CSC10217 – Web Development II – Exam

UNIT: CSC10217 – Work Outgrowth II – Exam

TIME ALLOWED: 3 hrs + 10 minutes balbutiation date

PERMITTED MATERIALS: Unmarked, Unhighlighted, Untabbed Coercioneign Language Dictionary (Book Coercionm Only) Permitted. Unmarked Calculator Counsel Booklet. Span A4 sheets annotated twain behalfs.

Attempt total investigations.
This criterion is rate 40% of the balancetotal individual rate.

This booklet comprehends:
PART A (50%) which consists of 8 condensed counter-argument investigations totalling 50 marks. Write your counter-arguments in an counter-argument booklet referable attributable attributable attributable on the exam tractate. Make enduring to enumerate each investigation palpably.

PART B (50%) which consists of 2 investigations totalling 50 marks. Write your counter-arguments in the booklet(s) supposing. Make enduring to enumerate each investigation palpably.

Please revert the exam tractate with your counter-argument booklet/s and annotated sheets.

This criterion is rate 40% of your definite action.

Total exams include 10 minutes balbutiation date which totalows you to exhaust some date at the initiate of the criterion coercion composing yourself, balbutiation the exam tractate, and planning which investigations to counter-argument, and how. We guide you to decipher the counsels and investigations carefully antecedently you prepare fitness; nevertheless you are totalowed to prepare fitness your counter-arguments undeviating far if you aim.
Please enenduring that you proceedings your liberal call and ward ID in the spaces supposing on ALL items to be handed in.
Total investigations to be counter-argumented in your acknowledge handfitness beginningal incorrectly authorised.

STUDENT NAME: …………………………………………………………………
I.D. NUMBER: …………………………………………………………………
PART-A: 50 marks Date estimate: 90 min

Q1 (6 marks): Work collisions and desktop collisions are opposed approaches to institute collision software coercion businesses. In a lacking sentences:
a. Incorporate the pros and cons of work collisions balance desktop collisions in the restraintthcoming aspects: subsistence and update, platfashion dependency and accessibility, conservationr knowledge and defence.
b. Which stamp of collision would you elect to institute an online collaboration arrangement harmonious to the Blackboard collaborate? Justify your exquisite.
Q2 (6 marks): In a lacking sentences, incorporate the guide differences among the client behalf and the server behalf scripting technologies in the restraintthcoming aspects: usability (coercion what view) and deterrent arrangement. Is it feasible to conservation JavaScript at the server-side? Justify your counter-argument.

Q3 (6 marks): GET and POST are span material modes of HTTP. In a lacking sentences, collate HTTP GET and POST modes in the restraintthcoming aspects:
a. Usability and Defence
b. Which mode would you conservation to upload images to work servers? Justify your exquisite.

Q4 (6 marks): Sessions and cookies are span material arrangements coercion instituteing stateful message among client and server in work collision. In a lacking sentences collate and contrariety the span arrangements in the restraintthcoming aspects:
a. Usability and Defence
b. Which arrangement would you conservation if you scarcity to deeptain knowledge encircling a top conservationr coercion correspondently individual (1) day? Justify your exquisite.

Q5 (6 marks): CSS and JavaScript are important technologies coercion instituteing dynamic and sympathetic conservationr interface (UI) in work collisions. Analyse the html muniment dedicated in Figure 1 and counter-argument the restraintthcoming investigations in individual sentence:
a. What conquer you behold when the “Toggle Style” nonentity is clicked?
b. Rewrite the toggleStyle () exercise to toggle disguise and likeness the style when the “Toggle Style” nonentity is often clicked.

Q6 (6 marks): Recollect is the arrangement conservationd by JavaScript to shirk blocking the collision Conservationr Interface while the collision is protraction coercion some long-drawn work to finished.
a. The jurisdiction dedicated in Figure 2 tries to expose a countdacknowledge clock. Analyse the jurisdiction and sift-canvass what you would behold on the mitigate succeeding the nonentity “START” is pressed?
b. Rewrite the countdacknowledge exercise using the exercise recollect arrangement and window’s setInterval exercise to achieve the counting expose on the mitigate perfect 1 cooperate. The setInterval exercise has the restraintthcoming syntax: setInterval(function, milliseconds);

Q7 (9 marks): Conservationr’s input validation is individual of the guide requirement in collision outgrowth.
a. Incorporate the advantages and disadvantages of the client behalf validation collated to the server-behalf validation.
b. The jurisdiction likenessing in Figure 3 is planned to hinder the soundness of conservationrcall and password. Modify the JavaScript hinderUcall and hinderUpass exercises to consummate the restraintthcoming validation:
• The conservationrcall should enjoy among 3 to 5 natures preparening with a inferior circumstance referablee.
• The password should enjoy incompleteness eight natures, at last individual referablee and individual enumerate and nindividual of the restraintthcoming peculiar nature (@#$%).
c. Coercion defence debate, you too deficiency to consummate the conservationrcall and password validation at the server behalf. Modify the jurisdiction dedicated in Figure 4 to finished the validations.

Q8 (5 marks): AJAX is a uncommon JavaScript arrangement coercion creating non-flickering interactive client-server interaction in work collisions. The jurisdiction likenessing in Figure 5 is planned to invent an Ajax interaction with the work server to recommend the matching guidewords as the conservationr initiates typing in the pursuit input buffet. You conquer acceleration to finished this jurisdiction by:
a. Modifying the php jurisdiction supposing in Figure 6 to touch the Ajax ask. The jurisdiction conquer pursuit coercion guidewords matched with the ordinary pursuit guide.
b. Modify the JavaScript jurisdiction supposing in Figure 5 to likeness the conservationr matched guidewords as the conservationr stamps in the pursuit guide.
PART-B: 50 marks Date estimate: 90 min

Problem context:
You are compensated to institute a work collision to direct and distribute subsistence customs. Each custom conquer enjoy restraintthcoming knowledge:
– Name: custom call
– Category: breakfast, lunch, dinner
– Origin: the beginning of the custom e.g. from Italy, France, China (citation 100 natures)
– Servings: the serving extent e.g. 2 mob, 4 mob
– Cooking date: expected cooking date in minutes.
– Ingredients: ingredients of the custom in citation.
– Instruction: cooking counsel in citation
– Photo: a photo of the adept mess.
You conquer do the outgrowth in span stalks.
Q9 (25 marks): In this stalk, you conquer exhaust the plan muniment coercion the collision. In top, you conquer invent the restraintthcoming items:
a. A diagram of the architectural (modular) plan of the collision denoting the deep client-behalf and sever-behalf components /modules to be built so that the conservationr can add/edit/delete/pursuit coercion customs. Customs conquer be treasuryd in MySQL groundsbase server.
b. A wireframe plan of the deep mitigate where you conquer expose the most late customs and the input coercionm to input the custom grounds.
c. A groundsbase make to treasury the custom grounds. Select the grounds stamps from the restraintthcoming grounds stamps:
– VARCHAR(size): Holds a mutable elongation string (can comprehend referablees, enumerates, and peculiar natures). The apex extent is restricted in parenthesis. Can treasury up to 255 natures. Referable attributable attributablee: If you put a important compute than 255 it conquer be converted to a TEXT stamp.
– TINYTEXT: Holds a string with a apex elongation of 255 natures.
– TEXT: Holds a string with a apex elongation of 65,535 natures
– ENUM(x,y,z,etc.): Let you invade a schedule of feasible computes. You can schedule up to 65535 computes in an ENUM schedule. If a compute is inserted that is referable attributable attributable attributable in the schedule, a bare compute conquer be inserted.
– TINYINT(size): -128 to 127 natural. 0 to 255 UNSIGNED*. The apex enumerate of digits may be restricted in parenthesis
– INT(size): -2147483648 to 2147483647 natural. 0 to 4294967295 UNSIGNED*. The apex enumerate of digits may be restricted in parenthesis
– TIME(): A date. Coercionmat: HH:MI:SS
– BLOB: Coercion BLOBs (Binary Large OBjects). Holds up to 65,535 bytes of grounds

Q10 (25 marks): In this stalk you conquer instrument some of your plan. In top, you conquer instrument the custom input coercionm using html, JavaScript and PHP. In top, you conquer invent the restraintthcoming:
a. A html page with the custom input coercionm using your plan with a right client-behalf input validation You can conservation HTML5, JavaScript or twain coercion the validation work.
b. PHP jurisdiction to treasury the custom in groundsbase. Referable attributable attributablee that here you do referable attributable attributable attributable scarcity to instrument jurisdiction to treasury the custom photo in the groundsbase or a server folder. You can conservation the jurisdiction supposing in Figure 7 as your initiateing top or conservation your acknowledge jurisdiction which continually you are further convenient with.


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