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Glassblower, also know as the fear of public speaking, Is the top rated fear In the united States according to Brandon Gaggle. People are far more scared of public speaking than death and even spiders. It Is a primal fear of being ostracizes and cast out, but It Is something that should not be fear so highly. With practice and a few good points public speaking can be an experience that the speaker and the audience can connect and share a story that teaches each person something new.

This week developing persuasive communication using effective language was scudded in Communicating in the Workplace, Chapter 14. The Brilliant Public Speaking video was a great addition to this weeks discussion. Several key points in the video are relevant to develop skills in persuasive communication. For example, in Brilliant Public Speaking it was explained that to be an effective communicator it is necessary to know what the audience wants.

It Is also essential to connect with the audience by sharing personal stories relevant to the topic.The audience will more likely remember more of the presentation when they feel an emotional message was conveyed. Changing nervousness Into excitement Is another way to Improve the overall experience, also drawing in the audience.

Rehearsals, and proper attire will help build the speakers confidence. By rehearsing the speaker can fix areas that are weak. Grab you audience attention with an excellent opening, use pauses for a two to three seconds to build anticipation.Additionally, this week developing valid arguments was discussed which shared key points from Brilliant Public Speaking. For example, as a subject matter expert, the presenter, must properly research and delver excellent and intriguing information on he topic. Again, knowing the audience will help deliver the message in manner they could relate to. I have a horrendous fear of public speaking, and must agree It Is a pretty close fear to death for me.

I especially like how Topper Morrison In the Brilliant Public Speaking shared that he turned his nervousness into excitement.It would be a great personnel experience within a small group of people because I have experienced that people can relate and connect more when I share my stories. I can definitely use this information to help build a persuasive speech and improve my public speaking skills. I am a novice when it comes to public speaking, however after watching Brilliant Public Speaking I can offer a few great tips to improve public speaking skills. Research is a key when preparing for a speech.Gather information about the audience that the message will be delivered to, dress code, time limit, and most importantly the topic. If giving a speech the audience expects the speaker to be the subject matter expert.

Deliver original information that the audience will not find elsewhere. Take time to gather the information needed for the presentation, and ensure good solid information is delivered and repeat key points that should be embedded by audience to remember. Ensure that to get plenty of rest and water in the days before the speech.Practicing in front of a mirror or video can also help figure where weak points are. Make sure to speak slowly and clear using pauses to relax and build anticipation in the audience. Death should not be a fear that the majority of Americans would prefer in comparison to public speaking. With practice and the information provided in Brilliant Public Speaking each person can learn to gain the confidence needed to overcome their fear of public speaking and deliver a read message to their audience.

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