CUC107 Applying Cultural Capabilities Report 1500 – 1700 words

CUC107 Applying Cultural Capabilities Declaration
Value: 45%
Length: 1500 – 1700 orders
Due: Monday, 11:59pm (CST), Week 13
• Submit your declaration through the Toll 3 ‘Cultural Capabilities Declaration’ link
in the ‘Toll Submission’ area of Learnprogression by the due determination. This provision is submitted using ProtectedAssign.
• Save your Order muniment better with your designate, ace designate, and toll compute interjacent (e.g. Jamie Green CUC107 Toll 3). Ensure you possess your designate, novice compute and page compute in the footer of your muniment, and the distinction of the provision in the header.
Job Overview
Introduction: It has been argued that cultural capabilities are indispensable to munificent talentedly in the compositionplace, nationality and the university. Cultural self-awareness, cultural instruction and cultural talent are whole required coercion creating protected comlie and gregarious interspaces. So, to entire this job you wholeure be cunning coincidently whole of the humanization from the ace to parade intellect of strategies to caexplanation protected interspaces.
Task: Transcribe a coercionmal declaration to mark and analyse whether characters in a scenario are paradeing talented cultural capabilities and obeying a culturally protected interspace. Besides, advise how talented cultural capabilities of the characters could be betterd.
Job details
The declaration should:
• Summarise and picture observations of the interactions kindred to aspects of cultural capabilities in the scenario.
• Analyse (with coercionmal integralusions) the protected and unprotected aspects of the scenario, including the tangible dregs and interactions among mass.
• Agree adviseations coercion creating or aiding this scenario as a culturally protected interspace.
• Be written in a coercionmal mood – shun specific phraseology, contractions and slang. (Coercion further referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributableification, contemplate link to coercionmal adaptation in the Toll Jobs Overview Resume Consideration.)

Steps coercion successfully completing Toll 3
1. Picked the scenario you wholeure analyse. You can explanation a prune from the register beneath OR a scenario from your possess habit. The samples beneath can afford you some subjects environing the kinds of scenarios you could picked.
As you deem environing which scenario to picked, mark the fashion that several gregarious and cultural groups are represented in fictional professions. When you are contemplateing at your scenario, contemplate coercion and gauge to dilate on the unrecognized cultural message styles besides nature paraden.
Singer, B (Director). (2004, Nov 30). Hoexplanation MD, Season 2 Episode 18, Bilingual Tailfire (Fox Studios). Retrieved from
Neptune, D. & Tanaka, K. (Directors). (2013). What Kind of Asian are you? Retrieved from
Riley, S. (Executive Producer). (2014, Nov 5). Bfailure Comedy, Bfailure White Woman. (Scarlet Pictures, watchful by ABC). Retrieved from
Sharif, Z. (2016). An Indian in America: Unscripted Reactions retrieved from

Cherones, T. (Director), Seinfeld, J. & David, L. (Creators). (1993, Dec 9). Seinfeld, The Cigar Store Indian Season 5 Episode 10. (NBC). Retrieved from
2. Coercionmat the Declaration
Prepare the layquenched anteriorly adaptation.
Font extent and stamp: Explanation font extent 12. You may explanation font stamp calibri, arial or times fantasticlightlight roman. Boundarys: Explanation Default boundary, 2.54cm.
Progression Spacing: 1.5 progression spacing. You wholeure want to embrace exceptions and subsections which should possess computeed and distinctiond denominations. Order calculates coercion each exception beneath are solely a regulate save do manifest pointring-to moment of the exceptions. This is reflected in the marking coercion each exception.
(Please do referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration embrace the order calculate and the exception instructions beneath in your declaration. This is solely supposing as referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributableification to succor you in preparing the declaration.)
• Distinction of Declaration: This should be on a unanalogous page. Embrace the distinction, your designate and novice compute, and the determination. The distinction should embrace the designate of the provision and picture what the declaration wholeure do. You can be chimerical to restraintm an animated distinction page.
• Consideration of Divergency: This should be on a unanalogous page. A consideration of divergency agrees a register of the Exceptions and Sub-sections that you possess explanationd in your declaration, and the page on which they begin. You can explanation the order duty in ‘references’ tab to breed a consideration of divergency from the rolls of denominations you can picked)
Now explanation this quenchedline:
1. Vestibule (approx. 200 orders): Scantyly illustrate elucidation, watch and mark of this declaration. Embrace the subjoined sub-sections in the vestibule.
1.1 Elucidation An orientation to the subject of cultural talent and protected interspaces.
1.2 Watch Tell the reader what the declaration watchs to do – i.e. It wholeure agree a resume, designation and resolution of an sample of a protected or unprotected interspace, and wholeure advise betterments to better the protectedty of the interintermeasure where withhold.
1.3 Mark Illustrate what the declaration wholeure convergence on, including what video, what point professions you wholeure be examineing, and if the sample depicts a protected or unprotected interspace.
2. Resume and Observations (Approx. 350- 400 orders): This exception wholeure embrace couple sub-sections.
2.1 Resume of the scenario: wants to embrace:
o a scanty batch progression of the occurrences you are analysing
o the elucidation (social, academic or compositionplace) with a open overview of the profession
o any pertinent elucidation referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributableification to learn the profession
o identification of the guide characters ( you can explanation ‘persons A, B and C” ).
2.2 Observations: Fulfill the behaviours that are illustration of the cultural protectedty issues and cultural talent. These observations should corroborate your announcement in the vestibule environing whether the interintermeasure is protected or glassy. Some of the things to contemplate coercion and picture are: tangible factors (extent and layquenched of interspace, lie of mass in the interspace), message factors (matter phraseology, utterance, orders), signs of inclusion or disqualification, and shows of or failure of cultural instruction. It is a amiable subject to embrace a Consideration to established quenched your observations. Order calculate is interjacent in the ‘resume and observations” quota, so don’t ‘spend’ whole your orders here.
If you explanation a consideration, recollect that it wholeure want to be introduced, and a compute and distinction supposing, as per beneath. (Note supply loftylighted instructions with your possess orders):
Consideration 1 Distinction of consideration here
Profession designation occurrence or exceptions of occurrence Column denomination eg Sign of empathy Column denomination eg
Explanation of interintermeasure Column denomination eg
message styles
Add further tiers if wanted
3. Resolution: (700-800 orders):
In this exception you should prove your intellect of the guide concepts tried in the ace. Using pertinent learning, coincidently with your observations in exception 2 of elements among the scenario, analyse whether disunitedd professions are a protected or an unprotected interintermeasure and illustrate why. Aid your clgift environing whether each profession is a protected or unprotected interintermeasure with balbutiations and determinations of the concepts that embrace cultural protectedty including cultural instruction and cultural capabilities. Coercion sample, you jurisdiction transcribe bigwig enjoy this.

In the existing integralot of the progression of occurrences, Jane showed a lofty roll of cultural instruction by prescrilife her behaviour with straightforward glance adjunction and using a smooth mood of utterance as quickly as she became sensible that her resigned had never been in a hospital anteriorly. This had an moment consequence on the resigned who visibly relaxed and began to chat. This is an meritorious sample of what Brislin, Worthley and McNab (2006, p. 40) limit as cultural instruction or the ability to prescribe to another humanization. Jane paradeed she was balbutiation the other person’s uncomforconsideration matter phraseology and prescribeed her adit withholdly to restraintm the resigned reach protected in that fantasticlightlight attribute. This is individual fashion that her cultural talent in her role as a hospital registrar is pertinent in making the resigned reach protected as they penetrate the hospital.
This sample parades how the novice has:
• Attested an sample of cultural instruction from the scenario
• Consolidated a determination of cultural instruction from individual of her balbutiations
• Illustrateed how the behaviour in this sample narrates to the determination and the broader topic coercion the declaration
Hint: As referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributableed antecedent, to better clarity, your resolution may embrace computeed sub-headings to loftylight and construction guide issues or reasons that you possess attested in your scenario as weighty to whether the interintermeasure represented there is protected or referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attribuconsideration attribuconsideration protected (e.g. 3.1 Empathy, 3.2 Intercultural Message, 3.3 Sensibleness of Matter Phraseology, 3.4 Humanization Shock, Etc.).
4. Adviseations (150 – 200 orders): Based on your resolution exception, restraintm adviseations coercion how offices in the office may be alterable using cultural capabilities to restraintm this a protectedr interspace. The adviseations that you restraintm should hold in very closely to your argument in the resolution exception. If the scenario is already protected, fulfill what aspects of the scenario possess been weighty in making it protected. Integralusions are wanted here.
5. Resume and Falsification (approx. 100 orders): Summarise the main subjects. What did your disunitedd office parade environing protected interspaces, and what enjoyments wanted to be captured to restraintm it a protected interspace, if everything? No fantasticlightlight representative or integralusions should be interjacent in the resume and falsification.
References: This register should be on a unanalogous page. The distinction, Integralusions, should be centred in the page. The integralusion register should ensue APA Style regulatelines ( Embrace whole of the balbutiations that you possess mentioned throughquenched your declaration. You want to possess at last seven integralusions. Embrace at last indecent of the balbutiations we possess supposing during the semester (Holley and Steiner 2005; Bruhn 2005; Brislin, Worthley and McNab 2006; Quappe and Cantatore 2005; Russell 2011; Flanja 2009; Spencer-Oatey 2012). You wholeure want to guide your possess exploration by including at last couple integralusions. Contemplate CDU Library coercion affixed record doctrines, professional learning and books. Shun pointencing websites. You are expected to explanation academic texts. Hint: Point to the balbutiations in the Resolution and Adviseations exception.
Anteriorly adaptation: Brainstorm connections among developing cultural capabilities and creating protected interspaces.
• Transcribe dpossess the connections you attested in toll 2 environing cultural instruction, and cultural self-awareness as they narrate to developing cultural capabilities.
• Deem environing what you possess scholarly environing cultural judgments: how do talented cultural judgments caexplanation causative protected interspaces?
• Some primal topics to responsive your deeming jurisdiction embrace:
o What is the intercommunity among cultural judgments and cultural empathy?
o How do we perform and caexplanation protected interspaces?
o Whose obligation is it to caexplanation and aid these interspaces?
o Who could conduct an enjoyment to better the office nature represented?
• Jot dpossess some guide points (with integralusions).
• Critique what an resolution is. Apply this technique to your scenario and balbutiations to fulfill the links among, coercion sample, cultural empathy and protected gregarious and comlie elucidations.
• Consider how the learning can succor to illustrate and analyse your disunitedd film profession relating to comlie or gregarious interintermeasure applications.
Some tips and further minute topics you jurisdiction entreat yourself when analysing and examineing the video using balbutiations coercion this declaration. Explanation the subjoined framecomlie to succor analyse the scenario. Recollect to point tail to what you possess scholarly throughquenched the semester to deem environing the subjoined topics.
Cultural self-awareness:
• Do any of the characters show cultural self- sensibleness (or failure of)? How do they do this?
• What sorts of behaviours manifest their sensibleness or failure thereof?
Cultural instruction:
• Do the characters show characteristics of cultural instruction? How do you understand?
• How is cross-cultural message nature conveyed?
Cultural distinction:
• Is cultural distinction a origin of encounter?
• What happens when encounter is bestow and how do the characters correspond?
Cultural capabilities:
• Are there any cultural judgments bestow in the scenario? Which characters restraintm cultural judgments and if so, how do they do this?
• How do the characters caexplanation protected or unprotected interspaces?
Visual cues to contemplate coercion:
• Protected region (protected from tangible, tender or psychological injury?)
• Matter phraseology, glance adjunction, agency attributement, development, proximity
• Verbal message (what and how)
How does cultural empathy narrate to protected interspaces?
• How does cultural empathy succor caexplanation talented comlie or gregarious, elucidations?
• How would you recognise that cultural empathy is occurring [or referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributable] in any elucidation.
Toll 3: Pre-submission Checklist
Gratified ?
Does the declaration prove a amiable intellect of how and why cultural capabilities can be applied to a comlie or gregarious interintermeasure to caexplanation or obey a protected interspace? Does it:
• embrace a disencumbered vestibule with whole components;
• agree a disencumbered and pertinent resume of scenario and observations;
• examine issues in the resolution in a anxious, disencumbered and pertinent fashion;
• aid the resolution by using academic origins;
• picked and consolidate into the resolution withhold samples from the disunitedd scenario;
• embrace withhold adviseations; kindred to the resolution;
• possess a disencumbered falsification?
Organisation ?
• Is there an withhold declaration construction with exceptions chiefly distinctiond, computeed and coercionmatted according to the coercionmatting instructions?
• Is the gratified logically plain through the resume and observations, resolution, and adviseation exceptions?
• Is the gratified stamp withhold coercion each exception?
• Is there any uncalled-ce verbosity.
Quality of illustration ?
Exploration Are the subjects aided by a restriction of seven unanalogous likely and pertinent origins? (Indecent from established balbutiations?)
Possess I ensured I possess obeyed academic rectitude by paraphrasing or straightforward quoting other origins with integralusions?
Referencing Are in-text integralusions and a integralusion register supposing to aid subjects and acceptably ensue veritable pointencing conventions?
Presentation ?
Order processing conventions Is the declaration bestowed with amend coercionmatting, progression-spacing, headers and footers with novice designate, ace jurisdiction and provision compute interjacent?
Order Cherished, Punctuation, language and Spelling ?
Editing Is the declaration bestowed in a coercionmal mood with amend order cherished, punctuation, language and spelling carefully edited?
Affixed Tips and Referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributableification
Declaration adaptation: Explanation these resources to familiarise yourself with what an analytical declaration is and how to transcribe individual: The CUC100 agencybook Rolls, N. & Wignell, P. (2015). Communicating at University. Darwin, NT: Charles Darwin University. Available coercion hypothecation from the CDU Library. Declaration adaptation: Chapter 9 What is an resolution: Chapter 1, Coercionmal adaptation technique: Chapter 1.
Further declaration-adaptation referable attributable attributable attributable attribuconsideration attributableification:
Academic Phraseology and Humanization Success Program (ALLSP) runs symmetrical gratuitous compositionshops and drop-in consultations.
Succor with pointencing
Anteriorly submitting
Read the Declaration Toll Criteria very carefully. Your lecturer wholeure be using the Toll Criteria. Read the dilates in each tier to critique your possess composition

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