Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) Model for Wind Farms

A Levelized Consume of Enthusiasm (LCOE) Example ce Twine Farms with Capability Dissipation Compresss (PPAs)

The consume of enthusiasm is an relevant posterity in the earth as clmanage ce renewable enthusiasm instrument is growing. Execution-inveterate enthusiasm converts are designd to maintain the expense of enthusiasm as reprieved as relishly occasion capabilityful the waste ce twain the Suborner and the Dispose-ofer. Expense and waste are repeatedly poised using Capability Dissipation Compresss (PPAs). Gundivided twine is appealable a uniform accoutre spring, in ordain to maintain waste reprieved, twine PPAs comprehpoint clauses that exact the dissipation and sale of the enthusiasm to gravitate amid inferable seasons. Stationary, the creature of those seasons composes urgency on expenses, causing acceptions in the Levelized Consume of Enthusiasm (LCOE). Halting on the shift in volume constituent (CF), the capability generator (the Dispose-ofer) may acee that the seasonations on capability dissipations exactd by the advantageousness (the Suborner) are appealable permissive and succeed remainder in loftier consumes of enthusiasm than prognosticateed. True LCOE examples do appealable select into representation enthusiasm dissipation seasonations or shifts in enthusiasm origination when careful an LCOE. The defy discourseed in this brochure is that the expense register in a PPA is stable using the LCOE supposing by the Dispose-ofer, excepting the enthusiasm pointowment seasons imposed amid the PPA contact the LCOE in ways that are appealable accommodated by true examples.

A odd consume example has been plain to evaluate the expense of electricity from twine enthusiasm inferior a PPA convert. This brochure presents a order that an enthusiasm Dispose-ofer can correction to unfold an missppoint Consume of Enthusiasm (COE) inveterate on hankerd enthusiasm pointowment quantities. The odd consume example can then be correctiond as a premise ce enhancement an missppoint PPA expense register. During the PPA gains, LCOE is congenial and correctiond by the dispose-ofer to detail an missppoint COE ce each distribute-among-among of enthusiasm that gravitates amid the provisions coercionmal amid the convert. As the COE isnegotiated and stable to be to-boot violent or to-boot reprieved by either border, the PPA provisions are oddlightfangled to adlawful ce the hankerd PPA expenses. PPA enthusiasm dissipation seasonations can shift the LCOE by as ample as a constituent of brace halting on the enthusiasm seasonations. The impression of the example on continueent twine farms exhibitions that the express LCOE halts on the seasonations on enthusiasm dissipation amid a PPA convert as well-behaved-mannered-mannered as the expected execution characteristics associated with twine farms.

Consume of Enthusiasm (COE) graces a superior interest ce the open and utilities as the clmanage ce capability from renewable enthusiasm springs, such as twine, acceptions. Utilities may grace averse to dissipation further renewable enthusiasm than they are exactd to dissipation if the COE is to-boot violent. COE is the express consume to suborn enthusiasm occasion LCOE is the shatter-common consume to engender the enthusiasm. The LCOE is a invariably true apportionment of the Aggregate Life-Cycle Consume (TLCC) ce each distribute-among-among of enthusiasm executed in the age of a device[1].

In adduction to the acception in the correction of renewable enthusiasm springs, there is an acception in the correction of PPAs ce integral springs of enthusiasm. PPAs are Execution-Inveterate Converts (PBCs) that manage to compose a “fair” compress ce the dissipation and sale of enthusiasm among a advantageousness (the Suborner) and a generator (the Dispose-ofer). The correction of PPAs has been increasing abquenched the earth and they are invariably correctiond in Europe, the U.S., and in Latin America. In Germany singular, offshore twine devices with PPAs aggregateed poise 1.2 GW in volume in 2013[2]. In the U.S. there continueed a aggregate of 29,632 MW of volume in 343 verified or intentional PPAs in 2014-2015[3]. Among 2008 and 2016, 650 MW of odd volume was verified in the U.S. and in 2015 the correction of PPAs in the U.S. grew to 1.6 GW[4]. In Latin America, the council typically awards PPAs. In 2014, the council of Peru awarded PPAs to devices with a aggregate of 232 MW of volume[5]. `

PPAs correction an LCOE apportionment to detail a inferable expense of enthusiasm, ample relish a trutination hawk enthusiasm convert[1]. Stationary, Suborners in a PPA can compose provisions that season the annual dissipation of enthusiasm, thereby solemn the express LCOE. Suborners can compose a season ce the reserve annual size of enthusiasm that needs to be delivered and/or the apex size that enthusiasm succeed be bought at liberal expense. The PPA convert seasons compose penalties; a figure is incurred when the Dispose-ofer does appealable gravitate amid the enthusiasm pointowment exactments. In a regular enthusiasm convert (such as a trutination hawk convert, a trade hawk convert, and in a PPA), the LCOE is congenial poise the time of the convert and enthusiasm is dissipationd as it arrives at the agreed upon sharp-point of pointowment. PPAs are correctiond to divide and convert the wastes of pretended consumes, stationary, in some plights the consumes are appealable representationed ce amid LCOE examples.

Usual LCOE examples involve integral the consumes associated with an enthusiasm device. PPAs discourse and delineation the cardinal consumes, performanceal consumes poise the age of the device, the enthusiasm executed, tribute praises, and the weighted balance consume of cardinal (WACC) amid a inequitable device.[2] The National Renewable Enthusiasm Laboratory (NREL) and others possess plain and correctiond LCOE examples that typically ponder integral or most of these parameters [6][7][8]. The provisions of the PPA are relevant becacorrection they compose consumes that interest the express LCOE. Stationary, present LCOE examples do appealable involve the outcomes of the enthusiasm pointowment seasons and their figure consumes imposed by PPAs as a consume to the twine farms. If the LCOE does appealable contemplate the shatter-common consume, the Dispose-ofer wastes the device’s neglect and the Suborner wastes the cefeiture in advantage from appealable providing sufficient enthusiasm to its point-correction consumers. A further servile LCOE could nullify the neglect of a twine farm and blessing the Dispose-ofer, the Suborner, and consumers.

In this brochure, a odd LCOE example is designed to discourse the PPA annual enthusiasm pointowment seasons, which we appeal to as penalties. Although the impression of penalties as a consume appears to be undesigning (becacorrection of their frequented and infrequented consumes to the Dispose-ofer), the penalties are further involved to excite when uncertainties are introduced. The disconcord among the LCOE with and extraneously penalties can be symbolical (beware the Twine Farm Plight Examine). The outcome of penalties on the LCOE can shift halting on the volume constituent (CF), the shift in CF, as well-behaved-mannered-mannered as the seasons on the dissipation of enthusiasm. Determining the best seasons in a PPA halts on the needs of the Suborner in enumeration with a hanker ce a COE that contemplates the express LCOE ce the Dispose-ofer amid the convert. This brochure unfolds a order that provides a to-bootl that the Dispose-ofer can correction to transact penalties and an missppoint COE amid their PPAs.

PPAs specify complete side of the device including: the provisions ce the full device’s explanation, performance and subsistence (O&M), insurance, the intercommunity and grid, council involvement in the device, the pointowment of enthusiasm, and any other third border involvement in the device[9]. Each of these sides is a fullegiance of the Dispose-ofer that interests the consume of the twine farm. Regularly, PPAs are viewed as lawful the analogy among the advantageousness (Buyer) and the generator (Seller), stationary, this brochure views the PPA as a guile with inequitable features specifyd ce the prosperity of the twine farm and integral distribute-amongies compromised.

During the gain of the PPA, the tediousness of the compress, the PPA expense and the expense register are stable[10]. Integral the consumes stable during gains are re-examinationed to abuse the LCOE ce the healthy device and then the LCOE is correctiond to detail a inferable treasure ce each distribute-among-among of enthusiasm. The gain of the COE and PPA provisions is iterated until twain distribute-amongies are content. If the COE is to-boot violent, the provisions are transactd to descpoint the consume and if the provisions compose extra consumes the COE is transactd to a loftier treasure. Although the PPA attempts to cpoise integral the consumes in the convert, the usual LCOE examples correctiond do appealable ponder the penalties on annual enthusiasm pointowment seasons as a consume. The design of creating annual enthusiasm pointowment exactments is to be inferable to the Suborner who selects on waste in acquiring denying advantages by annexation a odd convert. The Suborner may appealable neglect to suborn further dear and unpredictable renewable enthusiasm, excepting may be exactd to by renewable enthusiasm exactments coercionmal by the council. This leads the Suborner to compose seasons on the size of enthusiasm they are succeeding to dissipation. Stationary, the consumes associated with these penalties are to-boot a waste that could acception the LCOE extraneously increasing the COE or the PPA expense. Thus, causing a cefeiture in advantage ce the Dispose-ofer. The outcome of penalties must be pondered amid the LCOE to fix the inferableness in the convert.

In some plights, PPAs compose reserve enthusiasm pointowment exactments. If there is appealable sufficient enthusiasm entity supposing by the Dispose-ofer, then the Suborner has to face ce enthusiasm elsewhere at, maybe, defect-trade expenses. Defect-trade expenses shift daily (hourly) attributable to changing clmanage ce enthusiasm – suborning and dispose-ofing enthusiasm on the defect trade is a waste that neither the Suborner nor the Dispose-ofer eagerness to be laagered to. The Suborner composes the reserve enthusiasm pointowment exactment to convert their waste and the Dispose-ofer has to agricultural at the PPA COE ce complete distribute-among-among of enthusiasm inferior-delivered. Appealable integral PPAs possess reserve enthusiasm exactments and some that possess a reserve exactment to-boot possess a apex enthusiasm pointowment exactment. The apex enthusiasm pointowment exactment has been correctiond in locations that possess renewable enthusiasm exactments mandated by customers or the council (and the Suborners would appealable incorrectly dissipation enthusiasm from renewable springs attributable to loftier consumes, e.g., the Distribute-amonged States). Amid a PPA, there are three incongruous exactments the Suborner can institute unintermittently the Dispose-ofer has delivered the apex enthusiasm pointowment season anteriorly the point of the converted time. The Suborner could exact that the enthusiasm engenderd canreferable be sold, the enthusiasm could be sold at a duty of the COE, or the enthusiasm could be sold in the defect-market. Twain the defect-trade and twine enthusiasm origination are unpredictable. Enthusiasm could be executed during a time of very reprieved clmanage and as such reprieved defect-trade expenses would employ (e.g., at a gang of the LCOE).

Although twine farms possess enthusiasm that is bought and remunerated ce monthly, the express proceeds is congenial at the point of the year. At the point of each year, the Dispose-ofer’s representation is re-examinationed ce figure consumes and the poise dissipation of enthusiasm to reform the representation poise. It is relevant to appealablee that the LCOE example needs to re-examination the annual CF and appealable the monthly CF and enthusiasm stock to detail the express LCOE of a twine farm attributable to the PPA billing provisions usual aloft.[3]

The levelized consume of enthusiasm, to-boot unreserved the levelized consume of electricity, or the levelized enthusiasm consume, is an economic tribute of the balance aggregate consume to build and work a capability-generating government poise its age separated by the aggregate capability engenderd of the government poise that age. LCOE is repeatedly correctiond as an choice to the balance expense that the capability generating government must entertain in a trade to shatter common poise its age. LCOE is a primeval-ordain economic tribute of the consume competitiveness of an electricity-generating government that bonds integral consumes poise its age representationing ce the primal bombardment, the O&M consume, the consume of fuel, and the consume of cardinal.

The restriction of LCOE is the consume that, if asverified to complete distribute-among-among of enthusiasm executed by the government poise the resolution time, succeed common the Aggregate Life-Cycle Consume (TLCC) when remittanceed purpose to the dishonorable year [1][1],


where discrete compounding is productive, Ei is the size of enthusiasm executed in year i, r is the WACC (or remittance rebuke), and n is the peculiare of years poise which the LCOE is congenial. E in year i is congenial as,


where RP is rebuked capability, and CFiis the balance volume constituent in year i. The TLCC in this example can be amplifyed as [11],


where I is the primal bombardment, and the Present Treasure of the aggregate O&M consumes (PVOM) is fond by[11],


where OMi is the O&M consumes in year i. LCOE is an equation that assigns a treasure ce complete distribute-among-among executed during the fond age of a device. Traditionally, PPAs discuss the convert tediousness as the healthy age of the device, making short-term PPAs further dear than long-term[11][12].

Gundivided LCOE is by restriction uniform unintermittently congenial, it can be constituented quenched of the peculiaremation in Equation (1) and the LCOE is fond as,


Although the denominator of Equation (5) appears to be remittanceing the enthusiasm (and some authors possess fulfill it as such), the remittanceing is expressly a remainder of the algebra carried through from Equation (1) in which proceedss were remittanceed (enthusiasm is appealable remittanceed, merely consume can be remittanceed).

Inveterate on the beginning of LCOE, the LCOE example must incorporebuke integral financial parameters that assist to the TLCC. Fond this restriction, this brochure presents a example that involves PPA penalties in the TLCC.

Several LCOE examples presently continue and are correctiond to detail inferable expenses ce twine enthusiasm. NREL corrections SAM (Government Advisor Example) to abuse the LCOE using twine farm grounds ce PPAs[7]. Equation 6shows the LCOE example correctiond in SAM


where CPEi is the consume to engender enthusiasm in year i and each parameter is fond in the ith year.In the SAM example, the LCOE is congenial inveterate on expected coin glides ce O&M and cardinal expenditures. Although coin freprieved is relevant ce determining the express coin spent and consumes compromised in a twine farm device, SAM does appealable know-again the implementation of penalties or tribute praises in its twine LCOE example[7]. The SAM example does abuse a PPA expense amid its financial example that involves tribute praises, excepting the PPA expense is merely a remittanceed treasure from the congenial LCOE and does appealable ponder penalties.

Common to SAM, the most invariably correctiond LCOE examples do appealable involve tribute praises, origination cefeiturees, or penalties. Some LCOE examples, such as Equation (7)[8],


distinctly involve the restraintthcoming consumes: fuel consume (F), origination tribute praise (PTC), diminution (D), tribute exact (T), and royalties (R).[4] Equation (7) know-agains that the tribute praises convert consumes, excepting it does appealable know-again PPA penalties as a consume. Other examples, such as Equation (8)[6],


where CRF is the cardinal redemption constituent, ponder the LCOE as a frequented device consume and appealable the peculiare of TLCC of twine farms, which should involve tribute praises and PPA figure consumes in the TLCC. PPAs typically ponder tribute praises as a distribute-among-among of LCOE as bewaren in the Delmarva-Bluewater PPA[13] and distinctly in Equation (7). Stationary, amid PPAs, the LCOE apportionment does appealable ponder the consume of penalties in the life-cycle consume.

Present LCOE examples do appealable ponder integral the consume parameters in a twine farm managed via a PPA. PPAs may specify a apex annual enthusiasm pointowment size, a reserve annual enthusiasm pointowment size, twain of these seasons, or neither. The enthusiasm pointowment seasons are consume parameters that are typically appealable pondered in a usual LCOE example. The provisions generally folreprieved the government that succeeding the apex pointowment is reached, enthusiasm succeed no longer is dissipationd by the Suborner, the enthusiasm succeed be sold at a convertd expense, or it succeed be sold on the defect-market[14]. This is generally pondered a consume/figure ce the Dispose-ofer gundivided they miss some treasure of the enthusiasm that is executed succeeding the apex pointowment size is reached. Commonly, there is a frequented consume/figure in the reserve enthusiasm pointowment specifyd in the PPA, as complete distribute-among-among of inferior-executed enthusiasm must be remunerated purpose at the agreed upon COE. We example the reserve pointowment figure inveterate on the PacifiCorp exhaust PPA, which compromised the liquidated wages from quenchedput shortfall[15].

In Fig. 1, the Apex and Reserve enthusiasm seasons demonstrebuke how the penalties are applied. Each year that the enthusiasm origination is aloft or bereprieved the seasons as exhibitionn in Fig. 1, the figure is applied.

The odd example contemplates the consumes of enthusiasm origination that is aloft the apex or bereprieved the reserve enthusiasm pointowment seasons. The example begins with an true LCOE example (Equation (7)) and alters it to involve the pointowment penalties and tribute praises.The consume ce inferior-delivering enthusiasm (PN), is the disconcord among the enthusiasm that was engenderd and delivered (E) and the inception ce the reserve figure (Minlim)inveterate on expected enthusiasm origination (Pexp). E is congenial by,


where Eiis the peculiare of integral the enthusiasm executed in the twine farm from N turbines in year i, CFi,j is the balance volume constituent in year i ce turbine j, and RPj is the rebuked capability of turbine j. Using this apportionment ce enthusiasm, the origination cefeiture and the figure from the reserve enthusiasm pointowment season can be congenial. PN is then congenial by,


In Equation (10), Minlim is last duty of expected enthusiasm origination (Pexp) that the Suborner exacts. The design of the reserve season is ce the blessing of the Suborner. The Suborner expects a reserve size of enthusiasm to acee the claims of the consumers. If the enthusiasm does appealable acee the exactment, then the Suborner has to go to an quenchedside spring (e.g., the defect-market) and succeed may possess to dissipation enthusiasm at a loftier consume, which the Suborner succeed exact the Dispose-ofer to requite them ce. Commonly, the origination cefeiture (PL) is the disconcord among the enthusiasm that was engenderd (E) in that year and the inception ce the apex figure (Maxlim) inveterate on the Pexp.

(1-PPAterm) (11)

In Equation (11), Maxlimis the largest duty of expected enthusiasm origination that the Suborner is succeeding to dissipation. PN is merely applied during the years that express enthusiasm origination is near than the size of enthusiasm stable by MinlimPexp,when EilimPexp. PL is merely applied when the enthusiasm executed exceeds the size of enthusiasm stable by MaxlimPexp,when Ei>MaxlimPexp. PPA­­­­term is a duty that represents the cast of figure placed on the Dispose-ofer succeeding the apex enthusiasm season has been reached. In a PPA with no quenchedside dispose-of liberty the PPAterm has a treasure of0. When integral the enthusiasm is dissipationd by the Suborner regardnear of the season the PPAtermis 1 and ce-this-infer PL is never applied.[5]

The LCOE example including integral the unaccounted ce consume capriciouss that continue in PPAs is fond by,


where PL and PN are merely compromised in the aggregate figure consume (Pen) when the congenial consume in either of those capriciouss in a year is further than $0. In Equation (12) the peculiares in the numerator and denominator set-out at i = 0 inferior the arrogance that the bombardment consume (Ii) comes from a diminution register. In the plight where the PPA integralows ce the Suborner to dispose-of into the defect-market, the PL be a denying treasure. The Peni in year i is the peculiare of the origination cefeiture and the figure consume,


and the tribute praise in year i (TCi) is fond by,


where integral casts of tribute praises that can be applied to a twine farm are compromised (beware nomenclature ce inequitable tribute praise contributions). Twain of the Pen and the TC deppoint on the provisions imposed by the PPA.

A controlled examine of twine farms was conducted to test the outcomes of CF shift and enthusiasm pointowment exactments on the LCOE. LCOEs were congenial inveterate on disgusting casts of PPAs ce farms with an annual CF that ranged in decreasing and increasing in dutys of 0 to 0.4 of the balance CF abquenched the balance CF of 0.4. The disgusting casts of PPAs are: a PPA with lawful a reserve figure, a PPA with lawful a apex figure where no enthusiasm can be bought aloft the season, a PPA with lawful a apex figure where the enthusiasm is dissipationd at a duty of 0.1 (PPAterm= 0.1) of the COE treasure ce each distribute-among-among of enthusiasm aloft the season (the treasure of PPAterm= 0.1 was inveterate on the Pakistan PPA[17]), and a PPA with lawful a apex figure where the enthusiasm aloft the apex enthusiasm pointowment season has to be sold into the defect-market. Although the balance CF = 0.4 is the identical in integral the plights pondered, the COE ce each twine farm is incongruous gundivided the LCOE differs ce each twine farm attributable to the shifts in CF. The consumes and enthusiasm executed in each year varies, thus creating disagreements in the remittanceed aggregate consumes ce each farm in the years that the CF varies. Each LCOE was congenial ce a space of 5 years. The restraintthcoming grounds was correctiond to abuse the LCOE,

I = $1500 per inveterate kW[18]

OM = $0.01 per kWh executed[18]

F = $0[8]

TC = $0.05 per kWh sold[19]

r = 0.089 per year[20]

COE = Congenial LCOE from a PPA extraneously penalties[21]

I, although exhibitionn as a undivided treasure, is a treasure that is depreciated poise the age of the twine farm and shifts ce complete year i. The COE in a PPA is generally congenial from an LCOE that does appealable ponder pointowment penalties as a consume. Ce this infer, the consume congenial from penalties in the odd example corrections the congenial LCOE (ce an peculiar twine farm) inferior a PPA extraneously penalties as the COE. Pexpis congenial as the balance annual expected enthusiasm origination from a inequitable farm. In these plights the expected enthusiasm origination is congenial using a CF of 0.4 ce complete year as Danish twine farms balanced 0.41 in 2012 and NREL has prognosticateed that among 2005 and 2030, twine farms succeed be unimpeded at volume constituents among 0.36 and 0.43[22]. Ei is congenial using a CF that is inveterate on the variability abquenched the balance CF. The treasures of Minlim, Maxlim,and Ei, are then correctiond to congenial penalties.

CF shift is the duty of enthusiasm that is executed in year i that gravitates abquenched the balance CF of a device. Fig. 2 demonstrates this outcome with brace farms that possess an balance CF of 0.4 and a rebuked capability of 2000 kW poise 5 years. Twine farm 1 in this plight has a CF shift of 0.05, this media that 0.05 further enthusiasm is executed in undivided year and 0.05 near is executed in another. Twine farm 2 in Fig. 2is common as it portrays a CF shift of 0.15. The algorithm correctiond in this examine treasured year 2 as the “unexpected” loftier CF year and year 4 as the reprieveder than “expected” CF year. It is relishly to shift the algorithm ce other registers of uncertainty that would yield incongruous remainders and to shape the register further involved with unpremeditated shifts in unpremeditated years.

In integral of the LCOE reality tests, the LCOE prospers a common curve. Fig. 3 exhibitions the remainders from a PPA with merely a reserve enthusiasm pointowment season. In this plight, as the duty of expected enthusiasm origination acceptions, further enthusiasm is relishly to gravitate bereprieved the annual exactment, thus increasing the LCOE. The shift in CF details the size bereprieved the reserve that the enthusiasm can gravitate to and how ample the figure consume succeed be to the Dispose-ofer. The superior the shift, the further relishly the LCOE succeed be outcomeed by the reserve enthusiasm pointowment seasons.

Fig. 4shows a PPA where unintermittently the enthusiasm goes aloft the apex annual enthusiasm pointowment exactment that enthusiasm can be sold into the defect-market. The defect trade is reserved to prognosticate, ce-this-infer this examine correctiond defect-trade expenses from 2014 fond by the EIA and correctiond a Monte-Carlo artifice to unpremeditatedly unfold a regular distribution with a balance of $52.32 and a trutination discontinuance of 38.75. Those treasures were then correctiond to detail an expected treasure ce the PPAtermduty correctiond in the yield the origination cefeiture apportionment. In Fig. 4 the PPAterm = 1.1, which media that it was cheaper to dispose-of into the defect-trade then to dispose-of to the Suborner inferior the PPA convert (i.e., “cheaper to dispose-of” media further coin ce the Dispose-ofer).[6] The remainders from Fig. 4 exhibition that the LCOE descends when further enthusiasm is sold into the defect-trade inferior these provisions. As the exactd enthusiasm duty acceptiond, merely violent shift farms possess a reprieveder LCOE becacorrection they are stationary submissive aloft the apex enthusiasm pointowment season and dispose-ofing into the further advantageable defect-market.

Fig. 5 and 6 exhibition very common curves ce brace incongruous PPAs. Fig. 5contains remainders from a PPA with a PPA­term= 0.1 and Fig. 6contains remainders from a PPA with no quenchedside dispose-of liberty. Fig. 5allows ce enthusiasm to be dissipationd succeeding the apex enthusiasm pointowment season has been reached, excepting merely at PPAterm = 0.1 the treasure of the COE. This media that origination cefeiture is 0.9 of the COE ce each distribute-among-among of enthusiasm executed aloft the apex enthusiasm pointowment season. Fig. 6 is common becacorrection the origination cefeiture is the healthy COE treasure ce each distribute-among-among of enthusiasm sold aloft the apex enthusiasm pointowment exactment becacorrection integral the enthusiasm executed aloft the apex season canreferable be sold, excepting is stationary entity executed. Twain figures exhibition that as the Maxlimis acceptiond, balanceing that the apex enthusiasm pointowment exactment is increasing, near enthusiasm is entity executed quenchedside of the season. Loftier shifts in the CF are further outcomeed by the Maxlim than those with near shift. The merely disconcord among Fig. 5and Fig. 6 is that in Fig. 5 the LCOE treasures are distributeially reprieveder than those in Fig. 6 This is attributable to the reprieved treasure ce the PPAterm.

A artifice was incline to detail the remaindering LCOEs from the disgusting incongruous PPA libertys. The primeval is a PPA with no enthusiasm pointowment seasons, where the enthusiasm is bought and sold as it is executed. The primeval cast of PPA contemplates a usual LCOE where the PPA enthusiasm pointowment seasons are appealable applied. The prevent PPA has lawful a reserve pointowment season, the third has lawful a apex pointowment seasons, and the disgustingth PPA has twain pointowment seasons. Continueent grounds was unmoved from 7 incongruous twine farms (Table 1[23]) that multigenous in the peculiare of turbines, manufacturer, year built, rebuked capability and dominion (Germany or Denmark). To disencumber the disagreements in consumes abutting the twine farms, the identical consume capricious treasures correctiond in the example reality tests were correctiond. The merely disconcord in consumes correctiond from the example reality tests and the twine farm plight examine is that the twine farm plight examine corrections a agricultural COE ce each farm at $0.25 per kWh, inveterate on NREL’s violentest expected COE[24]. These twine farms compared the disgusting incongruous PPA casts with a agricultural Maxlim = 0.75 and a Minlim = 0.52.[7] The LCOE of each turbine was congenial from the peculiare of LCOE consumes at the point of 5 years. Fig. 7 exhibitions the disagreements in the LCOEs inveterate on the incongruous annual enthusiasm pointowment exactments and the adoption of penalties that were applied. Each twine farm was fond a peculiare becacorrection the fond grounds did appealable comprehpoint the call of the farms and merely serial peculiares ce the turbines to fulfill that the turbines were a distribute-among-among of the identical farm.

The remainders exhibition that in most grounds coercionmals, occasion using the identical Maxlimand/or Minlim parameters, lawful having a apex figure executed LCOEs closest to the LCOEs with no penalties. The remainders to-boot exhibitioned that LCOEs with twain penalties or those with lawful reserve penalties executed loftier LCOEs. Inveterate on the remainders from the example reality tests, ce twine farms with the identical turbine casts and year concocted, it can be productive that the incongruous clusters of LCOEs are principled by the disagreements in CF. Reprieveder CFs cacorrection larger disagreements among a PPA with lawful a apex figure and a PPA with lawful a reserve figure as executed by twine farm groundssets 1 and 2. Occasion groundssets 4 and 7 exhibition closer clusters of LCOE attributable to loftier CFs that near constantly gravitate bereprieved the inception ce the reserve annual enthusiasm pointowment season, excepting further constantly possess origination cefeiture by submissive enthusiasm aloft the apex annual enthusiasm pointowment season.

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