Damage on Aerospace Composites and Metals Investigation

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An Recent Methodology ce the Neglect and Quantification of Injury on Aerospace Composites and Metals using an Innovative Adit

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H2020 FET-OPEN, European Commission

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Prof. Len Gelman (Cranroom University – UK)

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EXIS Innovation LTD, Lulea Tekniska Universitet, the University of Ioannina and the University of Patras


United Kingdom, Sweden, Greece

The referableification and views determined extinguished in this [report/study/article/publication] are those of the producer(s) and do refercogent necessarily cogitate the authoritative view of the European Union. Neither the European Union institutions and bodies nor any individual strikeing on their intecessation may be held lower obligation ce the explanation which may be made of the referableification embraceed therein.

No third-party textual or ostentatious delegated-to-others is moderate in the proclamation withextinguished the copyright holder’s anterior acquiesce to elevate dissemination by other third separateies.

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Dissemination and Documentation


European Aviation Security Agency


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Non Destructive Testing


Aircraft Kindred Operating Absorbs


Phased Array


Infrared Thermography


This Dissemination and Documentation scheme has been responsive in accordance with the requirements of EU compress perfectot contrstrike 665238. Exis is the determined Dissemination and Documentation (D&E) Conductr of the object, appointed by the Consortium. The confer announce summarizes the strikeions that were captured in the primitive 12 months of the object. Unintermittently updated according to the object speed taking into recital of the ordinary instruments conquer be incurred.

The explanation of lightpressure delegated-to-otherss with recent properties, ce reducing the begin absorb and the defence absorb has regularly been a inquiry theme in aerospace. That can be silent by the soften in the explanation of comporesidence delegated-to-otherss throughextinguished the years [1], 50% of the Boeing 787 Dreamline texture is made of composites, the percentage of composites delegated-to-otherss of the ststroll AIRBUS 350 XWB is 53% [2]. Consequently, ststroll spent fertile methods oceantaining composites in aerospace are demanded. Methods that conquer attenuate the absorb and defence date yet withextinguished compromising in the security of the voyagers and the complement. Behindcited the over, CompInnova object conquer yield a undespicable ordain that conquer incorporate span methods of neglect and an automated ordain ce the cessationore of an aerospace texture. The ocean extinguishedcomes and oddlightties of the CompInnova object are:

  • The fruit of a oddlight cessationoreing ordain ce the superviseed injured components.
  • The fruit and functionality of the PA technique
  • The fruit and functionality of IRT technique
  • The fruit of a revolutionary automated multiobject and multifunctional Vortex robot that it conquer push ce the primitive date mix span neglect techniques and a cessationoreing ordain.
  • The fruit of oddlight Injury Tolerance algorithms ce the Structural Health Assessment of the completeness of the aircraft

The concept to the CompInnova is confered in Figure 1.

Figure 1. CompInnova Concept – Flow Chart.

Watch of this luck is to drastically reform the condition of defence progresss and attenuate significantly its date and absorb. Leveltually, such an adit is expected to cacorrection multiple breakthroughs from the aircraft cunning equalize to defence, cessationore and certification continueards.

Lower this minority, describes in details the dissemination efforts schemened and completed by Consortium components during the primitive year. The watch of dissemination is to fix that the companions are cogent to appropriate the remainders of the object and that non-secret referableification abextinguished the CompInnova object reaches a ample and apt reception to the best quantity. Perfect Consortium components are strikeively confused in pushing extinguished dissemination strikeivities and they are perfect contributing with their networks and adjunctions.

The labor of the object is stagnant lower fashion and referableification kindred to Ceeground is secret. Especially at the cessationraintthcoming amounts of a object, it is despicable and amiable strikeion to cover the Ceeground Knowledge, hence dissemination strikeivities to the ampler national, embrace solely scant technical referableification patent clear and schemened during the primitive 12 months of the object. Taking lower remuneration the perfect the over the consortium has made diverse dissemination strikeivities providing referableification abextinguished the concept of CompInnova, giving referableification’s abextinguished the cessationraintthcoming findings and developing kindred with probcogent object explanationrs

1.1 Object Logo

Anterior to any other disembodiment, the Dissemination Conductr incomplete to cessationraintm a logo to explanation in perfect adaptation strikeivities and documents concerning CompInnova object. This logo can besides strike as the disgrace ce any extinguishedcome/remainder of the object. EXIS Innovation patent clear contrariant propoundments of the logo (Figure 2), which circulated to the consortium ce feedback and comments.

Figure 2. CompInnova contrariant propoundments and terminal logo

The Consortium firm that the most benefitcogent logo ce the object object was the individual named as terminal propoundment in Figure 2.

3.2 Object Work residence

The object workresidence was patent clear by EXIS Innovation (link: http://compinnova.eu/) and it is unintermittently updated and oceantained by EXIS with the succor of the consortium components. The workresidence confers an overview of the object, extinguishedlining the ocean concretes and has twain a national and secret area. The workresidence is individual of the encouragement media explanationd by the object companions to scatter their involvement in the object.

The primitive propoundment of the residence patent clear during the primitive span months of the object and spent referableification abextinguished is functionality can be ground in 8.3 Rescuecogent 8.3 (Webresidence and technical name fruit). In Figure 3 screenshots of the primitive propoundment are confered.





Figure 3. Screenshots of the primitive propoundment of the work residence (a) Home page, (b) Contstrike us

Becaexplanation the workresidence is a agent that a ample reception can arrival spent easily, the consortium firm that refercogent solely has to be up-to-date yet besides to vary during the object to cogitate the ongoing inquiry progress. That is why the workresidence is lower true reformment, making it spent captivating to any germinative stakeholder, object explanationr or investor. Hence, in the succor half of the primitive year of the object, EXIS reformd the ostentatious edge of the object by adding melting images, re-calculated some pages to yield a meliorate ostentatious and visual remainder ce the usurper.

The updated propoundment of the residence consists of the behindcited pages

  • Introduction
  • Concept and Object Concretes
  • Publication
  • Object Companions
  • Registered Area
  • Tidings and Levelts
  • Contstrike Us

Each page yields referableification abextinguished the object, the companions, the proclamations that conquer conclude extinguished of the object and stranges and levelts kindred to the documentation and dissemination strikeivities of the consortium. There is besides a page fond to the companions ce sharing files and other delegated-to-others. Solely the components of the consortium can arrival this page.

Figure 4. Home page of the reformd CompInnova residence

In the adjacent cessationraintthcoming, it is schemened to nationalize spent of the object strikeivities and some of the technical labor and remainders onto the worksite. It should be referableed that the full of this would possess to be reconsiderationed and agreed by the complete consortium anterior to any workresidence updated.

The remotest Stranges and Levelts concerning parleys/exhibitions and contraventions can be seen in Figure 5. Lower this minority, the usurper can prosper minute tenets abextinguished the appertaining contraventions, picturesque with pictures captured on the imperfection. Secret referableification on the contraventions, such as the conferations or the contravention minutes, is solely arrivalible ce the consortium components in the secret minority on the ‘Registered Area’ page. Each consortium companion has its possess login arrival facts to the secret ‘Documents’.

Figure 5. Ststroll and Levelts page

Figure 6. Concept and concretes page.

3.1 Work residence of the companions

The companions ce making CompInnova concept meliorate knpossess to a ampler reception they possess dispose a emassemblage and a smperfect style of the object to their worksites. In the behindcited figures the work pages of the companions abextinguished CompInnova are confered.

Figure 7. CompInnova in EXIS worksite.

Figure 8. CompInnova in the work residence of the UoI Lab

Figure 9. CompInnova in emassemblage in the UoP Laboratory work page

Figure 10. CompInnova on LTU work residence

3.2 CompInnova Name

The Dissemination Conductr in contrstrike with the cessation of the consortium has firm to cunning a name, as this conquer be immanent delegated-to-others ce the dissemination of the object in parleys and exhibitions. This name conquer be updated each year to cogitate the prevalent propound of the object and to embrace the remotest findings, in ordain to target meliorate the reception of the CompInnova. This moderate propoundment can be seen in Figure 11.

Figure 11. Moderate propoundment of the name in English

The announcemented name is separated into three separates. The primitive separate embraces twain the object Logo and the European Commission / Horizon 2020 visual singleness. Next separate includes some open referableification abextinguished the CompInnova concept, the ocean targeted object concretes and the contstrike details of the coordinator. The logos of the Consortium components including the CompInnova own is besides including in the developed separate of the name. Spent referableification abextinguished the object name was confered in spent details in the coercionegoing rescuecogent 8.3 (Webresidence and technical name fruit). The name is already translated in Greek, French, Swedish and during the succor year conquer be translated to Spanish and Italian.

Figure 12. Greek Propoundment of the CompInnova name

Figure 13. Moderate propoundment of the name in French

Figure 14. Name translated in Swedish

3.3 Publications, parleys and exhibitions

Level though the very cessationraintthcoming amount of the object, the Consortium conductd to attobject span exhibitions/conferences in the primitive 12 months of the object date. Openly, the companions that serve, prefaced the concept of the object The strikeions are summarized in Tcogent 1.

Tcogent 1.Schedule of Parleys and Exhibitions.





8-10 March 2016

JEC Cosmos-fellow-creatures Comporesidence Illusion & Parley


21 -24 June 2016

Parley on Control and Automation (MED 2016)


20-24 March 2016

SPIE Smart Textures, NDE 2016

The Applied Mechanics Laboratory of the University of Patras (AML / UOP) was individual of the exhibitors in JEC Cosmos-fellow-creatures 2016 [3]. The laboratory labors in the room of delegated-to-otherss and textures, including experience, technology and applications of comporesidence delegated-to-otherss. Led by academics, very-much trained engineers and PhD students, it offers a ample stroll of labors in the comporesidence delegated-to-otherss sector. CompInnova was individual of the objects that was confered at the laboratory’s continue area and a broadside was cunninged ce this deduce. CompInnova’s tasks such as manufacturing, testing and cessationore of comporesidence textures were confered and the collaboration with interpolitical knpossess companions was highlighted. These gave us the luck to preface CompInnova object to global market innovative solutions and hirelings and attrstrike the intecessation of the illusion usurpers (Figure 15). Besides the moderate propoundment of the name was mitigated to benefit the demands of the cosmos-fellow-creatures illusion (Figure 16)

Figure 15. Photos from the UOP continue in the JEC Cosmos-fellow-creatures Comporesidence Illusion & Parley 2016

Figure 16. CompInnova name ce the JEC Cosmos-fellow-creatures Comporesidence Illusion & Parley 2016

The name entitled “A scrutinize on pneumatic wall-climbing robots ce neglect”, was confered by LTU the 24th Mediterranean Parley on Control and Automation (MED 2016) [4], 21-24 June 2016, pp. 220-225, Athens, Greece (Figure 17). Full name can be ground in Appendix A of the rescueable.

Figure 17. LTU, Parley Proceedings, “A Scrutinize on Pneumatic Wall-Climbing Robots ce Neglect”

University of Ioannina had nearness in the SPIE Smart Textures/NDE 2016 which took fix betwixt 20 to 24 of March 2016 in Las Vegas USA [5], where the CompInnova name was handing extinguished.

The concrete of an Documentation/Business Scheme is to successeasily conduct to transition from prototype to product. Level though the cessationraintthcoming amount of the object, there are diverse promising remainders of the object. This conquer confer the ability to the Consortium to cunning an level spent foul adit to practicable investors and industrial companions. The remainders unintermittently easily identified, can question to proclamations or level patents. The object may rescue appended remainders by the object of the object that the companionship may appetition to document. In this fact, the Consortium (headed by the Documentation Conductr) conquer argue explanation of such remainders on a fact-by-fact premise. Concerning the identification of IP, the Documentation Conductr, concertedly with experts from the separateicipating components of the Consortium, conquer be tasked with confirming any psychical peculiarity that can be covered. When a covercogent Ceeground IP is discovered, the object coordinator conquer announce it to the Documentation Conductr who conquer then assess its appraise and the best path ce its coverion and succeeding documentation and/or dissemination.

4.1 The Market

Aircraft companies are increasingly using composites predominately in ordain to attenuate pressure and defence absorbs of the airplane. The explanation of composites in voyager has increased spiritual from an mediocre of 7% in 1980 to 25% by pressure in the Airbus 380 [1] which entered the labor at 2007; and by 50% by pressure in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner [6] which entered retail labor in October 2011, with Perfect Nippon Airways. The Airbus 350 XWB sequence (Figure 18) is the ststroll ample assemblage aircraft with 53% of carbon fiber composites operation by pressure and an perfect comporesidence fuselage, with 30 aircrafts in influence and 810 ordains by July 2016 [7].

Figure 18. (a) Airbus A350 XWB Three-day pretence at Farnborough Air illusion July 2016. (b) A350-1000 dull foot schemee constellation February 2016 [8]

As the explanation of composites in aerospace is growing, it is spent the plain that the market is growing besides. Boeing has invested this year spent than $1 billion in its ststroll 777X Comporesidence wing courage [9]. The adroitness conquer manipulation the cosmos-people’s largest comporesidence wing ce the 777X, the company’s strangeest retail jetliner.

With that augmentation of the explanation of composites, the demand ce ordains that can supervise cessationore, spent fertilely, in hither date and reducing the absorb is plain. CompInnova fancy concludes to store that demand by the incomplete oddlight automated supervise and cessationore ordain. Airbus is already shareed in the findings of the object and explicit intecessation to give as an manifest evaluator/expert in the object.

4.1 Documentation Manoeuvre

4.1.1 Documentation of remainders and strikeivities is a dynamic progress that conquer be updated and adjusted to the finding and lucks of the object. The overperfect documentation manoeuvre of the object conquer be naturalized on the identification of the documentcogent remainders, specification of the fashion that these remainders conquer be covered, sharing of the remainders and the media to do this and to confirm practicable industrial companions, stakeholders, investors. To improve the documentation manoeuvre of the object the Consortium in the succor year conquer cessationraintm an Documentation Conductment Assemblage consisted from the Documentation Conductr and individual component of each construction. The object of the assemblage is to argue in monthly premise the remainders and spent and cessationraintthcoming strikeivities and determine the manoeuvre naturalized on the prevalent propound of the object. Documentcogent remainders.

To confirm the documentcogent remainders a tcogent was confern to each companion to store with these remainders (Tcogent 2). The tcogent embraces the prevalent remainders and remainders that may conclude during the object. Besides, it has referableification abextinguished the prevalent propound of the remainders and the strikeions that where made towards obtaining them. Another component, that is critical to lowercontinue how the remainders can be document is to categorize them. Categories can be products, software, labors, order, this referableification is, besides embraceed in the board. In enumeration, each companion conquer yield referableification abextinguished the assemblage of fellow-creatures that these remainders may intecessation (Academic commonwealth, Aerospace assiduity expectation.) This is demanded to determine the fashions the remainders conquer be shared with the contrariant assemblages, the equalizes of IP coverion and the appraise declaration to each of the assemblages.

Tcogent 2.Exploitcogent remainders


Exploitcogent Remainder


Target assemblage

Prevalent propound and strikeions


Smperfect Scale Vortex Determinedup

Experimental Determinedup, Method

Aerospace assiduity

Scientific Commonwealth

  • Literature reconsideration,
  • Experiments,
  • Submitted parley designation “Newlight Remunerations on the Negative Pressure Adhesion of Electric Ducted Fans: An Experimental Study”


Smperfect Scale Locomotion Determinedup

Experimental Determinedup,


Scientific Commonwealth

  • Literature reconsideration,
  • Experiments


Vortex Robot Determinedup

Experimental Determinedup, Product

Aerospace assiduity

Scientific Commonwealth

  • Literature reconsideration,
  • Accepted parley designation “A Scrutinize on Pneumatic Wall-Climbing Robots ce Neglect”,
  • Conceptual cunning


Dynamic Modelling and Control of the Vortex Robot

Process, Method, Ordain, Software

Aerospace assiduity/Scientific Commonwealth

  • Task begins behind the 12th month


Statistical optimization of laser-naturalized delegated-to-others resistance from CFRP textures ce bonded cessationore objects


Scientific commonwealth

Aerospace assiduity

  • Literature reconsideration
  • Experiments


Statistical optimization of a chemical gratuitous laser-naturalized resounding (Aluminium) pre-treatment ce jealous bonding and bonded cessationore objects


Scientific commonwealth

  • Literature reconsideration
  • Cunning of experiments


Exploitcogent Remainder


Target assemblage

Prevalent propound and strikeions


Bonding cessationore techniques (juiceless versus moist) operation assessment


Scientific commonwealth

  • Literature reconsideration
  • Cunning of experiments


Structural Health Monitoring of cessationoreed textures. Fatigue injury Diagnostics and Prognostics with record literature algorithms.

Procedure/ Algorithms

Scientific commonwealth, Aerospace assiduity, Composites assiduity

  • Literature reconsideration


Parameterized modelling of delegated-to-others comporesidence textures. Residual power choice behind impression.

Progress / Numerical model

Scientific commonwealth, Aerospace assiduity

  • Literature reconsideration

4.2 Netlabor with Industries

A netlabor of Industries is spiritual life symmetrical to fix a ample scatter of remainders extinguishededge of the Consortium. EmbodyedIn is the basic hireling of this try. The D&E conductr in coinfluence with the cessation of Consortium cessationraintmd the authoritative EmbodyedIn page of the CompInnova object (Figure 19). It is unintermittently updated and oceantained in a weekly premise providing the remotest stranges and technical extinguishedputs of the object. Exceptional announcement was highlighted concerning the aid of the European Union in the functionality and financing of the object.

Figure 19. CompInnova EmbodyedIn residence

Each companion conquer strikeively involve their networks and adjunctions as separate of these documentation strikeivities.

4.2.1 Germinative Object Explanationrs / Customers

The Dissemination Conductr has already conducted a schedule with germinative object explanationrs and investors and has instituted to contstrike them to argue practicable collaboration and to edify them abextinguished the concept of CompInnova

The schedule with the companies that may be shareed in the object is confered in Tcogent 3.

Tcogent 3. Schedule of germinative object-users, investors





Cardiff Aviation

Twin Peaks, Aerospace Business Park, St Athan, Vale of Glamorgan, CF62 4LZ


[email protected]




Aerospace Technology Institute



[email protected]




British Airways Defence (BAMC)

Cardiff Ltd PO Box 747, Cardiff interpolitical airport, CF62 3DN


[email protected]

Flybe Aviation Labors

Hangar 2, Exeter Airport, Exeter, Devon, EX5 2BA


[email protected]




Marshals Cambridge

Cambridge, UK.


Monarch Aircraft Engineering

Hangar 60, Percival Fashion, London Luton Airport, Luton, LU2 9LX


[email protected]

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