CUC107 Applying Cultural Capabilities Report 1500 – 1700 words

CUC107 Applying Cultural Capabilities Recital
Value: 45%
Length: 1500 – 1700 accounts
Due: Monday, 11:59pm (CST), Week 13
• Submit your recital through the Duty 3 ‘Cultural Capabilities Recital’ incorporate
in the ‘Duty Submission’ area of Learnorder by the due time. This ordinance is submitted using CertainAssign.
• Save your Acestimate muniment rasp with your specify, item specify, and duty reckon moderate (e.g. Jamie Green CUC107 Duty 3). Ensure you invadetain your specify, scholar reckon and page reckon in the footer of your muniment, and the inscription of the ordinance in the header.
Operation Overview
Introduction: It has been argued that cultural capabilities are essential to at-liberty efficaciously in the toilplace, fraternity and the university. Cultural self-awareness, cultural instruction and cultural aptitude are whole required ce creating certain toil and political illimitablenesss. So, to total this operation you earn be cunning concertedly whole of the study from the item to pretext apprehension of strategies to imagine certain illimitablenesss.
Task: Transcribe a improve recital to mark and analyse whether characters in a scenario are pretexting efficacious cultural capabilities and obeying a culturally certain illimitableness. Too, confide how efficacious cultural capabilities of the characters could be rectifyd.
Operation details
The recital should:
• Summarise and teach observations of the interactions connected to aspects of cultural capabilities in the scenario.
• Analyse (with improve regards) the certain and uncertain aspects of the scenario, including the corporeal residuum and interactions betwixt populace.
• Agree confideations ce creating or obeying this scenario as a culturally certain illimitableness.
• Be written in a improve mood – relinquish singular phraseology, contractions and slang. (Ce further instruction, perceive incorporate to improve agreement in the Duty Operations Overview Abridgment Consideration.)

Steps ce successfully completing Duty 3
1. Misapply the scenario you earn analyse. You can conservation a contract from the inventory adconfess OR a scenario from your confess test. The samples adconfess can confer you some issues environing the kinds of scenarios you could misapply.
As you believe environing which scenario to misapply, mark the restraintm that uncertain political and cultural groups are represented in fictional spectacles. When you are contemplateing at your scenario, contemplate ce and probe to expound on the mysterious cultural message styles too life pretextn.
Singer, B (Director). (2004, Nov 30). Hoconservation MD, Season 2 Episode 18, Bilingual Tailfire (Fox Studios). Retrieved from
Neptune, D. & Tanaka, K. (Directors). (2013). What Kind of Asian are you? Retrieved from
Riley, S. (Executive Producer). (2014, Nov 5). Bclosing Comedy, Bclosing White Woman. (Scarlet Pictures, uneasy by ABC). Retrieved from
Sharif, Z. (2016). An Indian in America: Unscripted Reactions retrieved from

Cherones, T. (Director), Seinfeld, J. & David, L. (Creators). (1993, Dec 9). Seinfeld, The Cigar Store Indian Season 5 Episode 10. (NBC). Retrieved from
2. Cemat the Recital
Prepare the layquenched anteriorly agreement.
Font magnitude and sign: Conservation font magnitude 12. You may conservation font sign calibri, arial or times fantastic roman. Latitudes: Conservation Default latitude, 2.54cm.
Order Spacing: 1.5 order spacing. You earn insufficiency to enclose individualitys and subsections which should invadetain reckoned and inscriptiond appellations. Acestimate estimates ce each individuality adconfess are singly a superintend excluding do specify referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributable-absolute weight of the individualitys. This is reflected in the marking ce each individuality.
(Please do referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration enclose the acestimate estimate and the individuality instructions adconfess in your recital. This is singly supposing as instruction to succor you in preparing the recital.)
• Inscription of Recital: This should be on a detached page. Enclose the inscription, your specify and scholar reckon, and the time. The inscription should enclose the specify of the ordinance and teach what the recital earn do. You can be fictitious to shape an interesting inscription page.
• Consideration of Interruption: This should be on a detached page. A consideration of interruption agrees a inventory of the Individualitys and Sub-sections that you invadetain conservationd in your recital, and the page on which they cemal-out. You can conservation the acestimate administration in ‘references’ tab to propagate a consideration of interruption from the smooths of appellations you can misapply)
Now conservation this quenchedline:
1. Induction (approx. 200 accounts): Pigmyly teach enhancement, serve and design of this recital. Enclose the subjoined sub-sections in the induction.
1.1 Enhancement An orientation to the investigation of cultural aptitude and certain illimitablenesss.
1.2 Serve Tell the reader what the recital serves to do – i.e. It earn agree a abridgment, style and resolution of an sample of a certain or uncertain illimitableness, and earn confide rectifyments to rectify the certainty of the illimitableness where misapply.
1.3 Design Teach what the recital earn standpoint on, including what video, what point spectacles you earn be examineing, and if the sample depicts a certain or uncertain illimitableness.
2. Abridgment and Observations (Approx. 350- 400 accounts): This individuality earn enclose brace sub-sections.
2.1 Abridgment of the scenario: insufficiencys to enclose:
o a pigmy devise order of the issues you are analysing
o the elucidation (social, academic or toilplace) with a unconcealed overview of the spectacle
o any apt enhancement instruction to recognize the spectacle
o identification of the solution characters ( you can conservation ‘persons A, B and C” ).
2.2 Observations: Establish the behaviours that are manifestation of the cultural certainty issues and cultural aptitude. These observations should perpetuate your proaspect in the induction environing whether the illimitableness is certain or lubricated. Some of the things to contemplate ce and teach are: corporeal factors (magnitude and layquenched of illimitableness, aspect of populace in the illimitableness), message factors (whole phraseology, opinion, accounts), signs of inclusion or alienation, and declarations of or closing of cultural instruction. It is a amiable issue to enclose a Consideration to cemal quenched your observations. Acestimate estimate is moderate in the ‘abridgment and observations” quota, so don’t ‘spend’ whole your accounts here.
If you conservation a consideration, bear-in-mind that it earn insufficiency to be introduced, and a reckon and inscription supposing, as per adown. (Note reinstate exaltedlighted instructions with your confess accounts):
Consideration 1 Inscription of consideration here
Spectacle style issue or individualitys of issue Column appellation eg Sign of empathy Column appellation eg
Conservation of illimitableness Column appellation eg
message styles
Add further orders if insufficiencyed
3. Resolution: (700-800 accounts):
In this individuality you should give your apprehension of the solution concepts adept in the item. Using apt study, concertedly with your observations in individuality 2 of elements amid the scenario, analyse whether pickeded spectacles are a certain or an uncertain illimitableness and teach why. Buttress your clgratuity environing whether each spectacle is a certain or uncertain illimitableness with lections and specifications of the concepts that embrace cultural certainty including cultural instruction and cultural capabilities. Ce sample, you shabit transcribe star enjoy this.

In the coming deal-out of the order of issues, Jane declarationed a exalted smooth of cultural instruction by classifying her behaviour with plain scan touch and using a tranquilize mood of opinion as shortly as she became knhold that her resigned had never been in a hospital anteriorly. This had an twinkling issue on the resigned who visibly relaxed and began to confabulation. This is an palliable sample of what Brislin, Worthley and McNab (2006, p. 40) elucidate as cultural instruction or the cece to classify to another cultivation. Jane pretexted she was lection the other person’s uncomforconsideration whole phraseology and classifyed her mode misapplyly to shape the resigned arrive-at certain in that fantastic attribute. This is undivided restraintm that her cultural aptitude in her role as a hospital registrar is apt in making the resigned arrive-at certain as they invade the hospital.
This sample pretexts how the scholar has:
• Attested an sample of cultural instruction from the scenario
• Completed a specification of cultural instruction from undivided of her lections
• Teached how the behaviour in this sample describes to the specification and the broader investigation ce the recital
Hint: As referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributableed precedent, to rectify clarity, your resolution may enclose reckoned sub-headings to exaltedlight and organization solution issues or reasons that you invadetain attested in your scenario as influential to whether the illimitableness represented there is certain or referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration certain (e.g. 3.1 Empathy, 3.2 Intercultural Message, 3.3 Perceivenness of Whole Phraseology, 3.4 Cultivation Shock, Etc.).
4. Confideations (150 – 200 accounts): Based on your resolution individuality, shape confideations ce how sites in the site may be strangefangled using cultural capabilities to shape this a certainr illimitableness. The confideations that you shape should fasten in very closely to your discourse in the resolution individuality. If the scenario is already certain, establish what aspects of the scenario invadetain been influential in making it certain. Regards are insufficiencyed here.
5. Abridgment and Quittance (approx. 100 accounts): Summarise the main issues. What did your pickeded site pretext environing certain illimitablenesss, and what exercises insufficiencyed to be fascinated to shape it a certain illimitableness, if anything? No fantastic representative or regards should be moderate in the abridgment and quittance.
References: This inventory should be on a detached page. The inscription, Regards, should be centred in the page. The regard inventory should supervene APA Style superintendlines ( Enclose whole of the lections that you invadetain mentioned throughquenched your recital. You insufficiency to invadetain at lowest seven regards. Enclose at lowest lewd of the lections we invadetain supposing during the semester (Holley and Steiner 2005; Bruhn 2005; Brislin, Worthley and McNab 2006; Quappe and Cantatore 2005; Russell 2011; Flanja 2009; Spencer-Oatey 2012). You earn insufficiency to plain your confess learning by including at lowest brace regards. Perceive CDU Library ce concomitant life doctrines, functional study and books. Relinquish belongencing websites. You are expected to conservation academic texts. Hint: Belong to the lections in the Resolution and Confideations individuality.
Anteriorly agreement: Brainstorm connections betwixt developing cultural capabilities and creating certain illimitablenesss.
• Transcribe dconfess the connections you attested in duty 2 environing cultural instruction, and cultural self-awareness as they describe to developing cultural capabilities.
• Believe environing what you invadetain perceiveing environing cultural judgments: how do efficacious cultural judgments imagine fertile certain illimitablenesss?
• Some primal investigations to ready your believeing shabit enclose:
o What is the interdependence betwixt cultural judgments and cultural empathy?
o How do we effect and imagine certain illimitablenesss?
o Whose once is it to imagine and obey these illimitablenesss?
o Who could procure an exercise to rectify the site life represented?
• Jot dconfess some solution points (with regards).
• Reconsideration what an resolution is. Apply this technique to your scenario and lections to establish the incorporates betwixt, ce sample, cultural empathy and certain political and toil elucidations.
• Consider how the study can succor to teach and analyse your pickeded film spectacle touching to toil or political illimitableness applications.
Some tips and further constructive investigations you shabit pray yourself when analysing and examineing the video using lections ce this recital. Conservation the subjoined frametoil to succor analyse the scenario. Bear-in-mind to belong tail to what you invadetain perceiveing throughquenched the semester to believe environing the subjoined investigations.
Cultural self-awareness:
• Do any of the characters declaration cultural self- perceivenness (or closing of)? How do they do this?
• What sorts of behaviours specify their perceivenness or closing thereof?
Cultural instruction:
• Do the characters declaration characteristics of cultural instruction? How do you perceive?
• How is cross-cultural message life conveyed?
Cultural separation:
• Is cultural separation a rise of battle?
• What happens when battle is give and how do the characters tally?
Cultural capabilities:
• Are there any cultural judgments give in the scenario? Which characters shape cultural judgments and if so, how do they do this?
• How do the characters imagine certain or uncertain illimitablenesss?
Visual cues to contemplate ce:
• Certain region (certain from corporeal, tender or psychical injury?)
• Whole phraseology, scan touch, resultman attributement, in, proximity
• Verbal message (what and how)
How does cultural empathy describe to certain illimitablenesss?
• How does cultural empathy succor imagine efficacious toil or political, elucidations?
• How would you recognise that cultural empathy is occurring [or referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributable] in any elucidation.
Duty 3: Pre-submission Checklist
Pleased ?
Does the recital give a amiable apprehension of how and why cultural capabilities can be applied to a toil or political illimitableness to imagine or obey a certain illimitableness? Does it:
• enclose a conspicuous induction with whole components;
• agree a conspicuous and apt abridgment of scenario and observations;
• examine issues in the resolution in a heedful, conspicuous and apt restraintm;
• buttress the resolution by using academic rises;
• picked and complete into the resolution misapply samples from the pickeded scenario;
• enclose misapply confideations; connected to the resolution;
• invadetain a conspicuous quittance?
Organisation ?
• Is there an misapply recital organization with individualitys chiefly inscriptiond, reckoned and cematted according to the cematting instructions?
• Is the pleased logically open through the abridgment and observations, resolution, and confideation individualitys?
• Is the pleased sign misapply ce each individuality?
• Is there any needless iteration.
Quality of manifestation ?
Learning Are the issues buttressed by a minimum of seven unanalogous probable and apt rises? (Lewd from cemal lections?)
Entertain I ensured I invadetain obeyed academic honesty by paraphrasing or plain quoting other rises with regards?
Referencing Are in-text regards and a regard inventory supposing to buttress issues and accordingly supervene real belongencing conventions?
Presentation ?
Acestimate processing conventions Is the recital giveed with improve cematting, order-spacing, headers and footers with scholar specify, item sequence and ordinance reckon moderate?
Acestimate Dainty, Punctuation, expression and Spelling ?
Editing Is the recital giveed in a improve mood with improve acestimate dainty, punctuation, expression and spelling carefully edited?
Concomitant Tips and Instruction
Recital agreement: Conservation these resources to familiarise yourself with what an analytical recital is and how to transcribe undivided: The CUC100 resultmanbook Rolls, N. & Wignell, P. (2015). Communicating at University. Darwin, NT: Charles Darwin University. Available ce advance from the CDU Library. Recital agreement: Chapter 9 What is an resolution: Chapter 1, Improve agreement technique: Chapter 1.
Further recital-agreement instruction:
Academic Phraseology and Study Success Program (ALLSP) runs normal unobstructed toilshops and drop-in consultations.
Succor with belongencing
Anteriorly submitting
Read the Recital Duty Criteria very carefully. Your lecturer earn be using the Duty Criteria. Read the expounds in each order to reconsideration your confess toil

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