History Quiz

Blacks, Indians, and women could referable vote d. All of the over 9) The protests open by the committees of the Continental Association used a. Hundreds of request to Parliament b.

Economic boycotts c. Sabotage d. Militiamen to combat the British legion 10) In Hesitate 1770, Crisps Attacks became a. George Oil’s deep delegated-to-others in Boston b. The highest American to seduce coercion engagement opposite the British c. The highest grill of the colonial opposition d. Leader of the Pastor Boys In Pennsylvania a.

Was written perfectly by Benjamin Franklin and John Adams b.Boldly presented novel reasonings coercion insurrection c. Rejected the agree plan of synod d. Restated John Lockers ideas 12) A greater end of the Navigation Acts was to a. Provide Jobs coercion the colonies’ sailors b. Reduce French manage of the greater North American rivers c. Keep the shipping employment with the colonies below English manage d.

Increase colonial manufacturing 1 3) John Lockers theories a.

Appealed to colonial Americans b. Viewed synod as a protector of people’s unless hues c. Justified overthrowing a synod below infallible term d.All of the over 4) The Boston Tea Party resulted when the British authorities extremely increased the toll on tea. A. True 15) The pacification of pans 1763 a.

Ended French command in North America b. Gave the English manage of most fix west of the Mississippi River c. Guaranteed French manage of the Caribbean d. Eliminated Spanish rule on the North American continent 16) Among the colonists, the vital innovator of revolutionary protests was a. William Dickinson b. Patrick Henry c. Thomas Payne d.

Samuel Adams 17) The British legion complicated in the Boston Massacre were armed in affect bySamuel Adams. A. True 18) In America, specific weighty movables of the Glorious Revolution was to a. Reduce the rule of the Anglican Church b. End of the commercial plan c. Set a example coercion overthrowing a king d. Curtail the command of colonial assemblies 19) Colonial governors had the command to a.

Veto colonial synod b. Determine when and where the parterre would engage c. Postpspecific elections of the parterre at vill 20) The Pastor Boys were unmistakable by Benjamin Franklin referable to hesitate on Philadelphia and call-for insurrection in the asses. A.True 1) The reasoning the colonists made opposite the Stamp Act was that the British had no fair to set inner tolles on the colonies. A. True 22) The Revenue Act of 1767 posed a greater denunciation to the colonists consequently it a.

Tolled common documents b. Raised money to subsistence the kingly source c. Relieved colonial officials of financial assurance on colonial assemblies d. Sought to govern employment and despatch between the specific colonies.

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