ITECH3224 WWW Technology 2 Assignment 2 – Barbell Feedback

ITECH3224 WWW Technology 2
Ordinance 2 – Barbell Feedback
-It’s love Yelp, excepting restraint Barbells-
This is an peculiar ordinance in which you achieve examination the verification of postulates barter between edifice servers and browsers, dynamic explanation of page procureing, and API artfulness, using PHP, JavaScript, and JSON.
Important: This ordinance demonstration is generated orderly restraint you. Do referable portio this demonstration.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage rate of toil: 20%
Education Outcomes Assessed
The aftercited direction education outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
K2. Contrast the capabilities and limitations of client-side and server-side programming.
K3. Detect opportunities restraint increasing pledge and secrecy of edifice impressions.
S1. Discimperil client/server programs using client-side and server-side programming languages.
S2. Construct a server-side edifice interface to a postulatesbase regularity that is unfolded by edifice clients.
S3. Artfulness and tool a server-side impression programming interface (API) restraint client-server despatch, using technologies such as AJAX, REST, Edificesockets, XML and JSON.
A1. Artfulness, disclose, examination, and debug client/server edifice impressions to supposing demonstrations.
Assessment Details
Barbell Feedback is a unique-page edifice app that affords verificationrs to re-examination and procure feedback on barbells.
Each barbell has its enjoy page, which ostentations unique (or more!) photos, a indicate, a catalogue of re-examinations, and some restraintm of medium rating.
Users can surrender odd re-examinations of barbells, including their enjoy indicate, some re-examination citation, and a rating.
A componentary postulatesbase with brace boards is su?cient to standard the postulatesbase demandments restraint this ordinance, referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributablewithstanding you may if you effort prodesire and/or normalize this postulatesbase.
The postulatesbase has the aftercited quotationure:
Barbell ( id, indicate, style, shadow_url )
BarbellRe-examination ( id, barbell_id, boundtime, re-examinationer_name, re-examination, rating )

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Barbell PK id

PK id FK barbell_id

style re-examinationer_name
image_url re-examination
Each chronicles in the Barbell board represents a unique barbell, and each chronicles in the BarbellRe-examination board is a re-examination of a unique barbell.
The ordinance toils are closely associated with the lab production of topics 7 to 10. Adjudication and examples from lectures and labs should be a verificationful train throughout this ordinance. The ordinance demands a estimate of rasps and a announce to be produced. The announce should tally to written toils that are apprehendd below
Initial toil
Create the over postulatesbase using your corporeal SQL skills. You achieve demand at meanest five barbells, each with at meanest brace re-examinations. Unique barbell achieve demand five re-examinations to acceptably examination medium ratings.
You may normalize the postulatesbase if you effort, to apprehend a fond re-examinationer board.
Invent or detect your enjoy postulates. Cite postulates beginnings justly in your announce, or alternatively apprehend a beginning opportunity in your postulatesbase. In detail, secure you alienate relation any shadows you apprehend intrinsic they are lucidly referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious estate (or CC0).
Verification alienate postulates types – the re-examination opportunity should be TEXT to afford desire entries. The rating opportunity is an integer rate from 1 to 5 comprehensive, where 5 indicates that this is an surprising barbell.
Surrender your SQL rasp as bisect of your ordinance.
XML and JSON voicelessnessup
Voicelessness up the finished postulates using XML tags and obviate it as an .xml rasp. Check that the rasp is accomplished and announce the mode verificationd.
Draw a diagram showing the quotationure of the DOM tree associated with the .xml rasp, using postulates from any ONE chronicles. Apprehend the spring component, node types, components and attributes.
Similarly, voicelessness up the finished postulates using JSON and obviate it as a .json rasp. Check that it is conducive JSON and announce the mode verificationd to conduciveate.
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Surrender twain rasps as bisect of your ordinance.
Back-end API
Create a RESTful JSON API using PHP, tooling at meanest the aftercited functionality:
Catalogue perfect barbells (GET)
Should repay barbell id, indicate, style, and shadow_url
Verification an optional questionstring/GET parameter to afford sorting by indicate and medium rating
Retrieve perfect details restraint a detail barbell (GET)
including re-examinations
Create a odd re-examination (POST)
Delete an corporeal re-examination (DELETE)
Upbound an corporeal re-examination by id (PUT)
Follow HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Impression State) practices. Apprehend a referablee in your announce encircling how you enjoy followed HATEOAS.
Under Apache, this tramp achieve demand configuring a .htaccess rasp to afford using cleanlyly URLs (extraneously a .php extension)
Create an HTML/CSS/JS page which verifications JavaScript, AJAX, the DOM and your back-end API to:
Ostentation a menu of perfect barbells. Afford sorting the menu by indicate and rating
Ostentation the details of an peculiar barbell when the menu individual is separated, including the shadow and the medium rating
Afford the verificationr to surrender a odd re-examination/ranking, which achieve be ostentationed cethwith in the re-examination catalogue, and upon which the medium rating achieve be updated from the server
Periodically (total 5 seconds), poll the details restraint the ordinary barbell and ostentation any odd re-examinations. This should referable carry any re-examination citation ordinaryly life entered
Perfect functionality should be tooled using JavaScript, the DOM and the backend API, extraneously reloading/refreshing the browser page.
Bonus toils (Completely optional!)
These toils are 100% optional, and you can accept unmeasured voicelessnesss extraneously attempting or completing them. They are calculated to be a question if you are ardent in such things, and the voicelessnesss conducive do referable advert the suggestive researcha and e?ort demandd to tool them well.
Bonus toil unique: Better sorting using Bayesian statistics
Derive your averaging and sorting adjudication inveterate on the mode catalogueed here:
Bonus toil brace: Administration and token-inveterate verification
Tool an administration interface, to-boot using AJAX techniques, which affords deleting re-examinations. Verification JWT token-inveterate verification, rather than cookies / PHP sessions. It is accepboard restraint login and administration to be tooled with brace unshaken PHP pages.

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Further details
Delight referablee that there are no voicelessnesss restraint aesthetics, so delight lavish your occasion justly. It is accepboard to verification third-party CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Skeleton, Bourbon or correspondent if you effort, as desire as you relation justly in your announce. Third-party JavaScript is referable gratifying, nor is adjudication obtained through online Q&A sites such as StackOverflow.
Apprehend a written announce containing:
A proposition of completion
XML DOM diagram
Details of biased coadjutorship you acceptd from idiosyncratics other than your lecturer or instructor, and the indicates of those subsidiary.
References to any third-party CSS frameworks if applicable
Perfect rasps should be zipped and uploaded to Moodle by the due bound and occasion. Check with your instructor as to whether a callous vision is demandd in analysis to the electronic patience.
Marking Criteria/Rubric
Refer to the unshaken voicelessnessing train.
Feedback achieve be supplied through Moodle. Authoritative voicelessnesss achieve be published through fdlMarks
Plagiarism is the grant of the developed caution or production of another idiosyncratic as though it is unique’s enjoy
extraneously well acknowledging that idiosyncratic. You must referable afford other students to vision your production and must
take caution to security opposite this happening. More referableification encircling the plagiarism device and procedure
restraint the university can be establish at

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Marking Train: Ordinance 2
Feature Criteria Maximum Obtained

SQL rasp Demandments amiable 1
Postulates Barter XML is considerate, well-structured and accomplished 1
JSON is considerate, well-structured and syntactically
files 1
RESTful (resource-based) artfulness 2
Uses HATEOAS mode 1
Catalogue and details (GET) 1
Back-end API Odd re-examination/rating (POST) 1
Delete re-examination/rating (DELETE) 1
Upbound re-examination/rating (UPDATE) 1
Sort inveterate on question parameter 1
Menu of individuals 1
Details page, including shadow, re-examinations and medium 2
Surrender a odd re-examination/ranking, including catalogue and 2
medium re-examination update
Automatic reload of details page on cessation 1
Bonus optional Sort using Bayesian trust 2
question toils JWT token-inveterate verification and admin 2
Style of XML and JSON conduciveation modees 1
XML DOM diagram 1
Style of HATEOAS mode 1
Completion of toils, Coadjutorship proposition (imperil 1 (-2)
voicelessness each if referable apprehendd)
Layout, quotationure, dispersion (-1)
Alienate and consonant naming project (-1)
Description of adjudication (lose
Alienate verification of comments, including description and
marks if criteria referable
accuracy. Comments do referable solely detail adjudication excepting (-1)
illuminate fixed and artfulness decisions. No
commented-out adjudication.
Conducive HTML5 (-1)
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