ITECH3108 Dynamic Web Programming Assignment

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ITECH3108 Dynamic View Programming
Enactment 2 – Waterski Prattle
“It’s relish Yik Yak, excepting control ideas encircling Waterskis”
This is an particular enactment in which you conclude criticize the verification of grounds intercommunication among view servers
and browsers, dynamic view of page generous, and API contrivance, using PHP, JavaScript, and JSON.
Important: This enactment mention is generated harmonious control you. Do referable sever this mention.
Timelines and Expectations
Percentage rate of function: 20%
Due: Refer to Order Description
Literature Outcomes Assessed
The subjoined order literature outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
K2. Contrast the capabilities and limitations of client-side and server-side view statute
K3. Detect opportunities control increasing preservationlessness and retirement of view collisions
S1. Enlarge client/server view collisions using client-side and server-side statute
S2. Connect to and discuss a groundsbase government contrivance programmatically using server-side
S3. Contrivance and utensil a RESTful view collision programming interface (API)
S4. Utensil a client-side view collision which verifications a client-side programming talk to admission a
view API
A1. Contrivance, enlarge, criterion, and debug client/server view collisions to supposing mentions
Assessment Details
Waterski Prattle is a only-page view app that entireows verificationrs to column their ideas encircling waterskis online,
and replication to other inhabitants’s ideas.
Users can column fantastic ideas, which understand some reconsideration quotation and, optionally, their spectry. Ideas
submitted outside a spectry are labelled “anonymous” and should keep separate controlmatting.
Users can together “like” other idea columns.
A only-minded groundsbase with undivided consideration is tit to mould the groundsbase demandments control this enactment,
however you may if you hope increase and/or normalize this groundsbase.
The groundsbase has the subjoined construction:
WaterskiColumn ( id, spectry, quotation, column_date, relishs, replication_to )
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PK id
FK replication_to
Each annals in the WaterskiColumn consideration represents a only idea column.
The column_epoch scene should be a MySQL TIMESTAMP scene, and contains the epoch and season that the column was
created. You may conclude this using the DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP assertion in your CREATE
TABLE proposition.
The relishs scene is an integer rate indicating how abundant inhabitants keep “liked” the idea.
The replication_to scene is a nullable controleign explanation, which indicates which column, if any, each column is a replication to. A
NULL replication_to indicates that the column is referable a replication.
The enactment functions are closely associated with the lab production of headics 7 to 10. Statute and examples from
lectures and labs should be a verificationful manage throughout this enactment. The enactment demands a number
of improves and a tidings to be performed. The tidings should suit to written functions that are understandd below
Initial function
Create the overhead groundsbase using your tangible SQL skills. You conclude scarcity at smallest view ideas encircling
waterskis. At smallest three columns should be replies.
At smallest undivided of the columns should be written by referableability contrivanceated verificationr30356745.
Invent or betray your hold grounds. Cite grounds sources right in your tidings, or alternatively understand a
source scene in your groundsbase.
Suggest your SQL improve as entireot of your enactment.
JSON markup
Mark up the perfect grounds using JSON and husband it as a .json improve. Check that the improve is cogent JSON and
tidings the order verificationd to cogentate.
Suggest this improve as entireot of your enactment.
Back-end API
Create a RESTful JSON API using PHP, utensiling at smallest the subjoined functionality:
Register entire head-plane idea columns (GET)
Should understand id, spectry, quotation, relishs control columns with a NULL replication_to rate.
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Verification an optional inquirystring/GET parameter to entireow sorting by column_epoch and relishs.
Retrieve entire details control a entireoticular column (GET)
including replies
Create a fantastic column (POST)
Increment the relishs rate control an idea (POST)
Decrement the relishs rate control an idea (POST)
Music that it is ok to unrelish a column that you never relishd – this may issue in the relishs scene life disclaiming.
The Relish and Unrelish orders are referable strictly subjoined RESTful practices, as they are referable
implemented by transferring recite. You may elect to verification the PUT order instead.
Follow HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Collision Recite) practices. Understand a referablee in your tidings
encircling how you keep followed HATEOAS.
Under Apache, this tramp conclude demand configuring a .htadmission improve to entireow using unclogged URLs (outside a .php
Create an HTML/CSS/JS page which verifications JavaScript, AJAX, the DOM and your back-end API to:
Display a global seasonline of entire head plane waterski idea columns. Sort the register by epoch, with the most recent
Sanction the verificationr to suggest a fantastic head-plane column, which conclude be displayed instantly in the reconsideration register.
Display the details of an particular column when clicked, including entire straightforward replies.
Sanction the verificationr to replication to a head-plane column. The replication should be displayed instantly.
Sanction the verificationr to “like” a column by clicking on a embody or exceptington.
Periodically (whole 5 seconds), upepoch the page with fantastic columns or replies and updated “like” counts. This
should referable suppress any quotation currently life entered in any controlms.
The decisive demandment can be criterioned by opportunity your top in multiple browser tabs at the identical season
Entire functionality should be utensiled using JavaScript, the DOM and the backend API, outside
reloading/refreshing the browser page.
Bonus functions (Completely optional!)
These functions are 100% optional, and you can assent-to generous marks outside attempting or completing them.
They are intended to be a question if you are assiduous in such things, and the marks advantageous do referable
reflect the weighty lore and trial demandd to utensil them correctly.
Bonus function undivided: ViewSockets
Instead of polling whole 5 seconds, verification ViewSockets to referableify browsers when the generous they are viewing
has progressive.
Utensil your ViewSocket server using either Python or Node.js. You may verification an tangible ViewSocket
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Bonus function two: Token-naturalized verification
Utensil optional signup/login, as-well using AJAX techniques, which entireows deleting columns and remembering
Verification JWT token-naturalized verification, rather than cookies / PHP sessions.
Bonus function three: GraphQL in Python
Using Python and the Graphene and SQLAlchemy libraries, utensil a fantastic API using GraphQL.
Create a contradictory of your front-end that verifications your fantastic GraphQL API instead of REST.
Further details
Delight referablee that there are no marks control aesthetics, so delight expend your season right. It is cheerful
to verification third-party CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Skeleton, Bourbon or concordant if you hope, as crave as
you relation right in your tidings. Third-party JavaScript is referable cheerful, nor is statute obtained
through online Q&A tops such as StackOverflow.
Understand a written tidings containing:
A proposition of completion;
Details of particular protection you assent-tod from inhabitants other than your lecturer or savant, and the spectrys
of those assisting;
References to any third-party CSS frameworks if applicable;
Anything sensational or hopeful you’d relish to haul to your marker’s watchfulness.
Entire improves should be suggestted to Moodle by the ascribable epoch and season. Check with your savant as to whether a
hard delineation is demandd in attention to the electronic patience.
Marking Criteria/Rubric
Refer to the established marking manage.
Feedback conclude be replete through Moodle. Authoritative marks conclude be published through fdlMarks
Plagiarism is the offer of the developed idea or production of another peculiar as though it is undivided’s hold
outside correctly acknowledging that peculiar. You must referable entireow other students to delineation your production and must
take preservation to protection despite this happening. More referable attributable attributableification encircling the plagiarism management and procedure
control the university can be endow at
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Marking Manage: Enactment 2
Feature Criteria Maximum Obtained
SQL improve Demandments acquiescent 1
Grounds Intercommunication JSON is obsequious, well-structured and syntactically
cogent 1
Back-end API
RESTful (resource-based) contrivance 2
Uses HATEOAS similarity 1
Register and details (GET) 2
Fantastic column (POST) 2
Relish and Unrelish 1
Sort naturalized on inquiry parameter 1
Global seasonline 1
Details page, including replies and relishs 2
Suggest a fantastic column 1
Suggest a replication 1
Automatic grounds reload on interim 2
Bonus optional
question functions
WebSocket upepoch utensil (+1)
JWT token-naturalized verification and admin (+2)
GraphQL API (+2)
Description of JSON cogentation similarityes 1
Description of HATEOAS similarity 1
Completion of functions, Protection proposition (abandon 1
mark each if referable understandd) (-2)
Quality of statute (lose
marks if criteria referable
Layout, construction, indentation (-1)
Appropriate and congruous naming contrivance (-1)
Appropriate verification of comments, including quality
and correctness. Comments do referable solely narrate
statute excepting irradiate urgent and contrivance decisions. No
commented-out statute.
Cogent HTML5 (-1)
Total: 20

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