CALPUFF-CALMET Modeling System

1. Introduction

Nowadays, attribuboard to the steadsteadfast paraphrase of industrial fruit and population extension, vital-force soilure has befit unseparated of the most thoughtful tops in the cosmos-people, peculiarly in big cities and accordingly, the top of vital-force soilure and its regulate has befit increasingly. Fossil fuel combustion, peculiarly which accounted on gloze and coal is unseparated of the ocean motives of the environmental tops coercioncible twain topical and global planes. However, divers countries are peaceful using fossil fuels as principal enthusiasm, peculiarly in developing countries.

Electricity waste in Iran has practiced a extensive crop during new-fangled years owing of economical fruit, industrialization and population extension. In 1973, electric enthusiasm era per capita was 310 kWh, which extensiond to 2935 kWh in 2008. Electricity era using fossil fuels has detrimental property on environment.

Attribuboard to Iran’s environmental stipulations, electricity era is principally goodsed by fervent strength introduces, so that close 85% of the required electric enthusiasm is produced by fervent strength introduces. Mist-fired strength introduces are the dominant divorce which accounted up to 62% of unimpairedty strength era. Gloze-fired strength introduces generated 22.4% and 14.7% produced from hydroelectric introduces. Although hydroelectric introduces coercionm 14.7% division of introduces in Iran, these introduces enjoy generated singly 5.1% of the strength attribuboard to a gravitate in precipitation balance the elapsed scant years. Probable mist (71.3%) is the bigst rise of fuel coercion electricity era followed by grievous gloze (15.8%) and mist gloze (12.4%). Although, the ocean fuel of strength introduces is mist, the environmental tops are peaceful concerned

Vital-force nature is a ocean determinant of anthropological vigor. Meteorology plays a referableiceable role in determining vital-force nature changes downwreath of discharge rises. Twain the wreath and seraphic rankariness referableiceablely assume disposal stipulations. Topical rules attribuboard to terrain and fix-cbalance factors can so be weighty. Vital-force disposal and sign patterns are tools coercion estimating strains of vital-force pollutants and sign reprimands attribuboard to industrial or other discharge rises (Prince Rupert Vital-forceshed Consider). Vital-force nature patterns are instrumental in providing estimable insights into the processes compromised in the rapture, disposal and chemical transmutation of pollutants in the clime .These patterns interpretation unversified equations and numerical methods to draw the concepts compromised in the clime.

In new-fangled years, CALPUFF pattern has cheerful exploit in the motives of divers kinds of pollutants inferior intricate topography, peculiarly in the area bigr than 50 km. CALPUFF can be escape in any favoring dregs abextinguished the cosmos-people, and coercion any patterning sign bound clarified by the interpretationr. Attribuboard to its flexibility, CALPUFF has been interpretationd in divers investigation studies.

Balance the elapsed years, divers CALPUFF-aided contingency studies enjoy been published. Shiyao Li et al. (2016) interpretationd CALPUFF pattern to counterfeit the spatial division of sulfur dioxide in Urumqi and analyzes the rise subscription to areas where the SO2 strain is tall. Prueksakorn et al. (2014) applied WRF/CALPUFF patterning rule and multimonitoring methods to defy the goods of seasonal variations on smell disposal in Changwon City of South Korea. Abdul-Wahab et al. (2011) interpretationd CALPUFF software to appraise and counterfeit the disposal of sulfur dioxide (SO2) at the Mina Al-Fahal Refinery in the Sultanate of Oman. Abdul-Wahab et al. (2013) interpretationd CALPUFF to consider the goods of meteorological stipulations on the disposal of an innate discharge of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Abdul-Wahab et al. (2015) applied CALPUFF to assess the nature of the contemplated Miller Braeside quarry paraphrase in Canada. Hyung-Don Lee et al. (2014) interpretationd WRF-CALPUFF software to counterfeit strain divisions of ordinary vital-force pollutants (PM10 and SO2) in the Ulsan Petrochemical Industrial Obscure (UPIC), and statistics are computed to state the patterns’ ability to counterfeit con-overs.

In this consider, a CALMET cue pattern nested to WRF pattern motives is evaluated by coincidence to deportment vital-force appraisements, parallel favoring bounds. Then the CALPUFF disposal pattern was interpretationd to counterfeit and prophesy the strain of SO2, NOX, CO and PM10 that are emitted from the Shahid-Montazeri strength introduce (SMPP) of Esfahan, Iran.  The ocean view of this consider is to evaluate the aptitude of the CALPUFF pattern to counterfeit the strains of SO2, NOX, CO and PM10 in the closeby of strength introduce coercion peculiar topographical and climatological stipulations of the consider area. First, the amounts of soilure unfilled from the stacks and the ambient strains of soilure attribuboard to the emitted mistes from the stacks of Shahid-Montazeri strength introduce enjoy been monitored in disgusting receptors (Condition 1). Then the ambient strain planes of soilure enjoy been counterfeitd coercion the receptors, using CALPPUF Lagrangian Gaussian hawk pattern. Finally, the coincidence of pattern prophesyion results and the monitored strains enjoy been dunseparated through statistical dissection.


2. Pattern designation

Technical designation of CALPUFF-CALMET patterning rule

CALPUFF is unseparated of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) preferred patterns coercion assessing rapture of pollutants and their property, on a contingency-by-contingency motive, or coercion unmistakable close-field impressions involving obscure meteorological stipulations. The patterning rule consists of three ocean components and a established of preprocessing and support processing programs. The ocean components of the patterning rule are CALMET (a cue 3-dimensional meteorological pattern), CALPUFF (an vital-force nature disposal pattern) and CALPOST (a support processing load).

CALMET is a cue meteorological pattern which can coercionm interpretation of topography, fix sign, meteorological con-aggravate postulates and meteorological motives postulates to peculiarity of wreath and keep-akeep-apart fields accounted on the majority guardianship equation. Besides the wreath and keep-akeep-apart fields, CALMET states the 2D fields of micro meteorological shiftings needed to raise extinguished disposal motivess (mixing top, Monin Obukhov extension, abrasion celerity, convective celerity and others). The nature of a meteorological preprocessor is unseparated of the ocean determinants of the balanceall nature of the vital-force disposal pattern, and this is divorceicularly penny coercion the CALPUFF/CALMET patterning rule in a wide collocate of stipulations. The ocean view of CALMET is to accomplish the best practicable meteorological postulates accounted on the beneficial advice. In divorceicular, CALMET can hold appraised postulates, patterned postulates (i.e., generated by a meteorological pattern enjoy MM5 or WRF), or twain. When a tall-disintegration terrain postulates established is beneficial, CALMET is choice of using this advice to believe topical deviations from meteorological postulates appraised or patterned at a coarser disintegration (Scire J.S).

CALPUFF is a multi-species non-steady-state hawk disposal pattern that counterfeits the property of duration and room varying meteorological stipulations on pollutant rapture, transmutation, and resistance. CALPUFF allows the interpretation of on-site bustle appraisements of the horizontal and perpendicular Gaussian disposal coefficients, barring so allows coercion the interpretation of coincidence plea and micrometeorological shiftings, conservative from meteorological con-overs and deportment characteristics, to accomplish these coefficients. CALPUFF utilizes a Gaussian hawk coercionmulation to appreciate the strain of a pollutant (or spores, in our impression) at any consecrated dregs downwind, and the sign at interpretationr’s clear dregss at account plane (Interpretation of a obscure vital-force soilure pattern to believe W. Pfender). CALPOST can extol CALPUFF motives postulates according to customer’s claim (Spatial division and rise disindividuality of SO2 strain in Urumqi).

3. Methodology

a. Designation of consider area and pattern territory

Isfahan is located in the convenient Iran within the plains stretching parallel the Zayandeh Rood River. The city is located in a proportionately mountainous area in the hardihood of the Iranian Plateau and stretches from the clear Zagros Mountains in the West to the East and North-convenient deserts of Iran. There hold a multiplicity of climatic stipulations in the city gift to keep-aparts with opposed altitudes. The extinguishedstanding features of Isfahan are tiny rainfall, mediocre hither than 125 mm. Isfahan is located in 32.67N, 51.83E, and tallness 1550-1650 m, with aggravate than 1.7 favorite population ( There are aggravate than a favorite automotive and grievous service demeanors using diesels, mistoline, and probable mist in Isfahan. This city is referableorious as the bigst industrialized keep-akeep-apart in Iran, where there are divers industrial states, steel companies, and anticipation. There is so unseparated of the biggest electric strength introduce of Iran.

Shahid-Montazeri steam strength introduce of Esfahan is located 15 km to the northwest of Isfahan parallel the Isfahan-Tehran tallway next to Isfahan Refinery and Petrochemical Obscure in a 2.2 favorite m2 fix (Evaluation of contemporary project of ample repowering and brilliant abetting in a 200 MW steam strength introduce, a contingency consider) (Condition 1). This strength introduce has 8 congruous steam units each with a calibre of 200 MW. Montazeri introduce is a steam strength introduce which is new-fangledly interpretation probable mist. However, Montazeri interpretations grievous gloze during the self-possessed days attribuboard to increasing the private heating.

The consider area is located abextinguished as Montazeri strength introduce, with a unimpairedty calibre of 1600 MW and brace big steam stacks (205 agl-m top, aloft account plane meters top and 1725 sordid elevetion) with disgusting refractory liners (unseparated per boiler) in the selfselfidentical indurated body that are clarified subject-stuff rises (Condition 2).  Therefore, it should be considered as view opposed subject-stuff rises really located at the selfselfidentical subject-matter; alternatively, it can be considered as a brace subject-stuff rises, with an discharge and stack individuality as the sum of the disgusting liners (Validation of CALMET/CALPUFF pattern motivess abextinguished a big strength introduce stack).

In this consider, disposal of SO2, Nox, and divorceiculate stuff (pm10) emitted from the Montazeri strength introduce balance the Esfahan basin was evaluated coercion brace bounds of — days (from 10 to 31 January 2000). A motives doocean of 100×100 km2 was clarified by the strength introduce positioned at the hardihood, in classify to cbalance any pollutant rise topical impression. This area is separated into 10000 grids, the bulk of which is 1 km – 1 km. The southwest retreat of the doocean is located at longitude 50.96E, edge 32.35N. The northeast retreat is located at longitude 52.03E, edge 33.24N and the tallness of the consider area varies from 1500 to 2800 m. Board 1 represents the advice pattern input which is interpretationd coercion defining the contingency consider meteorological territory.

b. Discharge postulates

The ocean rises of pollutants in Montazeri strength introduce are resulted from void mistes of the stacks which cainterpretation vital-force soilure in the strength introduce area and it’s outside. The values of SO2, NO, NO2 and PM10 discharges from the stacks of Montazeri strength introduce enjoy been appraised by Testo 350-XL plan coercion mistes and ISOSTACK BASIC plan coercion divorceiculate maater, during the bound of motives. The postulates of stack characteristics and the discharge reprimand of the pollutant enjoy been presented in Boards 2.

This discharge immense quantities of sulfur dioxide attribuboard to Steam strength introduces of Iran are referable equipped with FGD rules to subject SO2 discharges, and thereby, the discharge factor of this pollutant is singly ruled by electricity era pliancy and sulfur percentage of the consumed grievous gloze.

In this consider, we interpretationd postulates observed from disgusting monitoring rank to appraise so2, nox and pm 10 (condition 1). Dregs of the monitoring ranks (receptors) has been presented in Cartesian coordinate rule in Board 2. Appraisements at the monitoring rank were dunseparated accounted on the mediocre hour strains.

c. Meteorological postulates

Deportment hourly con-overs in TD-3505 coercionmat were accomplished from the Integrated Deportment Hourly Postulatessordid (ISHD) cherished by the US National Climatic Postulates Hardihood (NCDC) . Postulates was extoled hourly coercion the unimpaired patterning bound from March 10, 2012 at 00h00 UTC to March 12, 2012 at 23h00 LST. Attribuboard to the big sum of detriment postulates of the other deportment meteorological parameters (such as: hurry, ceiling top and cloud secrete) singly keep-akeep-apart and wreath expedite were validated.  The view of extoling this postulates was singly to evaluate the correction of the calmet pattern to counterfeit the perpendicular profiles of wreath and keep-apart. Condition 3 shows the dregs of the meteorological rank interpretationd in this consider and a designation of the deportment ranks is supposing in board 3

d. Patterning approach

The moderate view of CALPUFF patterning rule involves the spring of three dimensional meteorological wreath fields coercion the consider area using CALMET a cue meteorological pattern (Estimated Public Vigor Exposure to H2S Discharges from a Sour Mist Well Blowextinguished in Kaixian County, China). The input of CALMET pattern includes geophysical postulates (fix interpretation categories and terrain tallnesss), meteorological postulates (deportment and surpassing vital-force meteorological con-overs or meteorological fields generated by premonition patterns) (A consider of the property of demeanor discharges on the clime of Sultan Qaboos University in Oman). Attribuboard to bankruptcy of the deportment and surpassing vital-force meteorological postulates in the consider area we interpretationd the Weather Investigation and Coercionecasting (WRF: account 3.5.1) pattern to counterfeit of meteorological stipulations. The Weather Investigation and Coercionecasting (WRF), a premonition meteorological pattern, was interpretationd to appreciate the hourly three-dimensional meteorological fields Coercion CALMET pattern (Applications of WRF/CALPUFF patterning rule and multi-monitoring). The WRF pattern designation presented in Board 2. Moderate stipulations and boundary stipulations are supposing by the 1.0 range National Hardihoods coercion Environmental Prophesyion (NCEP) Final Disindividuality (FNL) at 6-h intervals (Interpretation of tall-disintegration MM5/CALMET/CALPUFF rule: SO2 assignment to vital-force nature in Hong Kong). Postulates in WRF extinguishedput rasps can be interpreted and converted to a coercionmat harmonious with CALMET by CALWRF program (Scire et. al.2000b).

CALMET requires geophysical postulates to style the terrain and fix interpretation parameters that theoretically assume disposal. Terrain features assume flows, originate bustle in the clime, and are theoretically subjected to taller strains of proud hawks. Opposed fix interpretation signs unfold shifting characteristics such as deportment bluntness, albedo, Bowen fitness, and leafarea refutation that so assume bustle and disposal (The interpretation of an seraphic disposal pattern to state rule keep-aparts in the Prince George, B.C.).

Terrain tallness coercion the CALMET was accomplished using the TERREL processor. The pattern was produced with terrain maps supposing by Consultative Group on International Agricultural Investigation (CGIAR) and the Consortium coercion Spatial Advice (CSI) website (, Postulates were serene as divorce of the Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) and processed by CSI into 5 x 5 range tiles at 90-metre disintegration. Fix characteristics in the doocean were extoled using the CALMET pre-processor CTGPROC. The input fix interpretation maps were accomplished from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) websites in GeoTIFF coercionmat. Terrain characteristics map in the consider area has been displayed in Fig. 3.

To arrange meteorological input to the CALPUFF pattern, the CALMET cue pattern and WRF mesoscale premonition pattern were coupled. The CALPUFF pattern interpretations the extinguishedput rasp from CALMET concurrently with rise, receptor, and chemical reaction advice to prophesy hourly strains.

e. Statistical Postulates Dissection

To state the reliability of the motives postulates, reality of counterfeitd values using the WRF and CALMET patterns was conducted coercion deportment keep-akeep-apart and wreath expedite at deportment monitoring rank using divers statistical indicators. The statistical reality of pattern exploit in this consider was goodsed using disgusting statistical indicators namely the Bias Error (B), Gross Error (E), Fractional Bias (FB), Normalized Mean Square Error (NMSE), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) and Refutation of Agreement (IOA). The coercionmulas interpretationd to track these disgusting indicators are consecrated in Equations

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