Jawahir Oman was established in 1977, and is known as one of Oman’s most prestigious jewellery brand

Background Jawahir Oman was established in 1977, and is known as one of Oman’s most prestigious jewellery brand. Over the years, Jawahir Oman has successfully transformed its business by making its own products. The main source of profitability and recognition is the local market. However, it has also started to gain attention of customer in key markets in the GCC region.
Beside its own range of jewellery, Jawahir Oman also represents range of the finest wristwatches and jewellery houses from some of the most prestigious international brands. These include Ulysse Nardin, Corum, Eterna, Porche Design, Tiffany & Co., Roberto Coin, and many more.
Situation Analysis Over the past years, Jawahir Oman has been enjoying market monopoly when it comes to luxury jewellery and watches with exclusive representation of world leading brands. Investments were mostly made on agencies that were operational many years. However, investments made were high, but with too many brands under its portfolio. It spread very thin across the board and was not enough to protect its position and market share. With globalisation, the competition started to rise and Jawahir Oman started to loose agencies due to conflict and exclusivity.
Over 10 years ago, Jawahir Oman started to manufacture in very small scale and limited quantities its own jewellery products inspired from the local tradition and rich culture of Oman. The range of products was exclusive due to the limited capacity of the factory and the niche audience who could afford such products. Over the years, its product line-up started to gain much interest with very limited marketing. Currently, most of its customers are return customers who have prior interaction with the business.
On the other hand, agencies and brands represented by Jawahir Oman were not preforming well due to higher competition and lower profit margin. This has led the business to invest more and more on its own line-up and expand the manufacturing.
Repositioning Jawahir Oman has positioned the future its business through the expansion of its in house line. Therefore, the company will continue the investment of its own brand and expand the range of products and widen its customer base. In the past two years, Jawahir Oman started participating in selected regional jewellery exhibition to test the acceptance of its products on regional basis and the response was very promising.
The board recently decided to restructure the business and move out international agencies to focus exclusively on expanding its operation regionally and internationally (in the long-term). It started targeting consumers with high disposable incomes and strong purchasing power despite economic fluctuations.
Its aim was to maintain the exclusivity and prestige of Jawahir Oman and sell intricate designs and good quality jewellery to middle and upper-middle class customers who can afford to spend USD USD 3000 and above on diamond jewellery in 18k gold.
Jawahir Oman Brand Equity: To achieve the ambitious plan of the business, we need to differentiate from all other jewellery brands. Building a brand reflect the tradition and culture of our region will have to be a key driving principal to our success. It will be achieved through:
– Strong regional presence: Our aim is to grow the market and customer base by opening strategically located stores in the region. Our physical presence will be supported by our online stores, B2B and wholesale distributions.
– Quality and innovative style: One of our key strengths, is our commitment to produce quality style we known for. We maintain very strict quality control policies and source materials from reputable and reliable sources.
– Marketing and Branding: It is crucial we expand our marketing activities and try to differentiate ourselves from the competition by creating disruptive communications reflect the values of our business and our story that are routed back to our tradition and culture.
– Recruitment and Training: Our employees are our greatest assets of the business. We will continue to invest to groom and retain our valued employees. The expansion of the business will create an opportunity with greater exposure to our products and our talents behind the success of the business. This also require from us to ensure we have the appropriate training programs that will qualify them to meet our future business needs (Le Monkhouse, Barnes, and Ute 647).
– Supply Chain: We understand the risk on the supply chain once we expand regionally. We need to cultivate extensive relationships with producers to achieve greater control and ensure sufficient capacity to meet future demands (Booth 1).
– Intellectual Property Rights: To maintain our image and investment in R&D to position Jawahir Oman as a reputable and exclusive jewellery manufacturer, we need to protect our intellectual property rights. Key growth Strategies:
– Selective regional expansion and distribution without compromising our brand value. – Enhance customer awareness through disruptive marketing programmes. – Increase our productivities by growing our sales through targeted advertising and marketing activities. – Improving our operating margins through efficiency in product sourcing, manufacturing, designing, distribution and controlling selling, general and administrative expenses.
– Continue to invest in product development by introducing new design collections and expand existing lines to attract medium to high-end customers. – Improve our service standard by ensuring superior shopping experience. Point of Difference (POD)
– High Quality Fine Jewellery – Availability of Bespoke Services – Inspired by regional cultural and tradition – Strong focus on Customer Service Benefits to customers Jawahir Oman will be providing its customers with quality, original Omani handcrafted jewellery. Following benefits will be delivered to its customers:
– Lineup: Different range of Jewellery types, creation and sizes. – Accessibility: Customers can purchase Jawahir Oman products through its own stores, exhibitions and exclusive shop-in-shop outlets. – Customer service: Well-trained and experienced staff are key to our growth success.
– Highest quality: All Jawahir Oman products are made by hand and used the best precious stones (Wiedmann and Hennigs 1). Brand Strength Internal: – Clarity: Jawahir Oman is clear on its values and benefit to the customers. Jawahir Oman understands the desired image that it would like to project to the customers. The idealized image is projected through the advertising and branding activities.
– Commitment: The management and staff are committed to the brand as is manifested in the long history of consistency over the years it has been operational.
http://effectivephilanthropy.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/AssessingPerformance_RWJF.pdf 47%
– Commitment: The management and staff are committed to the brand as is manifested in the long history of consistency over the years it has been operational.
Organisational beliefs have remained the relatively static over the years.
http://www.qualitative-research.net/index.php/fqs/article/view/903/1970 88%
http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/10286630701556506?scroll=top&needAccess=true 75%
http://www.bch.nhs.uk/sites/bch/files/document_files/diversity_annual_report_2012.pdf 75%
Organisational beliefs have remained the relatively static over the years.
– Responsiveness: Jawahir Oman has been very responsive to customer needs. Able to meet highest needs and deliver unique and exclusive services reflect the strong relationship the brand has with its high-end customers.
External: – Relevance: Jawahir Oman pricing strategy and product quality is commensurate with the needs of the market segment that it targets. – Authenticity: Jawahir Oman is authentic since it has maintained the value of internal truth all the time. The establishment also enjoys high rate of popularity among the local community. The consistent delivery of the products that meet and sometimes exceed the customer’s expectations increases the authenticity of the organisation.
– Differentiation: Jawahir Oman uses a unique design as a source of differentiation from the rest of the jewellers (Kumara and Kumar 2). – Consistency: Jawahir Oman has been always consistent with its quality and unique style of products. This enabled the brand to create unique positioning in the market (Kumaran, Moses and Kannan 1).
Jawahir Oman value proposition? JO Product Competitive advantage • Stunning & Timeless Designs inspired by the region heritage and culture • Ability to design, manufacture and market our own products (complete control of production and value chain)
• Admired & Respected Name Associated with High-End jewellery & Unique gifts of Excellent Quality and Craftsmanship • Heritage Collection, Majliya Collection, Arabian Collection have good potential for acceptance in regional markets • Own Factory with Jewellery-smiths
• Full-time talented Jewellery Designers Product Excellence • JO is completely dedicated to innovation and quality. • Our customers have come to expect high-quality and unique products from us • The jeweller is committed to the development of new products through the embracement of continuous improvement.
• The jeweller pursues price leadership at all times. Operational Excellence • We are focused on operational excellence so that we can offer the best products and designs • We are striving at introduction of new products while meeting sale volume targets.
• Every part of our value chain from showrooms to factory has adopted a process based system Customer Intimacy • The company sells personalized jewellery as opposed to the conventional off the shelf products which meet the needs of the customers.
• JO’s is committed to development of a full understanding of the customers in terms of their tastes and preferences. • The sales team lives up to the sales mantra through the delivery of unique service at all times.
Market segmentation We have defined non-overlapping market segments, according to customer groups, and their related purchase behaviour. We have initially categorised our target segments into mostly women married and unmarried groups. Married are targeted with high-end bespoke products; while unmarried aged 15 to 30 are those who aspire to have exclusive mid to high end range premium jewellery.
Jewellery Market Growth The jewellery industry promises a profitable future owing to the annual growth of sales by 5-6 percent. The above factor is linked to the human desire to have a unique object (Hennigs, Wiedmann and Klarmann 85). Younger customers are also more concerned with the aesthetics drawn from craftsmanship. The new interest has contributed to the sustained growth (Linda, Nathalie & Thomas,1).
Competition I have selected the two main competitors of Jawahir Oman in the region. 1) Damas , and 2) joyalukkas – on a basis of similar product offerings, and the target market (GCC).
1- DAMAS: About Damas Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Damas is one of the Middle East’s leading international jewellery and
http://uae.damasjewellery.com/about-us 100%
http://www.yasmall.ae/Storedetails.aspx?R=1&Id=354 88%
http://www.localaduae.com/c/l-df-01-03-00044235-damas-jewellery-41458/ 88%
http://www.bayt.com/en/company/damas-international-limited-1387447/ 100%
http://www.kuwaitlocal.com/business/damas-hawally-1 94%
http://alldubai.ae/dubai/damas-jewellery-store-dubai-mall/ 94%
http://careers.aipla.org/jobseeker/search/results/?str=151&add=internship&max=25&exclude=1188241360&sort=loc&keywords=Assistant or Associate Professor in Public Administration&long=1&kfields=pos&vnet=0 94%
1- DAMAS: About Damas Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Damas is one of the Middle East’s leading international jewellery and
watch retailer. Founded in 1907, today there are about 300 stores in the Middle East, most of which are located in the GCC region.
http://uae.damasjewellery.com/about-us 100%
http://jobs.austinjobs.com/jobseeker/job/29346137/SENIOR ACCOUNTANT, RECEPTIONIST, DELIVERY MEN AND WOMEN/DAMAS GROUP/?str=1&max=25&long=1&vnet=0 80%
http://careers.cooperative.com/jobseeker/search/results/?str=26&inco=Orlando Health&max=25&exclude=1191693796&sort=loc&keywords=Journeyman or Apprentice Lineman&vnet=0&kfields=pos&long=1 100%
http://www.halla-oman.com/damas_jewellery_shop_ruwi_2.html 100%
http://funeralcareers.nfda.org/jobseeker/search/results/?str=176&add=internship&max=25&sort=loc&keywords=funeral directorembalmer or internship&vnet=0&kfields=pos&long=1 100%
https://www.linkedin.com/company/damas/careers 100%
http://www.mannai.com/our-companies 87%
http://www.amwalalkhaleej.com/our_investments/ 100%
http://www.rli.uk.com/index.php/features/current-features/damas-jewellery/ 87%
http://www.yasmall.ae/Stores.aspx?Id=22 80%
watch retailer. Founded in 1907, today there are about 300 stores in the Middle East, most of which are located in the GCC region.
Damas international was acquired in April 2012 by a consortium led by Mannai Corporation and subsequently has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Mannai Corporation.
http://uae.damasjewellery.com/about-us 100%
http://www.careerbank.com/jobseeker/job/29346137/SENIOR ACCOUNTANT, RECEPTIONIST, DELIVERY MEN AND WOMEN/DAMAS GROUP/?str=1&max=25&t731=182307&sort=loc&vnet=0 100%
https://www.linkedin.com/company/damas/careers 100%
http://www.nriglobalnetwork.com/Damas 100%
http://www.rli.uk.com/index.php/features/current-features/damas-jewellery/ 83%
http://funeralcareers.nfda.org/jobseeker/search/results/?str=176&add=internship&max=25&sort=loc&keywords=funeral directorembalmer or internship&vnet=0&kfields=pos&long=1 100%
http://funeralcareers.nfda.org/jobseeker/search/results/?str=101&add=internship&max=25&sort=loc&keywords=funeral directorembalmer or internship&vnet=0&long=1&kfields=pos 100%
http://careers.cooperative.com/c/search_results.cfm?str=26&site_id=227&max=5&exclude=1188379442&sort=loc&keywords=Journeyman or Apprentice Lineman&long=1&vnet=0&kfields=pos&exco=DAMAS GROUP 100%
http://careers.cooperative.com/c/search_results.cfm?str=26&site_id=227&max=25&exclude=1191693796&sort=loc&keywords=journeyman or apprentice lineman&kfields=pos&long=1&vnet=0&exco=a world leader in sell side equity research via helex asia 100%
http://www.abudhabi2.com/damas-jewellery-central-souq-abu-dhabi/ 100%
Damas international was acquired in April 2012 by a consortium led by Mannai Corporation and subsequently has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Mannai Corporation.
History The journey of the Damas group began in 1907, and since then, the brand has expanded tremendously, growing into a trusted household name.
http://www.rli.uk.com/index.php/features/current-features/damas-jewellery/ 94%
http://uae.damasjewellery.com/about-us 89%
http://www.etihadguest.com/en/earn-miles/retail/damas/ 100%
http://www.yasmall.ae/Storedetails.aspx?R=1&Id=354 100%
http://w.oasiscentremall.com/en/shop-inner.php?id=86 100%
http://sa.demodamas.info/categories/damas-brands/farfasha.html 100%
http://www.justads4u.com/directory-tag/damas-jewellery-in-dubai/ 100%
History The journey of the Damas group began in 1907, and since then, the brand has expanded tremendously, growing into a trusted household name.
With over 100 years of history, Damas has developed its portfolio of international brands, and has built a strong reputation,
http://www.rli.uk.com/index.php/features/current-features/damas-jewellery/ 100%
http://uae.damasjewellery.com/about-us 100%
http://www.etihadguest.com/en/earn-miles/retail/damas/ 100%
http://worldid.in/httpkuwait-damasjewellery-com/ 100%
http://www.weddingfestive.com/lebanon/188/316/page/Damas-Jewelry/ 100%
http://sa.demodamas.info/categories/damas-brands/farfasha.html 100%
http://www.jewellerymideast.com/damas-jewellery/ 100%
With over 100 years of history, Damas has developed its portfolio of international brands, and has built a strong reputation,
becoming a global trademark. Damas international was acquired in April 2012 by a consortium led by Mannai Corporation and has continued its expansion since,
http://www.rli.uk.com/index.php/features/current-features/damas-jewellery/ 89%
http://uae.damasjewellery.com/about-us 83%
http://uae.demodamas.info/categories/damas-brands/farfasha.html 100%
http://www.yasmall.ae/Storedetails.aspx?R=1&Id=354 83%
becoming a global trademark. Damas international was acquired in April 2012 by a consortium led by Mannai Corporation and has continued its expansion since,
with plans to further develop the Damas brand and its retail network.
http://www.rli.uk.com/index.php/features/current-features/damas-jewellery/ 100%
http://uae.damasjewellery.com/about-us 100%
http://sa.demodamas.info/categories/damas-brands/farfasha.html 100%
http://www.yasmall.ae/Storedetails.aspx?R=1&Id=354 100%
https://in.linkedin.com/in/nitin-arora-0119a325 78%
with plans to further develop the Damas brand and its retail network.
Unique Selling Proposition Damas are well established and accessible in the region. They advertise heavily and their website provides an array of pictures and useful information about their products and other brands they represent in the region (Xia, Burns, and Hou 885-888).
An interesting aspect of Damas is they offer customised jewellery and produce customer-designed products which make it similar to what Jawahir Oman does. 2. Joyalukkas: About Joyalukkas The Joyalukkas has rapidly expanded its foothold all over the globe since its inception in 1987 in United Arab Emirates. It started in Abu Dhabi and expanded to countries like India, UK, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore.
Unique Selling Proposition Joyalukkas is targeting mainly Asian customers that are based in the GCC. Most of their jewellery designs are inspired from the Asian (primary India) tradition and culture. Their strong presence in the GCC have enabled them to have first entrant advantage and continued to expand on that across other markets.
SWOT Analysis Jawahir Oman • Strengths: Strong Local Presence and Positive Brand Image Established in 1977 in Oman, and has strong and historic presence in Oman compared to Damas and Joyalukkas. Over the years, Jawahir Oman has created a strong local presence and well aware of the brand.
Well-Known for modern traditional Jewellery Jawahir Oman is well known in the local market for the high end quality jewellery inspired by the local tradition and culture. • Weaknesses: Limited product and design range
Compared to competitors, Jawahir Oman has limited range of products and designs. Damas and Joyalukkas enjoy larger range of designs and limited edition jewellery. • Opportunities: Regional – A Luxury Retail Hub GCC market is considered to be one of the promising luxury markets in the world. Therefore, besides targeting the regional customers, Jawahir Oman can connect with tourists from all around the world special in cities like Dubai.
• Threats: Proliferation of Imitation Goods Sadly we see various small and local jewellers copying Jawahir Oman design and offer it at much cheaper prices. Economic slowdown Given the current oil pricing and its impact on the market, many local and regional customers are cutting back on their luxury spending on jewellery.
DAMAS • Strengths: Strong regional presence Damas is well established in locally and regionally. It is more accessible and enjoy scale of volume in their outsourcing. Offer Customization of Jewellery Damas is one of the first companies to offer a service that allows customers to customize their own jewellery. With the concept, “Specially Design by you”, customers can design their own jewellery.
• Weaknesses: Lack of focus Damas represent international jewellery and watches brands beside their own products. This approach is exactly what Jawahir Oman is moving out as we know such business model is not effective.
• Opportunities: Going Global Given the scale of their operation Damas started to further expand on their international market. • Threats: High Level of Competition Competition is the biggest threat to Damas. Regional and international brands selling fine jewellery are direct competitors to Damas.
Joyalukkas • Strengths: Distinct Unique Selling Point Joyalukkas is focusing mainly on Asian population that are living in the GCC countries inspired by Asian tradition and cultural values. Brand Image and strong presence
Possess an image of good quality products and have strong presence across GCC countries. Cheaper prices Joyalukkas is mainly positioned low to mid-range although it has a product range to meet high end customer needs. It has enabled it to attract the mass of the market.
• Weaknesses: Weak understanding of regional culture and tradition While it is trying to attract local and regional customers, Joyalukkas still is lacking the products that reflect on the region culture and tradition.
• Opportunities: Widen product focus Opportunity to expand its customer base by providing relevant products that attracts locals in the GCC market. • Threats: Cheaper substitute goods While it has a strong brand image, the appeal to local and regional customers is still low. With no particular relevant designs, high reliance on Asian design, Consumers are easily swayed to find even cheaper substitutes.
Positioning Map Competitor Analysis Brand Tagline Inspired by tradition The art of beauty World’s favourite jeweller Key product offerings Diamond jewellery, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, bangles, silver gift items Watches, International brands, diamond jewellery, pendant, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, chain, bangles, cufflinks, Bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, pearls
Target audience Mostly high end Women, married and unmarried Both men and women mid to high end Asian low to mid end Distribution channels Own stores + jewellery retailer Own stores + Online Own stores + Online
Brand awareness in region Low High High Bridging the gaps 1. Future Trends & Innovations: – Increased presence of international jewellers: international jewellers have developed keen interest in the region. Most of the international brands have opened lines investing in traditional lines.
– A new crop of regional designers: The region is increasingly becoming affluent with more people indicating interest in jewellery. A new crop of regional designers has emerged to meet the new increase in demand (Chandon, Gilles and Pierre 301). The organisation will have to develop ways of beating the competition and retain its traditional outlook.
2. E-Commerce: A digital platform not only acts as a means of completing purchases at the comfort but also means of collecting information on a product before making the decision to purchase it. The company will have to develop a website that is both user friendly and effective. The visitors ought to experience the culture of the organisation even when they are shopping online.
3. Competitive reactions: Given the strength and financial ability of the competition, Jawahir Oman may face difficulties if the competition started to tab into the same range or product line-up. Jawahir Oman need to be quick and constantly innovative with its go to market product range.
4. Low awareness in the GCC: Jawahir Oman is well established in the local market (Oman), but the brand is still new to the region and requires extensive disruptive marketing activities to enable it reach and compete for larger share of the market. Strategic marketing will be used in the improvement of the awareness levels.
Marketing Channels Our marketing strategy will consider all different types of communication areas. Given the importance of creating high brand awareness in the region we need to communicate effectively and strategically.
Our primary communication channel will be through online. Using website, social and digital media platforms to communicate information, shaping brand identity and building customer relationships. Conclusion In conclusion, there are many challenges that it stands to face as it works on the regional expansion. However, the company has managed an overall growth and performance. Hence, there is a possibility of the organisation making it in the regional markets. The competition may be offering the similar services but the company has branded itself in a manner that ensures that it attains high levels of success. We are confident that we can optimise the brand for sustainable future growth of our own brand with our very own products.

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