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At the present time there are o deficiencies of people who admire and follow sports athletes.

Sports have always played a major role in our communities ever since the dawning of mankind. It has always been a place where men have competed throughout the ages. From Greece till this very day, the influence Of great athletes has been remarkable. In our society today media has improve in sports and the athletes who contribute in them.Athletes are seen all over the globe, you can see athletes in commercials, on television shows, we can read about our favorite athlete in magazines, and we watch athletes on national television all of the time. Sports have been the most watch television in today’s popular culture. People of all walks of life, look up to these athletes.

Nowadays athletes are supposed to be responsible, positive, and establish role models. Many Sports Organizations have put in league polices to keep their athletes in line.

Most of the upper-level athletes provide expectation for our young athletes around the globe. Look at Jackie Robinson for example who broke the color barrier in baseball, thus giving black baseball players or black athletes hope everywhere. Our children lookup to and act like their favorite athletes when they are playing in that sport. Children and young adults copy their favorite athlete’s moves and attitudes. Sports has a big impact on our society.

Today’s Athletes are men and women who are uplifted to a higher standard in our society, owning up to their fame and fortune.

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