Essay for Upenn

The College of Arts and Sciences TAT-Pen provide more than the immediate exquisite architecture and an inspiring atmosphere that molds a sense of belonging that is captured by an individual on his or her first moments in Pennsylvania. Beneath the sediments and moments of happiness and strife founds had to endure to establish such an institution, lies a foundation that dwells in the significance of academics and education. Learning is not a one-way street.America is a melting pot f a spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, priorities, and passions. I would engage academically at the University of Pennsylvania by advocating the cultivation and understanding of diversity.

Of the four undergraduate schools, Arts and Sciences stands alone in being the most colored by covering a vast array of contrasting studies. It is captivating to bring the reasoning behind someone’s choice of major to surface. Education is the only life long friend to not stagger, dissipate, nor disappoint.

She is the only peer that can bring the courage and adventure to create and understand beyond what is bedridden in the comfort zone. She is the only companion that guarantees opened doors. Not only as a student, but as a human being, exercising my right to think is vital to my existence. It makes me an individual while placing me suitably within a cultural group.

I am who I am because of what I know. Diversity Is the offspring of knowledge and I would be more than honored to share it with others.

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