Case Study: An English Language Learner


Remedy Harangue Wages (SLA) or L2 (harangue 2) wages refers to the government by which a special gathers a remedy harangue, in enumeration to their moderateemost harangue (L1). Although it is referred to as SLA, it applies referefficacious barespect to the wages of a remedy harangue save a third and lewdth as-well, envelope any other harangue assubordinate from the moderateemost (Stefánsson, 2013).

The resolve of this condition regard is to contribute a holistic depiction of an L2 English harangue novice referable-absolute to topic-matters such as lineal and cultural elucidation, harangue culture interpretations, harangue culture self-indulgence, the foothold of English in the novice’s fixedtlement harangue as courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as the quality to which the novice identifies with entity bilingual/multilingual. This condition regard procure entice upon the novice’s hold apprehendlplane turn including appropriate theories and lection. Finally, I procure decide this condition regard by making adviseations on any moderatethfuture disclosements the novice can fabricate inveterate on their hold interpretation, my resolution of their harangue as courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as enticeing on appropriate lection. Moderate ghostly concludes the novice procure be referred to as “Jane” from here on.

Jane is a 22-year-old Aston University novice; succor in Birmingham, West Midlands with her parents, who are twain adherents, and her brace siblings. Currently regarding Sociology and Interdiplomatic Relations, Jane enjoys lection novels in her economical turn turn tenure dhold a multiply turn operation as a Waitress. English is individual of three harangues verbal by Jane. The moderateemost entity Urdu, the harangue portraitured to disclose with her parents and rise end in her fixedtlement dominion of Pakistan. English is portraitured most methodicly, portraitured moderate daily career at university, achievement and rarely at fixedtlement save barespect with her brace siblings. Lastly, French, which has been choice up as a third harangue. Jane Doe systematizees herself as an “intermediate French logician”. Having enthralled a importation year in 2016, she has had the turn to disclose her French turn training English to novices in France moderate a year.

Learner’s Elucidation

Although Jane is technically regarded an L2 leaner she harangues English as a proper logician would, as courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as intelligence the close and structural governments of English harangue, she is courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved familiar in linguistic elements such as idiomatic expressions and acronyms. Born in Lahore, Pakistan’s remedy largest city, she came to Britain at a offer date with no moderatewardness in English harangue, neither verbal nor written. By the IELTS weighty ligament descriptors, Jane was a ligament individual with no relatefficacious English, feeble to disclose. At the turn the line scheme in Lahore barespect required consequence to initiate culture English in year 6, which balancet she had referefficacious had the turn to gather English at discipline as she left in year 4. As English was referefficacious verbal in her fixedtlement, she came Birmingham with barespect the moderatece to disclose in her fixedtlement tongue, Urdu. Future to Britain at such a offer date gave Jane a contempt plane when culture English as she establish she choice things up a unweighty quicker than if she had relocated at an older date.

‘It is very sordid moderate leading disciplines in Birmingham to contribute English harangue ends in leading line imputefficacious to the excellent sum of migrant families’ – star concurrently this line…

Fortunately, her leading discipline adherent had a training end who bechanceed to harangue her tongue, this extremely aided her English harangue wages, as she had someindividual who could rupture dhold the perplexing oration and wordcapacity in a harangue she unexpressed. As English was referefficacious verbal in her fixedtlement, discipline was her barespect medium moderate culture English and this patronera scheme referefficacious barespect amendd her English save as-well-behaved her self-reliance, the moderatece to interact with proper logicians crew her vehemence to withdrawal to gather English. She straighthabit establish herself watching television referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributableices in English and lection English capacitys. By the turn she left leading discipline at 11, she was exuberant in English. Following brace years of disciplineing and a league of English harangue lessons, her English was already at an delayed equalize.

Generally offer novices keep bygone-by of a decisive pose towards SLA and are excellently motivated. Despite studies demonstrationing motivation in offer novices preparation very excellent and decreasing aggravate turn (Nikolov and Djigunovi’c 2006), English has befit subordinately of a vehemence moderate Jane. Although it was a requisite machine moderate her offer years, she utterly enjoyed regarding English Harangue and Lection at GCSE and A Equalize and plans to continue a excellenter line referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributableice in English Lection in the moderatethcoming.

Property of Bilingualism

Most of the cosmos-people’s population is multilingual. Brace thirds of consequence globally are brought up in bilingual environments (Crystal, 1997). It is weighty to regard a novice’s environment when unamempower to moderatem a courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-rounded resolution of their L2, chiefly as a bilingual novice as there are bygone-by factors to regard. Turn bilingualism has referefficacious proven to keep inborn denying property on harangue disclosement, there are divers variables that pretend a bilingual slip’s amendment. These variables involve the tenor in which harangue is gathered, parental poses towards bilingualism, the foothold of the harangue(s) in the association and the socio-cultural tenor excluded the slip’s augmentation (Bialystok, Majumder and Martin, 2003). The referableorious anticipation a slip receives turn culture English as a remedy harangue tends dispute per novice and their elucidation. Regardless, a decisive upshot is bygone-by mitigated to end from the anticipation and reference shhold referefficacious barespect towards the remedy harangue save as-well-behaved the proper tongue. Twain factor and desilence an weighty role in a slip’s disclosement and pose towards harangue (Bialystok, 2008).




Investigation Methodology

Identify mistakes moderateemost then advise them

Facts assemblera is methodicly portraitured to fixed the line and era moderate a regard. Distinct factors are regarded precedently facts assemblera originates, including save referefficacious scant to: fixedting a turn create moderate collecting facts (moderate this condition regard I barespect wanted an followingnoon as the meeting besidesk 25 minutes), deciding what imera of multiplyicipant is wanted (an English harangue novice), and a colony (Bryman, 2012). As the novice is as-well-behaved a novice at Aston University, the meeting besidesk settle in a referable-social quantity in the university library.

The leading verge of this condition regard is to bequeath a courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-rounded resemblance of an English harangue novice, to do this effectively the planning and bearing of an meeting with a novice, was adventitious. Investigation demonstrations that individual of the most pliant and widely portraitured methods of shapeing referableice environing a special’s interpretation, impressings and views is through an meeting (Oxford Registers, 2016). Meetings are a adventitious entrance to facts assemblage; they are individual of distinct methods portraitured to glean the subordinatelying motivations and concludes astern a topic-matter, to shape an insight into a tenor or disclose a fancy. Adventitious methods dispute contemptly, referableably by resolution as incongruous to assemblage. The resolution of expedient methods uscentury bygone-by of a numerical entrance to quantifying a tenor, the facts is usually transformed into portraitureefficacious statistics which is referefficacious a fate moderate this regard.

Dr Nathan Page, a adherent at Aston University, organised the pairing of novices. To fabricate the government impartial, distinct designates of novices were settled into a hat and I choice a designate at stray. Controlegoing to my meeting I completed an ethics moderatem as courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved as preparing the questions I intentional to supplicate my novice. As the University Ethics Committee requires entire investigation involving anthropological topics to yield ethics moderatems moderate retrospect, my moderatem had to be general precedently I could amendment with the meeting. This as-well-behaved ensures my investigation meets the layers of ghostly investigation expected by the University. My meeting besidesk settle in week 11 of the moderateemost tidings in the 2016/17 academic year. In preparing moderate my meeting I regarded some of the ghostly issues which could prepare from my investigation such as; the sensitivity astern topic matters, the English moderatewardness equalizes of my novice and any unpleasantness that may prepare during the meeting. I commemorative the meeting moderate investigation resolves so I as-well-behaved had to regard any issues which may end from this. To controltify the novice, I addressed these issues by expressing their fit to anonymity exalt pithed with the portraiture of a obscurity throughextinguished this condition regard. The recording was enthralled on a password controltifyed plan, referefficacious shared and procure be deleted as antecedently-long as this investigation is completed. Their fit to withentice was made transparent to the novice verbally and on a submit moderatem, concurrently with the other fits, which she attested controlegoing to the meeting. Taking purpose from Mann (2011) I ensured great convergenceed surviveed on myself during the meeting, by influencing the novice’s responses to a convinced quality I could effectively moderate the line of the meeting turn peaceful giving the novice flexibility to concoct her responses. This minimised the abandon to my insurance turn fostering thoughtful of the novice. Using co-construction, I could seize-extinguished convinced details which were of affinity to my resolution that incongruously, may referefficacious keep been obtained.

Learner’s Lineal Elucidation

I would orderatize Jane a sequential bilingual, Jane began culture English with a excellent moderatewardness in Urdu.

Jane, Pakistan born, began her line in Lahore – the dominion’s remedy largest city. The leading line scheme was contemptly disputeent in pre-2002 with English entity introduced into the curriculum from year 6, as incongruous to novel years where English has been taught to discipline consequence at a ample controlegoing date (Coleman and Capstick, 2012). In Jane’s condition culture English was an offer pre-eminence once she arrived in England. During our meeting Jane Doe talks environing future to England in 2002 with her rise although her parents had relocated years precedently moderate achievement resolves. At 8 and a half, with no controlegoing apprehendlplane of English, she recalls lection newpapers and watching the intelligence to gdate some order of intelligence of the harangue precedently initiateing discipline. Moderatetunately, upon initiateing discipline an English harangue training endant was offer, easing the transition was made easier as the TA spoke her fixedtlement tongue, Urdu. As the curriculum was taught in English, the training endant ensured Jane Doe did referefficacious fentire astern in her studies by acting as a translator, turn as-well-behaved ancillary with her English harangue wages.


In her moderateemost-year of culture English, Jane had following discipline systematizees to amend her English harangue, these were methodicly very inexact with scant specialised activities to target oration. Meditation an audiolingual entrance to training which is inveterate on the behaviourist supposition of culture, these lessons convergenceed on vocal usage, verbosity, pronunciation and despatch. Jane’s harangue adherent adopted bygone-by of a communicative entrance training, which is reflected in the habit she harangues today. Communicative harangue training verges to instruct the novice on communicative compressiveness as incongruous to close compressiveness (Richards, 2006). Jane vividly recalls these lessons convergenceing bygone-by on wordcapacity and customous phrases. Turn they were customous, she establish her power in harangue wages came chiefly from watching English or Asian referefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributefficacious attributableices with English subtitles or lection capacitys and intelligencepapers. As indicated by Altenaichinger (2003), CLT has been excellently favoured by adherents aggravate the bygone-by 20 years, scholars keep as-well-behaved agreed becaportraiture of the mediate convergence on the novice and CLT’s pith on communicative moderatewardness in training.

In the offer 2000s English was referefficacious as widely verbal in Pakistan, she establish it perplexing to respect on her parents moderate endance as they had barespect began culture English brace years controlegoing and had unweighty apprehendlplane to succor. Investigation demonstrations that consequence invent it easier to gather a remedy harangue as they are peaceful culture the mechanics of their moderateemost harangue, they keep referefficacious referefficacious attributefficacious attributablewithstanding discloseed the delayed elements of oration and peaceful portraiture simpler syntax making the layer fluency ample inferior (The Telegraph, 2013). Jane besidesk it upon herself to gather English, she advises although it was requisite moderate discipline she genuinely enjoyed lection and peaceful does, she methodicly reads capacitys and profession to graceful her lexis.

  • the quality to which the novice identifies with entity bilingual/multilingual

Resolution of Novice’s English

As Jane acquired English through a easily unstructured entrance, I procure originate her harangue resolution by using Ellis and Barkhuizen’s (2005) ‘Misobtain?} Resolution’ (EA). Misobtain?} resolution is a very weighty area of SLA and moderateeign harangue culture (FLL) (Jabeen, 2015). It is typically a amiefficacious moderateemost tramp in resolution imputefficacious to its schemeatic essence and turn mistakes are referefficacious methodicly poorly, they desilence a severe multiply in the government of culture a harangue. The speculative createachievement of resolution procure heed Corder’s (1974) species of mistakes into lewd axiom categories; enumeration, exclusion, excerption and ordering.

Regard the pattern beneath, an seize-extinguished enthralled from my meeting with Jane:

J A N E: So yeah fair relish erm at some purpose it was relish I want to advise them how to do this save you apprehend erm-

I NT E R V I E W E R: -mhm hmm-

J A N E: -I donno apprehend how to do it myself becaportraiture I’ve fair gathert it-

I NT E R V I E W E R:- you fair choice it up

J A N E: -I’ve fair choice it up so I’ve never unquestionably gathert it from a capacity or wholething erm weighty of oration so it was fair relish you apprehend we seize it moderate supposing that I can harangue it save substantially it’s unquestionably perplexing to gather it, the English harangue, and I felt relish that substantially French was ample easier to gather

I NT E R V I E W E R: mhm hmm-

J A N E: -than English was.


Tefficacious 1 Lines 17 to 27 of Multiplyial Transcription of Meeting

The pattern of novice harangue in Tefficacious 1 was calm from a multiplyial transcription of my pigmy and inexact 25-minute meeting with Jane, whose L1 is Urdu. It is weighty to regard these environmental factors when analysing the harangue. The pattern was calm as multiply of this regard, throughextinguished the meeting semi maked questions were portraitured which entireowed the novice to harangue bygone-by voluntarily.

Some novices are unprotected to disputeent varieties of English harangue which dispute from the layer tongue (Ellis, 1994).

Moderate specimen, in similarity with the norms of British layer English the utterance:

I’ve fair choice it up so I’ve never unquestionably gathert it from a capacity or wholething

is totally methodic and methodicly regarded a ‘colloquial’ moderatem of oration. Still, closely weighty including ‘really’ drops subordinate the condition of an ‘addition’. Dulay, Burt and Krashen (1982), as multiply of their deportment diplomacy taxonomy of mistakes, bound enumerations as ‘the intercourse of an part that must referefficacious demonstration in courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-formed utterances’. With that said, it is weighty to referablee – ‘never unquestionably’ – has befit methodicised in British verbal English, chiefly in offerer generations. Therefore, I would systematize this as bygone-by of a ‘mistake’ than an ‘error’. Referableoriously, mistakes prepare from withdrawal of apprehendlplane and compressiveness, which doesn’t appear to be the condition here, rather a governmenting tenor in which the novice has drnotorious end on an resource, non-layer government that they invent easier to fashion. Mistakes are a methodic element of proper-logician oration and can prepare moderate distinct concludes; remembrance limitations, competing plans or withdrawal of automaticity.

By the IELTS weighty ligament descriptors, Jane drops unmoulded the relax of a ligament 8 (British Council), communicating exuberantly with disconnected verbosity with unweighty self-correction. Purposes are discloseed coherently and equitablely turn passages survive mistake-free with a scant non-irrelative mistakes which can be aggravatelooked.

Regard the pattern beneath, an seize-extinguished enthralled from my meeting with Jane:

J A N E: You apprehend when you go to the garners or the malls, they entire [Pakistan locals] harangue their hold harangue, save now that I go end it’s a doom bygone-by novel… I do subsist in a city I’m referefficacious from the villdate policy… I subsist in the remedy biggest city of Pakistan so now that I’ve been end it’s completely novel-

I NT E R VI E W E R: -mhmm hmm

J A N E: So you apprehend nation procure er robes er in er a erm westernised habit… it’s very westernised so they harangue English as courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved in their vile,ordinary subsists they, they harangue English perchance with their parents as courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-

I N T E R V I E W E R: -mhmm hmm

Tefficacious 2 Lines 44 to 53 of Multiplyial Transcription of Meeting

This facts is seize-outed from my inexact meeting with Jane using unstructured referableorious meeting questions. Let’s regard ordering. Dulay, Burt and Krashen recount misordering as ‘the inaccurate importation of a morpheme or groups of morphemes in an utterance’. Turn discussing the foothold on English in her fixedtlement dominion, Jane rehearses:

Save now that I go end it’s a doom bygone-by novel

Taylor (1989) purposes extinguished the conclude moderate this misobtain?} may be psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, or epistemic. Psycholinguistic concludes are bygone-by to do with the novice’s apprehendlplane of harangue and perplexingies with pliant this interpretation. Sociolinguistic sources stock from the novice’s moderatece to adfair their harangue with the gregarious tenor. Epistemic concludes centre environing end of withdrawal of cosmos-persons interpretation. As the misobtain?} is repeated:

so now that I’ve been end it’s completely novel

It has been unremembered as a misseize and as such procure be analysed as an mistake. Compressiveness mistakes can bechance moderate three concludes, Richards (1971) distinguishes these as; interference, intralingual and rare. Interference mistakes can betide as a end of ‘the portraiture of elements from individual harangue turn weighty another’. It is completely potential Jane has infectious the governments of harangue from her L1, Urdu, as the morphemes may be arranged that habit in an equiponderant passage.

The meeting besidesk on a very inexact make, the chat reflected that of brace friends talking in a gregarious tenor. Therefore, analysing her harangue proved completely perplexing to some quality, Jane’s oration reflects a proper and divers of her ‘mistakes’ or ‘errors’ are a element offer in proper harangue oration.


J A N E: -referefficacious a doom of nation spoke English…

I N T E R V I E W E R: …hmm

Recommendations moderate Novice

Moderate harangue novices, I respect it is living to be unprotected to opportunities which entireow them to scrutinize harangue in a systematizequantity and to uscentury it in a gregarious tenor. The referableion that ‘harangue is gathered by doing’ has been at the moderateefront of training moderate divers years still it doesn’t necessarily narrate to entire novices. Although studies demonstration that consequence gather harangue best through imitations, games and singing, tender moderateward I impress the activities that would utility Jane most are those which convergence on oration. In verbal harangue, her fluency and ratification empower her to contrary very courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved with proper English logicians. Still, she is keen to found up her wordcapacity and amend the confusion of harangue. By graceful her oration, Jane should invent it easier to moderatem bygone-by abstrexplanation passages withextinguished besides ample tardiloquence.

6) Adviseations moderate novice (narrate to any attested disclosement wants/what favoring activities would you advise? Why? – can be linked to theories/literature)


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Appendix 1

Inequitefficacious Transcription of Meeting

Interviewer: what are your thoughts environing the English Harangue, favoringally

what are the impressings towards English in your fixedtlement harangue and is it verbal in similarity to other harangues? Is referefficacious verbal at entire? (.) relish what’s the bark of foothold of it?

Jane: erm (.) I consider we seize it moderate supposing becaportraiture erm (.) I consider relish in tidingss of relish culture the oration and so on I’ve seen how perplexing it is training English myself in France

I: mhm hmm

J: and I consider we fair seize it moderate supposing that we can harangue English unquestionably courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved save erm (.)

I: so you can (.) hurt to disconnect so you taught English turn you were in France

J:yeah I was training [English

I: [that was your erm (.) [placement

J: [yeah that was my operation

I: Interesting

J: So yeah fair relish (.) erm at some purpose it was relish I want to advise them how to do this save you apprehend erm (.)

I:mhm hmm

J: I don’t apprehend how to do it myself becaportraiture I’ve fair gathert it (.)

I:you fair choice it up

J:I’ve fair choice it up so I’ve never unquestionably gathert it from a capacity or wholething erm (.) weighty of oration (.) so it was fair relish you apprehend we seize it moderate supposing that I can harangue it save substantially it’s unquestionably perplexing to gather it (.) the English harangue (.) and I felt relish that substantially French was ample easier to gather (.)

I: mhm hmm

J:than English was

I:can you communicate me an specimen of the oration (.) do you keep any exercises that you may-be were unamempower to portraiture (.) to advise oration (.) how were you unamempower to advise oration and how was it harder

J:erm (.) I did keep a specimen save it’s fair gindividual extinguished my judgment now erm (.) can we conclude end to that question

I: yeah we can conclude end to that

I: so going end to English in your fixedtlement dominion, do nation harangue (.) if

you went to a garner or you went to the cinema or you were in social (.) would nation harangue English or is it referefficacious unquestionably a harangue that is verbal?

J: erm end then (.) so when I came here we portraitured to go end to Pakistan whole solely [year

I: [what year was that?

J: that was (.) we came here in 2002

I:mhmm hmm

J:and up until 2006(.) 2007(.) portraitured to investigate our rise whole solely year so at that turn (.)

I:mhmm hmm

J: referefficacious a doom of nation spoke English

I: hmm

J: You apprehend when you go to the garners or the malls (.) they entire [referring to Pakistan locals] harangue their hold harangue (.) save now that I go end it’s a doom bygone-by novel (.) I do subsist in a city I’m referefficacious from the villdate policy (.) I subsist in the remedybiggest city of Pakistan so now that I’ve been end it’s completely novel

I:mhmm hmm

J: So you apprehend nation procure er (.) robes in a erm (.) westernised habit (.) it’s very westernised so they harangue English as courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved in their vile,ordinary subsists they, they harangue English perchance with their parents as courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved (.)

I:mhmm hmm

J: caportraiture I’ve seen my cousins erm whenever I harangue to them aggravate Skype (.)


J: or aggravate the phindividual er (.) rarely we fair initiate weighty English and it’smethodic so it’s relish okay (.)

I: that’s so interesting

J: you harangue English unquestionably courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved and that’s becaportraiture it’s completely sordid to advise English now in disciplines becaportraiture distinctly training in year 6 is completely recent (.)

I: fit

J:so they’ve initiateed training them [earlier

I:[so they’ve moved the date up


I: so do you consider if you were a slip in Pakistan now (.)


I: rehearse you left in year 4 intermittently, do you consider your English would keep been better

J: I would apprehend er (.) some of the harangue if referefficacious relish entire of it (.) it would er (.) it wouldn’t be relish initiateing from scratch

I: okay (.) so what are your thoughts on the English harangue on a global slash interdiplomatic layer (.)

J: erm

I:to communicate an specimen a doom of (.) political leaders (.)

J: hmm

I: a doom of conferences (.) a doom of weighty things are relayed in English

J: mhmm hmm

I: and (.) some nation invent that weird becaportraiture English is barespect substantially verbal by 8% of the cosmos-people

J: yeah

I: by that (.) or any of your interpretations (.) what are your thoughts (.) environing English harangue on an interdiplomatic layer (.) distinctly future from entity born in Pakistan future here (.) and meditation on how disputeent it was then (.)

J:mhmm hmm

I: and now (.) and you’ve said yourself it’s westernised (.) what are your thoughts (.) I’m referefficacious permanent if I’m making [ample sense

J: [I consider (.) I consider a doom of nation coadjutor the English harangue with entity relish quick (.)

I:mhmm hmm

J: so if you’re efficacious to harangue English er you must be quick or you apprehend you must be relish excellently instructd or star save it’s (.) it’s fair a harangue to me erm (.) caportraiture I’ve travelled (.) I’ve travelled to so divers settles and (.) it’s fair (.) unmoulded those harangues English is fair another harangue to [me

I: [yeah

J: so it’s referefficacious relish (.) I glean erm you apprehend a doom of (.) of these leaders they harangue English and so becaportraiture I consider English is the individual harangue that is (.) widely verbal save that’s fair (.) what we consider

I: yeah

J: equal though it’s referefficacious widely verbal save we pretend that nation (.) that wherever we go nation procure fair apprehend how to harangue English

I: mhmm hmm

J: inasmuch-as they don’t (.) so erm (.) does that response your question

I: yeah (.)


I: [yeah it does response my question

J: okay

I: so narrate me environing some of the perplexingies you encountered turn culture English erm (.) did it pretend any of the harangues you already harangue or keep verbal or (.)

J: mhmm hmm

I: did it amend them (.) did having another harangue already succor you succor English â†-

J: erm I consider the perplexingies I faced was erm (.) fair (.) erm (.) courteous-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved substantially I don’t apprehend (.) fair the perplexingies that (.) erm you apprehend fair (.) the turn it besidesk me to gather the harangue

I: mhmm hmm

J: I balance I consider it besidesk me closely brace and a half years (.) to be efficacious to harangue English exuberantly


J: so I could rehearse that I did erm (.) pretend (.) my discipline career

I: hmm

J: referefficacious in a (.) in a (.) relish a poorly habit or star save becaportraiture erm (.) it’s referefficacious relish I got bullied or wholething moderate my English or wholething relish that (.) erm I had a unquestionably amiefficacious sliphood save (.) I consider it fair bark of place me astern other novices


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