DH-106 Comet Investigation

The Comet was the world’s first commercial jet airliner flying double the speeds of propelling planes and blew the world’s mind with speed class and disasters to come from flaws only engineers would notice. With three major accidents in just 2 years.[1] Small tears would be found and the shape of the window and thin shell would ultimately take the toll [2]of these major accidents.






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The DH-106 Comet was the world’s first commercial civilian airliner to hit the major mainstream and grab the world’s attention. The plane had four ghost jet engines near the main body of the plain. The plain nearly doubled the average speed per hour to the fastest propeller plane on the market. This meant trips could be gnarly cut in half and allow for my rides per day, making aviation have a large interest to the public and gained doubled the amount of passengers in just two years of its entry blowing out U.S business and shooting for the dream of making british planes world wide.

De Havilland was founded in 1920 as british airways company and joined with Hawker Siddeley in 1964. Geoffrey De Havilland had pulled some money in with his friends and personal investments to seek out his dream of creating his own plane. The first production plane was the DH.18 and later the

The comet had faced three major accidents in just 2 years killing 99 people in total. The dates were:

May 2nd 1953- flight 783 leaves calcutta Airport to Delhi flying as BOAC. The plain will only hold for for 6 minutes before being caught in a sever thunderstorm.the plain had only reached 7,500 feet before ripping apart

January 10th 1954- 781 will depart from ciampino airport. Leaving from rome. Captions would talk over the radio and right in mid sentence would be cut off, the plane would rip apart and all would die in the plane.

April 8 1954-left ciampino airport got about 40 minutes in the air at around 35,000 feet in the air before just ripping apart killing everyone.

Planes were recovered by the british navy and put back together for research and better understanding of how the accident went down. Water testing would also be tested to see is the the pressure was the cause of these tragedies. While being tested new materials would be tested such as cold working but would never be implemented for the commercial plane. Cold working is when you make metal extremely cold and then the metal is flattened to make it stronger like a hay bale or bricks.

While investigators were rebuilding the planes peace by peace they noticed there were large stress tears by the windows on top of the plane and on the passenger windows. Later on after the three accidents this would be taken into consideration and eventually windows would be shaped more oval rather than square.

The material would be the next huge notice. Around the windows were rivets that held the window in place and the very thin metal frame. When the plane is pressurized the metal will contract and expand leading to stress fractures and eventually tears. So when the cabin is having pressure applied on both sides the metal would give and the plane would rip apart like a tissue and kill everyone in a giant fireball.

Much stricter regulations were imposed for the industry implying that if any imperfections were implied that the plane be holdted till ready or replaced. Details were huge and everything is to be checked with what paint is used to down right the way wiring is stored. To engineering tech specialist are the ones who give this inspection. They look for loose wires, flat tires, chips in the paint or metal or any other imperfections.

Details were looked over for interest of money and not totally understanding totaly what was going on with this new technology. When accidents happen planes were not properly investigated not having proper fixes actually implied till a disaster had already been placed. Time to detail was the downfall of these disasters and if the engineers had payed more attention these accidents and implied there minds, they could have prevented set recorders of failure and set a safer name in the industry.



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