Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

As a marketing manager for a national movie chain store, the number of the audience and viewers of the certain movies are useful in creating appropriate meaningful information. The marketing information is necessary information to promote data techniques and mechanisms. This type of information is useful in ensuring that the marketing department creates a targeted audience and market to advertise their movie products. The amount of viewers is usually proportionality to the level of market the movie chain could expect to sell. Thus, the information is critical in projecting future movie sales as well as helping to improving the capacity in the organization.

Operational excellence explains the model of business whereby teamwork and leadership promotes the continuous improvement in the business. This involves promoting the needs of the customers, maintaining positive relationship and continuous improvement of the business activities in the organization. Information systems can help to achieve operational excellence through bringing about an innovative thinking. This helps in creating a sense of focus and purposes. Through the information system, operational excellence model guides in creating customer value and satisfaction. Most importantly, the information systems and processes are critical in improving total quality management and performance in the markets. This explains the need for information systems in supporting operational excellence.

In order to make a Sandwich shop more efficient, it is critical to identify the various types of business processes. These include operational, management and supporting business process. The management process involves rte planning and overall governing of the business. The operational processes are useful in creating value in the business includes the selling of sandwiches to the customers of the business. Supporting are other services useful in making the shop operate better such as accounting and call centers. These business processes are useful in promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sandwich shop. All the business process can be coordinated using information systems. Since, information systems comprises of different tools suited to all business processes.

Better Bodies can apply both marketing and long term strategies of information services in achieving competitive advantage. For instance, the company should use the information services to create awareness and promote the products of the company across the economy. Improved promotion is useful in enhancing the competitive advantage of the company. Since, the company is able to gain an additional market share from applying the information services. Secondly, planning and setting of long term goals could use the information services to instill a sense of direction in the company. This is necessary in improving the overall performance and strategic success that in turn leads to additional competitive advantage.


The main three factors that can prevent a firm from fully realizing the benefits of a new information system include organizational culture, structure and policies. The organizational culture defines the guiding frameworks in the organization. If a company discourages innovation, the new information system might not be success. Secondly, the organizational structure defines the hierarchy or the organization of the management roles into the various departments. For example, the lack of an IT department to promote the new information system might prevent full realization of the IT benefits. Lastly, the presence of conservative policies could also limit the full benefits from the new information systems.


The primary ethical, social and political issues relating to the quality of software product is the privacy guarantee of the products. The software products should well designed to adhere to the privacy requirements in the organization. This involves the software products not infringing the benefits of the company in gaining sustainable performance. The concept of privacy also defines the need for the product to adhere with the industry regulations and requirements. For example, the software must be well designed to fulfill the needs of the company while not causing harm to the company. Therefore, privacy that engulfs the compliance requirements is crucial element in understanding the quality of a software product.

The six main ethical principles include competence, integrity, professional responsibility, respect for people’s rights, concerns for other people and social responsibility. Competence involves acting with education skills acquired. Integrity involves being moral and ethical in your thinking. Professional responsibility involves being accountable for your work. Respect for other is useful in ensuring cooperation in the workplace. Concerns for others involves being watchful of colleagues. Lastly, the social responsibility defines the need for individuals to take part in community initiatives in the society. These six ethical principles are critical in enhancing good conduct in the workplace. This enhances morality and ethical compliance in the society.

An office stationery supply company could use database technologies to achieve low cost leadership. The database technologies help to maintain numerous records and information relating to the customers. This is reduces the costs of recording the customers lists manually. For instance, the database could help in identifying the company’s orders at their specified dates. This would also reduce the number of employees that should be employed by the company. Most importantly, the database technologies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the supply processes and thus, it reduces the overall cost incurred in the organization. These translates to reduced leadership cost in the organization.

The information systems are necessary in improving customer intimacy in the society. Customer intimacy involves the creation of close relationships and interaction with the customers. This practice is critical in instilling customer loyalty and satisfaction in the organization. Some of the information system tools that have been used to enhance customer intimacy include personalized emails and use of social media including facebook and twitter. Such communication approaches using the information systems is important in promoting customer intimacy. The application of the information systems is useful in enhancing a close interaction with the customer in an improved manner. Thus, information system is useful in improving customer intimacy in the markets.

From a network economics perspective, internet technology is useful in the management of information in the organizations. The management of information is critical in enhancing the network technology. Most importantly, internet technology has enhanced sharing of information and data in the organization. For example, the intranet among the office buildings improves connectivity and easy of communication within a company. Apart from all, the WAN helps to connect a large geographical area to indicate the importance of internet technology. For example, the businesses could be able to share online databases reduces the need for manual systems in the organization. Internet technology is also seemed to enhance efficiency.

Anonymity is not the same as privacy. Anonymity is more primitive as people could use the made up user names to take part in negative practices in the society. Anonymity could be classified as an unethical and immoral practice. On the other hand, privacy identifies the situation in which people looks for the security of their private information and data. Thus, privacy is quite different from anonymity which is appears to be wrong. Some of the ethical issues raised by increased anonymity include the fears of immoral practices and cover-ups using the anonymous user names. Most importantly, it also leads a sense of immorality, whereby individuals can create the user names and speak aimlessly.


Various factors influence the design of a database in the small publishing company. First, it is important to consider the hardware and software requirements of the proposed database. This supports the technical capability of the company in developing the new database. Secondly, the costs to be incurred should also be considered into ensuring that the company can afford to set up the database. The presence of skilled personnel should also be considered as it defines the ability of the company to operate and benefits fully form the database. These explain some of the main factors that influence the design of the database.


Businesses use the social networking tools to develop valuable insights, long-term relationships as well as enhancing competitive advantage of the business. For instance, the businesses used the customer information in the social networking sites to market their products as well as building relevant business models to enhance customer change. For example, the businesses use the blogs and social networking sites to develop appropriate CRM applications. Such applications are useful in integrating customer service to promote customer satisfaction in the organization. Most importantly, the application of the social media sites created a link between product development, customer support and marketing departments. This explains the importance of the social media tools on the businesses.
Business process identifies an activity or set of programs and events that helps to achieve particular organizational goals in the organization. Thus, every organization is expected to develop relevant business processes that enhance the productivity and performance of the entire organization. The business processes includes management, operational, and supporting processes. For example, a system of recording and taking patient’s information and data is an example of business process. This is important operational process comprises an important business of the hospitals. The data recording of the patient’s data is crucial in developing the patient’s medical history in developing the operational process in the hospital.

The enterprise systems offer various benefits. First, it leads to the creation of an integrated system in the organization. The integrated organizational approach is useful in promoting processes and workflow and thus, enhancing improved efficiency. Secondly, the systems lead to the improved customer satisfaction. Customers could access information to enhance improved workflow and thus lead to on-time delivery of products and services. The improved quality and minimized delivery times promotes high customer satisfaction. In addition, the system helps to promote the flow of information. Since, it enhanced proper sharing of information among the various departments. The information flow is relevant in promoting communication and improved employee performance. As a result, the enterprise system is an important part of the organizational performance.

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