Human Resource practices in Grameen Phone Company

3.1 HR at Grameen Phone-HR expertnessful-treatment is encircling managing mob in coercionms as ablely as practicable ce the cheerful-natured-natured of the employees, the crew, and crew. In GP managing cosmical media is proper further and further grave to the prosperity of complete disunions of the crew. With the updirect and coordinated exertion, HR plays a explanation role in realizing the confidence and strategic order of the crew. In the donation of GP, the HR Team is a saccharine merge of crystalline, innovative, blood-warm and characteral separates. The full HR team has had excusable push to remove concepts into creature. Thus, in among a deficient limit they entertain elegant so numerous prosperityes in the province of employee favor and avowal at home and abroad. HR has very actively separateicipated and sponsored HR conferences and meetings in Bangladesh. Thus they are contributing to the delineationt of Cosmical Media in Bangladesh. They are looking ceward to be urbane separate of Bangladesh Crew ce Cosmical Devices Expertnessful-treatment (BSHPM).This indicates that they would approve to be a separate of the characteral employment erection ce HR in Bangladesh. Furtherover, the HR diconfidence has effecting the ‘HR News’ which has established its travel from May2000 is besides another Employee Unravelment example. Thus, aggravatecomplete HR of GP is emotional ceward and unconditional equalize stancher role in integral year by upholding the team energy and congruous interdepartmental conformity.

Cosmical Media (HR) Character, an grave separate of Administration Diconfidence plays very essential role in the entirety charactering of Grameen Phsingle Employee recruitment, gathering, remove, advancement, trailing, operation appraisal – complete these are conducted by HR disunion. The circumlocutory building of HR according to its characters can be classified into three deep categories they are:

u ma

Cosmical Devices Expertnessful-treatment (HRM)

Cosmical Devices Unravelment (HRD)

Cosmical Devices expertnessful-treatment Information classification (HR- MIS)

Cosmical Devices practices in Grameen Phsingle Crew

3.2 Cosmical devices delineationning

Able cosmical devices delineationning (HRP) can be single of the most rewarding aspects of effect in cosmical devices expertnessful-treatment. Able delineationning can improve the prosperity of the coercionm opportunity minimizing the integral of indiscollocation resulting from diseased anticipated strive surpluses or deficientages.

In the way of trade delineation, HRP at GP starts. HRP is tagged with trade Delineation such as possible bombardment, subscribers, chaffer shares anticipation. There is a stanch apcollocation betwixt subscriber and employees modification.

3.3 Claim of Cosmical Devices

Speculation of Cosmical Devices Claim is dsingle easily on Judgment. The way in this regard used is bottom-up ceecasting. Each keep-apart, member or character estimates its hold coercionthcoming deficiency ce employees. The inurbane of the estimated keep-akeep-apart deficiencys is the claim ceecast ce the integral coercionm

3.4 Mission, Confidence, Objectives & Strategies of Grameen Phone

Crew Confidence

“Ideas that Simplify”


The confidence succeed be completed by

Connecting Bangladesh with tranquility and care

Being user-friendly

Providing compute ce money

Providing unartificial and judicious connections

Having a direct and understandable process

Objectives and Mission of the Grameen Phone

The objectives of HR at GP are:

To be strategic trade separatener with the way wieldrs.

To constitute an inviting effect environment.

HR missions at GP are:

To prompt, unravel and restrain suitable employees so that they can conduce to trade appearance.

To constitute an environment which facilitates are able operation and improves employee morale and recompense.

Grameen Phone’s basic expertness is the coverage of twain civic and arcadian areas. The Crew has bequeathed its strategies so that it acquires hale income ce its shareholders and at the similar occasion, conduces to authentic unravelment of the state. In deficient, it pursues a dual expertness of cheerful-natured-natured trade and cheerful-natured-natured unravelment.

Serving the elderity chaffer is single of GP’s leading appearances. By serving the unconcealed common as unanalogous to niche chaffers, the Crew delineations to complete economies of layer and hale returns. At the similar occasion, employment to the unconcealed common devices connectivity to a travel population and unconcealed economic unravelment of the state. In dissimilarity to the “island” expertness followed by some companies, which involves connecting sincere islands of civic coverage through transmission links, Grameen Phsingle builds consecutive coverage, cell behind cell. Opportunity the eagerness of coverage may change from area to area depending on chaffer provisions, the basic expertness of cell-to-cell coverage is applied throughextinguished Grameen Phone’s network. In specification, GP has collocationed itself to capitalize on the lowly prices of handsets, making its appearance to promote the unconcealed common realistic.

Crew Expertness

Grameen Phsingle follows strategies at three equalizes.

Those are cecible below:

Functional Equalize Expertness

Grameen Phone’s convergence is on pliancy, power, newfangledness, and customer responsiveness. This enables Grameen Phsingle to acquire competitive service aggravate the competitors.

Trade Equalize Expertness

Grameen Phsingle deeply applies consume leadership expertness. In specification, they besides apportion differentiation expertness as their trade equalize expertness.

Urbane Equalize Expertness

Grameen Phsingle follows akin shifting as their urbane equalize expertness. It enables them to support the consume inferior.

3.5 Accoutre of Cosmical Devices

Manpower delineationning is an grave character of HR expertnessful-treatment individuality. Two elder activities in this character are:

Planning and ceecasting the coercionms deficient-term and long-term cosmical devices modifications.

Analyzing the jobs in the coercionm and determining expertnesss and abilities that are deficiencyed.

Grameen Phsingle has twain inner and exterior accoutre of strive cece.

3.5.1 Inner Accoutre

The HR character deeptains a stanch HRIS ce inner accoutre. It supports complete types of employee basis ranging from expertness list to gathering extinguished. Ce greater equalize support, they rent innerly in most of the occurrence. Ce greater equalize collocation, they are some occasions from exterior cause. They deeptain resuscitation chart as a separate of prosperityion delineationning.

3.5.2 Exterior Accoutre

HR diconfidence has wieldment to wield strive accoutre exteriorly such as:

Onway recruitment wieldment to prompt mob from extinguishedside as polite.

Use the temporaries with the succor of their HRIS.

Rerent the lonely person: they entertain scant examples of such occurrence.

No cemal coercionmally sponsored success delineationning is in creature now, excepting the HR keep-akeep-apart is because it with attributable avail and now effecting on it to utensil in adjacent coercionthcoming.HR character ensures integration betwixt HRP and strategic delineationning of the coercionm.

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