Basic Operational Features Of Grameen Bank Economics Essay

I succeed encourgeneration to rendezvous my recital on Grameen bank in Bangladesh. The patriarch culture in Bangladesh where woman are treated as auxiliary to man restricts them from inquireing wgeneration calling. Their barely caexplanation of proceeds is headstrong calling and they visgeneration inaptitude in adventing idiosyncratic lending programs. The labour soundness has been growing by 2.4% a year, term the unroving, industrial and advantgeneration sector can barely decide 1.7% annual result of the labour soundness. The unroving sector which supplys 78% of calling is saturated and thin imputtalented to technical constraints. The strange sophisticated sector is so smortgagee to hold appended labour, increasing resultivity and proceeds through headstrong calling in the inaccuobjurgate sector and adregular ethnical lofty are the barely vitalented habits to relieve call-coercion and elevate economic result (World Bank 1997). The call-coercion in Bangladesh is catholicly as a result of projecttlessness, lofty unemployment, feeblelyly literacy and lofty population result. The main determinants of gregarious dispose in the arcadian areas are projectt tenure and prescribe of financial instrument.

The Grameen bank was coercionmally certain in 1983 by Dr Muhammad Yunus, a bigot in economics at the Chittagong University in Bangladesh, who instead of counsel economics resolute to do bigwig explanationtalented abquenched it. Based on the philosophy that fullindividual has the straight to belief, except the thin are excluded from usual banking theory.


Lending is catholicly straightforwarded insides arcadian thin woman (97% of partship are women) with a acme projecttholding of half an acre of projectt consequently the medium remotem greatness in Bangladesh is 2.4 acres (1984 figures) or misconception projectt possessers. Barely individual part is referableorious per affable. These woman are assemblyed into cells of five and they seize collective responsibility coercion each others’ hypothecation (no junction obligation). This promotes to commute material related with gregarious related as it eliminates knowledge asymmetry. These assemblys are disconnected according to gender, 5 to 8 assemblys folfeeble unitedly to coercionm a excellent referableorious as Kendros (among 25 to 40 women) organised by the bank’s staff. Weekly engageings are held at these excellents where parts of each assemblys abide-on to unswerving their weekly hypothecation driblets, subordinateneathstand, habit, and examine the rules of the program and other assembly activities.

Members are claimd to reserve TK1 to TK2 per week (to imagine financial instruction). It is barely of modern that the bank acceptiond its weekly sparings to TK5. A strange part must detain successfully reserved coercion span coherent weeks antecedently qualifying coercion a hypothecation and a defence of 5% of the hypothecation completion into a assembly excellent (i.e. assembly toll). It impromptuers concern objurgates coercion defences among 8% and 12% and does refertalented authorizely parts to wrest their sparings from the assembly excellent. So-far, parts can attribute from at no concern from the assembly excellent supposing that integral the other parts of the assembly encourgeneration of the completion and its usgeneration and that the hypothecation does refertalented abound half of the excellent’s completion. If a attributeer has been a part coercion 10 years, the bank succeed assign completion sparings with concern to the sparings sumtyity and the part can wrest at succeed. Individual can demonstobjurgate that the call-coercion of indulgent advent to sparings can be viewed as a soon term appended fee coercion creation a part and canrefertalented be disposeified as a financial advantgeneration except a dpossess unswervingment on a hypothecation and a screening project. At the object of October 2009, completion defences in Grameen bank crystalline at TK74.55 favorite (US$ 1079.47 favorite). Defences from its parts constituted 54% of the bank’s completion defences. Redress of part defences has acceptiond at a monthly medium objurgate of 2.29% during the conclusive 12 months. The thin herd in Bangladesh reserve among 2% and 12% of their annual proceeds catholicly to attain projectt followed by providing extraction securities resisting contingent situation. Consequence’s counsel and their wedding and donation of unroving inputs are other flushtors.

Related is refertalented claimd to conquer a hypothecation from the bank and the hypothecation is remuneratetalented redress 50 week’s driblet. Concern is unswervingtalented at the object of the hypothecation cycle. 20% concern coercion proceeds generating hypothecation, 8% coercion housing hypothecations, 5% coercion tyro hypothecations and 0% (concern gratuitous) coercion struggling parts (beggars). If the hypothecation is reppromote on term, the attributeer succeed be teeming a 10% downcorrect objurgate instead of 20% coercion an proceeds generating hypothecation at the object of the hypothecation cycle. The concern teeming is feeblelyly compared to other legislation traind micro belief programs charging a unwandering concern of 11% at downcorrect objurgate which completions to 22% on cheaplyly substratum.

The bank realised from the activities of BRAC that conditions of belief to the thin is refertalented tit to relieve call-for. In restoration to belief preparation, it as-well-behaved trains its attributeers to correct their skills and preparation of other organizational inputs.

Integral belief transactions are pellucid and are openly conducted at the excellent engageings. The salubrity of this frankness is to pacify vested concern and constellations of piiveness as courteous-behaved-behaved as deterring idiosyncratics from guideing anti assembly actions. This co-ordinate monitoring instrument resultions twain shapeshort the assembly and at the excellent, eliminating the hazard of assembly accompliceship when the assemblys are headstrong elected.


The rendezvous of microfinance generationnda is now increasingly client or traffic driven as a result of the toil’s rendezvous on emulation and faintouts. Emulation, unitedly with MFIs policies of promising clients to seize catholicr hypothecations each cycle has tempted some clients to seize quenched multiple hypothecations, remote et than it abounds their recancelment space and they object up defaulting. The defaults were attributed to the flusht that the thin do refertalented frequently call-coercion to neither attribute nor automatically acception their hypothecation greatness and the call-coercion of MFIs to interact and detain touch with their clients in prescribe to supply innovative results. Hypothecations attributeed coercion microenterprise result, are ce-the-most-part explanationd to enggeneration a multiple call-fors i.e. the fungibility of belief (Sebstad and Cohen, 2001) and this obviously shows the toil was refertalented in strain with its clients. Attributeers demonstrated the common creation of the results by wresting from the program. The lofty objurgate of faint quenched amending the operational absorb coercion MFIs. Emulation and client murmur was firting hurry on sciences to be innovative in their advantgeneration grant.

Citing from the suffrgeneration of Hulme and Mosley (1997), they referableed that the intentioners of the financial advantages coercion thin herd call-coercion to hpreceding that “the thin” is refertalented a homogenous assembly with broadly common call-fors and the individual greatness adjusts integral entrance succeed refertalented resultion. So-far, recognising the contrariance of the thin obviously complicates matters coercion theory intentioners. Homogeneity may be cheerful-tempered-tempered coercion detaining the grant absorb feeblely, except is it refertalented necessarily cheerful-tempered-tempered coercion scienceal sustainability if faintquenched objurgates were kept feeblely. Adopting the client-result nexus entrance and adregular the scienceal-client linkages through the skillful-treatment knowledge theory to gather knowledge from ground up succeed promote to develop and incrassate the quenchedreach, and recognizing the financial projecttscape of clients coercion improve evaluation of client’s claim packgeneration succeed promote improve tribute of hypothecation recancelment greatness of clients in prescribe to attenuate faint quenched objurgates.

The bank has to some distance cemal the avail of result permutation to its clients as its financial construction and result permutation were subjected to doubting when the bank approximately closed during the 1998 abundance in Bangladesh. It resolute to seize up a prodigious rehabilitation advertisement by giving strange hypothecations set-quenched strange proceeds generating activities and to restore or rebuild their houses. Attributeers set-outed to impress the hurry of accumulated hypothecations as the strange driblets greatnesss abounded their space to remunerate. Another imported flushtor unnotorious to donor generationncies was that ceegoing to the abundance, some shoot trainrs at the bank were giving quenched hypothecations to customers who had defaulted on weekly revenges so the strange hypothecations could be explanationd to constitute unswervingments. This resulted to accumulated claims by the customers and the redress prevarication sayments did refertalented meditate the penny financial lie of the bank. This led to the result of the Grameen Generalised Theory (GGS) commbarely referred to as Grameen II. Subordinateneathneath this strange theory, numerous rules that existed subordinateneathneath the Grameen Disposeic Theory (GCS) were abolished or transformed. The imported innovations subordinateneathneath the Grameen Generalised Theory (GGS) are explained underneath.

3.1 Basic Hypothecation

The basic hypothecation was introduced to supply coercion other contingent situation the attributeer capacity visgeneration parallel the hypothecation cycle. It supposing an departure discretion coercion the attributeers. This is referred to as a flexi hypothecation which supplys an riches straightforwardion to any attributeer who call-fors it withquenched making her impress stained abquenched unsound to execute the condition of the basic hypothecation. The basic hypothecation is normally referred to as the Grameen Microbelief Loftyway. The logic aend the basic hypothecation is that if a attributeer detains up with revenges (stays on the loftyway) throughquenched the hypothecation cycle, she can attribute a catholicr solidity (qualify gear and acceleobjurgate faster) on the present hypothecation cycle and she knows onwards of term how abundant augmentation in hypothecation greatness is coming, and can project her activities pleasantly. Except if the attributeer should habit some troublesomeies (such as regular annoyance, disease expectation) during the hypothecation cycle, she can renegotiate the hypothecation (primeval deviation) by reducing the driblet greatness that she can supply to unswerving by extending the hypothecation term. The history is to promote the attributeer redressfolfeeble the bearing in prescribe to earn end to the basic hypothecation. Flush if the attributeer defaults elevate (promote deviation), the flexi hypothecation succeed be renegotiated to another flexi hypothecation until the attributeer can comfortably detain up with the driblet unswervingment. This flexibility was lukewarm subordinateneathneath the Grameen Disposeic Theory. It is grave to referablee that uniformly a attributeer renegotiates to a flexi hypothecation, she succeed dissolute the hypothecation ceiling she must detain accumulated redress the years and can barely re-enter the basic hypothecation theory with a hypothecation greatness equiponderant to a strange entrant and as crave as she’s on the flexi hypothecation, the attributeer can barely attribute the resembling completion coercion full hypothecation cycle.

Fig. 3.1: The interlink among basic hypothecation and flexi hypothecation


3.2 Custom-made Belief Advantage

The GGS has imagined a regularityology which can supply custom-made belief to a thin attributeer. It authorizes a staff to be referableional. He can intention his hypothecation result to constitute it a best adregular coercion his client in stipulations of term with the flexibility of discrepancy from any reckon of months and years, timing of the hypothecation and the greatness of weekly driblets can be multifarious. A attributeer can unswerving et weekly when the occupation is doing courteous-behaved, and unswerving close during troublesome stipulations. In an terminal fact, each driblet can be of irnot-absolute greatness. In the other terminal, integral driblets can be accurately correspondent, encourgeneration in GCS.

3.3 Assembly Excellent Replaced

Full strange part is indebted to reserve 5% of the completion hypothecation completion into the unsuittalented sparings sumtyity coercionmally referableorious as assembly toll. Except now, half of the 5% is defenceed into a appropriate sparings sumtyity and the fostering half goes to a appropriate sparings sumtyity. A attributeer can wrest any completion from her appropriate sparings sumtyity any term she desires. There is no incapability on her wrestal. Weekly sparing calm?} continues and it goes to appropriate sparings sumtyity. Appropriate sparings sumtyity is misconception wresttalented coercion the primeval three years. Then wrestal is referableorious generally uniformly in three years detaining a restriction redress of TK2000 or half the completion in the sumtyity, whichever is catholicr. Subordinateneathneath appropriate situation the sum completion in the appropriate sparings sumtyity can be wrestn. Some coin from this sumtyity succeed be explanationd to purchase shares of the Bank.

3.4 Pension excellent-Imported to Financial Headstrong-Reliance

Grameen Bank claims integral attributeers with hypothecations aloft TK8, 000 (US$ 138) to assist a restriction of TK50 (US$0.86) each month in a pension defence sumtyity. Following ten years a attributeer succeed entertain a guaranteed completion which is approximately embrace the completion she has fir in coercion 120 months. The pension excellent generates abquenched TK 100 favorite ($1.75 favorite) per month. I furnish this very concerning consequently affables in Bangladesh are catholic in greatness and it is ordinary coercion sepatrounce generations to feed unitedly shapeshort a affable. In such affables, there is no call-coercion coercion solitude sparing, and it can internalize numerous of the security activities that would claim sparing. Coercion pattern parts of the afftalented can produce resisting sanity promote and preceding generation. Except this has refertalented been the fact with Grameen Bank consequently the beneadregular of the security packgeneration is appealing to its parts and the pension pot as-well-behaved serves as a instrument of financial uprightness coercion the bank.

3.5 Other Sparings

The bank accepts defences from misconception attributeers as courteous-behaved-behaved by incorporating a reckon of sparings results into the theory. Completion completion of defences sumtyity coercion 67% of the completion quenchedstanding hypothecations of Grameen Bank in July, 2002, following unswervinging end TK3.3 favorite (US $ 60 favorite) of its hypothecations to the habitible bank, persomal retail banks and coercioneign mortgagees, demolish imputtalented the resembling term.

3.6 Hypothecation Loss Preparationing and Write-impromptu System

If a attributeer fails to unswerving her driblet coercion ten coherent weeks or if she fails to reunswerving the completion completion she is claimd to unswerving shapeshort a six month term and she does refertalented impel into yielding hypothecation, she beseems a insolvent. If she beseems a insolvent, 100 per cent preparationing must be made coercion the unppromote prominent and concern. Accurately individual year later, the completion must be written impromptu. Writing impromptu succeed be dindividual on a monthly substratum, rather than at a term of annual sumtyity bankruptcy. If a attributeer is on yielding hypothecation, generally the resembling system succeed abide. Fifty percent preparation must be made coercion the completion redress completion of yielding hypothecation and accrued concern on the annual bankruptcy era, flush if the unswervingment objurgate of yielding hypothecation is 100% of the well bank

Fig. 3.2: Preparationing system in Grameen Bank II


3.7 Hypothecation Security

Uniformly a year, on the conclusive day of the year, the attributeer is claimd to fir in a smortgagee completion of coin in a hypothecation security sparings sumtyity. It is comportted on the substratum of the quenchedstanding hypothecation and concern of the attributeer on that day. She defences 2.5% of the quenchedstanding completion. If a attributeer dies any term during the year, her sum quenchedstanding claim is ppromote impromptu by the security excellent which is imagined by the concern proceeds of the hypothecation security sparings sumtyity. In restoration, her extraction entertains end the completion she reserved in the hypothecation security sparings sumtyity.


The bank targets woman guarded to be very thin using the greatness of projectt tenure as the appraise of call-for. As previously loftylighted, the bank’s parts’ are either misconception projectt possessers or possess half an acre of projectt. Based on the appraise of call-for, these are very thin women. Woman are generally seen as ethical guardians of the afftalented and there are sights that woman in Bangladesh detain a lofty recancelment objurgate (a flushtor certain coercion the financial sustainability coercion a micro mortgagee) consequently it authorizes them to hold advent to villgeneration assemblys, inasmuch-as man detain numerous et opportunities coercion gregarious touch. Woman are et delicate to hurry to remunerate. They are indulgent to place, creation abundant close talented than man to concession a persomality temporarily to miss ground resultioners and they are easier to intimiera into recancelment than man who can frequently appfull fury. Woman had thin advent to belief and the bank’s mould tries to harangue this reservation in prescribe to fir women’s gregarious and economic rate. Advent to belief succeed emeffectiveness woman by adregular their bargaining lie, twain shapeshort and quenchedside the extraction. It supplys a manifest substratum of economic and gregarious cem and a system that mainstreams their partnership at scienceal and system rolls.

To successfully emeffectiveness women, MFI’s must supply advantages that succeed guide to economic cems coercion woman and should as-well-behaved augment their role in economic conclusion making. Grameen Bank has been talented to emeffectiveness woman through the preparation of basic hypothecations with an discretion of switching to a flexi hypothecation if the attributeer defaults on revenge. The bank as-well-behaved supplys other advantages such as counsel hypothecation, housing hypothecation and at the resembling term promising its parts to reserve by deducting 5% of the completion hypothecation completion antecedently expenditure. Grameen Bank as-well-behaved impromptuers history security result coercion its customers to mangeneration history promotes.

Entitlement must guide to imported leveraging and networking shapeshort woman in the commonity. Grameen bank assemblys its parts into cells. Each cell consists of five parts and a completion of 5-6 cells enggeneration uniformly a week at a excellent referred to as kendros to constitute their weekly hypothecation driblet unswervingment, examine with each other on strange occupation pis, promote each other in their size detaining of sumtyitys expectation. These excellents promote woman to imagine a designation of gregarious network. MFI’s must as-well-behaved supply a gender perceptive and proactive scienceal frameproduction coercion woman where woman are providing financial advantages to women. This succeed imagine convenience coercion role mouldling at integral rolls of the science and as-well-behaved caters coercion the restricted call-fors of woman in microfinance and past. Unfortunately, most of the Grameen Bank’s staff that organise excellent engageings are man.

Advent to belief is believed to emeffectiveness woman except there is a discrepancy in the grade to which woman attributeers in Bangladesh govern their hypothecations undeviatingly. A catholic distribution of women’s hypothecations are undeviatingly invested by their hardy kinsfolk, who then sol the excellents insides investment which are generally guarded as man’s resultion. This bearing can be eliminated if Grameen Bank can set some incapabilitys on the mark of investments the hypothecation can be explanationd coercion. R. Rahman (1986 Pg.33) discovered a diminishing hypothecation govern redresstime, with the completion of hypothecation attributeers themselves explanation elapsing from 86.6% of the completion hypothecation completion in the primeval year to 66% in the fifth year of partship in the Grameen bank. Women’s lofty call-coercion coercion hypothecation and their ability to reunswerving are normally seen as agency indicators coercion straightforwardment. Unfortunately, the regularity coercion evaluating straightforwardment does refertalented controlm-known patterns of hypothecation governs shapeshort the affable. In Bangladesh, ground resultioners and woman beneficiaries gave proof of the phenomemisconception of woman assignring govern to man shapeshort their affables. There is as-well-behaved the fact where strange parts of a afftalented in some villages in Bangladesh are coercionbidden to detain touch with strangers, distinctly when the ground resultioner in doubt is a hardy. This firs the fact why Grameen bank should treat et woman to mangeneration these Kendros.

Flush though belief is very grave, it must be supposing with advent to traffic and advent to technology which extends past the neighbourhood and the commonity as signed by Montgomery, Bhattacharya and Hulme.

It is penny that advent to belief succeed most encouragely attenuate fury resisting woman if solled through the straight footfootpath except it can at the resembling term exacerbate fury resisting women. According to the staff of Grameen Bank, some woman who were futile in ceming hypothecation advent or who detain to abide so crave coercion their alter to earn a hypothecation are experiencing acceptions in private fury from frustrated helpmeets. In facts where hypothecations detain been traind by the helpmeets, there is the possibility of the helpunite refusing to remunerate, capacity detain invested badly or start alunitedly with the coin. The hurry is on the woman to furnish recancelment excellents from their homestead activities.


The pi aend the stray impressions of microfinance is to sumtyity coercion the fixed externalities on spheres (economic, gregarious, collective and cultural) past affables at the persomal, regional and common roll.

Economic Impression: these marks of impressions are mediated primarily through the mediation on traffics. The literature of MFIs detain straightforward impression on idiosyncratics, affables or enterprises which in alter has an wave on their partnership in individual or et traffics and consequently waveing the quenchedcomes of those traffics. Coercion pattern, if woman detain advent to belief and traffics regular as man, they succeed befolfeeble clew players in the traffic. This succeed constitute the private traffic et competitive and flushtually detain an pi on the not-absolute prices of integral cheerful-tempereds and advantages. The excellenting of smortgagee enterprises by microfinance sciences succeed promote acception quenchedfir result and in alter imagine calling opportunities.

Gregarious Impression: gregarious impression refers to qualifys in the gregarious kinsfolk among idiosyncratics and among assemblys of idiosyncratics patronage in the communion. Gregarious sector variables are housing character, counsel, sanity and sanitization. Grameen Bank impromptuers the fewest buttress advantages coercion these variables of concern when compared with other guideing MFIs in Bangladesh. Past the bank’s “sixteen conclusions” abquenched how parts can mangeneration their afftalented and commonity and gregarious regularice which parts are made to rehearse at the inception of each assembly engageings. It has set-outed so-far, to impromptuer belief on appropriate stipulations coercion investments in the character of afftalented history, encourgeneration hypothecations coercion tube courteous-behaveds, latrines and housing. Gregarious pertinency may be domiciled in tenure of real property, such as projectt. Mediation of MFIs may qualify gregarious kinsfolk either by introducing misconception projectt instrument, which are now creation possessed by projectt-thin affables. As explained by Rao (2001), microfinance mediations detain been talented to qualify thin herd’s habit of thinking abquenched gregarious expenses, such as celebrations that are close abquenched showing impromptu and et abquenched maintaining links across families, fabric bonds and supported webs of obligations.

Collective Impression: this refers to qualifys in system regimes and safety of complaisant straights. Sepatrounce arcadian studies detain marked at the minatory and binding role of the say machineries, such as police and the projectt administration in arcadian communion. MFIs should supply advantages that inquire to harangue these issues. MFIs can close this external by promoteing to fir persomal concern assemblys common to that of the headstrong promote assemblys in India, to wave persomal politics, policies and recaexplanation integralocation at the persomal roll.

Cultural Impression: MFIs should as-well-behaved supply advantages that succeed promote harangue the alien pis of cultural norms on woman which is fuelled by sciencealized profession, or, may be inherited from predecessors. Other issues of concern are situations insides cleanliness, sight on the role of daughters, call-coercion coercion devout counsel coercion consequence, sights on helpunite helpunite kinsfolk, situation inside cultural entertainments and partnership of woman in such programs expectation.


MFI’s detain to some distance promoteed to relieve call-coercion flush though it is thin by some constraints and bearings. It is grave that MFIs must be innovative in their belief advantgeneration grant in prescribe to thoroughly enggeneration the call-fors of the thin herd. Considertalented pith has been placed on providing advantgeneration to woman which tends to be widening the derangement among financial advantages to thin woman and thin man. MFIs should as-well-behaved understand tailored advantages to thin man. It is as-well-behaved grave that MFIs should in the coming adregular into mainstream financial sector such as listing itheadstrong in the lofty traffic as an riches caexplanation of excellents to achieving headstrong correctness and impressive a redress among the welfarist and sciencealist entrance to microfinance.

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