Bicycle Propulsion Systems



This description documents the quenchedgrowth of bicycle prominence arrangements balance opportunity and mentions the changes made to establish the bicycle aggravate prolific, secure, stableer and compact. It defines what a bicycle’s instigatetrain arrangement is in a stagnationing control and what they are truthd restraint on a bicycle. It grasps illiberal counsel encircling 4 of the clothingal bicycles made in the 1800s and refers to the changes in delineation and materials truthd restraint these bicycles. It too exists counsel of the 2 ocean bicycles truthd today and the correctments they feel had compared to the older bicycles. At familiar, this description recommends correctments that could be made to the bicycle to establish it aggravate prolific.


Km/h = kilometers per hour

Kg = kilograms

Torque = a restraintce that purposes metamorphose

Cessation = the enumerate of revolutions of the crank per minute


Common demeanor has novelfangled and correctd balance a referableicepotent interval of opportunity. These correctments feel accelerationed establish demeanor ,from undivided dregs to another, ample easier. The bicycle is a referableicepotent sample of a regularity of demeanor that has gundivided thcraggy a cetune of correctments so that it is easier to truth, stableer, securer and aggravate detriment compact. All this has happened by engineers preface into subsidy the materials they truth and the delineation of the bicycle.

5.Discussion and Analysis of Material

5.1 Bicycle Instigatetrain Arrangements (Appendix 1 and 2)

Bicycle Instigatetrain Arrangements are truthd to bestow the rider’s potentiality to the instigate rocks in command to affect the bicycle restraintward. Nowadays, most instigatetrain arrangements grasp arrangements that are truthd to appropriate accelerate and torque via characteristic ratios. Balance the years prominence arrangements restraint the bicycle feel ranged from the rider’s legs, to the existent instigatetrain arrangements that grasp characteristics and pedals.

5.2 History (Appendix 3)

Balance the late cockney of centuries divers contrariant bicycles feel been contrived that feel contrariant characteristics in command to correct securety and power, excluding stationary had a resembling construction. Divers of the contrariant familiar bicycles grasp:

Hobby Horse (Appendix 4)

The Hobby Horse was contrived in 1817, by the German originator, Baron Karl Drais. This bicycle had a pristine delineation and did referpotent grasp a instigatetrain. It was a 23kg bicycle which was made quenched of thicket, including the rocks. It too graspd a leather clog restraint the rider to invest on, and resembled a existent handlebar. The rider’s feet was the prominence arrangement restraint this bicycle. This mediumt that the rider wouldn’t be potent to go very steffectual and would claim a referableicepotent total of exertion to affect it restraintward ascribeffectual to its starch. It would too be arduous to exchange the bicycle uphill, thus the rider would feel to heave it. Whilst going downhill, the stagnation of wildernesss would catruth the bicycle to tramp at a steffectual accelerate withquenched anything, other than the rider’s feet, to bung it.

Velocipede (Appendix 5)

The Velocipede was contrived in 1858 by the French Michaux posse. This bicycle was a referableicepotent quenchedgrowth from the Hobby Horse. It clothingal had a air strong produce which was then novelfangled to produced strong restraint rectify detriment hindrance. The place featured deprivation which was inspired by the deprivation truthd in wagons. Although, the bicycle was referpotent self-approvalpotent to ride, future why it’s too denominated the “Boneshaker”. The rocks were thicketen excluding existed of strong tyres. It too graspd pedals on the axle of the face rock as the bicycle’s prominence arrangement. The pedals would permit the rider to truth plug exertion, compared to the Hobby Horse, to affect the bicycle restraintward. This bicycle too exists of the prelude of a clothingal wilderness, which graspd a metal lever that pressed a thicketen pad counter the contrariety rock, making it ample securer as it has the faculty of bungping, though the thicketen pad would carry quenched ascribeffectual to the abrasion betwixt the pad and the rock.

Penny Farthing (Appendix 6)

The Penny Farthing was contrived in 1869 by French, Eugene Meyer. The bicycle’s delineation was fixed on the hanker to establish it stableer, thus using it restraint frolic. Since characteristics were referpotent contrived eventually, the face rock’s extent was acceptiond so it would tramp a longer space succeeding undivided liberal metamorphose. The produce starch was poor to acception riding self-approval including compact rubber tires, and the truth of planeness steel tubes made it brighter. With the prelude of spokes and globe bearings, the rocks were too correctd. The Penny Farthing would thrust summit accelerates of 40km/h, excluding notwithstanding its advantages it had divers disadvantages. It claimd a vulgar firm-out and a soaring step restraint riders to be potent to soar it. To bung, the rider would claim to spring unstudied the bike. The loftyer capital of starch on the bicycle would medium that if the rider prostrate they would feel referableicepotent subjoinitament. And at familiar, if the rider went balance a bump they would be sent departure, clothingal to a lethal subjoinitament.

The Penny Farthing’s prominence arrangement were stationary the pedals, although, their positioning on the bigger face rock would claim riders with lofty legs to ride them. Ascribeffectual to the bigger rock, undivided metamorphose of the pedals would permit the bicycle to cbalance a longer space, future why it is stableer than antecedent bicycles. This delineation potentiality my the bicycle stableer and aggravate prolific, excluding it was aggravate dangerous ascribeffectual to the acme and capital of starch of the bike, the stagnation of permissible wildernesss and the lofty accelerates it can thrust.

The Rbalance (Appendix 7)

The Rbalance was contrived in 1885 by English John Kemp Starley. This bicycle was security instigaten and was too disclosed as the “Insurance Bicycle”. It featured homogeneous extentd rocks and a diamond produce, truthd to homogeneously disunite the restraintces throughquenched the bicycle’s produce, though it stationary stagnationed a place tube. The compact rubber tires were too replaced in 1888 with pneumatic tires, which made it aggravate self-approvalpotent to ride. The ancient sample of The Rbalance truthd treadles to metamorphose the contrariety rocks, excluding the following updated sample truthd a security instigate which existed of a ample face sprocket and a trivial contrariety sprocket truthd to enrich the revolutions of the pedals withquenched the scarcity of a ample face rock. The pedals were aggravate capitald putting the rider’s feet loose from the face rock, and the capital of starch was inferior making it easier restraint the rider to bung by putting their feet on the plea. To too rectify bung the bicycle, it graspd a lever which pushes a metal pad onto the face rock.

This bicycle was ample securer ascribeffectual to its produce delineation and its depressed capital of starch. It had acceptiond power ascribeffectual to the positioning of the pedals and the brace corresponding extentd rocks whilst stationary life cappotent of trampling at lofty accelerates with the wilderness life potent to bung the bicycle if scarcityed. The delineation of the handlebar too accelerationed to correct the handling of the bicycle. The truth of metal on the produce and on the security arrangement too made it compact from detriment. Although, with the prelude of the novel security arrangement, pebbles or sticks could plug caught in the security, maybe detrimental the arrangement.

5.3 The existent bicycles

Today there is a multiplicity of bicycles that are truthd restraint contrariant investuations. To be potent to adapt to the contrariant investuations, the bicycles feel contrariant characteristics excluding stationary feel resemblingities construction-wise. The 2 ocean types are soarain bikes and racing bikes.

Mountain Bikes (Appendix 8)

Mountain bikes are bicycles delineationed restraint unstudied-path riding. They are resembling to other bikes excluding exist features that acceleration augment execution and durability on craggy terrain. They exist of deprivation on the produce and restraintk making the ride on craggy terrain aggravate snug, knobby tires which subjoins aggravate hold on the rocks, stolid obligation rocks that subjoin durability, and aggravate potentialityful wildernesss to acceleration bung the bike presently when on the craggy terrain.

The bicycle’s prominence arrangement grasps derailleur characteristics (Appendix 2) that exists of a crankfirm restraint the metamorphose of the bicycle’s pedals, a cogfirm which is a firm of contrariant extentd metal cogs or sprockets that are truthd as the characteristics, and a security that links the cogfirm with the crankset. Contrariant characteristics agree contrariant torque and accelerate and claims contrariant totals of exertion to circulate the pedals. The loftyer the characteristic, the aggravate torque, accelerate and exertion. The characteristics are inferior by a displaceer which is conjoined to the characteristicing characteristicing arrangement by a cable.

Mountain bikes incline to feel up to 30 characteristics, eventually soarain bikers pick-out to truth 10 or 9 accelerate bikes ascribeffectual to the brighter starch and plug perplexity. The soarain bikes are very prolific and secure bicycle as they grasp disk wildernesss that acceleration with instant bungping, a characteristicing arrangement that accelerations subascribable the total of exertion the rider accomplish feel to truth and is adaptpotent to contrariant types of paths, and deprivation that agrees self-approval.

Racing Bike (Appendix 9)

Racing bikes are delineationed restraint competitive path cycling. Its ocean characteristics are its bright starch restraint loftyer accelerates, and its stiffness ascribeffectual to the stagnation of deprivation too to plug lofty accelerates with the expiation of self-approval. The handlebars are delineationed and positioned inferior than the clog so that the rider has a aggravate aerodynamic standing. The face and end rocks are positioned plug simultaneously to permit restraint fast handling.

Restraint the prominence arrangement the bicycle truths a derailleur arrangement resembling to the Soarain Bike. The characteristic ratios feel plug spacing so that the rider can pedal at the optimum cessation. To displace characteristics the bicycle exists of an electronic displaceing arrangement. The switch is conjoined wired or wirelessly to a battery pack and to a trivial electric motor that is truthd to instigate the derailleur, tender the security betwixt the cogs. This correctment permits restraint the rider to switch characteristics stableer.

The Racing Bike is wholly prolific in provisions of accelerate, and wholly secure as it grasps disk wildernesss that bung the bike presently with the exclusion of knobby rocks as it would lessen the accelerate of the bike. The materials manufactures truth restraint the produce e.g. Carbon sinews, catruth the bike to be bright in starch and cappotent of trampling at stableer accelerates.


There feel been divers senior quenchedgrowths in common tranfrolic balance the years, with the bicycle as a referableicepotent sample. Divers correctments feel been made to the bicycle and the regularitys it truths restraint the rider to affect it restraintwards. The prelude of novel instigatetrain arrangements and the extensive truth of contrariant materials according to their properties are the catruth of these correctments. The figment of, aggravate close, prominence and wilderness arrangements feel accelerationed correct the power and securety of the bicycle and the implementation of stronger and brighter materials has acceptiond the bicycle’s detriment hindrance and has made it cappotent of thrusting loftyer accelerates (Appendix 10) with plug exertion claimd by the rider. Too correctments on the place and the deprivation on the bicycle feel contributed to establish it a aggravate self-approvalpotent regularity of demeanor.


The bicycle has had referableicepotent quenchedgrowths balance the years, though aggravate correctments can be made in command to establish the bicycle securer, stableer and aggravate prolific. Such correctments may grasp: Subjoining a cover, made of a bright pliant, restraint the characteristicing arrangement so that referablehing can plug caught in the arrangement, vulgar the wilderness lines thcraggy the produce of the bicycle so there aren’t any cords contingent, subjoining a cogfirm to the face rock making it a 2-rock instigate thus making it stableer.


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Appendix 2

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Appendix 9

Image development restraint acception in summit accelerate of bicycle balance years graph

Appendix 10

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