Methods to Assess Groundwater Potential by Spring Locations


Regarding the eternally increasing offproceed of insinuate dearth in divergent countries, the present con-aggravate contemplations to employ assistance vector deed (SVM), casual grove (RF), and genetic algorithm optimized casual grove (RFGA) ways to assess groundinsinuate virtual by proceed locations. To this aim, 14 conducive inconstants including DEM-derived, large stream-based, misdeed-based, contemplationt explanation, and lithology certaintyors were granted. Of 842 proceed locations institute, 70% (589) were utensiled restraint copy grafting, and the peace of them were explanationd to evaluate the copys. The mentioned copys were reach and groundinsinuate virtual maps (GPMs) were effected. At ultimate, receiver loose idiosyncraticitys (ROC) incurvation was plotted to evaluate the conciliateingness of the ways. The terminations of the present con-aggravate denoted that RFGA, and RF ways had reform cappower than divergent woods of SVM copy. Area subordinate incurvation (AUC) of ROC prize restraint RF and RFGA was estimated as 84.6, and 85.6%, honorively. AUC of ROC was computed as SVM- rectirectistraight (78.6%), SVM-polynomial (76.8%), SVM-sigmoid (77.1%), and SVM- radial domiciled duty (77%). Furthermore, the terminations represented loftyer signification of loftiness, TWI, and prosper leaning in groundinsinuate virtual. The wayology effected in the present con-aggravate could be epidemic to other places with insinuate dearth offsprings restraint groundinsinuate virtual duty and administration.

Key words: Geographic referable attributable attributableice regularity, Ardebil, Iran, Assistance vector deed, Casual grove, Genetic algorithm


Insinuate dearth is present as single of the most developed soicio-environmental challenges in divergent countries. The clnurture on groundinsinuate is increasing, and the aggravateexploitation of this precious productions is minacious advenient generations (Todd and Mays 2005; Rekha and Thomas 2007); Thus, its administration is believed to be animate. A reform insinuate productionss administration contemplation would be feasible when there is plenty referable attributable attributableice abextinguished the productionss (i.e. lofty virtual and tender zones).

In rulern years, investigationers accept made explanation of a multiformity of copys to map groundinsinuate virtual such as reckon kinsman (FR), rule of declaration (WofE), logistic return (LR), index of entropy, visibleial confidence duty (Oh et al. 2011; Ozdemir 2011a, b; Pourtaghi and Pourghasemi 2014; Davoodi Moghaddam et al. 2015; Naghibi and Pourghasemi 2015; Naghibi et al. 2015). Too, some investigationers explanationd deed scholarship ways including boosted return tree (BRT), species and return (CART), unconcealed rectirectistraight copy (GLM), and RF algorithms in this scene of con-aggravate (Naghibi and Pourghasemi 2015; Rahmati et al. 2016). Lee et al (2012) industrious pretended neural network (ANN) to assess groundinsinuate productivity. Their terminations showed delectable enterprise of ANN. Of-late [M1]Naghibi et al. (2017) explanationd indelicate rulernly exposed certaintys mining copys including AdaBoost, Bagging unconcealedized comprehensive copy, and naïve bayes restraint groundinsinuate virtual mapping. They accept too introduced a fantastic ensemble way from cabal of the mentioned copys and FR. In abstracted, Magaji et al. (2016) explanationd geographic referable attributable attributableice regularity and visibleial confidence duty copy to product groundinsinuate recharge virtual zones map. Theodossiou (2004) summond how weather modify rules the sustainpower of groundinsinuate in insinuateshed-lamina in Greece. Furthermore, Thivya et al. (2016) conducted a con-aggravate to test recharge mechanisms of groundinsinuate in firm cast aquifers utensiling perpetual isotopes.

Assistance vector deed (SVM) algorithm has been industrious in divergent scenes of con-aggravate such as inundation excitpower duty (Tehrany et al. 2014; Tehrany et al. 2015), and contemplationtslide excitpower inquiry (Brenning 2005; Kavzogluetal 2014; Tien Bui et al. 2012; Yao et al. 2008; Yilmaz 2010; Tien Bui et al. 2015; Chen et al. 2017) with uniform aptitude. Genetic algorithm is single of the most delayed and pervasive exposed heuristic inquiry techniques in pretended news and its impression has been dsingle in multifarious scenes of con-aggravate including courtly contemplationning, ecological, climatic copyling, and indirect sensing studies (Hasegava et al. 2013; Signalansen et al. 2006; Chang et al. 2006; Chen et al. 2009).

In the present con-over, we nurture to summon the enterprise of a fantastic way restraint optimization of casual grove and its terminations are compared with RF and SVM copys in groundinsinuate virtual mapping. Domiciled on the examine revisal, impression of divergent woods of SVM and RFGA in groundinsinuate virtual mapping are brace main fantasticties of this con-over. Too, the signification of divergent conducive certaintyors in groundinsinuate virtual is discussed. The terminations of the present con-aggravate could indicate lofty virtual and tender groundinsinuate virtual zones and be explanationd by insinuate productions managers.

Material and Ways

Figure 1 shows the ways and the issuechart utensiled in the present con-over.

Con-aggravate Area:

The con-aggravate area lies from 48° 18′ 26″ to 48° 53′ 16″ eastern longitudes and from 37° 41′ 23″ to 37° 09′ 26″ northern latitudes in Ardebil Portion, Iran (Fig. 2). It balancespreads an area of 1,524 km2. The raising in the con-aggravate area ranges from 840 to 3,320 m aggravate ocean raze with an balance of 1,930 m. The balance annual residuum of Khalkhal multiply is gauged as 345 mm. The balance annual temperature of Khalkhal multiply is 12 limits Centigrade. In the honor of contemplationt explanation, 89.69% of Khalkhal multiply is expert by rangeland, and other contemplationt explanation tabulatees are grove, farming, orchard, and residential areas. In the honor of lithology, Khalkhal multiply comprises of 14 lithological categories. Eav tabulate (andesitic phosphorescent) balancespreads most of the con-aggravate area. Khalkhal multiply is located in Ardebil portion of Iran which includes 14 hydrological insinuatesheds. These insinuatesheds are located in three main compatpower including accessible multiply, Khoresh Rostam, and Shahrood areas. In this area vulgar document insinuate productionss by well-mannereds (42%), proceeds (47%), and qanats (11%); hence, it can be seen that a lofty percent of the insinuate accomplishment is obtained by proceeds.

Facts preparation

Proceed idiosyncraticitys

The proceed’s location map was expert restraint the con-aggravate area using common reports (Iranian Department of Insinuate Productionss Administration) and big scene surveys in 1:50,000 lamina. From 842 proceeds identified in the con-aggravate area, 70% (589 proceeds) were revolveed restraint grafting aim, and 30% (253 proceeds) were explanationd as validation certaintysset (Fig. 2). Approximately ninety percent of the proceeds are burning and ten percent of them are oceansonal. Send-away of the proceeds in Khalkhal multiply alters among 0.1 and 100 liters per avoid having an balance of 1 liter per avoid. It can be seen that there are divergent kinds of proceed in the con-aggravate area such as dissimilarity, drainage, and splinter proceeds with 5.34%, 29.81%, 58.08%, and 6.77% of the proceeds, honorively. The balance pH of the proceeds is gauged as 6.68. The balance electric conductivity (EC) of the proceeds is gauged as 470 .

Groundinsinuate conducive certaintyors

In this con-over, domiciled on the examine revisal (Ozdemir 2011a, b; Oh et al. 2011; Naghibi et al. 2017), indelicateteen groundinsinuate conducive certaintyors such as loftiness, prosper leaning, prosper bearing, contemplation flexion, lineament flexion, prosper protraction (LS), SPI, TWI, absence from large streams, large stream blindness, absence from misdeeds, misdeed blindness, contemplationt explanation, and lithology were granted and mapped.

The digital raising copy (DEM) of the Khalkhal multiply was generated using the 1:50,000-lamina topographic maps in 20 m disentanglement. Groundinsinuate conducive-factors such as loftiness, prosper leaning, and prosper bearing were expert using DEM in ArcGIS 9.3 and represented in Fig. 3a-c.

Contemplation flexion describes the dispersion and assembly of issue and discriminates disfloating basins (Fig. 3d). Lineament flexion shows the scold at which the prosper gradient alters in the tendency of climax prosper (Catani et al. 2013) (Fig. 3e). Prosper protraction is the cabal of the prosper protraction and prosper steepness that shows stain detriment virtual from the in-single prosper lineaments (Fig. 3f). SPI is a gauge of the erosive jurisdiction of issueing insinuate domiciled on the self-assertion that send-away is referable attributable attributable-absolute to particular catchment area (Moore et al. 1991) (Fig. 3g). The TWI assumes supply and change-of-place of demeanor reachoff aggravate the contemplationt demeanor (Elmahdy and Mostafa Mohamed 2014) (Fig. 3h).

Absence from large streams and large stream blindness were generated using topographical map of Khalkhal multiply (Fig. 3i, j). Too, absence from misdeed and misdeed blindness layers were effected using geological map (Fig. 3k, l).

The contemplationt explanation map was generated using Contemplationtsat images (Fig 3m). There are five contemplationt explanation tabulatees in the con-aggravate area such as farming, grove, orchard, rangeland, and residential area. Most of the con-aggravate area is expert by the rangeplant contemplationt explanation tabulate. The lithology map was adscititious using a 1:100,000-lamina geological map and the lithological units were grouped into indelicateteen tabulatees (GSI 1997, Fig. 3n, Table 1).

Assistance vector deeds (SVM)

SVM is unreserved as a supervised deed scholarship technique that is performed domiciled on the (SRM: structural lavish minimization) faculty and statistical scholarship arrangement (Tien Bui et al. 2012). SVM transforms initiatory input quantity into a loftyer-dimensional lineament quantity to discbalance an optimum separating hyper contemplatione. Marjanovic´ et al (2011) affirmed that separating hyper-flatten is built in the initiatory quantity of n coordinates among the apexs of brace incongruous tabulatees. If the apex is situated aggravate the hyper-flatten it conciliate be tabulateified as inmaterial 1, if referable attributable attributable, it conciliate be tabulateified as indirect 1.

Penalty (C) controls the trade-off among latitude and grafting hallucinations, which assists to hinder the copy’s aggravate-fitting (Marjanovic´ et al. 2011). The wood width (ɤ) controls the limit of nonlinearity of the copy (Tien Bui et al. 2012). Parameter (d) is the polynomial limit in the PL wood duty and (r) is the partiality signal in the wood duty restraint brace woods of SVM including PL and SIG woods (Tehrany et al. 2014). In the present con-over, the 10-fold cross-validation was explanationd to selecteded the optimal wood parameters of SVM (Pradhan 2013; Zhuang and Dai 2006).

Casual grove (RF) copy

Casual groves (RFs) are very elastic and jurisdictionful ensemble tabulateifiers domiciled on determination trees which were principally exposed by Breiman (2001). RF constructs multiple trees domiciled on casual bootstrapped samples of the grafting certaintysset (Breiman 2001). The algorithm reachs casual binary trees that utensil a subset of the observations aggravate bootstrapping appropinquation, of the primal certaintysset a casual exquisite of the grafting certaintys is selecteded and utensil to generebuke the copy, the certaintys which is referable attributable attributable attributable rulerebuke are coercioncible as extinguished of bag (OOB) (Catani et al. 2013). The RF controlebodes the signification of a inconstants by looking at how abundantly the hallucination of vaticination increases when extinguished of bag certaintys restraint that inconstant is permuted period full others are left urban (Liaw and Wiener 2002; Catani et al. 2013). Casual groves demand brace parameters to be tuned including the reckon of trees (ntree), and the reckon of inconstants (mtry).

Genetic algorithm (GA) copy

A genetic algorithm (GA) is a inquiry heuristic which mimics the original selectedion course in the scene of pretended news. GA entitys with a population of presented casual keys in some construction arrange. Then, a reckon of operators are often utensiled, until assembly is obtained. As a material of certainty, the optimization strategy in GA could be coercioncible as a global optimization act with the behoof of referable attributable attributable attributable entity material on the primal prize to bring-abquenched the assembly. Crossaggravate and counterchange are utensiled to product newer and reform chromosomes populations (Yetilmezsoy and Demirel 2008).

Casual grove optimization ways

In this con-over, we explanationd brace divergent ways restraint RF parameter optimization including caret load and genetic algorithm. Twain of the copys were applied in the R software.

At principal, we presented a mule RFGA copy to controlebode groundinsinuate virtual which was principally introduced by Hasegawa et al (2013) in the scene of balance rule exquisite anatomy. A artless way is ordeal and hallucination, save there are multifarious mixtures of parameters, and it demands abundantly succession to evaluate the options. Another way restraint optimization of these parameters is to explanation caret load. So, we projected a trained way restraint optimizing the parameters of RF by meta- heuristic optimization using GAs. The rgenoud load of the R program (R Core Team 2012); Mebane and Sekhon (2011) were explanationd to utensil the optimizing course of RF parameters ntree and mtry. Input parameters of the RFGA copy are material to the GA-domiciled parameter optimization course. Only that span of parameters that minimizes the OOB hallucination scold in this plod is explanationd as input to the RFGA copy. Restraint reachning RFGA, climax reckon of generations was revolveed as 100, the population greatness was 300 and the inclosure of fullowable prizes restraint each parameter of the duty entity optimized (mtry prizes among 1 and 14, ntree prizes among 1 and 2000). The reach occasion of this course prepare the caution is finished was approximately 2 h 20 min.

Validation of groundinsinuate virtual maps (GPM)

In the present con-over, receiver loose idiosyncraticitys (ROC) incurvation was explanationd to indicate the enterprise of the GPMs effected using the utensiled copys. The area subordinate the ROC incurvation (AUC) shows the power of a restraintecast regularity by representing the power of the regularity to controlebode properly the adventure or non‐adventure of particular “events” (Negnevitsky 2002). The area subordinate the incurvation of ROC ranges from 0 to 1. The indispensable relation among AUC and vaticination success could be tabulateified as justifiable (0.9-1), very amiable (0.8-0.9), amiable (0.7-0.8), balance (0.6-0.7), and drawbacky (0.5-0.6). Domiciled on the revisaler explain, and in arrange to revolve the send-away prizes of the proceeds, brace rules were assigned to the proceeds to folcheap their send-away into statement in the evaluation course. Restraint conducting this effect, median was conducive restraint send-away prizes of the proceeds. Then, rule 2 was assigned to the proceeds with influential send-away than the median prize, period other proceeds were assigned to a rule of 1. Latestly, restraint guarded ROC prizes, prizes of the proceeds with rule 2 were revolveed twice in the anatomy, period other proceeds were revolveed uninterruptedly. This act enhances the rule of the proceeds with loftyer send-aways in the evaluation course.


Assistance vector deed

In the present con-over, indelicate woods of the SVM copy were optimized by cross-validation and GPMs were plotted in ArcGIS 9.3. Domiciled on the terminations, the best SVM with LN wood had a require prize of 0.001. The terminations of PL wood showed that gamma=0.5, require= 0.1, and limit= 2 had the best enterprise. In the occurrence of SVM-SIG, best enterprise was bring-abouted by gamma= 1, and c= 0.01. The terminations of SVM-RBF showed that gamma= 0.5, c= 10 had the best enterprise.

The induced GPMs effected using divergent woods of the SVM are represented in Fig. 5 and Table 2. According to the terminations, cheap, rulerate, lofty, and very lofty tabulatees in GPM effected by SVM-LN fill 15.88, 36.05, 33.75, and 14.32% of the con-aggravate area, honorively. Cheap, rulerate, lofty, and very lofty tabulatees in SVM-PL caggravate 3.38, 22.12, 47.52, and 26.98% of the con-aggravate area, honorively. In the occurrence of SVM-SIG, 22.87, 32.98, 30.50, and 13.64% of the con-aggravate area were attached to the cheap, rulerate, lofty, and very lofty tabulatees, honorively. The terminations of SVM-RBF showed that cheap, rulerate, lofty, and very lofty tabulatees caggravate 22.01, 45.85, 22.39, and 9.74% of the con-aggravate area, honorively.

Casual grove (RF), and genetic algorithm optimized casual grove (RFGA)

As mentioned in the ways exception, brace ways were explanationd to optimize RF copy including caret and genetic algorithm. Latest copy by RF-caret had ntree= 1600, and mtry= 2, period latest copy by RFGA had ntree= 1744, and mtry= 2. The terminations showed that extinguished of bag hallucination restraint RFGA (0.316) was cheaper than its prize restraint RF-caret (0.35%). Too, the terminations of the ROC anatomy showed reform enterprise of RFGA than RF-caret by area subordinate the incurvation of ROC prizes of 86.5, and 85.6, honorively. Revolveing the reform enterprise of the RFGA copy, its terminations abextinguished the signification of conducive certaintyors and latest GPM were represented and the terminations of RF-caret were ignored.

Figure 4 represents the balance subside success, and balance subside Gini obtained by RFGA. According to the balance subside success, loftiness had the loftyest signification, followed by TWI, prosper leaning, and bearing, period the lineament flexion, and contemplation flexion had cheapest signification. On the other laborer, terminations of the balance subside Gini depicted that contemplationt explanation, and lithology were the last influential certaintyors in groundinsinuate virtual mapping. The GPM effected using RFGA is represented in Fig. 5. According to the terminations, cheap, rulerate, lofty, and very lofty tabulatees in GPM effected by RFGA fill 27.2, 32.4, 25.5, and 14.8% of the con-aggravate area, honorively.

Validation of the GPMs

The ROC was conducive restraint full GPMs with proceed’s validation certaintysset. The terminations of AUC-ROC are represented in Fig. 6. AUC-ROC restraint GPMs effected by the utensiled ways in the present con-aggravate ranges from 76.9 to 85.5%. AUC-ROC prizes restraint RF and RFGA were estimated as 84.6, and 85.5%, honorively. AUC-ROC prizes were estimated restraint SVM- LN, SVM-PL, SVM-SIG, and SVM- RBF as 79.3, 77, 77.7, and 76.9%, honorively.


In this exception, the terminations are discussed by three compatpower including (i) the enterprise of the copys, (ii) the signification of the conducive certaintyors, and (iii) the prevention of the GPMs.

The enterprise of the copys:

The terminations showed that RFGA represented reform enterprise than RF-caret. Single of the advantages of GA is the cappower to unfold any optimization example domiciled on chromosome appropinquation; another influential idiosyncraticity of GA is its cappower to laborerle multiple key inquiry quantitys and unfold the example in such an environment (Tabassum and Mathew 2014). These advantages may accept caused RFGA’s reform enterprise in the present con-over.

Also, it can be seen that twain RFs (i.e. RF-caret and RFGA) had reform enterprise than divergent woods of SVM copy. The terminations of divergent SVM woods showed that SVM-LN had the best enterprise, followed by SVM-SIG, SVM-RBF, and SVM-PL; However, their enterprise was congruous. Domiciled on the terminations, it is visible that SVM could be explanationd as an fruitful deed scholarship copy in groundinsinuate virtual mapping. Single of the drawbacks of the SVM relates to the demanded occasion restraint the anatomy. In abstracted, contrariant criteria should be tested in arrange to discbalance the optimum prizes restraint the copying course (Tehrany et al. 2015). However, the conciliateingness of the SVM could be increased by making ensemble copys. In a investigation, Tehrany et al (2015) explanationd an ensemble rules of declaration and SVM copy in inundation mapping. Their terminations proved the conciliateingness and restraintce of the ensemble way aggravate the idiosyncratic ways. There are contrariant virtual reasons restraint hallucination in the certaintyssets utensiled restraint groundinsinuate copying, including gaugement hallucinations, limitations in scene certaintys gathering, sampling partiality, awe. The mentioned hallucinations could assume the aggravatefull success of the SVM copys (Moisen et al. 2006).

The signification of conducive certaintyors in groundinsinuate virtual mapping

The signification of conducive certaintyors was indicated using RFGA as the best copy in the present con-over. Domiciled on the terminations, in entirety, loftiness, TWI, prosper leaning, and prosper bearing were the most conducive certaintyors on groundinsinuate virtual. On the other laborer, contemplation flexion, lineament flexion, contemplationt explanation, and lithology were the last conducive certaintyors on groundinsinuate virtual. A growing substantiality of examine summons the signification of divergent conducive certaintyors in groundinsinuate virtual mapping (Naghibi and Pourghasemi 2015; Rahmati et al. 2016). The terminations of Naghibi and Pourghasemi (2015) showed that loftiness, absence from misdeeds, SPI, and misdeed blindness had the loftyest signification in groundinsinuate virtual mapping. In another investigation, Rahmati et al (2016) depicted that loftiness, drainage blindness, lithology, and contemplationt explanation were the most rule certaintyors on groundinsinuate virtual. Comparing the terminations of the present con-aggravate and the terminations of the brace mentioned investigationes shows that the signification of conducive certaintyors in groundinsinuate virtual mapping is material on the indicator, ways, and hydrological, geological, and climatic provisions of the target area.

The prevention of the GPMs:

With this self-assertion that a reform copy is the single which indicates the lofty and very lofty tabulatees over clearly, a copy with cheaper percent of lofty and very lofty tabulatees area could be over advantageous in insinuate productionss contemplationning and administration. A over cemal GPM could succor insinuate productionss managers to effect reform and over accuscold determinations abextinguished areas restraint documentation and level insinuate stabilisation techniques. According to the terminations, SVM-RBF, and RFGA copys had the cheapest percent of the lofty and very lofty tabulatees with 32.1, and 40.3% of the con-aggravate area, honorively.


In unconcealed, the insinuate turning-point in the 21th senility is abundantly over kindred to administration and contemplationning than to a developed turning-point of dearth and sterileity emphasis. Noncommunication of referable attributable attributableice of insinuate productionss and irrelevant insinuate productionss administration contemplations and strategies accept made insinuate turning-point worse in sterile and semi- sterile compatability. Hence, the principal plod in mismisappropriate contemplationning of insinuate productionss is to comprehend and bring-abquenched referable attributable attributableice of these animate productionss. Groundinsinuate is single of the most influential insinuate productions preparation, specially in sterile and semi- sterile countries with remote noncommunication of insinuate, growing population, and successive sterileitys. Revolveing the mentioned examples and offsprings, in the present con-over, we evaluated the enterprise of divergent woods of SVM copy and brace strategies restraint optimization of RF (i.e. caret and GA). The terminations of the present con-aggravate showed that RFGA had the best enterprise, followed by SVM-LN, SVM-SIG, SVM-RBF, and SVM-PL. The RFGA was successfully utensiled in the present con-over. Too, divergent woods of the SVM were explanationd restraint surrendering GPMs with acceptable enterprises. However, their termination was referable attributable attributable attributable as well-mannered-mannered as RFs enterprise. Furthermore, it can be seen that loftiness, TWI, prosper leaning, and prosper bearing were the most conducive certaintyors in groundinsinuate virtual duty. The wayology effected in the present con-aggravate could be epidemic and tested in other areas restraint surrendering GPMs. As a latest disposal, GPMs could significantly succor insinuate productionss managers and contemplationners restraint reform subordinatestanding of insinuate productionss provisions, documentation, and stabilisation contemplations.

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