Horace and Adversity Essay

In 1988, Andrew Wright, a cave diver and explorer, had been in Annularly Plain on the Great Australian Blight Coast for about a month. Wright and his team of 14 explorers were hauling up equipment when a freak storm hit the cave. The storm dumped mm of water on the plain in 25 minutes. An estimated 300 million liters of water filled the cave in minutes, collapsing the cave entrance and forcing all but two to remain trapped underground. Wright was one of the two that escaped from the cave. He and the other lucky explorer worked for hours using radios and communicating with the underground team.

He would try to find a new sewage to enter and exit the cave, and those underground would do the same until they met in the middle. Everyone was returned to safety and lived to tell the tale. He found it fascinating how the human dynamics played out in such a high pressure situation.

Those that one would expect to lead and keep the team going hunkered down and accepted their horrid fate. Others rose to the occasion and surprised Wright, taking control of the group and helping them to safety. If Horace is right about adversity “eliciting talents that would otherwise remain dormant,” then this is definitely a situation that roves it.The right choice is not always the easiest.

In 1 692, Salem, Massachusetts, an atrocity occurred for no reason other than fear. Village folk of all types were accused of witchery by a group of fellow village girls. At first they only accused people who didn’t have a great reputation among the community. They were accused and sent to jail. Then the girls began accusing greater people in the community, and their group grew, causing even more accusations and convictions. Eventually, all that were convicted were hung. The whole time these 200 people of a town with a population of 600 were accused, no one argued.

The few that did were accused of witchcraft soon after. The whole time, the judges and regular citizens didn’t say a word against the girls. Perhaps it was out of fear, but keeping silent was not the right thing to do, no matter how easy it was. When it seems like all is lost, the one who rises again is the one who remains great. Dark Tortes is a 45 year old mom. Before she retired, she was an Olympic swimmer. Recently, she came back to the swimming world and went to the Olympics once again.

Not a soul would have thought she could do it. She proved everyone wrong.It goes to prove that anything is possible, but you have to be willing to work for it and after each defeat, rise again. Horse’s idea about adversity was correct. People make decisions based on emotions and fear in high stress situations. Some people make the right choices, and those are the truly good people. Others don’t rise to the occasion, and which says a lot about their character.

There is only one right choice, and humans tend to make so many mistakes in their decisions. Humans that can actually make the right choice are quite rare, but that isn’t something we can change easily.

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