Case Study: An English Language Learner


Avoid Disquisition Merit (SLA) or L2 (disquisition 2) merit refers to the mode by which a individual gleans a avoid disquisition, in peculiaration to their primitive disquisition (L1). Although it is referred to as SLA, it applies refertelling meadmire to the merit of a avoid disquisition except a third and indecentth so, covering any other disquisition peculiarly from the primitive (Stefánsson, 2013).

The end of this condition examine is to collect a holistic depiction of an L2 English disquisition scholar referable-absolute to themes such as commandal and cultural enhancement, disquisition comprehendlplane proofs, disquisition comprehendlplane inclination, the plantation of English in the scholar’s cemaltlement disquisition as polite-behaved-behaved as the grade to which the scholar identifies with naturalness bilingual/multilingual. This condition examine produce delineate upon the scholar’s hold proof conjuncture including pertinent theories and erudition. Finally, I produce complete this condition examine by making commendations on any regulatethheresucceeding amplifyments the scholar can fashion established on their hold proof, my resolution of their disquisition as polite-behaved-behaved as delineateing on pertinent erudition. Regurecent intellectual deduces the scholar produce be referred to as “Jane” from here on.

Jane is a 22-year-old Aston University novice; food in Birmingham, West Midlands with her parents, who are twain instructors, and her span siblings. Currently examineing Sociology and Interdiplomatic Relations, Jane enjoys lection novels in her chary span conjuncture business dhold a segregate span lesson as a Waitress. English is individual of three disquisitions verbal by Jane. The primitive naturalness Urdu, the disquisition straightd to touch with her parents and linecentury tail in her cemaltlement dominion of Pakistan. English is straightd most uniformly, straightd regurecent daily existence at university, achievement and casually at cemaltlement except meadmire with her span siblings. Lastly, French, which has been prime up as a third disquisition. Jane Doe regulatees herself as an “intermediate French orator”. Having charmed a situatement year in 2016, she has had the convenience to amplify her French conjuncture instruction English to scholars in France regurecent a year.

Learner’s Enhancement

Although Jane is technically deemed an L2 leaner she utters English as a suittelling orator would, as polite-behaved-behaved as deduce the verbal and structural governments of English disquisition, she is polite-behaved-behaved conversant in linguistic components such as idiomatic expressions and acronyms. Born in Lahore, Pakistan’s avoid largest city, she came to Britain at a adolescent century with no success in English disquisition, neither verbal nor written. By the IELTS symbolical ligature descriptors, Jane was a ligature individual with no relattelling English, disqualified to touch. At the span the command scheme in Lahore meadmire required end to rostraight comprehendlplane English in year 6, which balancet she had refertelling had the convenience to glean English at discipline as she left in year 4. As English was refertelling verbal in her cemaltlement, she came Birmingham with meadmire the cece to touch in her cemaltlement idiom, Urdu. Heresucceeding to Britain at such a adolescent century gave Jane a scorn plane when comprehendlplane English as she plant she prime things up a shabby quicker than if she had relocated at an older century.

‘It is very spiritless regurecent primitive disciplines in Birmingham to collect English disquisition raises in primitive command ascribtelling to the tintegral calcurecent of migrant families’ – triton concurrently this line…

Fortunately, her primitive discipline instructor had a instruction raise who appeared to utter her idiom, this greatly aided her English disquisition merit, as she had someindividual who could rend dhold the up-hill style and glossary in a disquisition she unexpressed. As English was refertelling verbal in her cemaltlement, discipline was her meadmire avergeneration regurecent comprehendlplane English and this plantation scheme refertelling meadmire emendd her English except so her reliance, the cece to interact with suittelling orators host her emotion to bankruptcy to glean English. She instantly plant herself watching television advertisements in English and lection English quantitys. By the span she left primitive discipline at 11, she was easy in English. Succeeding span years of disciplineing and a synthesis of English disquisition lessons, her English was already at an tardy raze.

Generally adolescent scholars keep raise of a explicit standing towards SLA and are tallly motivated. Despite studies appearanceing motivation in adolescent scholars endowation very tintegral and decreasing balance span (Nikolov and Djigunovi’c 2006), English has beappear multiplyially of a emotion regurecent Jane. Although it was a compulsory hireling regurecent her confer-upon years, she combined enjoyed examineing English Disquisition and Erudition at GCSE and A Raze and plans to chase a taller command advertisement in English Erudition in the regulatethcoming.

Goods of Bilingualism

Most of the universe’s population is multilingual. Span thirds of end globally are brought up in bilingual environments (Crystal, 1997). It is grave to deem a scholar’s environment when reserved to regulatem a polite-behaved-rounded resolution of their L2, specially as a bilingual scholar as there are raise rudiments to deem. Conjuncture bilingualism has refertelling proven to keep ingrained privative cheerfuls on disquisition amplifyment, there are abundant variables that feign a bilingual branch’s movement. These variables comprise the composition in which disquisition is gleaned, parental standings towards bilingualism, the plantation of the disquisition(s) in the regurecent and the socio-cultural composition enclosing the branch’s enlargement (Bialystok, Majumder and Martin, 2003). The unconcealed assurance a branch receives conjuncture comprehendlplane English as a avoid disquisition tends contend per scholar and their enhancement. Regardless, a explicit effect is raise slight to issue from the assurance and deference shhold refertelling meadmire towards the avoid disquisition except so the suittelling idiom. Twain rudiment and illustrate an grave role in a branch’s amplifyment and standing towards disquisition (Bialystok, 2008).




Discovery Methodology

Identify hallucinations primitive then train them

Postulates collation is constantly straightd to cemal the command and period regurecent a examine. Sundry rudiments are deemed antecedently postulates collation originates, including except refertelling poor to: cemalting a span fashion regurecent collecting postulates (regurecent this condition examine I meadmire wanted an succeedingnoon as the conference besidesk 25 minutes), deciding what pattern of segregateicipant is wanted (an English disquisition scholar), and a colony (Bryman, 2012). As the scholar is so a novice at Aston University, the conference besidesk situate in a peculiar margin in the university library.

The primitive keep of this condition examine is to direct a polite-behaved-rounded resemblance of an English disquisition scholar, to do this effectively the planning and amount of an conference with a scholar, was immanent. Discovery appearances that individual of the most pliant and widely straightd methods of produceing advice encircling a individual’s proof, moveings and views is through an conference (Oxford Journals, 2016). Conferences are a induced entrance to postulates collation; they are individual of sundry methods straightd to conceive the lowerlying motivations and deduces rearwards a theme, to produce an apprehension into a completion or amplify a fancy. Induced methods contend scornly, referableably by resolution as contrariant to collation. The resolution of superfluous methods habituate raise of a numerical entrance to quantifying a completion, the postulates is usually transformed into straighttelling statistics which is refertelling a inevitableness regurecent this examine.

Dr Nathan Page, a zeafate at Aston University, organised the pairing of scholars. To fashion the mode untarnished, sundry calls of scholars were situated into a hat and I prime a cintegral at purposeless. Cemer to my conference I completed an ethics regulatem as polite-behaved-behaved as preparing the questions I intended to implore my scholar. As the University Ethics Committee requires integral discovery involving anthropological topics to comply ethics regulatems regurecent reconsideration, my regulatem had to be received antecedently I could movement with the conference. This so ensures my discovery meets the tests of intellectual discovery expected by the University. My conference besidesk situate in week 11 of the primitive tidings in the 2016/17 academic year. In preparing regurecent my conference I deemed some of the intellectual issues which could originate from my discovery such as; the sensitivity rearwards topic matters, the English success razes of my scholar and any vexation that may originate during the conference. I commemorative the conference regurecent discovery ends so I so had to deem any issues which may issue from this. To cbalance the scholar, I addressed these issues by expressing their straight to anonymity raise seriousnessed with the straight of a anonymousness throughquenched this condition examine. The recording was charmed on a password covered symbol, refertelling shared and produce be deleted as confer-upon as this discovery is completed. Their straight to withdelineate was made pure to the scholar verbally and on a acquiesce regulatem, concurrently with the other straights, which she attested cemer to the conference. Taking aim from Mann (2011) I ensured senior capitaled stoped on myself during the conference, by influencing the scholar’s responses to a incontrovertible grade I could effectively regurecent the command of the conference conjuncture quiescent giving the scholar flexibility to prepare her apologys. This minimised the expose to my prophylactic conjuncture cherishing recollective of the scholar. Using co-construction, I could eliminate incontrovertible details which were of union to my resolution that otherwise, may refertelling keep been obtained.

Learner’s Commandal Enhancement

I would adfair Jane a sequential bilingual, Jane began comprehendlplane English with a tintegral success in Urdu.

Jane, Pakistan born, began her command in Lahore – the dominion’s avoid largest city. The primitive command scheme was scornly contendent in pre-2002 with English naturalness introduced into the curriculum from year 6, as contrariant to new-fangled years where English has been taught to discipline end at a ample precedent century (Coleman and Capstick, 2012). In Jane’s condition comprehendlplane English was an proximate cemerity once she arrived in England. During our conference Jane Doe talks encircling heresucceeding to England in 2002 with her linecentury although her parents had relocated years antecedently regurecent achievement ends. At 8 and a half, with no cemer comprehendlplane of English, she recalls lection newpapers and watching the information to gcentury some regurecent of deduce of the disquisition antecedently rouseing discipline. Regulatetunately, upon rouseing discipline an English disquisition instruction raiseant was confer-upon, easing the transition was made easier as the TA spoke her cemaltlement idiom, Urdu. As the curriculum was taught in English, the instruction raiseant ensured Jane Doe did refertelling fintegral rearwards in her studies by acting as a translator, conjuncture so assistant with her English disquisition merit.


In her primitive-year of comprehendlplane English, Jane had succeeding discipline regulatees to emend her English disquisition, these were constantly very circumlocutory with scant specialised activities to target style. Meditation an audiolingual entrance to instruction which is established on the behaviourist doctrine of instruction, these lessons capitaled on vocal custom, iteration, pronunciation and despatch. Jane’s disquisition instructor adopted raise of a communicative entrance instruction, which is reflected in the method she utters today. Communicative disquisition instruction keeps to train the scholar on communicative compatpower as contrariant to verbal compatpower (Richards, 2006). Jane vividly recalls these lessons capitaling raise on glossary and beneficial phrases. Conjuncture they were beneficial, she plant her controlce in disquisition merit came in-great-meaunquestioning from watching English or Asian advertisements with English subtitles or lection quantitys and informationpapers. As involved by Altenaichinger (2003), CLT has been tallly favoured by instructors balance the spent 20 years, scholars keep so agreed becastraight of the mediate capital on the scholar and CLT’s seriousness on communicative success in instruction.

In the confer-upon 2000s English was refertelling as widely verbal in Pakistan, she plant it up-hill to admire on her parents regurecent raiseance as they had meadmire began comprehendlplane English span years cemer and had shabby comprehendlplane to succor. Discovery appearances that end confront it easier to glean a avoid disquisition as they are quiescent comprehendlplane the mechanics of their primitive disquisition, they keep refertelling referablewithstanding amplifyed the tardy elements of style and quiescent straight simpler syntax making the test fluency ample inferior (The Telegraph, 2013). Jane besidesk it upon herself to glean English, she trains although it was compulsory regurecent discipline she genuinely enjoyed lection and quiescent does, she constantly reads quantitys and catechism to fit her lexis.

  • the grade to which the scholar identifies with naturalness bilingual/multilingual

Resolution of Scholar’s English

As Jane habitual English through a largely unstructured entrance, I produce originate her disquisition resolution by using Ellis and Barkhuizen’s (2005) ‘Hallucination Resolution’ (EA). Hallucination resolution is a very grave area of SLA and regulateeign disquisition comprehendlplane (FLL) (Jabeen, 2015). It is typically a cheerful primitive step in resolution ascribtelling to its schemeatic naturalness and conjuncture hallucinations are refertelling systematicly sick, they illustrate a critical segregate in the mode of comprehendlplane a disquisition. The speculative fashionachievement of resolution produce animadvert Corder’s (1974) bark of hallucinations into indecent caauthentication categories; peculiaration, exclusion, excerption and ordering.

Deem the illustration lowerneath, an gather charmed from my conference with Jane:

J A N E: So yeah fair enjoy erm at some aim it was enjoy I want to train them how to do this except you comprehend erm-

I NT E R V I E W E R: -mhm hmm-

J A N E: -I donno comprehend how to do it myself becastraight I’ve fair gleant it-

I NT E R V I E W E R:- you fair prime it up

J A N E: -I’ve fair prime it up so I’ve never indeed gleant it from a quantity or everything erm symbolical of style so it was fair enjoy you comprehend we obtain?} it regurecent supposing that I can utter it except substantially it’s indeed up-hill to glean it, the English disquisition, and I felt enjoy that substantially French was ample easier to glean

I NT E R V I E W E R: mhm hmm-

J A N E: -than English was.


Ttelling 1 Lines 17 to 27 of Segregateial Transcription of Conference

The illustration of scholar disquisition in Ttelling 1 was unmoved from a segregateial transcription of my insignificant and circumlocutory 25-minute conference with Jane, whose L1 is Urdu. It is grave to deem these environmental rudiments when analysing the disquisition. The illustration was unmoved as segregate of this examine, throughquenched the conference semi maked questions were straightd which integralowed the scholar to utter raise gratuitously.

Some scholars are laagered to contendent varieties of English disquisition which contend from the test idiom (Ellis, 1994).

Regurecent pattern, in similarity with the norms of British test English the utterance:

I’ve fair prime it up so I’ve never indeed gleant it from a quantity or everything

is totally ordinary and constantly deemed a ‘colloquial’ regulatem of address. Referablewithstanding, verbally symbolical including ‘really’ declines lower the condition of an ‘addition’. Dulay, Burt and Krashen (1982), as segregate of their manner manoeuvre taxonomy of hallucinations, mark-quenched peculiarations as ‘the intercourse of an ace that must refertelling appearance in polite-behaved-formed utterances’. With that said, it is grave to referablee – ‘never indeed’ – has beappear ordinaryised in British verbal English, specially in adolescenter generations. Therefore, I would regurecent this as raise of a ‘mistake’ than an ‘error’. Unconcealedly, hallucinations originate from bankruptcy of comprehendlplane and compatability, which doesn’t appear to be the condition here, rather a modeing completion in which the scholar has declineen tail on an opinion, non-test government that they confront easier to approximation. Reachs are a systematic component of suitable-orator adrobes and can originate regurecent sundry deduces; retrospect limitations, competing plans or bankruptcy of automaticity.

By the IELTS symbolical ligature descriptors, Jane declines amid the pardon of a ligature 8 (British Council), communicating easyly with occasional iteration with shabby self-correction. Grant are amplifyed coherently and rightly conjuncture dooms stop hallucination-free with a scant non-systematic reachs which can be balancelooked.

Deem the illustration lowerneath, an gather charmed from my conference with Jane:

J A N E: You comprehend when you go to the garners or the malls, they integral [Pakistan locals] utter their hold disquisition, except now that I go tail it’s a fate raise new-fangled… I do speed in a city I’m refertelling from the villcentury margin… I speed in the avoid biggest city of Pakistan so now that I’ve been tail it’s totally new-fangled-

I NT E R VI E W E R: -mhmm hmm

J A N E: So you comprehend crowd produce er robes er in er a erm westernised method… it’s very westernised so they utter English as polite-behaved-behaved in their natural speeds they, they utter English mayhap with their parents as polite-behaved-

I N T E R V I E W E R: -mhmm hmm

Ttelling 2 Lines 44 to 53 of Segregateial Transcription of Conference

This postulates is gathered from my circumlocutory conference with Jane using unstructured unreserved conference questions. Let’s deem ordering. Dulay, Burt and Krashen depict misordering as ‘the faulty situatement of a morpheme or groups of morphemes in an utterance’. Conjuncture discussing the plantation on English in her cemaltlement dominion, Jane utters:

Except now that I go tail it’s a fate raise new-fangled

Taylor (1989) grant quenched the deduce regurecent this hallucination may be psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, or epistemic. Psycholinguistic deduces are raise to do with the scholar’s comprehendlplane of disquisition and up-hillies with conceding this instruction. Sociolinguistic sources parent from the scholar’s cece to adfair their disquisition with the political composition. Epistemic deduces capital encircling issue of bankruptcy of universe instruction. As the hallucination is repeated:

so now that I’ve been tail it’s totally new-fangled

It has been disregarded as a misobtain?} and as such produce be analysed as an hallucination. Compatpower hallucinations can appear regurecent three deduces, Richards (1971) distinguishes these as; interference, intralingual and singular. Interference hallucinations can appear as a issue of ‘the straight of elements from individual disquisition conjuncture symbolical another’. It is totally potential Jane has infections the governments of disquisition from her L1, Urdu, as the morphemes may be shapely that method in an equipollent doom.

The conference besidesk on a very circumlocutory make, the dialogue reflected that of span friends talking in a political composition. Therefore, analysing her disquisition proved totally up-hill to some grade, Jane’s adrobes reflects a suittelling and abundant of her ‘mistakes’ or ‘errors’ are a component confer-upon in suittelling disquisition address.


J A N E: -refertelling a fate of crowd spoke English…

I N T E R V I E W E R: …hmm

Recommendations regurecent Scholar

Regurecent disquisition scholars, I admire it is life-containing to be laagered to opportunities which integralow them to scrutinize disquisition in a regulatemargin and to custom it in a political composition. The referableion that ‘disquisition is gleaned by doing’ has been at the regulateefront of instruction regurecent abundant years referablewithstanding it doesn’t necessarily recite to integral scholars. Although studies appearance that end glean disquisition best through imitations, games and singing, melting regulateward I move the activities that would amiable Jane most are those which capital on style. In verbal disquisition, her fluency and achievement qualify her to relative very polite-behaved-behaved with suittelling English orators. Referablewithstanding, she is penetrating to elevate up her glossary and emend the perplexity of disquisition. By fit her style, Jane should confront it easier to regulatem raise intricate dooms withquenched besides ample tardiloquence.

6) Commendations regurecent scholar (recite to any authorized amplifyment wants/what peculiar activities would you commend? Why? – can be linked to theories/literature)


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Appendix 1

Local Transcription of Conference

Interviewer: what are your thoughts encircling the English Disquisition, peculiarally

what are the moveings towards English in your cemaltlement disquisition and is it verbal in similarity to other disquisitions? Is refertelling verbal at integral? (.) enjoy what’s the bark of plantation of it?

Jane: erm (.) I deem we obtain?} it regurecent supposing becastraight erm (.) I deem enjoy in tidingss of enjoy comprehendlplane the style and so on I’ve seen how up-hill it is instruction English myself in France

I: mhm hmm

J: and I deem we fair obtain?} it regurecent supposing that we can utter English indeed polite-behaved-behaved except erm (.)

I: so you can (.) balance to break so you taught English conjuncture you were in France

J:yeah I was instruction [English

I: [that was your erm (.) [placement

J: [yeah that was my lesson

I: Interesting

J: So yeah fair enjoy (.) erm at some aim it was enjoy I want to train them how to do this except you comprehend erm (.)

I:mhm hmm

J: I don’t comprehend how to do it myself becastraight I’ve fair gleant it (.)

I:you fair prime it up

J:I’ve fair prime it up so I’ve never indeed gleant it from a quantity or everything erm (.) symbolical of style (.) so it was fair enjoy you comprehend we obtain?} it regurecent supposing that I can utter it except substantially it’s indeed up-hill to glean it (.) the English disquisition (.) and I felt enjoy that substantially French was ample easier to glean (.)

I: mhm hmm

J:than English was

I:can you communicate me an pattern of the style (.) do you keep any exercises that you peradventure were reserved to straight (.) to train style (.) how were you reserved to train style and how was it harder

J:erm (.) I did keep a pattern except it’s fair gindividual quenched my desire now erm (.) can we conclude tail to that question

I: yeah we can conclude tail to that

I: so going tail to English in your cemaltlement dominion, do crowd utter (.) if

you went to a garner or you went to the cinema or you were in general (.) would crowd utter English or is it refertelling indeed a disquisition that is verbal?

J: erm tail then (.) so when I came here we straightd to go tail to Pakistan integral singly [year

I: [what year was that?

J: that was (.) we came here in 2002

I:mhmm hmm

J:and up until 2006(.) 2007(.) straightd to scrutinize our linecentury integral singly year so at that span (.)

I:mhmm hmm

J: refertelling a fate of crowd spoke English

I: hmm

J: You comprehend when you go to the garners or the malls (.) they integral [referring to Pakistan locals] utter their hold disquisition (.) except now that I go tail it’s a fate raise new-fangled (.) I do speed in a city I’m refertelling from the villcentury margin (.) I speed in the avoidbiggest city of Pakistan so now that I’ve been tail it’s totally new-fangled

I:mhmm hmm

J: So you comprehend crowd produce er (.) robes in a erm (.) westernised method (.) it’s very westernised so they utter English as polite-behaved-behaved in their natural speeds they, they utter English mayhap with their parents as polite-behaved-behaved (.)

I:mhmm hmm

J: castraight I’ve seen my cousins erm whenever I utter to them balance Skype (.)


J: or balance the phindividual er (.) casually we fair rostraight symbolical English and it’sordinary so it’s enjoy okay (.)

I: that’s so interesting

J: you utter English indeed polite-behaved-behaved and that’s becastraight it’s totally spiritless to train English now in disciplines becastraight palpably instruction in year 6 is totally recent (.)

I: straight

J:so they’ve rouseed instruction them [earlier

I:[so they’ve moved the century up


I: so do you deem if you were a branch in Pakistan now (.)


I: utter you left in year 4 repeatedly, do you deem your English would keep been better

J: I would comprehend er (.) some of the disquisition if refertelling enjoy integral of it (.) it would er (.) it wouldn’t be enjoy rouseing from scratch

I: okay (.) so what are your thoughts on the English disquisition on a global slash interdiplomatic layer (.)

J: erm

I:to communicate an pattern a fate of (.) political leaders (.)

J: hmm

I: a fate of conferences (.) a fate of grave things are relayed in English

J: mhmm hmm

I: and (.) some crowd confront that weird becastraight English is meadmire substantially verbal by 8% of the universe

J: yeah

I: by that (.) or any of your proofs (.) what are your thoughts (.) encircling English disquisition on an interdiplomatic layer (.) palpably heresucceeding from naturalness born in Pakistan heresucceeding here (.) and meditation on how contendent it was then (.)

J:mhmm hmm

I: and now (.) and you’ve said yourself it’s westernised (.) what are your thoughts (.) I’m refertelling unquestioning if I’m making [ample sense

J: [I deem (.) I deem a fate of crowd comrade the English disquisition with naturalness enjoy quick (.)

I:mhmm hmm

J: so if you’re reciteing to utter English er you must be quick or you comprehend you must be enjoy tallly traind or triton except it’s (.) it’s fair a disquisition to me erm (.) castraight I’ve travelled (.) I’ve travelled to so abundant situates and (.) it’s fair (.) floating those disquisitions English is fair another disquisition to [me

I: [yeah

J: so it’s refertelling enjoy (.) I conceive erm you comprehend a fate of (.) of these leaders they utter English and so becastraight I deem English is the individual disquisition that is (.) widely verbal except that’s fair (.) what we deem

I: yeah

J: plain though it’s refertelling widely verbal except we take that crowd (.) that wherever we go crowd produce fair comprehend how to utter English

I: mhmm hmm

J: restraintasmuch-as they don’t (.) so erm (.) does that apology your question

I: yeah (.)


I: [yeah it does apology my question

J: okay

I: so recite me encircling some of the up-hillies you encountered conjuncture comprehendlplane English erm (.) did it feign any of the disquisitions you already utter or keep verbal or (.)

J: mhmm hmm

I: did it emend them (.) did having another disquisition already succor you succor English â†-

J: erm I deem the up-hillies I faced was erm (.) fair (.) erm (.) polite-behaved-behaved substantially I don’t comprehend (.) fair the up-hillies that (.) erm you comprehend fair (.) the span it besidesk me to glean the disquisition

I: mhmm hmm

J: I balance I deem it besidesk me almost span and a half years (.) to be reciteing to utter English easyly


J: so I could utter that I did erm (.) feign (.) my discipline existence

I: hmm

J: refertelling in a (.) in a (.) enjoy a sick method or triton except becastraight erm (.) it’s refertelling enjoy I got bullied or everything regurecent my English or everything enjoy that (.) erm I had a indeed cheerful branchhood except (.) I deem it fair bark of prostrate me rearwards other novices


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