One of the soldiers tell Lincoln of how he wishes that all men would one day be created equally enough that a black man could one day be a colonel in the army. The second scene opens with a visualization of one of Lincoln recent dreams. Abraham & Mary Lincoln, who is played by Sally Field, have a discussion about this dream along with others and come to the conclusion that it is about the possibility of a new push for the proposed Thirteenth Amendment, abolishing slavery. Next we see a Cabinet meeting which turns to a discussion of the proposed ThirteenthAmendment that includes vigorous objections and other who also surprised Lincoln by saying that they will object against the plan, this causes Lincoln suspect defeat but he intends to continue onward. Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee, Stevens (played by Tommy Lee Jones) hosts a meeting of Radical Republicans to discuss their position on whether or not to hold a new vote for the proposed Thirteenth Amendment and what Lincoln true intentions are.

The Amendment passes in the senate and is then scheduled for the vote of the House of Representative at the end of the month. Iris the president and his wife look for some democrats that they can have go on their side. The morning of the vote is January 31, 1 865, Stevens arrives first on the morning of the vote for the Thirteenth Amendment. The lobby is filled with a couple black people, some Radical Republican senators, Lincoln aides, the Seward lobbyists and Mary Lincoln. The roll call goes on with surprise that some people have decided to switch sides and vote for the amendment instead of against like they were suppose to. It then is announced that the 13th thirteenth amendment will be passed.The scene then cuts to Stevens going home to his black house keeper who we find out is actually his mistress.

The film comes to an end with the president getting ready for a play with Congressman James Ashley and Speaker of the House Schuler Collar are with the president talking about his recent comments on the possibility of allowing blacks to vote. A performance on the stage is interrupted by the announcement that the president has been shot at another theater. The movie finally ends with a flashback to president Lincoln delivering his Second Inaugural Address.The main theme of this movie would be how it shows that ordinary men that have strong beliefs in something can sometimes find the strength to do things that can sometimes end up making a big difference in the future. According to Spielberg in this movie he conveyed that Lincoln and his peers debated about the morals of ending slavery now or ending the war now. Lincoln started gaining and losing votes. People (mostly the south) start looking at this as if African American’s are given freedom then they will most likely start wanting more, then women are next.

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