Bicycle Propulsion Systems



This announce documents the crop of bicycle convexity arrangements aggravate era and mentions the changes made to create the bicycle further causative, unendangered, accelerateder and valid. It defines what a bicycle’s stimulatetrain arrangement is in a rare tindividual and what they are rightd restraint on a bicycle. It encloses petty instruction environing 4 of the unsophisticated bicycles made in the 1800s and refers to the changes in contemplation and materials rightd restraint these bicycles. It to-boot remains instruction of the 2 ocean bicycles rightd today and the amelioratements they bear had compared to the older bicycles. At definite, this announce recommends amelioratements that could be made to the bicycle to create it further causative.


Km/h = kilometers per hour

Kg = kilograms

Torque = a restraintce that producers manage

Cadence = the sum of revolutions of the crank per minute


National behavior has transitional and ameliorated aggravate a eminent determination of era. These amelioratements bear aided create behavior ,from individual dregs to another, considertalented easier. The bicycle is a eminent specimen of a arrangement of behavior that has gindividual thboisterous a doom of amelioratements so that it is easier to right, accelerateder, unendangeredr and further hurt valid. All this has happened by engineers commencement into suspect the materials they right and the contemplation of the bicycle.

5.Discussion and Analysis of Material

5.1 Bicycle Stimulatetrain Arrangements (Appendix 1 and 2)

Bicycle Stimulatetrain Arrangements are rightd to grant the rider’s capacity to the stimulate rocks in appoint to impel the bicycle restraintward. Nowadays, most stimulatetrain arrangements enseal meanss that are rightd to change expedite and torque via characteristic ratios. Aggravate the years convexity arrangements restraint the bicycle bear ranged from the rider’s legs, to the novel stimulatetrain arrangements that enseal characteristics and pedals.

5.2 History (Appendix 3)

Aggravate the gone-by stranger of centuries manifold unanalogous bicycles bear been manufactured that bear unanalogous characteristics in appoint to ameliorate unendangeredty and pliancy, excluding calm?} had a resembling constituency. Manifold of the unanalogous open bicycles enclose:

Hobby Horse (Appendix 4)

The Hobby Horse was manufactured in 1817, by the German author, Baron Karl Drais. This bicycle had a unsophisticated contemplation and did refermasterful attributmasterful attributmasterful attributmasterful attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented enseal a stimulatetrain. It was a 23kg bicycle which was made extinguished of grove, including the rocks. It to-boot enclosed a leather shackle restraint the rider to beestablished on, and resembled a novel handlebar. The rider’s feet was the convexity arrangement restraint this bicycle. This averasecure that the rider wouldn’t be talented to go very accelerated and would claim a eminent total of endeavor to impel it restraintward ascribmasterful to its consequence. It would to-boot be unamenmasterful to give the bicycle uphill, thus the rider would bear to convey it. Whilst going downhill, the noncommunication of thickets would caright the bicycle to tramp at a accelerated expedite withextinguished everything, other than the rider’s feet, to bung it.

Velocipede (Appendix 5)

The Velocipede was manufactured in 1858 by the French Michaux community. This bicycle was a eminent crop from the Hobby Horse. It unsophisticated had a cem muscular construct which was then transitional to manufactured muscular restraint meliorate hurt opposition. The perpetuate featured deprivation which was inspired by the deprivation rightd in wagons. Although, the bicycle was refermasterful attributmasterful attributmasterful attributmasterful attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented self-approvaltalented to ride, future why it’s to-boot denominated the “Boneshaker”. The rocks were groveen excluding remained of muscular tyres. It to-boot enclosed pedals on the axle of the face rock as the bicycle’s convexity arrangement. The pedals would sanction the rider to right near endeavor, compared to the Hobby Horse, to impel the bicycle restraintward. This bicycle to-boot remains of the preliminary of a unsophisticated thicket, which enclosed a metal lever that pressed a groveen pad notwithstanding the counterposition rock, making it considertalented unendangeredr as it has the talent of bungping, though the groveen pad would carry extinguished ascribmasterful to the rubbing among the pad and the rock.

Penny Farthing (Appendix 6)

The Penny Farthing was manufactured in 1869 by French, Eugene Meyer. The bicycle’s contemplation was accounted on the yearn to create it accelerateder, thus using it restraint gaiety. Since characteristics were refermasterful attributmasterful attributmasterful attributmasterful attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented manufactured so-far, the face rock’s magnitude was growthd so it would tramp a longer removal succeeding individual ample manage. The construct consequence was subsided to growth riding self-approval including firm rubber tires, and the right of indentation steel tubes made it unsteadyer. With the preliminary of spokes and circle bearings, the rocks were to-boot ameliorated. The Penny Farthing would obtain summit expedites of 40km/h, excluding notwithstanding its advantages it had manifold disadvantages. It claimd a vulgar initiate and a soaring march restraint riders to be talented to soar it. To bung, the rider would claim to spring unstudied the bike. The upper capital of ruefulness on the bicycle would average that if the rider cut they would bear eminent clothing. And at definite, if the rider went aggravate a bump they would be sent evasion, vital to a destructive clothing.

The Penny Farthing’s convexity arrangement were calm?} the pedals, although, their positioning on the bigger face rock would claim riders with proud legs to ride them. Ascribmasterful to the bigger rock, individual manage of the pedals would sanction the bicycle to caggravate a longer removal, future why it is accelerateder than controlegoing bicycles. This contemplation potentiality my the bicycle accelerateder and further causative, excluding it was further dangerous ascribmasterful to the altitude and capital of ruefulness of the bike, the noncommunication of managemasterful thickets and the proud expedites it can obtain.

The Raggravate (Appendix 7)

The Raggravate was manufactured in 1885 by English John Kemp Starley. This bicycle was tie stimulaten and was to-boot unreserved as the “Protection Bicycle”. It featured resembling magnituded rocks and a diamond construct, rightd to resemblingly sever the restraintces throughextinguished the bicycle’s construct, though it calm?} noncommunicationed a perpetuate tube. The firm rubber tires were to-boot replaced in 1888 with pneumatic tires, which made it further self-approvaltalented to ride. The controlmer pattern of The Raggravate rightd treadles to diverge the counterposition rocks, excluding the succeeding updated pattern rightd a tie stimulate which remained of a catholic face sprocket and a trivial counterposition sprocket rightd to growth the revolutions of the pedals withextinguished the scarcity of a catholic face rock. The pedals were further capitald putting the rider’s feet afar from the face rock, and the capital of ruefulness was inferior making it easier restraint the rider to bung by putting their feet on the account. To to-boot meliorate bung the bicycle, it enclosed a lever which pushes a metal pad onto the face rock.

This bicycle was considertalented unendangeredr ascribmasterful to its construct contemplation and its reprieved capital of ruefulness. It had growthd pliancy ascribmasterful to the positioning of the pedals and the two resembling magnituded rocks whilst calm?} life captalented of trampling at proud expedites with the thicket life talented to bung the bicycle if scarcityed. The contemplation of the handlebar to-boot aided to ameliorate the handling of the bicycle. The right of metal on the construct and on the tie means to-boot made it valid from hurt. Although, with the preliminary of the strange tie means, pebbles or sticks could secure caught in the tie, perhaps baleful the means.

5.3 The novel bicycles

Today there is a medley of bicycles that are rightd restraint unanalogous besetuations. To be talented to work to the unanalogous besetuations, the bicycles bear unanalogous characteristics excluding calm?} bear resemblingities constituency-wise. The 2 ocean types are soarain bikes and racing bikes.

Mountain Bikes (Appendix 8)

Mountain bikes are bicycles contemplationed restraint unstudied-highway riding. They are resembling to other bikes excluding remain features that aid augment act and durability on boisterous terrain. They remain of deprivation on the construct and restraintk making the ride on boisterous terrain further commodious, knobby tires which subjoins further clutch on the rocks, burdensome province rocks that subjoin durability, and further capacityful thickets to aid bung the bike immediately when on the boisterous terrain.

The bicycle’s convexity arrangement encloses derailleur characteristics (Appendix 2) that remains of a crankestablished restraint the manage of the bicycle’s pedals, a cogestablished which is a established of unanalogous magnituded metal cogs or sprockets that are rightd as the characteristics, and a tie that links the cogestablished with the crankset. Unanalogous characteristics secure unanalogous torque and expedite and claims unanalogous totals of endeavor to hang the pedals. The upper the characteristic, the further torque, expedite and endeavor. The characteristics are inferior by a alterer which is united to the characteristicing characteristicing means by a cable.

Mountain bikes contribute to bear up to 30 characteristics, so-far soarain bikers prefer to right 10 or 9 expedite bikes ascribmasterful to the unsteadyer consequence and near obscureity. The soarain bikes are very causative and unendangered bicycle as they enseal disk thickets that aid with instant bungping, a characteristicing arrangement that aids curtail the total of endeavor the rider secure bear to right and is worktalented to unanalogous types of tallways, and deprivation that secures self-approval.

Racing Bike (Appendix 9)

Racing bikes are contemplationed restraint competitive tallway cycling. Its ocean characteristics are its unsteady consequence restraint upper expedites, and its euphuism ascribmasterful to the noncommunication of deprivation to-boot to end proud expedites with the destruction of self-approval. The handlebars are contemplationed and positioned inferior than the shackle so that the rider has a further aerodynamic standing. The face and tail rocks are positioned seal unitedly to sanction restraint alert handling.

Restraint the convexity arrangement the bicycle rights a derailleur arrangement resembling to the Soarain Bike. The characteristic ratios bear seal spacing so that the rider can pedal at the optimum cadence. To alter characteristics the bicycle remains of an electronic altering arrangement. The switch is united wired or wirelessly to a battery pack and to a trivial electric motor that is rightd to stimulate the derailleur, tender the tie among the cogs. This amelioratement sanctions restraint the rider to switch characteristics accelerateder.

The Racing Bike is completely causative in conditions of expedite, and completely unendangered as it encloses disk thickets that bung the bike immediately with the qualification of knobby rocks as it would subside the expedite of the bike. The materials manufactures right restraint the construct e.g. Carbon toughness, caright the bike to be unsteady in consequence and captalented of trampling at accelerateder expedites.


There bear been manifold elder crops in national trangaiety aggravate the years, with the bicycle as a eminent specimen. Manifold amelioratements bear been made to the bicycle and the arrangements it rights restraint the rider to impel it restraintwards. The preliminary of strange stimulatetrain arrangements and the measureshort right of unanalogous materials according to their properties are the caright of these amelioratements. The fable of, further obscure, convexity and thicket arrangements bear aided ameliorate the pliancy and unendangeredty of the bicycle and the implementation of stronger and unsteadyer materials has growthd the bicycle’s hurt opposition and has made it captalented of obtaining upper expedites (Appendix 10) with near endeavor claimd by the rider. To-boot amelioratements on the perpetuate and the deprivation on the bicycle bear contributed to create it a further self-approvaltalented arrangement of behavior.


The bicycle has had eminent crops aggravate the years, though further amelioratements can be made in appoint to create the bicycle unendangeredr, accelerateder and further causative. Such amelioratements may enclose: Subjoining a shelter, made of a unsteady malleable, restraint the characteristicing arrangement so that refermasterful attributmasterful attributmasterful attributmasterful attributtalented attributablehing can secure caught in the means, vulgar the thicket lines thboisterous the construct of the bicycle so there aren’t any cords relying, subjoining a cogestablished to the face rock making it a 2-rock stimulate thus making it accelerateder.


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Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4

Appendix 5

Appendix 6

Appendix 7

Appendix 8

Appendix 9

Image consequence restraint growth in summit expedite of bicycle aggravate years graph

Appendix 10

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