Human Resource practices in Grameen Phone Company

3.1 HR at Grameen Phone-HR treatment is encircling managing fellow-creatures in constructions as powerfully as germinative ce the cheerful of the employees, the congregation, and sociality. In GP managing anthropological instrument is befitting aggravate and aggravate significant to the luck of integral dispersions of the congregation. With the conscientious and coordinated trial, HR plays a solution role in realizing the longing and strategic address of the congregation. In the donation of GP, the HR Team is a amiable acee of flashing, innovative, interested and administrative components. The unimpaired HR team has had meritorious expedite to render concepts into substantiality. Thus, in among a inextensive continuance they enjoy courteous so numerous luckes in the province of employee behoof and confession at abode and aloof. HR has very actively multiply-amongicipated and sponsored HR conferences and meetings in Bangladesh. Thus they are contributing to the schemet of Anthropological Instrument in Bangladesh. They are looking ceward to be oppidan component of Bangladesh Sociality ce Anthropological Wealth Treatment (BSHPM).This indicates that they would love to be a multiply-among-among of the administrative construction fabric ce HR in Bangladesh. Aggravateover, the HR dilonging has established the ‘HR News’ which has inaugurated its tour from May2000 is to-boot another Employee Enucleatement example. Thus, aggravateintegral HR of GP is affecting ceward and bounteous equalize sinewyer role in perfect year by upholding the team life and congruous interdepartmental conformity.

Anthropological Instrument (HR) Branch, an significant multiply-among-among of Administration Dilonging plays very material role in the combine employmenting of Grameen Phsingle Employee refreshment, preoption, remand, preferment, grafting, accomplishment appraisal – integral these are conducted by HR dispersion. The rough composition of HR according to its employments can be classified into three main categories they are:

u ma

Anthropological Wealth Treatment (HRM)

Anthropological Wealth Enucleatement (HRD)

Anthropological Wealth treatment Information rule (HR- MIS)

Anthropological Wealth practices in Grameen Phsingle Congregation

3.2 Anthropological wealth schemening

Powerful anthropological wealth schemening (HRP) can be single of the most rewarding aspects of effect in anthropological wealth treatment. Powerful schemening can repair the luck of the construction season minimizing the combine of disinclination resulting from poorly anticipated strive surpluses or inextensiveages.

In the direction of calling scheme, HRP at GP starts. HRP is tagged with calling Scheme such as germinative investment, subscribers, negotiate shares expectation. There is a sinewy apposition betwixt subscriber and employees requirement.

3.3 Ask-ce of Anthropological Wealth

Anticipation of Anthropological Wealth Ask-ce is dsingle easily on Judgment. The regularity in this reference used is bottom-up ceecasting. Each ace, relative or branch estimates its confess restraintthcoming deficiency ce employees. The combine of the estimated ace deficiencys is the ask-ce ceecast ce the perfect construction

3.4 Mission, Longing, Objectives & Strategies of Grameen Phone

Congregation Longing

“Ideas that Simplify”


The longing conciliate be closed by

Connecting Bangladesh with contentment and care

Being user-friendly

Providing compute ce money

Providing sickly and prompt connections

Having a correct and understandable process

Objectives and Mission of the Grameen Phone

The objectives of HR at GP are:

To be strategic calling multiply-amongner with the direction conductrs.

To constitute an winning effect environment.

HR missions at GP are:

To prompt, enucleate and restrain competent employees so that they can assist to calling view.

To constitute an environment which facilitates are powerful accomplishment and repairs employee morale and compensation.

Grameen Phone’s basic manoeuvre is the coverage of twain refined and bucolic areas. The Congregation has devised its strategies so that it achieves salubrious produce ce its shareholders and at the selfselfsimilar season, assists to real enucleatement of the state. In inextensive, it pursues a dual manoeuvre of cheerful calling and cheerful enucleatement.

Serving the concretion negotiate is single of GP’s elementary views. By serving the open social as incongruous to niche negotiates, the Congregation schemes to close economies of lamina and salubrious receipts. At the selfselfsimilar season, employment to the open social media connectivity to a range population and open economic enucleatement of the state. In dissimilarity to the “island” manoeuvre followed by some companies, which involves connecting humble islands of refined coverage through transmission links, Grameen Phsingle builds rectilineal coverage, cell behind cell. Season the tension of coverage may differ from area to area depending on negotiate stipulations, the basic manoeuvre of cell-to-cell coverage is applied throughextinguished Grameen Phone’s network. In observation, GP has positioned itself to capitalize on the reduced prices of handsets, making its view to tend the open social realistic.

Congregation Manoeuvre

Grameen Phsingle follows strategies at three equalizes.

Those are descriptive below:

Functional Equalize Manoeuvre

Grameen Phone’s rendezvous is on aptitude, nature, newfangledness, and customer responsiveness. This enables Grameen Phsingle to achieve competitive service aggravate the competitors.

Calling Equalize Manoeuvre

Grameen Phsingle primarily applies absorb example manoeuvre. In observation, they to-boot use differentiation manoeuvre as their calling equalize manoeuvre.

Oppidan Equalize Manoeuvre

Grameen Phsingle follows cognate mutability as their oppidan equalize manoeuvre. It enables them to observe the absorb inferior.

3.5 Minister of Anthropological Wealth

Manpower schemening is an significant employment of HR treatment minority. Two elder activities in this employment are:

Planning and ceecasting the constructions inextensive-term and long-term anthropological wealth requirements.

Analyzing the jobs in the construction and determining aptitudes and abilities that are deficiencyed.

Grameen Phsingle has twain inside and extinguisheder minister of strive cece.

3.5.1 Inside Minister

The HR branch supports a sinewy HRIS ce inside minister. It observes integral types of employee facts ranging from aptitude schedule to preoption extinguished. Ce elder equalize shaft, they engage insidely in most of the event. Ce elder equalize position, they are some seasons from extinguisheder origin. They support restitution chart as a multiply-among-among of luckion schemening.

3.5.2 Extinguisheder Minister

HR dilonging has device to conduct strive minister extinguishederly such as:

Ondirection refreshment device to prompt fellow-creatures from extinguishedside as well-behaved.

Use the temporaries with the aid of their HRIS.

Reengage the private person: they enjoy rare examples of such event.

No cemal constructionally sponsored course schemening is in being now, still the HR ace is because it with due consequence and now effecting on it to appliance in neighboring restraintthcoming.HR branch ensures integration betwixt HRP and strategic schemening of the construction.

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