement tree (BRT), adjust and retirement (CART), open straight pattern (GLM), and RF algorithms in this opportunity of con-aggravate (Naghibi and Pourghasemi 2015; Rahmati et al. 2016). Lee et al (2012) industrious constrained neural network (ANN) to assess groundintroduce productivity. Their upshots showed merry deed of ANN. Recently [M1]Naghibi et al. (2017) rightd disgusting lately exposed deeds mining patterns including AdaBoost, Bagging openized embracing pattern, and naïve bayes coercion groundintroduce immanent mapping. They feel so introduced a odd ensemble jurisprudence from perfectiance of the mentioned patterns and FR. In restitution, Magaji et al. (2016) rightd geographic instruction regularity and obviousial reliance sway pattern to effect groundintroduce recharge immanent zones map. Theodossiou (2004) defyd how sky shift swings the sustainability of groundintroduce in introduceshed-layer in Greece. Furthermore, Thivya et al. (2016) conducted a con-aggravate to actualize recharge mechanisms of groundintroduce in arduous cast aquifers instrumenting steadfast isotopes.

Living vector muniment (SVM) algorithm has been industrious in opposed opportunitys of con-aggravate such as deluge sensitiveness tribute (Tehrany et al. 2014; Tehrany et al. 2015), and artificetslide sensitiveness examination (Brenning 2005; Kavzogluetal 2014; Tien Bui et al. 2012; Yao et al. 2008; Yilmaz 2010; Tien Bui et al. 2015; Chen et al. 2017) with competent competency. Genetic algorithm is single of the most smoderation and pervasive exposed heuristic pursuit techniques in constrained tidings and its impression has been dsingle in abundant opportunitys of con-aggravate including polished artificening, ecological, climatic patternling, and alien sensing studies (Hasegava et al. 2013; Engagementansen et al. 2006; Chang et al. 2006; Chen et al. 2009).

In the prevalent con-over, we guard to defy the deed of a odd jurisprudence coercion optimization of chance grove and its upshots are compared with RF and SVM patterns in groundintroduce immanent mapping. Inveterebuke on the literary-works resurvey, impression of opposed meats of SVM and RFGA in groundintroduce immanent mapping are couple ocean oddties of this con-over. So, the significance of opposed effectual deedors in groundintroduce immanent is discussed. The upshots of the prevalent con-aggravate could perfectoticularize violent immanent and tender groundintroduce immanent zones and be rightd by introduce arrangement managers.

Material and Jurisprudences

Figure 1 shows the jurisprudences and the streamchart instrumented in the prevalent con-over.

Con-aggravate Area:

The con-aggravate area lies from 48° 18′ 26″ to 48° 53′ 16″ eastern longitudes and from 37° 41′ 23″ to 37° 09′ 26″ northern latitudes in Ardebil Department, Iran (Fig. 2). It cloaks an area of 1,524 km2. The raising in the con-aggravate area ranges from 840 to 3,320 m aggravatehead ocean raze with an mediocre of 1,930 m. The balance annual colony of Khalkhal territory is estimated as 345 mm. The balance annual air of Khalkhal territory is 12 amounts Centigrade. In the honor of artificet right, 89.69% of Khalkhal territory is genial by rangeland, and other artificet right assortes are grove, cultivation, orchard, and residential areas. In the honor of lithology, Khalkhal territory comprises of 14 lithological categories. Eav assort (andesitic pyrotechnic) cloaks most of the con-aggravate area. Khalkhal territory is located in Ardebil department of Iran which includes 14 hydrological introducesheds. These introducesheds are located in three ocean compatability including accessible perfectot, Khoresh Rostam, and Shahrood areas. In this area populace feat introduce arrangements by well-behaveds (42%), germinates (47%), and qanats (11%); hence, it can be seen that a violent percent of the introduce requirement is obtained by germinates.

Facts preparation

Germinate idiosyncrasys

The germinate’s precipitation map was skilful coercion the con-aggravate area using open reports (Iranian Department of Introduce Arrangements Government) and extensive opportunity surveys in 1:50,000 layer. From 842 germinates signed in the con-aggravate area, 70% (589 germinates) were attended coercion grafting apex, and 30% (253 germinates) were rightd as validation deedsset (Fig. 2). Closely ninety percent of the germinates are persistent and ten percent of them are oceansonal. Free of the germinates in Khalkhal territory alters betwixt 0.1 and 100 liters per succor having an mediocre of 1 liter per succor. It can be seen that there are opposed kinds of germinate in the con-aggravate area such as dissimilarity, drainage, and dislocation germinates with 5.34%, 29.81%, 58.08%, and 6.77% of the germinates, honorively. The mediocre pH of the germinates is estimated as 6.68. The mediocre electric conductivity (EC) of the germinates is estimated as 470 .

Groundintroduce effectual deedors

In this con-over, inveterebuke on the literary-works resurvey (Ozdemir 2011a, b; Oh et al. 2011; Naghibi et al. 2017), disgustingteen groundintroduce effectual deedors such as ascent, mount turn, mount face, artifice bend, line bend, mount extension (LS), SPI, TWI, interboundlessness from large streams, large stream hebetude, interboundlessness from failures, failure hebetude, artificet right, and lithology were supposing and mapped.

The digital raising pattern (DEM) of the Khalkhal territory was upshotd using the 1:50,000-layer topographic maps in 20 m resolution. Groundintroduce effectual-factors such as ascent, mount turn, and mount face were skilful using DEM in ArcGIS 9.3 and represented in Fig. 3a-c.

Artifice bend describes the dissipation and assembly of stream and discriminates unformed basins (Fig. 3d). Line bend shows the rebuke at which the mount gradient alters in the inclination of acme mount (Catani et al. 2013) (Fig. 3e). Mount extension is the perfectiance of the mount extension and mount steepness that shows stain missing immanent from the sumly mount lineaments (Fig. 3f). SPI is a estimate of the erosive sway of streaming introduce inveterebuke on the selfreliance that free is referring-to to favoring catchment area (Moore et al. 1991) (Fig. 3g). The TWI favors accumulation and motion of manner speedoff aggravate the artificet manner (Elmahdy and Mostafa Mohamed 2014) (Fig. 3h).

Interboundlessness from large streams and large stream hebetude were upshotd using topographical map of Khalkhal territory (Fig. 3i, j). So, interboundlessness from failure and failure hebetude layers were effectd using geological map (Fig. 3k, l).

The artificet right map was upshotd using Artificetsat images (Fig 3m). There are five artificet right assortes in the con-aggravate area such as cultivation, grove, orchard, rangeland, and residential area. Most of the con-aggravate area is genial by the rangeplant artificet right assort. The lithology map was acquired using a 1:100,000-layer geological map and the lithological units were grouped into disgustingteen assortes (GSI 1997, Fig. 3n, Table 1).

Living vector muniments (SVM)

SVM is referableorious as a supervised muniment lore technique that is manufactured inveterebuke on the (SRM: structural lavish minimization) rule and statistical lore plea (Tien Bui et al. 2012). SVM transforms initiatory input boundlessness into a violenter-dimensional lineament boundlessness to meet an optimum separating hyper artificee. Marjanovic´ et al (2011) affirmed that separating hyper-roll is built in the initiatory boundlessness of n coordinates betwixt the apexs of couple divergent assortes. If the apex is situated aggravate the hyper-roll it conquer be assortified as direct 1, if referable, it conquer be assortified as indirect 1.

Penalty (C) controls the trade-off betwixt boundary and grafting deceptions, which assists to thwart the pattern’s aggravate-fitting (Marjanovic´ et al. 2011). The meat width (ɤ) controls the amount of nonlinearity of the pattern (Tien Bui et al. 2012). Parameter (d) is the polynomial amount in the PL meat sway and (r) is the prepossession engagement in the meat sway coercion couple meats of SVM including PL and SIG meats (Tehrany et al. 2014). In the prevalent con-over, the 10-fold cross-validation was rightd to picked the optimal meat parameters of SVM (Pradhan 2013; Zhuang and Dai 2006).

Chance grove (RF) pattern

Chance groves (RFs) are very ductile and swayful ensemble assortifiers inveterebuke on determination trees which were leadingly exposed by Breiman (2001). RF constructs multiple trees inveterebuke on chance bootstrapped samples of the grafting deedsset (Breiman 2001). The algorithm speeds chance binary trees that instrument a subset of the observations aggravate bootstrapping path, of the judicious deedsset a chance palliable of the grafting deeds is pickeded and instrument to upshot the pattern, the deeds which is referable comprised are vivid as quenched of bag (OOB) (Catani et al. 2013). The RF ceeshadows the significance of a shiftings by looking at how fur the deception of prognostication increases when quenched of bag deeds coercion that shifting is permuted suitableness perfect others are left unroving (Liaw and Wiener 2002; Catani et al. 2013). Chance groves infrequency couple parameters to be tuned including the reckon of trees (ntree), and the reckon of shiftings (mtry).

Genetic algorithm (GA) pattern

A genetic algorithm (GA) is a pursuit heuristic which mimics the normal pickedion arrangement in the opportunity of constrained tidings. GA men-folks with a population of presented chance discerptions in some constitution adjust. Then, a reckon of operators are often instrumented, until assembly is obtained. As a substance of deed, the optimization policy in GA could be vivid as a global optimization proceeding with the advantage of referable entity relying on the judicious estimate to establish the assembly. Crossaggravate and back are instrumented to effect newer and ameliorebuke chromosomes populations (Yetilmezsoy and Demirel 2008).

Chance grove optimization jurisprudences

In this con-over, we rightd couple opposed jurisprudences coercion RF parameter optimization including caret parcel and genetic algorithm. Twain of the patterns were applied in the R software.

At leading, we presented a impure RFGA pattern to ceeshadow groundintroduce immanent which was leadingly introduced by Hasegawa et al (2013) in the opportunity of substitute jurisprudence palliable resolution. A undesigning jurisprudence is ordeal and deception, excluding there are abundant mixtures of parameters, and it infrequencys fur rereiteration to evaluate the options. Another jurisprudence coercion optimization of these parameters is to right caret parcel. So, we designed a serviceable jurisprudence coercion optimizing the parameters of RF by meta- heuristic optimization using GAs. The rgenoud parcel of the R program (R Core Team 2012); Mebane and Sekhon (2011) were rightd to instrument the optimizing arrangement of RF parameters ntree and mtry. Input parameters of the RFGA pattern are topic to the GA-inveterebuke parameter optimization arrangement. Only that brace of parameters that minimizes the OOB deception rebuke in this tramp is rightd as input to the RFGA pattern. Coercion speedning RFGA, acme reckon of generations was attended as 100, the population magnitude was 300 and the doocean of perfectowable estimates coercion each parameter of the sway entity optimized (mtry estimates betwixt 1 and 14, ntree estimates betwixt 1 and 2000). The speed spell of this arrangement tend the attendation is finished was closely 2 h 20 min.

Validation of groundintroduce immanent maps (GPM)

In the prevalent con-over, receiver permitted idiosyncrasys (ROC) incurvation was rightd to perfectoticularize the deed of the GPMs effectd using the instrumented patterns. The area inferior the ROC incurvation (AUC) shows the tendency of a coercionecast regularity by representing the ability of the regularity to ceeshadow well-behaved-behaved the well-behaved-balancedt or non‐event of favoring “events” (Negnevitsky 2002). The area inferior the incurvation of ROC ranges from 0 to 1. The promotive homogeneousity betwixt AUC and prognostication success could be assortified as palliable (0.9-1), very amiable (0.8-0.9), amiable (0.7-0.8), mediocre (0.6-0.7), and indigent (0.5-0.6). Inveterebuke on the resurveyer expatiate, and in adjust to attend the free estimates of the germinates, couple heavinesss were assigned to the germinates to choose their free into statement in the evaluation arrangement. Coercion conducting this purpose, median was fitted coercion free estimates of the germinates. Then, heaviness 2 was assigned to the germinates with greater free than the median estimate, suitableness other germinates were assigned to a heaviness of 1. Decisively, coercion sagacious ROC estimates, estimates of the germinates with heaviness 2 were attended twice in the resolution, suitableness other germinates were attended uninterruptedly. This proceeding enhances the swing of the germinates with violenter frees in the evaluation arrangement.


Living vector muniment

In the prevalent con-over, disgusting meats of the SVM pattern were optimized by cross-validation and GPMs were plotted in ArcGIS 9.3. Inveterebuke on the upshots, the best SVM with LN meat had a absorb estimate of 0.001. The upshots of PL meat showed that gamma=0.5, absorb= 0.1, and amount= 2 had the best deed. In the occurrence of SVM-SIG, best deed was established by gamma= 1, and c= 0.01. The upshots of SVM-RBF showed that gamma= 0.5, c= 10 had the best deed.

The upshotant GPMs effectd using opposed meats of the SVM are represented in Fig. 5 and Table 2. According to the upshots, moderation, jurisprudencerate, violent, and very violent assortes in GPM effectd by SVM-LN fill 15.88, 36.05, 33.75, and 14.32% of the con-aggravate area, honorively. Moderation, jurisprudencerate, violent, and very violent assortes in SVM-PL caggravate 3.38, 22.12, 47.52, and 26.98% of the con-aggravate area, honorively. In the occurrence of SVM-SIG, 22.87, 32.98, 30.50, and 13.64% of the con-aggravate area were denominated to the moderation, jurisprudencerate, violent, and very violent assortes, honorively. The upshots of SVM-RBF showed that moderation, jurisprudencerate, violent, and very violent assortes caggravate 22.01, 45.85, 22.39, and 9.74% of the con-aggravate area, honorively.

Chance grove (RF), and genetic algorithm optimized chance grove (RFGA)

As mentioned in the jurisprudences minority, couple jurisprudences were rightd to optimize RF pattern including caret and genetic algorithm. Decisive pattern by RF-caret had ntree= 1600, and mtry= 2, suitableness decisive pattern by RFGA had ntree= 1744, and mtry= 2. The upshots showed that quenched of bag deception coercion RFGA (0.316) was moderationer than its estimate coercion RF-caret (0.35%). So, the upshots of the ROC rediscerption showed ameliorebuke deed of RFGA than RF-caret by area inferior the incurvation of ROC estimates of 86.5, and 85.6, honorively. Attending the ameliorebuke deed of the RFGA pattern, its upshots environing the significance of effectual deedors and decisive GPM were represented and the upshots of RF-caret were ignored.

Figure 4 represents the balance retrench success, and balance retrench Gini obtained by RFGA. According to the balance retrench success, ascent had the violentest significance, followed by TWI, mount turn, and face, suitableness the line bend, and artifice bend had moderationest significance. On the other govern, upshots of the balance retrench Gini depicted that artificet right, and lithology were the last material deedors in groundintroduce immanent mapping. The GPM effectd using RFGA is represented in Fig. 5. According to the upshots, moderation, jurisprudencerate, violent, and very violent assortes in GPM effectd by RFGA fill 27.2, 32.4, 25.5, and 14.8% of the con-aggravate area, honorively.

Validation of the GPMs

The ROC was fitted coercion perfect GPMs with germinate’s validation deedsset. The upshots of AUC-ROC are represented in Fig. 6. AUC-ROC coercion GPMs effectd by the instrumented jurisprudences in the prevalent con-aggravate ranges from 76.9 to 85.5%. AUC-ROC estimates coercion RF and RFGA were estimated as 84.6, and 85.5%, honorively. AUC-ROC estimates were estimated coercion SVM- LN, SVM-PL, SVM-SIG, and SVM- RBF as 79.3, 77, 77.7, and 76.9%, honorively.


In this minority, the upshots are discussed by three compatability including (i) the deed of the patterns, (ii) the significance of the effectual deedors, and (iii) the achievement of the GPMs.

The deed of the patterns:

The upshots showed that RFGA represented ameliorebuke deed than RF-caret. Single of the advantages of GA is the power to explain any optimization sum inveterebuke on chromosome path; another material idiosyncrasy of GA is its power to governle multiple discerption pursuit boundlessnesss and explain the sum in such an environment (Tabassum and Mathew 2014). These advantages may feel caused RFGA’s ameliorebuke deed in the prevalent con-over.

Also, it can be seen that twain RFs (i.e. RF-caret and RFGA) had ameliorebuke deed than opposed meats of SVM pattern. The upshots of opposed SVM meats showed that SVM-LN had the best deed, followed by SVM-SIG, SVM-RBF, and SVM-PL; However, their deed was homogeneous. Inveterebuke on the upshots, it is obvious that SVM could be rightd as an fruitful muniment lore pattern in groundintroduce immanent mapping. Single of the drawbacks of the SVM relates to the infrequencyed spell coercion the resolution. In restitution, diverse criteria should be tested in adjust to meet the optimum estimates coercion the patterning arrangement (Tehrany et al. 2015). However, the sway of the SVM could be increased by making ensemble patterns. In a examination, Tehrany et al (2015) rightd an ensemble heavinesss of deposition and SVM pattern in deluge mapping. Their upshots proved the sway and cece of the ensemble jurisprudence aggravate the indivisible jurisprudences. There are diverse immanent reasons coercion deception in the deedssets instrumented coercion groundintroduce patterning, including estimatement deceptions, limitations in opportunity deeds assemblage, sampling prepossession, expectation. The mentioned deceptions could favor the aggravateperfect success of the SVM patterns (Moisen et al. 2006).

The significance of effectual deedors in groundintroduce immanent mapping

The significance of effectual deedors was perfectoticularized using RFGA as the best pattern in the prevalent con-over. Inveterebuke on the upshots, in sum, ascent, TWI, mount turn, and mount face were the most effectual deedors on groundintroduce immanent. On the other govern, artifice bend, line bend, artificet right, and lithology were the last effectual deedors on groundintroduce immanent. A growing substance of literary-works defys the significance of opposed effectual deedors in groundintroduce immanent mapping (Naghibi and Pourghasemi 2015; Rahmati et al. 2016). The upshots of Naghibi and Pourghasemi (2015) showed that ascent, interboundlessness from failures, SPI, and failure hebetude had the violentest significance in groundintroduce immanent mapping. In another examination, Rahmati et al (2016) depicted that ascent, drainage hebetude, lithology, and artificet right were the most swing deedors on groundintroduce immanent. Comparing the upshots of the prevalent con-aggravate and the upshots of the couple mentioned examinationes shows that the significance of effectual deedors in groundintroduce immanent mapping is relying on the indicator, jurisprudences, and hydrological, geological, and climatic provisions of the target area.

The achievement of the GPMs:

With this selfreliance that a ameliorebuke pattern is the single which perfectoticularizes the violent and very violent assortes further certainly, a pattern with moderationer percent of violent and very violent assortes area could be further advantageous in introduce arrangements artificening and government. A further explicit GPM could acceleration introduce arrangements managers to fabricate ameliorebuke and further accurebuke determinations environing areas coercion featation and well-behaved-balanced introduce maintenance techniques. According to the upshots, SVM-RBF, and RFGA patterns had the moderationest percent of the violent and very violent assortes with 32.1, and 40.3% of the con-aggravate area, honorively.


In open, the introduce contingency in the 21th century is fur further cognate to government and artificening than to a actual contingency of rarity and dryness urgency. Withdrawal of conversance of introduce arrangements and irrelevant introduce arrangements government artifices and strategies feel made introduce contingency worse in sterile and semi- sterile territorys. Hence, the leading tramp in withhold artificening of introduce arrangements is to distinguish and establish conversance of these indispensable arrangements. Groundintroduce is single of the most material introduce arrangement arrangement, chiefly in sterile and semi- sterile countries with farthest withdrawal of introduce, growing population, and successive drynesss. Attending the mentioned sums and posteritys, in the prevalent con-over, we evaluated the deed of opposed meats of SVM pattern and couple strategies coercion optimization of RF (i.e. caret and GA). The upshots of the prevalent con-aggravate showed that RFGA had the best deed, followed by SVM-LN, SVM-SIG, SVM-RBF, and SVM-PL. The RFGA was successfully instrumented in the prevalent con-over. So, opposed meats of the SVM were rightd coercion unresisting GPMs with pleasurable deeds. However, their upshot was referable as well-behaved-behaved as RFs deed. Furthermore, it can be seen that ascent, TWI, mount turn, and mount face were the most effectual deedors in groundintroduce immanent tribute. The jurisprudenceology effectd in the prevalent con-aggravate could be infectious and tested in other areas coercion unresisting GPMs. As a decisive quittance, GPMs could significantly acceleration introduce arrangements managers and artificeners coercion ameliorebuke inferiorstanding of introduce arrangements provisions, featation, and maintenance artifices.

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