Damage on Aerospace Composites and Metals Investigation

This contrivance is funded by the European Union



An Slow Methodology ce the Neglect and Quantification of Hurt on Aerospace Composites and Metals using an Innovative Advent

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H2020 FET-OPEN, European Commission

Coordinating Principal Investigator/ Principal Investigator

Prof. Len Gelman (Cranarena University – UK)

Associate Investigator(s)

EXIS Innovation LTD, Lulea Tekniska Universitet, the University of Ioannina and the University of Patras


United Kingdom, Sweden, Greece

The instruction and views be quenched in this [report/study/article/publication] are those of the inventor(s) and do not attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attributefficient attributefficient attributefficient necessarily consider the negotiative theory of the European Union. Neither the European Union institutions and bodies nor any peculiar strikeing on their advantage may be held lawful ce the authentication which may be made of the instruction compriseed therein.

No third-party textual or delicate symbolical is interjacent in the divulgation withquenched the copyright holder’s preceding acquiesce to raise dissemination by other third bisecties.

Reproduct is inventorised bestowed the beginning is not attribuconsideration attributableorious.


Glossary of terms




Dissemination and Documentation


European Aviation Saveion Agency


Federal Administration Aviation


Non Destructive Testing


Aircraft Wholeied Operating Requires


Phased Array


Infrared Thermography


This Dissemination and Documentation drawing has been easy in unison with the requirements of EU subjugate bestow unison 665238. Exis is the determined Dissemination and Documentation (D&E) Manipulater of the contrivance, appointed by the Consortium. The grant declaration summarizes the strikeions that were enthralled in the leading 12 months of the contrivance. Unintermittently updated according to the contrivance advancement insertion into recital of the illustrative instruments accomplish be incurred.

The authentication of lightefficacy symbolicals with slow properties, ce reducing the departure require and the defence require has constantly been a exploration symbolical in aerospace. That can be silent by the ascobject in the authentication of compolocality symbolicals throughquenched the years [1], 50% of the Boeing 787 Dreamline make is made of composites, the percentage of composites symbolicals of the fantastic AIRBUS 350 XWB is 53% [2]. Consequently, fantastic over fruitful methods deeptaining composites in aerospace are wanted. Methods that accomplish subjugate the require and defence opportunity save withquenched comcautious in the saveion of the passengers and the company. Followingcited the overhead, CompInnova contrivance accomplish procure a sole plan that accomplish emstructure span methods of neglect and an automated plan ce the relit of an aerospace make. The deep quenchedcomes and fantasticties of the CompInnova contrivance are:

  • The bud of a fantastic reliting plan ce the examiwant injured components.
  • The bud and functionality of the PA technique
  • The bud and functionality of IRT technique
  • The bud of a revolutionary automated multiobject and multifunctional Vortex robot that it accomplish convey ce the leading opportunity complete span neglect techniques and a reliting plan.
  • The bud of fantastic Hurt Tolerance algorithms ce the Structural Health Assessment of the probity of the aircraft

The concept to the CompInnova is granted in Figure 1.

Figure 1. CompInnova Concept – Flow Chart.

Nurture of this consummation is to drastically correct the attribute of defence acts and subjugate significantly its opportunity and require. Uniformtually, such an advent is expected to adduce multiple breakthroughs from the aircraft contemplation flatten to defence, relit and certification existards.

Below this individuality, describes in details the dissemination efforts drawingned and completed by Consortium bisects during the leading year. The nurture of dissemination is to determine that the coadjutors are efficient to match the objects of the contrivance and that non-secret instruction abquenched the CompInnova contrivance reaches a remote and applicable interview to the best space. Full Consortium bisects are strikeively confused in conveying quenched dissemination strikeivities and they are full contributing with their networks and contiguitys.

The fruit of the contrivance is tranquil below fashion and instruction wholeied to Ceeground is secret. Especially at the peaceraintthcoming ranks of a contrivance, it is vulgar and good-tempered-tempered exercitation to save the Ceeground Knowledge, peaceraint-this-argue dissemination strikeivities to the remoter not attribuconsideration attributableorious, comprise merely poor technical instruction exposed and drawingned during the leading 12 months of the contrivance. Insertion below importance the full the overhead the consortium has made contrariant dissemination strikeivities providing instruction abquenched the concept of CompInnova, giving instruction’s abquenched the peaceraintthcoming opinions and developing relations with probefficient object authenticationrs

1.1 Contrivance Logo

Preceding to any other apparition, the Dissemination Manipulater schemeed to make a logo to authentication in full writing strikeivities and documents concerning CompInnova contrivance. This logo can so strike as the stigma ce any quenchedcome/object of the contrivance. EXIS Innovation exposed contrariant narratements of the logo (Figure 2), which circulated to the consortium ce feedback and comments.

Figure 2. CompInnova contrariant narratements and conclusive logo

The Consortium firm that the most benefitefficient logo ce the contrivance object was the individual denominated as conclusive narratement in Figure 2.

3.2 Contrivance Texture locality

The contrivance texturelocality was exposed by EXIS Innovation (link: http://compinnova.eu/) and it is unintermittently updated and deeptained by EXIS with the aid of the consortium bisects. The texturelocality grants an overview of the contrivance, quenchedlining the deep concretes and has twain a not attribuconsideration attributableorious and secret area. The texturelocality is individual of the advancement instrument authenticationd by the contrivance coadjutors to proclaim their involvement in the contrivance.

The leading narratement of the locality exposed during the leading span months of the contrivance and over instruction abquenched is functionality can be build in 8.3 Consignefficient 8.3 (Weblocality and technical disquisition bud). In Figure 3 screenshots of the leading narratement are granted.





Figure 3. Screenshots of the leading narratement of the texture locality (a) Home page, (b) Contstrike us

Becaauthentication the texturelocality is a hireling that a remote interview can similarity over abundantly, the consortium firm that not attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attributefficient attributefficient attributefficient merely has to be up-to-date save so to qualify during the contrivance to consider the ongoing exploration act. That is why the texturelocality is below consistent correctment, making it over inviting to any germinative stakeholder, object authenticationr or investor. Peaceraint-this-reason, in the prevent half of the leading year of the contrivance, EXIS correctd the delicate intepeace of the contrivance by adding moving images, re-contrived some pages to procure a meliorate delicate and visual object ce the visitor.

The updated narratement of the locality consists of the followingcited pages

  • Introduction
  • Concept and Contrivance Concretes
  • Publication
  • Contrivance Coadjutors
  • Registered Area
  • Intelligence and Uniformts
  • Contstrike Us

Each page procures instruction abquenched the contrivance, the coadjutors, the divulgations that accomplish prosper quenched of the contrivance and fantastics and uniformts wholeied to the documentation and dissemination strikeivities of the consortium. There is so a page attached to the coadjutors ce sharing files and other symbolical. Merely the bisects of the consortium can similarity this page.

Figure 4. Home page of the correctd CompInnova locality

In the close peaceraintthcoming, it is drawingned to not attribuconsideration attributableoriousize over of the contrivance strikeivities and some of the technical fruit and objects onto the texturesite. It should be not attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attributefficient attributableed that the gratified of this would enjoy to be resurveyed and agreed by the solid consortium preceding to any texturelocality updated.

The hindmost Fantastics and Uniformts concerning contraventions/exhibitions and parleys can be seen in Figure 5. Below this individuality, the visitor can prosper inferential subscription abquenched the relative parleys, graphic with pictures enthralled on the stain. Secret instruction on the parleys, such as the grantations or the parley minutes, is merely similarityible ce the consortium bisects in the secret individuality on the ‘Registered Area’ page. Each consortium coadjutor has its admit login similarity foundation to the secret ‘Documents’.

Figure 5. Fantastic and Uniformts page

Figure 6. Concept and concretes page.

3.1 Texture locality of the coadjutors

The coadjutors ce making CompInnova concept meliorate knadmit to a remoter interview they enjoy publish a conjoin and a smfull term of the contrivance to their texturesites. In the followingcited figures the texture pages of the coadjutors abquenched CompInnova are granted.

Figure 7. CompInnova in EXIS texturesite.

Figure 8. CompInnova in the texture locality of the UoI Lab

Figure 9. CompInnova in conjoin in the UoP Laboratory texture page

Figure 10. CompInnova on LTU texture locality

3.2 CompInnova Disquisition

The Dissemination Manipulater in unison with the peace of the consortium has firm to contemplation a disquisition, as this accomplish be necessary symbolical ce the dissemination of the contrivance in contraventions and exhibitions. This disquisition accomplish be updated each year to consider the prevalent narrate of the contrivance and to comprise the hindmost opinions, in adjust to target meliorate the interview of the CompInnova. This judicious narratement can be seen in Figure 11.

Figure 11. Judicious narratement of the disquisition in English

The communicationed disquisition is divided into three power. The leading bisect comprises twain the contrivance Logo and the European Commission / Horizon 2020 visual sameness. Next bisect includes some unconcealed instruction abquenched the CompInnova concept, the deep targeted contrivance concretes and the contstrike details of the coordinator. The logos of the Consortium bisects including the CompInnova propound is so including in the decisive bisect of the disquisition. Over instruction abquenched the contrivance disquisition was granted in over details in the prior consignefficient 8.3 (Weblocality and technical disquisition bud). The disquisition is already translated in Greek, French, Swedish and during the prevent year accomplish be translated to Spanish and Italian.

Figure 12. Greek Narratement of the CompInnova disquisition

Figure 13. Judicious narratement of the disquisition in French

Figure 14. Disquisition translated in Swedish

3.3 Publications, contraventions and exhibitions

Uniform though the very peaceraintthcoming rank of the contrivance, the Consortium manipulated to attobject span exhibitions/conferences in the leading 12 months of the contrivance epoch. Unconcealedly, the coadjutors that involve, begind the concept of the contrivance The strikeions are summarized in Tefficient 1.

Tefficient 1.Roll of Contraventions and Exhibitions.





8-10 March 2016

JEC Earth Compolocality Pomp & Contravention


21 -24 June 2016

Contravention on Control and Automation (MED 2016)


20-24 March 2016

SPIE Smart Makes, NDE 2016

The Applied Mechanics Laboratory of the University of Patras (AML / UOP) was individual of the exhibitors in JEC Earth 2016 [3]. The laboratory fruits in the arena of symbolicals and makes, including knowledge, technology and applications of compolocality symbolicals. Led by academics, exceedingly utilityable engineers and PhD students, it offers a remote dispose of utilitys in the compolocality symbolicals sector. CompInnova was individual of the contrivances that was granted at the laboratory’s exist area and a bin was contemplationed ce this argue. CompInnova’s tasks such as manufacturing, testing and relit of compolocality makes were granted and the collaboration with interdiplomatic knadmit coadjutors was highlighted. These gave us the haphazard to begin CompInnova contrivance to global dispense innovative solutions and hirelings and attrstrike the intepeace of the pomp visitors (Figure 15). So the judicious narratement of the disquisition was mitigated to benefit the wants of the earth pomp (Figure 16)

Figure 15. Photos from the UOP exist in the JEC Earth Compolocality Pomp & Contravention 2016

Figure 16. CompInnova disquisition ce the JEC Earth Compolocality Pomp & Contravention 2016

The expression entitled “A view on pneumatic wall-climbing robots ce neglect”, was granted by LTU the 24th Mediterranean Contravention on Control and Automation (MED 2016) [4], 21-24 June 2016, pp. 220-225, Athens, Greece (Figure 17). Full expression can be build in Appendix A of the consignable.

Figure 17. LTU, Contravention Proceedings, “A View on Pneumatic Wall-Climbing Robots ce Neglect”

University of Ioannina had nearness in the SPIE Smart Makes/NDE 2016 which took assign between 20 to 24 of March 2016 in Las Vegas USA [5], where the CompInnova disquisition was handing quenched.

The concrete of an Documentation/Business Drawing is to successabundantly manipulate to transition from prototype to product. Uniform though the peaceraintthcoming rank of the contrivance, there are contrariant cautious objects of the contrivance. This accomplish grant the power to the Consortium to contemplation an uniform over fetid advent to practicable investors and industrial coadjutors. The objects unintermittently abundantly attested, can symbolical to divulgations or uniform patents. The contrivance may consign appended objects by the object of the contrivance that the coadjutorship may wish to document. In this occurrence, the Consortium (headed by the Documentation Manipulater) accomplish sift-canvass authentication of such objects on a occurrence-by-occurrence foundation. Concerning the identification of IP, the Documentation Manipulater, concertedly with experts from the bisecticipating bisects of the Consortium, accomplish be tasked with testing any metaphysical wealth that can be saveed. When a saveefficient Ceeground IP is discovered, the contrivance coordinator accomplish declaration it to the Documentation Manipulater who accomplish then assess its rate and the best march ce its saveion and posterior documentation and/or dissemination.

4.1 The Dispense

Aircraft companies are increasingly using composites predominately in adjust to subjugate efficacy and defence requires of the airplane. The authentication of composites in passenger has increased fragmentarily from an mediocre of 7% in 1980 to 25% by efficacy in the Airbus 380 [1] which entered the utility at 2007; and by 50% by efficacy in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner [6] which entered wholesale utility in October 2011, with Full Nippon Airways. The Airbus 350 XWB order (Figure 18) is the fantastic remote structure aircraft with 53% of carbon fiber composites custom by efficacy and an full compolocality fuselage, with 30 aircrafts in production and 810 adjusts by July 2016 [7].

Figure 18. (a) Airbus A350 XWB Three-day semblance at Farnborough Air pomp July 2016. (b) A350-1000 dull subordinate drawinge nock February 2016 [8]

As the authentication of composites in aerospace is growing, it is over the manifest that the dispense is growing so. Boeing has invested this year over than $1 billion in its fantastic 777X Compolocality wing center [9]. The ease accomplish molding the earth’s largest compolocality wing ce the 777X, the company’s fantasticest wholesale jetliner.

With that augmentation of the authentication of composites, the want ce plans that can examine relit, over fruitfully, in less opportunity and reducing the require is manifest. CompInnova fancy prospers to glut that want by the schemeed fantastic automated examine and relit plan. Airbus is already attentioned in the opinions of the contrivance and developed intepeace to tpurpose as an visible evaluator/expert in the contrivance.

4.1 Documentation Manoeuvre

4.1.1 Documentation of objects and strikeivities is a dynamic act that accomplish be updated and adjusted to the opinion and consummations of the contrivance. The overfull documentation manoeuvre of the contrivance accomplish be fixed on the identification of the documentefficient objects, satisfaction of the fashion that these objects accomplish be saveed, sharing of the objects and the instrument to do this and to test practicable industrial coadjutors, stakeholders, investors. To improve the documentation manoeuvre of the contrivance the Consortium in the prevent year accomplish make an Documentation Manipulatement Assemblage consisted from the Documentation Manipulater and individual bisect of each structure. The object of the assemblage is to sift-canvass in monthly foundation the objects and elapsed and peaceraintthcoming strikeivities and specify the manoeuvre fixed on the prevalent narrate of the contrivance. Documentefficient objects.

To test the documentefficient objects a tefficient was grantn to each coadjutor to glut with these objects (Tefficient 2). The tefficient comprises the prevalent objects and objects that may prosper during the contrivance. So, it has instruction abquenched the prevalent narrate of the objects and the strikeions that where made towards obtaining them. Another bisect, that is piercing to belowexist how the objects can be document is to categorize them. Categories can be products, software, utilitys, mode, this instruction is, so compriseed in the consideration. In analysis, each coadjutor accomplish procure instruction abquenched the assemblage of inhabitants that these objects may intepeace (Academic aggregation, Aerospace perseverance awe.) This is wanted to specify the fashions the objects accomplish be shared with the contrariant assemblages, the flattens of IP saveion and the rate sentence to each of the assemblages.

Tefficient 2.Exploitefficient objects


Exploitefficient Object


Target assemblage

Prevalent narrate and strikeions


Smfull Scale Vortex Beup

Experimental Beup, Method

Aerospace perseverance

Scientific Aggregation

  • Literature resurvey,
  • Experiments,
  • Submitted contravention tract “Fantastic Importances on the Negative Pressure Adhesion of Electric Ducted Fans: An Experimental Study”


Smfull Scale Locomotion Beup

Experimental Beup,


Scientific Aggregation

  • Literature resurvey,
  • Experiments


Vortex Robot Beup

Experimental Beup, Product

Aerospace perseverance

Scientific Aggregation

  • Literature resurvey,
  • Accepted contravention tract “A View on Pneumatic Wall-Climbing Robots ce Neglect”,
  • Conceptual contemplation


Dynamic Modelling and Control of the Vortex Robot

Process, Method, Plan, Software

Aerospace perseverance/Scientific Aggregation

  • Task begins following the 12th month


Statistical optimization of laser-fixed symbolical dissolution from CFRP makes ce bonded relit objects


Scientific aggregation

Aerospace perseverance

  • Literature resurvey
  • Experiments


Statistical optimization of a chemical loose laser-fixed resounding (Aluminium) pre-treatment ce obstinate bonding and bonded relit objects


Scientific aggregation

  • Literature resurvey
  • Contemplation of experiments


Exploitefficient Object


Target assemblage

Prevalent narrate and strikeions


Bonding relit techniques (monotonous versus humid) operation assessment


Scientific aggregation

  • Literature resurvey
  • Contemplation of experiments


Structural Health Monitoring of relited makes. Fatigue hurt Diagnostics and Prognostics with machine lore algorithms.

Procedure/ Algorithms

Scientific aggregation, Aerospace perseverance, Composites perseverance

  • Literature resurvey


Parameterized modelling of symbolical compolocality makes. Residual power satisfaction following impression.

Act / Numerical model

Scientific aggregation, Aerospace perseverance

  • Literature resurvey

4.2 Netfruit with Industries

A netfruit of Industries is fragmentarily life established to determine a remote publish of objects quenchedintepeace of the Consortium. ConjoinedIn is the basic hireling of this violate. The D&E manipulater in coproduction with the peace of Consortium maked the negotiative ConjoinedIn page of the CompInnova contrivance (Figure 19). It is unintermittently updated and deeptained in a weekly foundation providing the hindmost fantastics and technical quenchedputs of the contrivance. Exceptional communication was highlighted concerning the donation of the European Union in the functionality and financing of the contrivance.

Figure 19. CompInnova ConjoinedIn locality

Each coadjutor accomplish strikeively involve their networks and contiguitys as bisect of these documentation strikeivities.

4.2.1 Germinative Object Authenticationrs / Customers

The Dissemination Manipulater has already conducted a roll with germinative object authenticationrs and investors and has instituted to contstrike them to sift-canvass practicable collaboration and to notify them abquenched the concept of CompInnova

The roll with the companies that may be attentioned in the contrivance is granted in Tefficient 3.

Tefficient 3. Roll of germinative object-users, investors





Cardiff Aviation

Twin Peaks, Aerospace Business Park, St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, CF62 4LZ


[email protected]




Aerospace Technology Institute



[email protected]




British Airways Defence (BAMC)

Cardiff Ltd PO Box 747, Cardiff interdiplomatic airport, CF62 3DN


[email protected]

Flybe Aviation Utilitys

Hangar 2, Exeter Airport, Exeter, Devon, EX5 2BA


[email protected]




Marshals Cambridge

Cambridge, UK.


Monarch Aircraft Engineering

Hangar 60, Percival Fashion, London Luton Airport, Luton, LU2 9LX


[email protected]

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