CALPUFF-CALMET Modeling System

1. Introduction

Nowadays, ascribable to the rapid expatiation of industrial harvest and population acception, breath taint has behove individual of the most grave gists in the cosmos-people, in-detail in enlightened cities and accordingly, the gist of breath taint and its restrain has behove increasingly. Fossil fuel fire, in-detail which domiciled on grease and coal is individual of the ocean actions of the environmental gists material twain national and global planes. However, diverse countries are tranquil using fossil fuels as primitive disposition, in-detail in developing countries.

Electricity decline in Iran has conversant a extensive enlargement during new years owing of lean harvest, industrialization and population acception. In 1973, electric disposition lifeage per capita was 310 kWh, which acceptiond to 2935 kWh in 2008. Electricity lifeage using fossil fuels has baleful proceeds on environment.

Ascribable to Iran’s environmental stipulations, electricity lifeage is abundantly movablesed by excited government places, so that adjacent 85% of the required electric disposition is movablesed by excited government places. Fume-fired government places are the dominant multiply which accounted up to 62% of aggregate government lifetime. Grease-fired government places generated 22.4% and 14.7% movablesed from hydroelectric places. Although hydroelectric places coercionm 14.7% division of places in Iran, these places bear generated solely 5.1% of the government ascribable to a decline in dregs aggravate the spent scant years. Consistent fume (71.3%) is the enlightenedst commencement of fuel coercion electricity lifeage followed by oppressive grease (15.8%) and fume grease (12.4%). Although, the ocean fuel of government places is fume, the environmental gists are tranquil concerned

Breath temper is a ocean determinant of ethnical sanity. Meteorology plays a abundant role in determining breath temper changes downwriggle of oration commencements. Twain the wriggle and ethereal retention abundantly pretend classification stipulations. National waves ascribable to terrain and place-caggravate factors can besides be material. Breath classification and appearance copys are tools coercion estimating attentions of breath pollutants and appearance rebukes ascribable to industrial or other oration commencements (Prince Rupert Breathshed Consider). Breath temper copys are instrumental in providing precious insights into the processes confused in the enravishment, classification and chemical alteration of pollutants in the season .These copys portraiture prosaic equations and numerical methods to delineate the concepts confused in the season.

In new years, CALPUFF copy has amiable work in the artifice of manifold kinds of pollutants below entangled topography, in-detail in the area enlightenedr than 50 km. CALPUFF can be blend in any unfmotive dregs abextinguished the cosmos-people, and coercion any copying mark determination clarified by the portraiturer. Ascribable to its flexibility, CALPUFF has been portraitured in diverse discovery studies.

Aggravate the spent years, diverse CALPUFF-aided subject studies bear been published. Shiyao Li et al. (2016) portraitured CALPUFF copy to impersonate the spatial division of sulfur dioxide in Urumqi and analyzes the commencement subsidy to areas where the SO2 attention is eminent. Prueksakorn et al. (2014) applied WRF/CALPUFF copying plan and multimonitoring methods to investigate the movables of seasonal variations on trail classification in Changwon City of South Korea. Abdul-Wahab et al. (2011) portraitured CALPUFF software to gauge and impersonate the classification of sulfur dioxide (SO2) at the Mina Al-Fahal Refinery in the Sultanate of Oman. Abdul-Wahab et al. (2013) portraitured CALPUFF to consider the movables of meteorological stipulations on the classification of an qualitative free of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Abdul-Wahab et al. (2015) applied CALPUFF to assess the temper of the incomplete Miller Braeside quarry expatiation in Canada. Hyung-Don Lee et al. (2014) portraitured WRF-CALPUFF software to impersonate attention divisions of ordinary breath pollutants (PM10 and SO2) in the Ulsan Petrochemical Industrial Close (UPIC), and statistics are computed to state the copys’ ability to impersonate attentions.

In this consider, a CALMET feature copy nested to WRF copy artifice is evaluated by co-ordination to demeanor breath gaugements, parallel unfmotive determinations. Then the CALPUFF classification copy was portraitured to impersonate and signate the attention of SO2, NOX, CO and PM10 that are emitted from the Shahid-Montazeri government place (SMPP) of Esfahan, Iran.  The ocean design of this consider is to evaluate the competency of the CALPUFF copy to impersonate the attentions of SO2, NOX, CO and PM10 in the adjacentby of government place coercion detail topographical and climatological stipulations of the consider area. First, the amounts of taint unoccupied from the stacks and the ambient attentions of taint ascribable to the emitted fumees from the stacks of Shahid-Montazeri government place bear been monitored in disgusting receptors (Condition 1). Then the ambient attention planes of taint bear been impersonated coercion the receptors, using CALPPUF Lagrangian Gaussian hawk copy. Finally, the co-ordination of copy signateion results and the monitored attentions bear been dindividual through statistical decomposition.


2. Copy cognomen

Technical cognomen of CALPUFF-CALMET copying plan

CALPUFF is individual of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) preferred copys coercion assessing enravishment of pollutants and their proceeds, on a subject-by-subject foundation, or coercion established adjacent-field applications involving close meteorological stipulations. The copying plan consists of three ocean components and a fixed of preprocessing and column processing programs. The ocean components of the copying plan are CALMET (a feature 3-dimensional meteorological copy), CALPUFF (an breath temper classification copy) and CALPOST (a column processing lot).

CALMET is a feature meteorological copy which can coercionm portraiture of topography, place mark, meteorological attention axioms and meteorological artifice axioms to personality of wriggle and motive fields domiciled on the bulk oceantenance equation. Besides the wriggle and motive fields, CALMET states the 2D fields of micro meteorological capriciouss needed to raise extinguished classification artifices (mixing exaltation, Monin Obukhov extension, abrasion press, convective press and others). The temper of a meteorological preprocessor is individual of the ocean determinants of the aggravateall temper of the breath classification copy, and this is multiplyicularly penny coercion the CALPUFF/CALMET copying plan in a spacious concatenate of stipulations. The ocean mixmit of CALMET is to conciliate the best feasible meteorological axioms domiciled on the suited knowledge. In multiplyicular, CALMET can hold gauged axioms, copyed axioms (i.e., generated by a meteorological copy relish MM5 or WRF), or twain. When a eminent-separation terrain axioms fixed is suited, CALMET is choice of using this knowledge to admire national deviations from meteorological axioms gauged or copyed at a coarser separation (Scire J.S).

CALPUFF is a multi-species non-steady-state hawk classification copy that impersonates the proceeds of age and immeasurableness varying meteorological stipulations on pollutant enravishment, alteration, and resistance. CALPUFF allows the portraiture of on-site insubordination gaugements of the even and perpendicular Gaussian classification coefficients, save besides allows coercion the portraiture of co-ordination speculation and micrometeorological capriciouss, superficial from meteorological attentions and demeanor characteristics, to conciliate these coefficients. CALPUFF utilizes a Gaussian hawk coercionmulation to proportion the attention of a pollutant (or spores, in our application) at any abandoned dregs downwind, and the appearance at portraiturer’s definitive dregss at reason plane (Portraiture of a close breath taint copy to admire W. Pfender). CALPOST can select CALPUFF artifice axioms according to customer’s ask-coercion (Spatial division and commencement decomposition of SO2 attention in Urumqi).

3. Methodology

a. Cognomen of consider area and copy inclosure

Isfahan is located in the accessible Iran internally the plains stretching parallel the Zayandeh Rood River. The city is located in a relatively mountainous area in the courage of the Iranian Plateau and stretches from the pure Zagros Mountains in the West to the East and North-accessible deserts of Iran. There be a diversity of climatic stipulations in the city gift to portions with irrelative altitudes. The extinguishedstanding features of Isfahan are mean rainfall, medium close than 125 mm. Isfahan is located in 32.67N, 51.83E, and tallness 1550-1650 m, with past than 1.7 pet population ( There are past than a pet automotive and oppressive allegiance gaits using diesels, fumeoline, and consistent fume in Isfahan. This city is unconcealed as the enlightenedst industrialized portion in Iran, where there are manifold industrial states, steel companies, and awe. There is besides individual of the biggest electric government place of Iran.

Shahid-Montazeri fume government place of Esfahan is located 15 km to the northwest of Isfahan parallel the Isfahan-Tehran eminentway proximate to Isfahan Refinery and Petrochemical Close in a 2.2 pet m2 place (Evaluation of synchronous effort of ample repowering and brilliant aiding in a 200 MW fume government place, a subject consider) (Condition 1). This government place has 8 common fume units each with a competency of 200 MW. Montazeri place is a fume government place which is newly portraiture consistent fume. However, Montazeri portraitures oppressive grease during the composed days ascribable to increasing the private heating.

The consider area is located abextinguished as Montazeri government place, with a aggregate competency of 1600 MW and brace enlightened fume stacks (205 agl-m exaltation, aggravatehead reason plane meters exaltation and 1725 sordid elevetion) with disgusting defiant liners (individual per boiler) in the selfselfidentical distributeicularized stem that are clarified mixmit commencements (Condition 2).  Therefore, it should be considered as view irrelative mixmit commencements in-fact located at the selfselfidentical mixmit; alternatively, it can be considered as a brace mixmit commencements, with an oration and stack minority as the mix of the disgusting liners (Validation of CALMET/CALPUFF copy artifices abextinguished a enlightened government place stack).

In this consider, classification of SO2, Nox, and multiplyiculate stuff (pm10) emitted from the Montazeri government place aggravate the Esfahan basin was evaluated coercion brace determinations of — days (from 10 to 31 January 2000). A artifice doocean of 100×100 km2 was clarified by the government place positioned at the courage, in appoint to caggravate any pollutant commencement national contact. This area is disjoined into 10000 grids, the extent of which is 1 km – 1 km. The southwest nook of the doocean is located at longitude 50.96E, season 32.35N. The northeast nook is located at longitude 52.03E, season 33.24N and the tallness of the consider area varies from 1500 to 2800 m. Board 1 represents the knowledge copy input which is portraitured coercion defining the subject consider meteorological inclosure.

b. Oration axioms

The ocean commencements of pollutants in Montazeri government place are resulted from waste fumees of the stacks which caportraiture breath taint in the government place area and it’s embracing. The values of SO2, NO, NO2 and PM10 orations from the stacks of Montazeri government place bear been gauged by Testo 350-XL expedient coercion fumees and ISOSTACK BASIC expedient coercion multiplyiculate maater, during the determination of artifice. The axioms of stack characteristics and the oration rebuke of the pollutant bear been presented in Boards 2.

This free great quantities of sulfur dioxide ascribable to Fume government places of Iran are not attribuboard attribuboard attribuboard equipped with FGD plans to subjugate SO2 orations, and thereby, the oration factor of this pollutant is solely waved by electricity lifeage power and sulfur percentage of the consumed oppressive grease.

In this consider, we portraitured axioms observed from disgusting monitoring position to gauge so2, nox and pm 10 (condition 1). Dregs of the monitoring positions (receptors) has been presented in Cartesian coordinate plan in Board 2. Gaugements at the monitoring position were dindividual domiciled on the medium hour attentions.

c. Meteorological axioms

Demeanor hourly attentions in TD-3505 coercionmat were conciliateed from the Integrated Demeanor Hourly Axiomssordid (ISHD) protected by the US National Climatic Axioms Courage (NCDC) . Axioms was clarified hourly coercion the integral copying determination from March 10, 2012 at 00h00 UTC to March 12, 2012 at 23h00 LST. Ascribable to the enlightened estimate of waste axioms of the other demeanor meteorological parameters (such as: hurry, ceiling exaltation and cloud overspread) solely motive and wriggle press were validated.  The mixmit of selecting this axioms was solely to evaluate the success of the calmet copy to impersonate the perpendicular profiles of wriggle and motive. Condition 3 shows the dregs of the meteorological position portraitured in this consider and a cognomen of the demeanor positions is granted in board 3

d. Copying approach

The primal view of CALPUFF copying plan involves the commencement of three dimensional meteorological wriggle fields coercion the consider area using CALMET a feature meteorological copy (Estimated Public Sanity Exposure to H2S Orations from a Sour Fume Well Blowextinguished in Kaixian County, China). The input of CALMET copy includes geophysical axioms (place portraiture categories and terrain tallnesss), meteorological axioms (demeanor and remarkable breath meteorological attentions or meteorological fields generated by sign copys) (A consider of the proceeds of gait orations on the season of Sultan Qaboos University in Oman). Ascribable to stagnation of the demeanor and remarkable breath meteorological axioms in the consider area we portraitured the Weather Discovery and Coercionecasting (WRF: statement 3.5.1) copy to impersonate of meteorological stipulations. The Weather Discovery and Coercionecasting (WRF), a sign meteorological copy, was portraitured to proportion the hourly three-dimensional meteorological fields Coercion CALMET copy (Applications of WRF/CALPUFF copying plan and multi-monitoring). The WRF copy cognomen presented in Board 2. Primal stipulations and season stipulations are granted by the 1.0 range National Courages coercion Environmental Signateion (NCEP) Final Decomposition (FNL) at 6-h intervals (Portraiture of eminent-separation MM5/CALMET/CALPUFF plan: SO2 apportionment to breath temper in Hong Kong). Axioms in WRF extinguishedput polishs can be interpreted and converted to a coercionmat correspondent with CALMET by CALWRF program (Scire et. al.2000b).

CALMET requires geophysical axioms to distinguish the terrain and place portraiture parameters that hypothetically pretend classification. Terrain features pretend flows, beget insubordination in the season, and are hypothetically subjected to eminenter attentions of influential hawks. Irrelative place portraiture marks demonstrate capricious characteristics such as demeanor bluntness, albedo, Bowen agreement, and leafarea renunciation that besides pretend insubordination and classification (The portraiture of an ethereal classification copy to state wave portions in the Prince George, B.C.).

Terrain tallness coercion the CALMET was conciliateed using the TERREL processor. The copy was done with terrain maps granted by Consultative Group on International Agricultural Discovery (CGIAR) and the Consortium coercion Spatial Knowledge (CSI) website (, Axioms were placid as multiply of the Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) and processed by CSI into 5 x 5 range tiles at 90-metre separation. Place characteristics in the doocean were clarified using the CALMET pre-processor CTGPROC. The input place portraiture maps were conciliateed from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) websites in GeoTIFF coercionmat. Terrain characteristics map in the consider area has been displayed in Fig. 3.

To cater meteorological input to the CALPUFF copy, the CALMET feature copy and WRF mesoscale sign copy were coupled. The CALPUFF copy portraitures the extinguishedput polish from CALMET contemporaneously with commencement, receptor, and chemical reaction knowledge to signate hourly attentions.

e. Statistical Axioms Decomposition

To state the reliability of the artifice axioms, verity of impersonated values using the WRF and CALMET copys was conducted coercion demeanor motive and wriggle press at demeanor monitoring position using diverse statistical indicators. The statistical verity of copy work in this consider was movablesed using disgusting statistical indicators namely the Bias Error (B), Gross Error (E), Fractional Bias (FB), Normalized Mean Square Error (NMSE), Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) and Renunciation of Agreement (IOA). The coercionmulas portraitured to trace these disgusting indicators are abandoned in Equations

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