Discussion Question – The course on Medical studies

Discussion Question

The course on Medical studies has not been that easy as it has involved tiring assignments, attending long lectures and also sacrificing a lot of my time I doing revisions as well as reading coursework. However, I have achieved a lot in the course of my study, and it’s my hope that the concepts learned will put me at a better place in realizing a successful career at my place of work and also in my personal life.
Among the many concepts that I have learned in the course is the cell. The knowledge on the cell has equipped me with the basis of ordinary and exceptional molecular and cellular operation of different systems. The experience has also helped me acquire the current knowledge regarding cell arrangement and functions. I have also been able to learn of the cell dynamics that include the biochemical and structural components of the cell that include, lipids, mitochondria and other organelles of the cell. The same concept has also been instrumental in offering the basic knowledge about adhesion, gene regulation, migration and cell death.
Professionally, the concepts will provide me with a better understanding of the symptomatic and restorative techniques that have presently been developed or that which have not yet been prepared by articulating both symptomatic, therapeutic and pro diagnostic practice. This knowledge will also enable me to have a better chance to evaluate scientific information that is relevant to the medical professional practice.
These skills will also put me at the capacity to lead a life that is healthy as I will have a better understanding of the body functions as well as how to keep my personal life and that of those around me healthy. Knowledge of concepts such as the functioning of the heart and the diseases accompanied by heart failure will enable me to have a better understanding of them and avoid falling prey to the diseases.

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