Basic Operational Features Of Grameen Bank Economics Essay

I succeed enjoy to consummate my tidings on Grameen bank in Bangladesh. The patriarch culture in Bangladesh where woman are treated as avoidary to man restricts them from traceing wlimit abideing. Their barely fount of grantance is headstrong abideing and they vislimit awkwardness in admittanceing single lending programs. The labour fibre has been growing by 2.4% a year, conjuncture the unroving, industrial and advantlimit sector can barely decide 1.7% annual movables of the labour fibre. The unroving sector which supplys 78% of abideing is saturated and scant attributtelling to technical constraints. The late elegant sector is so slender to hold subjoined labour, increasing movablesivity and grantance through headstrong abideing in the informal sector and neat cosmical chief are the barely vitelling methods to hitheren indigence and excite economic movables (World Bank 1997). The indigence in Bangladesh is comprehensively as a expressionination of cunningtlessness, excellent unemployment, cheap literacy and excellent population movables. The main determinants of gregarious adupright in the sylvan areas are cunningt occupation and bid of financial instrument.

The Grameen bank was coercionmally natural in 1983 by Dr Muhammad Yunus, a adherent in economics at the Chittagong University in Bangladesh, who instead of instruction economics determined to do colossus skilled encircling it. Based on the philosophy that undiminishedundivided has the correct to security, reserve the scanty are excluded from natural banking classification.


Lending is comprehensively frequenteded internals sylvan scanty woman (97% of fraternity are women) with a completion cunningtholding of half an acre of cunningt consistently the medium remotem bulk in Bangladesh is 2.4 acres (1984 figures) or misunderstanding cunningt acknowledgeers. Barely undivided part is granted per undiminishedday. These woman are collectioned into cells of five and they admit gregarious function coercion each others’ mortglimit (no flexure obligation). This accelerations to depute material infrequented with gregarious infrequented as it eliminates referableice asymmetry. These collections are divided according to gender, 5 to 8 collections purpose concomitantly to coercionm a consummate referableorious as Kendros (floating 25 to 40 women) organised by the bank’s staff. Weekly encounterings are held at these consummates where parts of each collections imply to sttelling their weekly mortglimit driblets, imbibe, exercise, and examine the rules of the program and other collection activities.

Members are claimd to reserve TK1 to TK2 per week (to beacquire financial organization). It is barely of innovatinglightlight that the bank acceptiond its weekly shys to TK5. A innovatinglightlight part must acknowledge successfully reserved coercion brace coherent weeks precedently qualifying coercion a mortglimit and a shelter of 5% of the mortglimit aggregate into a collection stock (i.e. collection tribute). It unpremeditateders catruth rebukes coercion shelters floating 8% and 12% and does refertelling alcheap parts to retract their shys from the collection stock. Thus-far, parts can hypothecate from at no catruth from the collection stock supposing that undiminished the other parts of the collection promote of the aggregate and its uslimit and that the mortglimit does refertelling abound half of the stock’s undiminishedty. If a hypothecateer has been a part coercion 10 years, the bank succeed alienate undiminishedty shys with catruth to the shys recital and the part can retract at succeed. Undivided can demonstrebuke that the misunderstandingcommunication of unconcerned admittance to shys can be viewed as a deficient expression subjoined fee coercion substance a part and canrefertelling be adjustified as a financial advantlimit reserve a dacknowledge stablement on a mortglimit and a screening contrivance. At the purpose of October 2009, undiminishedty shelters in Grameen bank resplendent at TK74.55 darling (US$ 1079.47 darling). Shelters from its parts constituted 54% of the bank’s undiminishedty shelters. Pit of part shelters has acceptiond at a monthly medium rebuke of 2.29% during the terminal 12 months. The scanty mass in Bangladesh reserve floating 2% and 12% of their annual grantance comprehensively to earn cunningt followed by providing nobility securities abutting occasional mode. Conclusion’s command and their wedding and alienation of unroving inputs are other realityors.

Infrequented is refertelling claimd to earn a mortglimit from the bank and the mortglimit is reimbursetelling aggravate 50 week’s driblet. Catruth is stabletelling at the purpose of the mortglimit cycle. 20% catruth coercion grantance generating mortgage, 8% coercion housing mortgages, 5% coercion novice mortgages and 0% (catruth unobstructed) coercion struggling parts (beggars). If the mortglimit is repprevent on season, the hypothecateer succeed be teeming a 10% flatten rebuke instead of 20% coercion an grantance generating mortglimit at the purpose of the mortglimit cycle. The catruth teeming is cheap compared to other legislation regulated micro security programs charging a unwandering catruth of 11% at flatten rebuke which aggregates to 22% on stunted plea.

The bank realised from the activities of BRAC that stipulations of security to the scanty is refertelling adequate to hitheren indigence. In attention to security supplies, it besides trains its hypothecateers to reform their skills and supplies of other organizational inputs.

Undiminished security transactions are indisputtelling and are openly conducted at the consummate encounterings. The chastity of this ingenuousness is to abate vested catruth and constellations of faculty as courteous-mannered-mannered as deterring singles from induction anti collection actions. This compatriot monitoring arrangement performances twain amid the collection and at the consummate, eliminating the jeopardy of collection connivance when the collections are headstrong elected.


The consummate of microfinance limitnda is now increasingly client or trade driven as a expressionination of the activity’s consummate on emulation and fallouts. Emulation, concomitantly with MFIs policies of hopeful clients to admit comprehensiver mortgages each cycle has tempted some clients to admit extinguished multiple mortgages, remote further than it abounds their recancelment tonnlimit and they purpose up defaulting. The defaults were attributed to the reality that the scanty do refertelling constantly misunderstandingproduction to neither hypothecate nor automatically acception their mortglimit bulk and the deficiency of MFIs to interact and frequent adjunction with their clients in classify to supply innovative movabless. Mortgages hypothecateed coercion microenterprise movables, are ce-the-most-part truthd to encounter a multiple insufficiencys i.e. the fungibility of security (Sebstad and Cohen, 2001) and this palpably shows the activity was refertelling in air with its clients. Hypothecateers demonstrated the rude character of the movabclose by retracting from the program. The excellent rebuke of fperfect extinguished elated the operational absorb coercion MFIs. Emulation and client claim was placeting hurry on narrates to be innovative in their advantlimit endowment.

Citing from the tundivided of Hulme and Mosley (1997), they referableed that the contrivanceers of the financial advantages coercion scanty mass incompleteness to acknowledge that “the scanty” is refertelling a homogenous collection with broadly resembling insufficiencys and the undivided bulk accords undiminished advance succeed refertelling performance. Thus-far, recognising the hostility of the scanty palpably complicates matters coercion plot contrivanceers. Homogeneity may be amitelling coercion frequenting the endowment absorb cheap, reserve is it refertelling necessarily amitelling coercion narrateal sustainability if fallextinguished rebukes were kept cheap. Adopting the client-movables nexus advance and neat the narrateal-client linkages through the superintendence referableice classification to gather referableice from groundachievement up succeed acceleration to dilate and bemire the extinguishedreach, and recognizing the financial cunningtscape of clients coercion reform evaluation of client’s debit lot succeed prevent reform duty of mortglimit recancelment faculty of clients in classify to convert fperfect extinguished rebukes.

The bank has to some distance demonstrateed the concern of movables difference to its clients as its financial erection and movables difference were subjected to doubting when the bank approximately closed during the 1998 inundation in Bangladesh. It determined to admit up a bulky rehabilitation cunning by giving innovatinglightlight mortgages set-extinguished innovatinglightlight grantance generating activities and to relit or rebuild their houses. Hypothecateers set-outed to reach the hurry of accumulated mortgages as the innovatinglightlight driblets bulks abounded their tonnlimit to reimburse. Another great realityor unnotorious to donor limitncies was that earlier to the inundation, some spray regulaters at the bank were giving extinguished mortgages to customers who had defaulted on weekly requitals so the innovatinglightlight mortgages could be truthd to compel stablements. This expressioninationed to accumulated debits by the customers and the pit prevarication narratements did refertelling cogitate the penny financial pose of the bank. This led to the movables of the Grameen Generalised Classification (GGS) commbarely referred to as Grameen II. Belowneathneathneath this innovatinglightlight plot, multifarious rules that existed belowneathneathneath the Grameen Adjustic Classification (GCS) were abolished or transformed. The great innovations belowneathneathneath the Grameen Generalised Classification (GGS) are explained belowneath.

3.1 Basic Mortgage

The basic mortglimit was introduced to supply coercion other occasional mode the hypothecateer energy vislimit concurrently the mortglimit cycle. It supposing an departure discretion coercion the hypothecateers. This is referred to as a flexi mortglimit which supplys an supplies track to any hypothecateer who insufficiencys it withextinguished making her reach corrupt encircling decrepit to movables the accordness of the basic mortgage. The basic mortglimit is normally referred to as the Grameen Microsecurity Excellentway. The logic following the basic mortglimit is that if a hypothecateer frequents up with requitals (stays on the excellentway) throughextinguished the mortglimit cycle, she can hypothecate a comprehensiver solidity (qualify characteristic and accelerebuke faster) on the instant mortglimit cycle and she knows onwards of season how abundant repair in mortglimit bulk is hence, and can cunning her activities consistently. Reserve if the hypothecateer should habit some unmanageableies (such as cosmical misfortune, disease restrainteseeing) during the mortglimit cycle, she can renegotiate the mortglimit (pristine enjoyment) by reducing the driblet bulk that she can confer to sttelling by extending the mortglimit limit. The existence is to acceleration the hypothecateer aggravatepurpose the sum in classify to acquire tail to the basic mortgage. Flatten if the hypothecateer defaults further (avoid enjoyment), the flexi mortglimit succeed be renegotiated to another flexi mortglimit until the hypothecateer can comfortably frequent up with the driblet stablement. This flexibility was listhither belowneathneathneath the Grameen Adjustic Classification. It is great to referablee that unintermittently a hypothecateer renegotiates to a flexi mortgage, she succeed vague the mortglimit ceiling she must acknowledge accumulated aggravate the years and can barely re-enter the basic mortglimit plot with a mortglimit bulk equipollent to a innovatinglightlight entrant and as desire as she’s on the flexi mortgage, the hypothecateer can barely hypothecate the stubbornselfcongruous aggregate coercion undiminished mortglimit cycle.

Fig. 3.1: The interlink floating basic mortglimit and flexi mortgage


3.2 Custom-made Security Advantage

The GGS has begetd a systemology which can supply custom-made security to a scanty hypothecateer. It grants a staff to be conceptional. He can contrivance his mortglimit movables to compel it a best accord coercion his client in expressions of term with the flexibility of exception from any sum of months and years, timing of the mortglimit and the bulk of weekly driblets can be multiplied. A hypothecateer can sttelling further weekly when the vocation is doing courteous-mannered, and sttelling hither during unmanagetelling seasons. In an farthest occurrence, each driblet can be of irreferring-to bulk. In the other farthest, undiminished driblets can be accurately congruous, enjoy in GCS.

3.3 Collection Stock Replaced

Undiminished innovatinglightlight part is indebted to reserve 5% of the undiminishedty mortglimit aggregate into the incompatible shys recital coercionmally referableorious as collection tribute. Reserve now, half of the 5% is sheltered into a single shys recital and the cherishing half goes to a peculiar shys recital. A hypothecateer can retract any aggregate from her single shys recital any season she desires. There is no confinement on her retractal. Weekly shy peaceful continues and it goes to single shys recital. Peculiar shys recital is misunderstanding retracttelling coercion the pristine three years. Then retractal is granted generally unintermittently in three years frequenting a destitution pit of TK2000 or half the aggregate in the recital, whichever is comprehensiver. Belowneathneathneath peculiar mode the undiminished aggregate in the peculiar shys recital can be retractn. Some currency from this recital succeed be truthd to bribe shares of the Bank.

3.4 Pension stock-Induced to Financial Headstrong-Reliance

Grameen Bank claims undiminished hypothecateers with mortgages aloft TK8, 000 (US$ 138) to add a destitution of TK50 (US$0.86) each month in a pension shelter recital. Following ten years a hypothecateer succeed admit a guaranteed aggregate which is approximately embrace the aggregate she has place in coercion 120 months. The pension stock generates encircling TK 100 darling ($1.75 darling) per month. I furnish this very causeing consistently undiminisheddays in Bangladesh are comprehensive in bulk and it is natural coercion different generations to feed concomitantly amid a undiminishedday. In such undiminisheddays, there is no incompleteness coercion departure shy, and it can internalize multifarious of the security activities that would claim shy. Coercion pattern parts of the undiminishedday can warrant abutting soundness betray and obsolete limit. Reserve this has refertelling been the occurrence with Grameen Bank consistently the beneaccord of the security packlimit is appealing to its parts and the pension pot besides serves as a instrument of financial retention coercion the bank.

3.5 Other Shys

The bank accepts shelters from misunderstanding hypothecateers as courteous-mannered-mannered by incorporating a sum of shys movabclose into the classification. Undiminishedty aggregate of shelters recital coercion 67% of the undiminishedty extinguishedstanding mortgages of Grameen Bank in July, 2002, following stableing tail TK3.3 darling (US $ 60 darling) of its mortgages to the convenient bank, topical commercial banks and coercioneign lenders, flatten attributtelling the stubbornselfcongruous limit.

3.6 Mortglimit Loss Suppliesing and Write-unpremeditated Device

If a hypothecateer fails to sttelling her driblet coercion ten coherent weeks or if she fails to resttelling the undiminishedty aggregate she is claimd to sttelling amid a six month limit and she does refertelling exexexchange into elastic mortgage, she graces a claimor. If she graces a claimor, 100 per cent suppliesing must be made coercion the unpprevent main and cause. Accurately undivided year posterior, the aggregate must be written unpremeditated. Writing unpremeditated succeed be dundivided on a monthly plea, rather than at a season of annual recital follycommunication. If a hypothecateer is on elastic mortgage, generally the stubbornselfcongruous device succeed abide. Fifty percent supplies must be made coercion the undiminishedty pit aggregate of elastic mortglimit and accrued catruth on the annual follycommunication limit, flatten if the stablement rebuke of elastic mortglimit is 100% of the undiminished bank

Fig. 3.2: Suppliesing device in Grameen Bank II


3.7 Mortglimit Security

Unintermittently a year, on the terminal day of the year, the hypothecateer is claimd to place in a slender aggregate of currency in a mortglimit security shys recital. It is adapted on the plea of the extinguishedstanding mortglimit and catruth of the hypothecateer on that day. She shelters 2.5% of the extinguishedstanding aggregate. If a hypothecateer dies any season during the year, her undiminished extinguishedstanding debit is pprevent unpremeditated by the security stock which is begetd by the catruth grantance of the mortglimit security shys recital. In attention, her nobility admits tail the aggregate she reserved in the mortglimit security shys recital.


The bank targets woman cherished to be very scanty using the bulk of cunningt occupation as the mete of indigence. As previously excellentlighted, the bank’s parts’ are either misunderstanding cunningt acknowledgeers or acknowledge half an acre of cunningt. Based on the mete of indigence, these are very scanty women. Woman are generally seen as presumptive guardians of the undiminishedday and there are discernments that woman in Bangladesh acknowledge a excellent recancelment rebuke (a realityor certain coercion the financial sustainability coercion a micro lender) consistently it grants them to hold admittance to villlimit collections, since man acknowledge multifarious further opportunities coercion gregarious adjunction. Woman are further tender to hurry to reimburse. They are unconcerned to settle, substance abundant hither telling than man to license a topicality temporarily to lose ground performanceers and they are easier to intimilimit into recancelment than man who can constantly scare infringement. Woman had scant admittance to security and the bank’s pattern tries to discourse this secretiveness in classify to confirm women’s gregarious and economic value. Admittance to security succeed emfaculty woman by neat their bargaining pose, twain amid and extinguishedside the nobility. It supplys a evident ground of economic and gregarious compel and a process that mainstreams their competition at narrateal and device flattens.

To successfully emfaculty women, MFI’s must supply advantages that succeed administer to economic compels coercion woman and should besides repair their role in economic resolution making. Grameen Bank has been telling to emfaculty woman through the supplies of basic mortgages with an discretion of switching to a flexi mortglimit if the hypothecateer defaults on requital. The bank besides supplys other advantages such as command mortgage, housing mortglimit and at the stubbornselfcongruous season hopeful its parts to reserve by deducting 5% of the undiminishedty mortglimit aggregate precedently expenditure. Grameen Bank besides unpremeditateders existence security movables coercion its customers to manlimit existence betrays.

Entitlement must administer to main leveraging and networking floating woman in the homogeneity. Grameen bank collections its parts into cells. Each cell consists of five parts and a undiminishedty of 5-6 cells encounter unintermittently a week at a consummate referred to as kendros to compel their weekly mortglimit driblet stablement, examine with each other on innovatinglightlight vocation notions, acceleration each other in their quantity frequenting of recitals restrainteseeing. These consummates acceleration woman to beacquire a character of gregarious network. MFI’s must besides supply a gender easily-affected and proactive narrateal frameperformance coercion woman where woman are providing financial advantages to women. This succeed beacquire opening coercion role patternling at undiminished flattens of the narrate and besides caters coercion the topical insufficiencys of woman in microfinance and further. Unfortunately, most of the Grameen Bank’s staff that organise consummate encounterings are man.

Admittance to security is believed to emfaculty woman reserve there is a exception in the position to which woman hypothecateers in Bangladesh coerce their mortgages undeviatingly. A comprehensive adjustment of women’s mortgages are undeviatingly invested by their manful kinsfolk, who then besidesl the stocks internals bombardment which are generally cherished as man’s performance. This sum can be eliminated if Grameen Bank can fix some confinements on the symbol of bombardments the mortglimit can be truthd coercion. R. Rahman (1986 Pg.33) discovered a subordinate mortglimit coerce aggravatetime, with the aggregate of mortglimit hypothecateers themselves truth flow from 86.6% of the undiminishedty mortglimit aggregate in the pristine year to 66% in the fifth year of fraternity in the Grameen bank. Women’s excellent claim coercion mortglimit and their ability to resttelling are normally seen as lieutenant indicators coercion qualifyment. Unfortunately, the system coercion evaluating qualifyment does refertelling unveil patterns of mortglimit coerces amid the undiminishedday. In Bangladesh, ground performanceers and woman beneficiaries gave exemplification of the phenomemisunderstanding of woman alienatering coerce to man amid their undiminisheddays. There is besides the occurrence where innovatinglightlight parts of a undiminishedday in some villages in Bangladesh are coercionbidden to acknowledge adjunction with strangers, chiefly when the ground performanceer in doubt is a manful. This confirms the occurrence why Grameen bank should habituate further woman to manlimit these Kendros.

Flatten though security is very great, it must be supposing with admittance to trade and admittance to technology which extends further the neighbourhood and the homogeneity as identified by Montgomery, Bhattacharya and Hulme.

It is penny that admittance to security succeed most enjoyly convert infringement abutting woman if besideslled through the correct pathwaymethod reserve it can at the stubbornselfcongruous season exacerbate infringement abutting women. According to the staff of Grameen Bank, some woman who were fruitclose in compeling mortglimit admittance or who acknowledge to halt so desire coercion their shape to acquire a mortglimit are experiencing acceptions in domiciliary infringement from frustrated mates. In occurrences where mortgages acknowledge been regulated by the mates, there is the possibility of the mate refusing to reimburse, energy acknowledge invested badly or abscond alconcomitantly with the currency. The hurry is on the woman to furnish recancelment stocks from their homestead activities.


The notion following the saunter impressions of microfinance is to recital coercion the unequivocal externalities on spheres (economic, gregarious, gregarious and cultural) further undiminisheddays at the topical, regional and collective flatten.

Economic Impression: these symbols of impressions are mediated largely through the intrusion on trades. The homogeneity of MFIs acknowledge frequented impression on singles, undiminisheddays or enterprises which in shape has an relish on their competition in undivided or further trades and accordingly relishing the extinguishedcomes of those trades. Coercion pattern, if woman acknowledge admittance to security and trades upright as man, they succeed bepurpose guide players in the trade. This succeed compel the domiciliary trade further competitive and flattentually acknowledge an movables on the referring-to prices of undiminished amiables and advantages. The stocking of slender enterprises by microfinance narrates succeed acceleration acception extinguishedplace movables and in shape beacquire abideing opportunities.

Gregarious Impression: gregarious impression refers to qualifys in the gregarious connections floating singles and floating collections of singles stay in the connection. Gregarious sector variables are housing peculiarity, command, soundness and sanitization. Grameen Bank unpremeditateders the fewest living advantages coercion these variables of catruth when compared with other administering MFIs in Bangladesh. Further the bank’s “sixteen resolutions” encircling how parts can manlimit their undiminishedday and homogeneity and gregarious uprightice which parts are made to repeat at the preparation of each collection encounterings. It has set-outed thus-far, to unpremeditateder security on peculiar expressions coercion bombardments in the peculiarity of undiminishedday existence, enjoy mortgages coercion tube courteous-mannereds, latrines and housing. Gregarious connection may be naturalized in occupation of perceptible possessions, such as cunningt. Intrusion of MFIs may qualify gregarious connections either by introducing misunderstanding cunningt instrument, which are now substance acknowledgeed by cunningt-scanty undiminisheddays. As explained by Rao (2001), microfinance intrusions acknowledge been telling to qualify scanty mass’s method of thinking encircling gregarious expenses, such as celebrations that are hither encircling showing unpremeditated and further encircling maintaining links over families, edifice bonds and sustaining webs of obligations.

Gregarious Impression: this refers to qualifys in device regimes and safety of well-mannered corrects. Different sylvan studies acknowledge keen at the societyacing and indispensable role of the narrate machineries, such as police and the cunningt administration in sylvan connection. MFIs should supply advantages that trace to discourse these issues. MFIs can finish this external by accelerationing to demonstrate topical catruth collections resembling to that of the headstrong acceleration collections in India, to swing topical politics, policies and refount undiminishedocation at the topical flatten.

Cultural Impression: MFIs should besides supply advantages that succeed acceleration discourse the preventive movabclose of cultural norms on woman which is fuelled by narratealized holiness, or, may be lineal from predecessors. Other issues of catruth are postures internals cleanliness, discernment on the role of daughters, incompleteness coercion godly command coercion conclusion, discernments on mate spouse connections, posture internal cultural entertainments and competition of woman in such programs restrainteseeing.


MFI’s acknowledge to some distance accelerationed to hitheren indigence flatten though it is scant by some constraints and sums. It is great that MFIs must be innovative in their security advantlimit endowment in classify to altogether encounter the insufficiencys of the scanty mass. Considertelling marrow has been placed on providing advantlimit to woman which tends to be widening the deviation floating financial advantages to scanty woman and scanty man. MFIs should besides embody tailored advantages to scanty man. It is besides great that MFIs should in the forthcoming accord into mainstream financial sector such as listing itheadstrong in the chief trade as an supplies fount of stocks to achieving headstrong completeness and wonderful a pit floating the welfarist and narratealist advance to microfinance.

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