– George Whitefield – “Great Awakening in America”

In Virginian there was the minister and hymn writer Sam Davies. In the backwoods of Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey, the missionary David Brained spread the word to Native Americans on horseback. They all served wonderfully within geographic or denominational boundaries, but it was that God would use to tie them all together. When revival In Jonathan Edwards congregation died down he invited George to speak, and he himself was moved to tears. Edwards wife Sarah wrote. “It Is wonderful to see how he casts a spell over the audience by proclaiming the simplest Ruth of the Bible.

.. In Philadelphia William Tenant welcomed him warmly. Preached from the courthouse steps to streets that were packed with 78,000 people. In Philadelphia became friends with a famous agnostic, then turned devout “Deist” (some say Christian), named Benjamin Franklin. Franklin loved to hear him speak, he wrote about him with glowing praise, and became his American publisher.

Franklin was amazed at the carrying power of his voice, and calculating how far it traveled, estimated that in an open space, as many as 30,000 people could hear his voice.

He was thus convinced of the legendary crowds who had gathered in England could indeed hear him. Followed a punishing schedule, and never let up for an instant. He was either traveling somewhere to preach or actually preaching. Few realized at first what God was doing through , but his endless travel was spiritually the nation spiritually as community after community were moved by his sermons. Preached to Presbyterian, Congregationalisms, Episcopalian, Catholics, Quakers, and Moravian. He was the first man to so clearly cut across all denomination barriers by preaching the simple truth f the gospel.America had been populated by numerous sect, each trying to live a purer life to the Lord, than did their parent church.

Seemed to be reversing this trend, and huge crowds gathered to hear him from Providence to Baltimore. Many people were gathering together and discovering their common Joy In the gospel of Jesus Christ. Soon the regional mentality of Europe and the sectarian spirit that brought them to America was uniting them in a common experience of faith. The First Great Awakening in America – George on a mob in Boston, killing five, in what would become known as the BostonMassacre. But even as his health was failing, the crowds who came to hear him were larger than ever. His last message was preached on Ester Green in New Hampshire. Preached about the incomparable excellences of Christ, all the while he seemed to look straight into heaven.

Finally he cried out, “l go! I go to rest prepared. My sun has arisen and by the aid of heaven has given light to many. It is now about to set… No! It is about to rise to the zenith of immortal glory..

.. O thought divine! I shall soon be in a world where time, age, pain, and sorrow are unknown.My body ails, my spirit expands. How willingly I would ever live to preach Christ! But I die to be with Him! ” Early the next morning, his words came true. Through the universal experience of the great awakening, we began to realize that we were a nation. This national identity was rooted in the conviction that we were a people chosen by God for a specific purpose.

In the earliest prayer of the Puritans was the idea that their colony could be a city on a hill. Through the experience of the Great Awakening the entire nation became a citadel of light in a darkened world.

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