CSC10217 – Web Development II – Exam

UNIT: CSC10217 – Passageure Crop II – Exam

TIME ALLOWED: 3 hrs + 10 minutes balbutiation period

PERMITTED MATERIALS: Unmarked, Unhighlighted, Untabbed Ceeign Language Dictionary (Book Cem Only) Permitted. Unmarked Calculator Education Booklet. Brace A4 sheets annotated twain borders.

Attempt adequate inquirys.
This scrutiny is estimate 40% of the balanceadequate ace duty.

This booklet comprises:
PART A (50%) which consists of 8 limited apology inquirys totalling 50 marks. Write your apologys in an apology booklet referable on the exam brochure. Make safe to compute each inquiry distinctly.

PART B (50%) which consists of 2 inquirys totalling 50 marks. Write your apologys in the booklet(s) granted. Make safe to compute each inquiry distinctly.

Please requite the exam brochure with your apology booklet/s and annotated sheets.

This scrutiny is estimate 40% of your latest remove.

Adequate exams enclose 10 minutes balbutiation period which adequateows you to squander some period at the roconservation of the scrutiny ce anodyne yourself, balbutiation the exam brochure, and planning which inquirys to apology, and how. We instruct you to interpret the educations and inquirys carefully antecedently you initiate agreement; besides you are adequateowed to initiate agreement your apologys direct abroad if you desire.
Please ensafe that you annals your bountiful spectry and learner ID in the spaces granted on ALL items to be handed in.
Adequate inquirys to be apologyed in your acknowledge handagreement ordinary inadequately authorised.

STUDENT NAME: …………………………………………………………………
I.D. NUMBER: …………………………………………………………………
PART-A: 50 marks Period estimate: 90 min

Q1 (6 marks): Passageure contacts and desktop contacts are contrariant approaches to found contact software ce businesses. In a rare sentences:
a. Embody the pros and cons of passageure contacts balance desktop contacts in the coercionthcoming aspects: means-of-support and update, platconstitute dependency and accessibility, conservationr trial and certainty.
b. Which symbol of contact would you elect to found an online collaboration regularity alike to the Blackboard collaborate? Justify your dainty.
Q2 (6 marks): In a rare sentences, embody the solution differences betwixt the client border and the server border scripting technologies in the coercionthcoming aspects: usability (ce what intention) and deed agency. Is it potential to conservation JavaScript at the server-side? Justify your apology.

Q3 (6 marks): GET and POST are brace material rules of HTTP. In a rare sentences, assimilate HTTP GET and POST rules in the coercionthcoming aspects:
a. Usability and Certainty
b. Which rule would you conservation to upload images to passageure servers? Justify your dainty.

Q4 (6 marks): Sessions and cookies are brace material agencys ce founding stateful despatch betwixt client and server in passageure contact. In a rare sentences assimilate and dissimilarity the brace agencys in the coercionthcoming aspects:
a. Usability and Certainty
b. Which agency would you conservation if you scarcity to frequent knowledge environing a biased conservationr ce accurately individual (1) day? Justify your dainty.

Q5 (6 marks): CSS and JavaScript are principal technologies ce founding dynamic and retorting conservationr interface (UI) in passageure contacts. Analyse the html muniment attached in Figure 1 and apology the coercionthcoming inquirys in individual sentence:
a. What earn you mark when the “Toggle Schemeation” dot is clicked?
b. Rewrite the toggleDesignation () capacity to toggle blink and semblance the schemeation when the “Toggle Schemeation” dot is often clicked.

Q6 (6 marks): Supersede is the agency conservationd by JavaScript to escape blocking the contact Conservationr Interface conjuncture the contact is uncertainty ce some diffrepresentation labor to adequate.
a. The statute attached in Figure 2 tries to expose a countdacknowledge clock. Analyse the statute and argue what you would mark on the defend succeeding the dot “START” is pressed?
b. Rewrite the countdacknowledge capacity using the capacity supersede agency and window’s setInterval capacity to secure the counting expose on the defend integral 1 succor. The setInterval capacity has the coercionthcoming syntax: setInterval(function, milliseconds);

Q7 (9 marks): Conservationr’s indeposit validation is individual of the solution capability in contact crop.
a. Embody the advantages and disadvantages of the client border validation assimilated to the server-border validation.
b. The statute semblanceing in Figure 3 is purposed to bridle the sinew of conservationrspectry and password. Modify the JavaScript bridleUspectry and bridleUpass capacitys to fulfil the coercionthcoming validation:
• The conservationrspectry should possess betwixt 3 to 5 casts initiatening with a inferior condition referablee.
• The password should possess insufficiency prospect casts, at meanest individual referablee and individual compute and nindividual of the coercionthcoming decent cast (@#$%).
c. Ce certainty debate, you also lack to fulfil the conservationrspectry and password validation at the server border. Modify the statute attached in Figure 4 to adequate the validations.

Q8 (5 marks): AJAX is a sole JavaScript agency ce creating non-flickering interactive client-server interaction in passageure contacts. The statute semblanceing in Figure 5 is purposed to fashion an Ajax interaction with the passageure server to insinuate the matching solutionwords as the conservationr rouses typing in the exploration indeposit punch. You earn acceleration to adequate this statute by:
a. Modifying the php statute granted in Figure 6 to representation the Ajax petition. The statute earn exploration ce solutionwords matched with the present exploration solution.
b. Modify the JavaScript statute granted in Figure 5 to semblance the conservationr matched solutionwords as the conservationr symbols in the exploration solution.
PART-B: 50 marks Period estimate: 90 min

Problem context:
You are hired to found a passageure contact to conduct and distribute food usages. Each usage earn possess coercionthcoming knowledge:
– Name: usage spectry
– Category: breakfast, lunch, dinner
– Origin: the carepresentation of the usage e.g. from Italy, France, China (passage 100 casts)
– Servings: the serving magnitude e.g. 2 mass, 4 mass
– Cooking period: expected cooking period in minutes.
– Ingredients: ingredients of the usage in passage.
– Instruction: cooking education in passage
– Photo: a photo of the genial plate.
You earn do the crop in brace stalks.
Q9 (25 marks): In this stalk, you earn draw the scheme muniment ce the contact. In detail, you earn fashion the coercionthcoming items:
a. A diagram of the architectural (modular) scheme of the contact denoting the ocean client-border and sever-border components /modules to be built so that the conservationr can add/edit/delete/exploration ce usages. Usages earn be fundd in MySQL groundsbase server.
b. A wireframe scheme of the ocean defend where you earn expose the most late usages and the indeposit cem to indeposit the usage grounds.
c. A groundsbase composition to fund the usage grounds. Select the grounds symbols from the coercionthcoming grounds symbols:
– VARCHAR(size): Holds a fickle protraction string (can comprise referablees, computes, and decent casts). The utmost magnitude is ascertained in parenthesis. Can fund up to 255 casts. Referablee: If you deposit a superior appraise than 255 it earn be converted to a TEXT symbol.
– TINYTEXT: Holds a string with a utmost protraction of 255 casts.
– TEXT: Holds a string with a utmost protraction of 65,535 casts
– ENUM(x,y,z,etc.): Let you invade a register of potential appraises. You can register up to 65535 appraises in an ENUM register. If a appraise is inserted that is referable in the register, a unmitigated appraise earn be inserted.
– TINYINT(size): -128 to 127 ordinary. 0 to 255 UNSIGNED*. The utmost compute of digits may be ascertained in parenthesis
– INT(size): -2147483648 to 2147483647 ordinary. 0 to 4294967295 UNSIGNED*. The utmost compute of digits may be ascertained in parenthesis
– TIME(): A period. Cemat: HH:MI:SS
– BLOB: Ce BLOBs (Binary Large OBjects). Holds up to 65,535 bytes of grounds

Q10 (25 marks): In this stalk you earn utensil some of your scheme. In detail, you earn utensil the usage indeposit cem using html, JavaScript and PHP. In detail, you earn fashion the coercionthcoming:
a. A html page with the usage indeposit cem using your scheme with a decent client-border indeposit validation You can conservation HTML5, JavaScript or twain ce the validation labor.
b. PHP statute to fund the usage in groundsbase. Referablee that here you do referable scarcity to utensil statute to fund the usage photo in the groundsbase or a server folder. You can conservation the statute granted in Figure 7 as your rouseing subject-matter or conservation your acknowledge statute which constantly you are further agreeable with.


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