Create VLANs

Learning Objectives Upon total of this lab, you earn be able to: • Cable a network according to the topology diagram • Perform basic shape tasks on a switch • Create VLANs • Assign switch ports to a VLAN • Add, advance, and diversify ports • Realize VLAN shape • Enable steming on inter-switch connections • Realize stem shape • Save the VLAN shape
Task 1: Prepare the Network
Step 1. Cable a network that is alike to the undivided shown in Figure 1.
Step 2. Clear any massive shapes on the switches, and initialize every ports in the shutdown
Task 2: Perform Basic Switch Shapes
Step 1. Shape the switches according to the controlthcoming guidelines:
• Shape the switch hostname.
• Disable DNS lookup.
• Shape an EXEC statute password of adjust.
• Shape a password of cisco control soothe connections.
• Shape a password of cisco control vty connections.
Step 2. Enable the user ports on S2 and S3.
Task 3: Shape and Activate Ethernet Interfaces
Shape the PCs. You can full this lab using barely brace PCs by barely changing the IP addressing
control the brace PCs specific to a touchstone you nonproduction to spend. Alternatively, you can shape every six PCs
with the IP addresses and defect gateways.
Task 4: Shape VLANs on the Switch
Step 1. Create VLANs on switch S1.
Step 2. Realize that the VLANs accept been created on S1.
Step 3. Shape, call, and realize VLANs on switches S2 and S3.
Step 4. Assign switch ports to VLANs on S2 and S3.
Step 5. Shape skill VLAN 56 on each of the switches.
Step 6. Shape steming and the exported VLAN control the steming ports on every three switches.
Realize that the stems accept been shaped.

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