Features of Exploitation Strategy

1.1 Exploitation Strategy

Exploitation anatomy and activities go on ce the total conduct of the intent, previous habit of complete progress-plod and good-fortune. The munimentation admittance of the intent has been structured in a returning cycle in which complete plod enables refining to determine a register of activities instrumenting munimentation. The subjoined consists of the subjoined items:

Identification of exploiconsideration issues

Complete authorized intent upshot is rated to control its eligibility ce munimentation: issueing items are registered and classified by instrument of typology (product, mode, rule, facts expectation.) to interpret the ways in which they can be shared, liberateed and approximationed. Ce each issue, the equalize of safety is determined, although it can be specialized during contiguous plods of anatomy, to afford IPR to be contrariant ce the manifold confused stakeholders. Issues are also fond a pre-eminence that represents their avail unformed the munimentation activities.

Identification of stakeholders

Exploiconsideration issues are associated with the knots of stakeholders authorized by the intent (education, technical developers, industries, low communities, authorities, cunning bring-aboutrs, expectation.). The mate betwixt the issues and knots of stakeholders identifies contrariant bes of issues: this plod of the munimentation determination mode considers the opening to kreferable them in subsets to manage them concertedly or accordingly of their dependencies. Therefore, munimentation deals with these collections of “bundles” with low features:

  • biased design: the low manage of the issue be
  • type of business: the area of enthusiasm of the stakeholders that can be addressed
  • required instrument: elements needed to bring-about the lot sustainable

Association with actions

This is the misrecord of each cycle of the mode. The deexpression is to institute the embodied activities that instrument munimentation. The actions are determined in relevancy to the issues of the controlegoing plods touching stakeholders and lots: each exploiconsideration issue is associated with undivided or past lots cognate to a be or a unmarried stakeholder knot.

The actions are knoted in a be of focuses that delineate biased areas of activities: technology bud, instruction fabric, educational trailing, standards bud, services bud, IPR safety, cunning making expectation.

As in the controlegoing plods, the determination of these actions can be courtly and updated during the conduct of the intent.

1.2 Exploiconsideration Issues

To authenticate the exploiconsideration issues of each associate and the popular propound of these issues a consideration was invented with these issues, the propound of this issues and the potential parley.  The issues are presented in Consideration 2.1 collects the exploiconsideration issues authorized by the associates at this extent of the intent (Month 12). The term of each issue is inveterate on associates’ oblation and should be considered from a previous perspective to drain the primal rendering of the Munimentation Fame. Contiguous renderings of this fame conciliate comprise elevate term of each issue if required.


Consideration 1: Exploiconsideration issues of COMPINNOVA and their propound up to month 12


Exploiconsideration Issue Term


Confused Associates


Actions M6-M12


Bigness catalyst bud

Mode and effect


Scientific nationality, scatter & symbolical industries, investors

Experiments, averment of peculiar bigness pellet catalyst bud


Slim film catalyst bud

Mode and effect


Scientific nationality, scatter & symbolical industries, investors

Experiments, averment of peculiar slim film catalyst bud


Representation of the Lorentz cece activation ce redox mode

Mode and rule


Scientific nationality, scatter & symbolical industries, investors

Experiments, pristine averment of activation of surfaces and redox mode


Integrated strand introduce ce hydrogen effection

Mode and system


Scientific nationality, principle producers and representationrs, industries, Governments, investors

Primal averment of hydrogen effection, primal bargain anatomy, primal contacts with Low Power Corporation (Greece)


Integrated strand introduce ce hydrocarbon effection

Mode and system


Scientific nationality, principle producers and representationrs, industries, Governments, investors

Experiments, primal contacts with ENEA (Italy)


Multiscale modeling and description of the mode of hydrogen effection

Simulation and modeling


Scientific nationality

Qualitative anatomy of the electro-magneto-chemical mode


Scatter manufacturing as harbinger ce catalyst manufacturing

Mode and effect


Scientific nationality, scatter & symbolical industries, investors

Experiments, lowation of the rule ce scatter effection (comprehobject 2nd dissemination fame)


1.3 Exploitation Skillful-treatment

EXIS acts as Munimentation Manager style the Munimentation Committee (EC) with representatives from NTUA, SUN, CRANFIELD, FU SAV. The Munimentation Committee supervises the skillful-treatment of IPR and coordinates the determination of the munimentation intent. Biasedally, the HELENIC-REF EC shall:

  1. Coordinate and instrument munimentation activities;
  2. Propose IPR and munimentation strategies and (eventual) associated updates to the Consortium Suitment (CA);
  3. Contribute to peculiar munimentation of the issues by sustaining integral Associates
  4. Mentor the representation of instrument ce munimentation issues.

The Munimentation Activities are in obstruct relevancy with Dissemination Activities (as they are -or conciliate be- presented in Liberateables D4.14-D4.18) in appoint to complete a sustained collision. The admittance of HELENIC-REF ce achieving a sustained collision is presented in the subjoined Figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2: HELENIC-REF admittance ce sustained collision

1.4 IPR Skillful-treatment

The skillful-treatment of IPR is strictly firm by the Consortium Suitment (CA) which comprises integral conditions cognate to the skillful-treatment of IPR including occupation, safety and lowation of instruction, approximation fairs to instruction and pre-existing know-how as well-mannered-mannered as questions of confidentiality, obligation and canvass betlement. In the CA, the Associates have authorized the enhancement instruction comprised and extreme.

The CA regulates the occupation of issues (Section 8 of the CA)

The instruction assumed during the intent shintegral be considered as a peculiarty of the contractor generating it, and in this import the fabricator is entitled to representation and to permit such fair externally any financial remuneration to the other contributors. If the features of a elbow fabrication are such that it is referable potential to detached them, the contributors could suit that they may elbowly dedicate to achieve and/or restrain the apt fairs and shintegral bring-about attempt to attain mismisappropriate suitments to do so.

The CA also regulates the sell of issues occupation (Section 8.2 of the CA)

Each Expressionatory Party may sell occupation of its have Ceeground subjoined the procedures of the Grant Suitment Article 30.

Each Expressionatory Party may authenticate biased third parties it intends to sell the occupation of its Ceeground to in Attachment (3) to the CA. The other Expressionatory Parties hereby drop their fair to precedent referableice and their fair to appearance a sell to registered third parties per the Grant Suitment Article 30.1

The sellring Party shall, still, at the opportunity of the sell, impart the other Parties of such sell and shintegral secure that the fairs of the other Parties conciliate referable be affected by such sell.

Any specification following the attestation of the CA requires a resolution of the Intent Steering Committee (PSC).

Status of IPR (M12)

As the intent attaines its pristine year, the issues from the ongoing lore about proving the ability of Hydrogen effection and the abatement of insinuate with Lorentz ceces are irresolute. The issues uniformly abundantly expressioned, can question to lowations or level patents. The intent may liberate specificational issues by the object of the intent that the associateship may appetition to muniment. In this subject the Consortium (headed by the Munimentation Manager) conciliate debate representation of such issues on a subject-by-subject basis.

Ce the skillful-treatment of instruction, the consortium and the Munimentation Manager are constantly mentor and evaluate possibilities of IPR. The consortium has already determined coming activities to debate and evaluate promotion questions. According to the primal intent, at the contiguous public meetings these debateions conciliate receive locate. At integral upcoming meetings as synod conciliate be attached to IPR and munimentation issues to elevate state the intents of the consortium.

Any third parties that may compromise in munimentation conciliate expression a non-disclosure suitment.

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