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In my project I aim to create a motivational song which will allow footballers to push themselves, I will do this by researching in football magazines, online articles and asking semi-pro footballers on their opinions to give me an insight on what components are vital in my song. Motivation Is a process which controls a person’s behavior to a certain extent, this may be In response to an occurrence e.

G. Feeling hungry motivates you to eat something.I want to take advantage of this and use strategies to Increase motivation and therefore drive performance. I would measure this by observing the footballers behavior for example how he felt he performed, how long he/she lasted before fatigued, This cannot be carried out empirically because this technology Is not available. Many footballers need motivation to perform well, If not they can risk losing their team a game. I want to be able to boost a footballers morale at times of need.

Chris Carling quotes ‘In soccer, nothing can affect performance as dramatically as a sudden loss of motivation.

Without the motivation to succeed a player cannot survive the challenges soccer can throw up. Liz McGowan, London Marathon Winner says “Competing successfully in any sporting event is as much about the mind as the body. I like to use music with different tempos to help me with my training – it’s easy to get into the beat and helps you relax more at speed. This tells me that one song cannot be created and named the ultimate motivational songs as many songs help motivate athletes in different ways but I can try and create a song to motivate footballers to the best of my ability. I started by reading a book called ‘Damn You’re Selfish’ by Jack Spades, the most important information I got from this book was that building friendships with teammates and thinking in a ‘us’ mentality instead of ‘me’ mentality is key for excelling performance.I will take on-board this advice and use I reference to teammates in my song to encourage this mentality and therefore increasing performance. I then asked five semi-pro footballers what motivated them to perform well.

They answered team speeches and music. I then asked What type of music? ‘ The majority replied and the minority said Indies, they were no other genres stated. I gathered from this Information that I would make my song an R;B track that would include motivational speech.I had never created an R;B Instrumental before and wanted the beat unfunded so I ask a friend of mine to create this for me, he Named the Instrumental ‘Motivation’ and uploaded this to Youth so I could download this as an MPH format In order to add vocals to the Instrumental. I used a program named ‘Audacity to add vocals to my song; this Is a free Cross- Platform Sound Editor. I started by importing my instrumental, after listening to it repeatedly I decided to start the song off with a motivational speech to boost morale. I searched for public motivational speeches.

I found a speech that was considered to champion’, I was inspired by this and therefore decided to name my song ‘Champion’, the speech already had music in the background so I could not put the speech on my song as it would create a demoralizing sound clash, so I used the powerful ‘l am a champion’ chant in my chorus to give my song a sense of team spirit which from my research I have seen plays a big part in such a competitive team game. ‘Champion! ‘ ‘I am a champion! ‘ Then wrote my lyrics around this, remembering to use motivation sentences such as You’re never over’ to create emotions of self-belief.The lyrics I wrote for this were typed on word whilst listening to the instrumental repeatedly. Here are the lyrics, the grammar has not been modified and is exactly how it was when I recorded them Race Senior – Champion Lyrics you’re a champ don’t forget it Don’t try half hearted ,you’ll regret it Goat move through your darkest moments Your never over Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day ‘And where there’s a will, there’s a way’ The same way you can be who you want be You lead the way and tell ‘me come follow me And if they can’t keep up, up he staminaAnd if they’re not faster, up your speed That way you can guarantee you’ll have everything that you need You’re a warrior, don’t let it worry way Your 1st class football courier You here to claim you’re vengeance So pay attention ’cause glory doesn’t come free Train till your legs can’t pick you up Train till your feet have the perfect touch Train till your cellmates feel the rush You’re not giving up you’ve came to far from the bench to front of the field, Goat keep your thoughts strong have a mind of steel Goat keep focused ’cause you play how you feel (And then we’ll snatch victory … Yes we will)Working your way from the bottom to the top you can’t stop you’re a champion Aching everywhere but hard work doesn’t scare you you’re a champion holds dear, is that the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious .

…. Vince Lombardi I used a Samson COIL] to record my vocals, this is a USB studio condenser microphone which I used to record at home. I structured my vocals in layers to add affects such has ‘Ad Labium’s’ which is where you record the same verse twice, each in a separate layer to add emphasis to my song. Two layer of the same verse, known has ad-lib’sAfter recording the song I felt the end needed another motivational speech so I researched more speeches and came across a speech from a film names ‘Best Shot’ and decided this would be perfect to put into my song.

I then recorded my self stating a motivation speech from Vince Lombardi’, a successful American Football coach. After this was completed I handed it to 3 of my participants (one of them which said they preferred Indies) which I questioned at the start of my project, I asked them to listen to the song whilst exercising and give me feedback on the song. They all said the song was motivational and driver them to push themselves harder.

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