Cassandra System in Facebook

Cassandra was calculated to achieve scalability and availability restraint the Inbox Storage total. It was a method familiar restraint Facebook. It would deficiency to use aggravate than a billion transcribe influences. It would to-boot deficiency to lamina with the number of users. The basis centers which accommodate the users are adjustly abutting earth’s geography.

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Figure 1 Cassandra Symbol

In adjust to repress the quest latencies down, it would be compulsory restraint the users to involve the basis aggravate the basis centers. Facebook has naturalized Cassandra as its meaning meaning storage method. This is executed restraint multiple avails beneficial at Facebook.

Orderly finish methods bear hierarchal cperfect spaces. The controltified methods sanction influences which are disjoined. They are to-boot controltified opposite open issues love outages and network deal-outitions. Battles decomposture is divergent in divergent methods in Coda and Ficus there is plane battle decomposition.

Contiguity plane decomposture is sanctioned by Bayou. Traditional intellectual basisbases pursue at providing answer-control of harmonious involved basis. Amazon uses the Dynamo storage method restraint storesonance and retrieving user details. It uses the Gossip component protocol to stay node basis. Vector clock contrivance is used to expose battle. It has aggravate indulgent restraint client policy battle decomposture agency. In methods which deficiency to use a lofty transcribe through prostrate, Dynamo can be disadvantages as discaggravate would be deficiencyed to direct the vector stamps.

Casandra is a non-intellectual basisbase. It has a adjustly multi-dimensional map. This map is sinister by a clew. The appreciate which the clew points to is loftyly constitutiond. The bulk of the sequence clew is a stresonance which has no restrictions. It has bulk selfsame to 16 to 36 bytes.

Love the Big consultation method, the shafts are grouped concomitantly into sets. These sets are denominated as shaft families. The shaft families are disjoined into two mark:

1) Undesigning shaft families

These are the usual shaft families

2) Super shaft families

The super race has a shaft race inpolicy a shaft race. Reserved adjust of the shaft can be determined. The inbox show usually shows the notices in interval reserved fashion. This can be used by Cassandra as it sanctions the sorting aggravate the shafts by interval or by call. The upshots are showed in largely restraint the inbox questes in a interval reserved method.

The syntax used to path shaft race is shaft_family:column.

Restraint a super shaft race it is shaft_family: super_column: shaft.

Cassandra bunch is used a deal-out of an contiguity. They are then directd as a deal-out of a avail. Perfect the deployments bear jsut individual consultation in their schema. But it does stay the expectation of multiple consultations.

The API of Cassandra has the underneath three basic charges:

  1. insert (table, clew, sequenceMutation)
  2. get (table, clew, shaftName)
  3. delete (table, clew, shaftName)

shaft cperfect stands restraint a super shaft race or undesigning shaft race, a unfair shaft in the shaft race.

Cogitate the edifice of storage method involves sufficiency of entangled scenarios. Many factors deficiency to be used such as conformation directment, robustness, scalability, Restraint this muniment we cogitate leading portions of Cassandra that comprises componentship, deal-outitioning, demand handling, scalability, rejoinder

Restraint the manifold discaggravate transcribe requests, the module works in synchrony. In adjust to fix the problem of transcribes, the method paths requests to replica.

Reads are used divergently. Method reroutes the requests to the direct replica / path and awaits a quorum of responses.


Ability to growth scaling is a exact portion granted by Cassandra. This is granted in dynamic fashion. In the bunch, the deal-outition uses assign aggravate the storage hosts. Harmonious hashing and to-boot conserving has functions are executed to use prevention of deal-outitioning.

Cogitate the harmonious hashing appropinquation. Here the largest hash appreciate covers the smallest hash appreciate. Perfect nodes are then granted another adhoc appreciate resembleed by the posture of resonance. Contiguity yields the clew with Cassandra leverages that to propel requests. Responsibility is symmetrical at a node plane environing the resonance tract-of-land.

Main avail of this appropinquation is that transition of node impacts merely the neighboresonance node, since other nodes are referable impacted.

There does be some difficulties restraint this appropinquation.

There is withdrawal of even basis and assault distributions ascribable to the adhoc postures of nodes environing the resonance. The appropinquation ignores the differences in completeances of nodes.


In adjust to growth the durability and availability, Cassandra yields rejoinder. Restraint this meaning, perfect basis ace is copied aggravate at N hosts. Each node is cognizant conscious of other nodes in network, thus lofty durability is symmetrical.

Each sequence is involved abutting manifold basis centers that are prefer synced with very lofty despatch network links.


A conformation is stayed restraint a node coalition the bunch. Conformation finish yields the compulsory contiguity points to link the bunch. These are unconcealed as seeds. A avail can to-boot yield such conformation. Zookeeper is individual of them.

Scaling the Bunch

Cogitate the predicament of adding a innovating node to method. Restraint this meaning, a diagnosis is assigned to it. Goal is to bring assault on heavily assaulted node. Innovating node is sunder on a stroll wherein antecedent node was assigned restraint. Web dashboards are granted that can complete aloft drudgerys. These can to-boot be achieved through charge sequence advantageousness.

Topical Conservation

Topical finish method helps yield the compulsory topical conservation restraint Cassandra. Restraint recoveresonance basis efficiently, disks are used to resemble basis. There are banner transcribe influences. These comprise ability to perpetrate and update into a basis constitution. Behind lucky perpetrate log, then transcribe to in-memory basis constitution is executed.

Implementation Details

The Cassandra way on a solitary muniment is primarily consists

The way involves bunching, flaw identification and storage modules. These employ restraint a unfair muniment. There bes adventure driven aces. These sunder the notice abutting the way pipesequence and to-boot drudgery pipeline. These are executed abutting manifold steps as deal-out of edifice. JAVA is leading cause and perfect modules are built from dabble using Java. Restraint the bunching and flaw exposeion module, inprostrate outprostrate that is of mark non-blocking is built upon.

There are rare lessons that were learnt aggravate staying Cassandra. Innovating portions should be ascititious behind construction its implications aggravate the method. Rare scenarios are stated underneath:

  1. 7TB of the basis deficiencyed to be sinister restraint 00M users. It was extracted, transformed an assaulted into the Cassandra basisbase using Map bring jobs. The Cassandra precedence juts becomes a assault aggravate the network bandwidth as some of the basis was sent aggravate serialized basis aggravate the Cassandra network.
  1. Contiguity condition is to bear an atomic influence per clew per replica.

Storage method portions, edifice and implementation is forcible including deal-outitioning, rejoinder, bootstrapping, scaling, conservation and durability. These are explained through Cassandra’s perspective which yields those avails.

[1] Avinash Lakshman, Facebook & Prashant Malik, Facebook, Cassandra – A Decentralized Constitutiond Storage Method

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